We see a great deal of conflict in our world and in our country. There are armed conflicts all around the world, while here at home we see strong political conflicts between those who seem aligned with old principles and those who would create a new order. Does the root of this conflict lie entirely within human nature, or is there a greater design that is influencing us to play out these conflicting principles?

The friction of conflict creates growth. It’s a function of the evolutionary process that is seen throughout nature as the survival of the fittest, as differentiation within species. The fact that individuated humanity, with a finely tuned thinking process and intentional activity, chooses to raise friction to an art form has nothing to do with intercession from outside, because it’s not needed. It absolutely is not necessary, unfortunately, to have to do anything to stir the pot.

The big picture of the earth experience is a great weaving, and each individual is one of the threads. From the bottom the weave looks like knots and cut cords and a real mess. It’s only from the top you see the whole picture. So if you stop moving, just dig your feet in and say, “No more, I quit,” or you do things that have very large repercussions, that thread might need to be tied off and the weaving around it, the pattern, changed a bit to fit that. Or if it goes off maybe in ten different directions, the pattern has to be constantly altered. Free will creates a challenge because the basic size of this rug is set, but the pattern is mobile. However, it’s keeping the cosmic weavers very busy, constantly working to make sure that everything does work for the highest good, and it is making the responsibility of the enlightened more needed. “Cosmic weavers,” of course, refers to the guardianship, the Hierarchy, basically the Novic influence, determining the size of the rug for this arena.

Individuals are going through a lot of unrest and revolution also. Remember that everything that is going on out there is also going on within the individual. People are being territorial; people are feeling a need to defend, even perhaps where there is no encroachment. There are a lot of personality issues going on. People of very high spiritual integrity are not getting along with other people. Get over it! Ascend to your entity’s view, and do not believe that it’s part of the process to be stuck in the mud simply because you’re on earth. That’s baby food. It works for beginners. Don’t expect higher results of power if you’re only acting out the baby-food stuff. Many individuals are wondering why they’re not living the higher-level acknowledgments of their power and gifts of it, but maybe it’s because what they’re living is all the baby-food fundamental lessons, and that’s keeping them at their most basic.

Some people would like to assess the information you give on the basis of more knowledge about its source. Why are you so reluctant to talk about yourself?

Everybody is going to relate to my information and the way that I give it absolutely in response to their chosen belief about my personal power—that is, where they believe I do or do not stand within the Hierarchy, that power. It’s all a matter of what you want to believe I am.

My only concern is that there is a very fine line between those who are absolutely dedicated to the vision and those who want to worship the visionary. The greatest dedication comes not when the messenger is the object of devotion, but when the message is worked into someone’s life.

Some of the greatest devotees, if you will, are not as devoted to the messenger as it would appear. They are attracted because, in this world where there is so much pain and confusion, they feel the need of a safe place where they are absolutely, unconditionally loved. I certainly don’t begrudge that to anybody truly seeking [spiritual growth]. And there are those for whom devotion is the nature of their service, so what am I to tell them—do not be so devoted? And yet in either case somebody else is likely to say, “You see, they are guru-ing.” I know that’s not the intent, and I keep in mind that difference.

Although you have very definite recommendations for us to help us grow in spirit, you are always tolerant of our spiritual side-tracks and diversions. Why aren’t you more assertive about pointing out “the errors of our ways?”

One of the things that I don’t like to do is take from somebody something that is working for them, even if I see it as bondage. You come to tell me that you are doing something which I see as, “Well, he’ll grow out of it.” But it’s making you happy right now. It’s working right now. You think I’m going to say something negative about it? No, not at all. If it’s working for you, stay with it. But it still does not take from me the frustration at free will. There is something out there for everybody, but it isn’t necessarily the fastest road.

Why is the fastest road so important?

This planet is going to reach Sacred Status in your lifetime, that’s why.