Traditionally you have given each year a designation of some sort. What would you call this year?

Well, of course one thing that can happen when I label a year is that it might not go in that particular direction. The direction that each year takes is governed by mass consciousness, which can be read to a certain extent in the microcosm of the Phoenix work, but not entirely accurately.

I would say it certainly is the Year of Valor, because that is what is going to be required. I would also say that in many ways it’s the Year of Completion, because the old is very definitely passing away right now. But I would prefer thinking of it, with there being seven major portals, as the Year of Threshold.

Before 11:11, you said that the planet had reached the point where it would experience three years of jubilee. What is the relationship between the years of jubilee, 11:11 and the seven portals of 1995?

Three years of jubilee open the door to seven years of change, plenty, refuge. Jubilee opens the door, but it’s also part of a greater whole, and because we’re talking about a major shift for the planet, it’s a three-year work. Almost everything of importance shows up in threes, and so it has been a three-year push, opening the door to a year in which the portals are absolutely falling into place, which shows that the seven years of refuge have come.

I believe that the biblical scriptures make reference to seven years of tribulation, or something like that. And know that the idea of seven years of tribulation is, as far as I am concerned, borrowing from a Christian concept that has the very same weight as “California is going to fall off the edge of the earth.” Look at it this way: I have this delightful candy bar for you. It’s good. It’s chocolate, caramel, nougat, everything you could ever desire. For some it’s heaven, but for some it’s hell. Why? Because some can handle it, transmute it, make it work, and some cannot—tribulation.

Seven years of massive change in the construct of the physical and mental arenas is either absolutely the Age of Aquarius—thank goodness, it has finally arrived; things are going to be better now—or it is terrible. For the individual who has invested a lot in the Indian stock market, for example, there could be a whole lot of terrible tribulation and travail coming about. For the individual who has not, it’s easier. So it all has to do with how you invest yourself, doesn’t it?

Now, what is the event of power that is right before the seven years of tribulation? It is the rapture, the ascension of the blessed. The threshold is open. What is it that those who ascend experience, according to that biblical story? They experience heaven, God, joining the Source—they experience synthesis.

In the last newsletter you said, “Magic isn’t what you’re doing. It’s the attitude that lets you do it.” And you called the last workshop “Approaching Life As a Living Sacrament.” Will your teachings continue in these directions, with magic and ritual, this year?

I’m still working very much with magic. Actually, this year is going to be an extremely airy-fairy year. Not only are you going to be creating more tools, but my intention this year is to teach you more about how to use them. More vocal work, vibratory work, more work with color and bringing it into the process. More ability for effective visualization.

I’m working to teach you how to be Druids—that’s what I’m after. I’m taking you up through an apprenticeship from the middle of last year and throughout this year—up through apprenticeship and in one of the three directions—bardic, healing or teaching masters.

Before battle the Druids were the ones that went in to try to change the energy. And what that takes, obviously, is an absolute belief in your own power.

Absolutely! The Druids went first to wield power and gain the advantage. And as a brief aside, let me say that the Druids did not try to prevent bloodshed. They went first in order to gain the advantage, and when the advantage was peace, that was always desired. But the Druids were not hauled into battle to prevent bloodshed, except perhaps for their own people. I do not want anyone to think that Druidism was a pacifistic work, although one of the most ancient rules was that you could not have a weapon in the presence of a Druid.

How will you work the Druid lore into your teaching this year?

The 1995 retreat is going to deal with things like learning to use group chants, learning about the three circles of life and the nine veils that pierce those three circles.

For many years I have been working on creating a mind-set that would allow people to be able to release self. Remember that everything is a cycle, or more accurately a spiral. Everything is a pattern, once an individual has enough knowledge—releasing fears, understanding the basic patterns of path and power, learning how to do good for themselves, recognizing good in others, putting love first, automatically responding to a relationship with All That Is, a oneness with all things. Once that pattern is established, the first thing that happens is an immediate division between those who are capable of functioning at the next level and those who are not.

Tracks of Light has been my way of doing that, and it’s a very effective way, I might add. The Tracks program has been a great stick with which to stir the pot, because it has brought out fears and insecurities and forced individuals, like many things do not, to see what their issues are. Once that has been done, the only thing to do next is take those who have said, “I am ready, whatever that means,” and then give them tools they are familiar with so that their work can be directed specifically toward a planetary whole.

In other words, elemental magic—union with angels, archangels, sylphs, salamanders—is returning. It is returning because the planet is at its highest level and it needs a new vessel. So human energy, now at a much higher level than before and wielding elemental magic, is actually going to be able to work to help the planet recreate itself. And forgive me, but this energy is going to be much more effective than regulating oil tankers.

When earth reaches Sacred Status, will this come about as a gradual change or will it be a sudden shift?

The earth reaching Sacred Status is a gradual thing. Mass consciousness will have reached a point—critical mass is the term that’s thrown around, but I really don’t like that idea attached to it—a point where there is more light than lack of light. At that point it doesn’t mean there are no shadows, does it? It means that there is more light. That is gradual. When a human is trying so hard to be perfect, I sometimes say, “The moment you reach that perfection, all of a sudden you’re not here anymore.” It is the same for the planet. And “not here anymore” means that, like Venus, there is an outer shell, but the energy or consciousness of it is gone. It is an evolutionary process. But there is much work to be done before the earth is not here anymore.