At the first-Sunday meeting in June, you said that Guardians have been losing momentum on projects and ideas they have started. Is there a particular reason for this that should alert us when dealing with the upcoming energy changes?

You have been going through a lot of change in how you see yourself as a part of this world. In fact, you have been recreating yourself and your world. The beginning of March and the month of May had massive energy inflows. June was a break from that, but it was waking you up to a mid-July energy change. That tends to make a very chaotic, switch-gears-and-keep-moving energy, not only for collective consciousness as a whole, but particularly for Guardians who are so conscious—or work to be so conscious—of what they’re thinking, what they’re doing with the energy and where they’re going. Ideally, what they’re doing at the time has to do with what they want in their lives.

Picture an automobile speeding down the road, and suddenly it has to slow down, swing around, and go in another direction. That’s what a lot of people are having to do now, and many of them are going to just say, “It’s not worth it. I can’t do this. I don’t want to do this.” And some will say, “Well, I started this to see if it was a direction I wanted to go, and I just dropped it.” Or, “I started this project and just left it.” But it was a time in which you needed to take a look and say, “What am I really wanting? What am I needing at this moment? Where am I going?”

I’m referring to an illustration that I used in the interview: “What do I need to do to get to Louisville?” Those decisions—I can do it, I can’t do it—are going to have a profound effect on your future, and if you are a person who tends to be out of balance, then you’re going to be seeing a lot of those questions.

A lot of that is because Guardians tend to show up as either Creators or Patterners. Creators are wonderful idea people but they’re not great about finishing something up. Patterners are a lot better about finishing something, but they’re not great about getting started in the first place. Ideally the two should work together.

Back in July there was a massive inflow of feminine energy, and Creators began functioning as Patterners, while Patterners began functioning as Creators. They had new functions, new purposes. Basically—and I might regret saying it like this—it was like setting up a new timeline in July.

Now, August, right around the time this interview is being done, there is another big hit of energy, amplifying and accelerating what showed up in July, and it’s going to stay through October and into March of 2023. So, for many of you, you’re in an extended period of your human self functioning totally opposite from how it has in the past, and your Spirit self also functioning totally opposite from before.

So imagine, if you can, the resulting chaos showing up as resistance and revolution because there is no recognition of the new energy. The fact is, you are always both Patterner and Creator, but you’re a lot better at one than the other. Now you are in a period in which what had been going on with you is changing, so you’re looking for new ways to express and examine that energy. And remember that you’re dealing with them in your own self. You’re relearning something.

When people are in massive change, they tend to rely on what they know, and if they reach a place that’s not familiar, they often just quit. But what is really needed right now is to push it a little further and see if the changes aren’t helpful. They probably are, because it’s going to help you shift, whereas if you give up before the shift, you’ll never know. As a Patterner you’ll never know what it is to initiate. As an initiator, you’ll never know what it is to see something through.

Since it’s going on through October and people will read this in September, it will still be relevant.

Oh, what’s going on in this summer and to the end of this year is literally earth-shaking, and I mean literally. Everything right now is about the recalibration of the planet, and its effect on the life force of the planet.

In July you said that we will see energy coming to the world that has not been seen since the timeline shift. In mid-August, as we do this interview, do you have anything to add about the nature of this energy and how it differs from what has come before?

As a whole, this is the result of the Ascension process moving along as quickly as it is now. I realize it does not necessarily seem very quick to you, but indeed it really is moving forward in leaps right now. And that Ascension process is constantly requiring catching up in the world of form, because there is a spiritual leap and form has to catch up, and just as it starts to catch up, there is another leap, and so on.

If you allow yourself to be “caught up” in the world’s catching up, if your sense of self is based on what’s happening in the world, you will suffer. If your sense of self is based on the power of the Spirit you are and your focus is on that spiritual leap, then you are ahead, you are leaping forward instead of catching up. And that’s going to make all the difference.

What you put your mind to, what you allow to activate you emotionally, your view of the world—the moment those things start having an effect on how you use and see your power in the world, then you have fallen prey. You are no longer the apex; you have become the victim. And that message is going to be vital at the time this interview comes out. You will have moved through the second half of August and the first half of September, and those are going to be powerful readjustments on a world scale.

You must, from the point you are reading this until the first quarter of 2023, you must keep your focus on the loving thing, the unity, the spirit of it. This is what Ascension looks like. Live in the new world, not the old one.

At a recent meeting you warned about sitting smugly eating our harvest without saving seeds for the spring. In August you stressed that we have everything that we need. How do you see our readiness in terms of our finances or other resources for the uncertain times ahead of us? It sounds to me like a bit of a warning.

That’s not an unusual question, and I probably answer it in one version or another in every Responds.

Is it fear-based?

Yes. To take what I was saying about your spiritual self and turn it into financial concerns and all of those other issues is very fear-based.

No experienced farmer neglects their next garden, their next crop. They are always preparing. “I have harvested. The land is resting. I am going to be doing this with it next.” The novice says, “Oh, I harvested. Wasn’t that great! Hopefully they were magic beans and they will just grow again, because the Universe takes care of me, and all of my needs will be met whether I do the groundwork or not.” Right? And, oh my goodness, how many today want to go there? It’s a recipe for failure. “Well, God willed it.” Well, no. It’s just inexperience, lack of foresight, and being unwilling to do the work involved. And I see so much of that.

Now, am I saying you had better prepare for the worst? No, I’m not. Ideally, ideally, you’ll never be in a place where you will need to worry about your next meal, or where you’re going to sleep, or whether the world is ending tomorrow, because those are not the choices that Guardians have made. Guardians are experienced farmers. They’re not novices. Farmers know it’s wise to keep thinking ahead. If you don’t feel like dusting today, maybe you need to make time to do it tomorrow, because it’s going to be a lot more work if you put it off until next week. So you’re just helping yourself by dusting today.

But people don’t want to do that. They want to not look and not think about it, and that’s what mass consciousness is doing right now. The shape of things has drastically changed, and most of humanity is doing this [covers his eyes with his hands]. “I cannot see it. I don’t know what is happening.”

This is a spiritual revolution and the physical world, humanity, is fighting it.

Don’t define yourself by the world, but recognize when the world is blocking your path and know how to go around it. Know what the news is, but don’t live it. Know what’s happening in the areas that are dear to you, be it people or money or creatures or whatever, but don’t let it define you. Know what’s going on. Do what you know to do to make things as love-filled in your daily life as you can. It’s only your fear, and the resistance that comes out of that fear, that keeps you fretting about tomorrow instead of being ready for it. You’ve got to know what’s important to you and flow with that, and not let the world define you. And the world is all those little subsets—finances, jobs, on and on.

How will developing our superpowers affect our relationship with the Elementals?

Very likely in many ways, all having to do with understanding and appreciating them more and more. The more you are able to expand your sensory abilities, the more you will see those subtle energies. It’s not that the Elementals are not always out there or their work is not being done, because it is. But it functions at a different frequency, so as far as you’re concerned it’s not noticeable. But when you’re able to adjust your frequency to, say, that of the great trees around you, you begin to see things differently, because you’re in the energy focus of the tree. And that puts you into an elemental function.

You are out in the rain and you take a moment to recognize the Undines at work, and the rain shifts a bit. I always enjoy that in group situations: the wind is blowing, and I have everybody focus on it for a moment, and always the wind backs off suddenly and then it starts getting playful. Or the rain lets up a bit and it’s like with one of your dogs: you can see what they are thinking. When the Elementals realize you are trying to adjust yourself to include them, it might suddenly start pouring down, as it did during the Dragon work in Britain—or it does one of those cute things where it rains in one very tiny area, just to show you. Or it could be that what was dancing light on the water a moment ago suddenly starts becoming shapes as well.

The Elementals love it when you start recognizing them, because it’s a natural part of your Spirit’s experience, of what you truly are, a part of that whole. It’s a family reunion of sorts. It feeds you. You feed them. They feed you. You receive. It’s wonderful.

I have a couple of questions about developing superpowers.

I often visit the Crystal Palace, and to develop my superpowers I created rooms that were furnished all in one color. In the “yellow” room the walls, furniture, curtains were all yellow.

I’m proud of you! That is massive. Your Spirit is patting you on the back, because for you to be visualizing color and turning it into a place that is pure Spirit is really big. And it’s a really good exercise for the people who can do it.

What most people will do is glance into a room and see no color, or go into a room and maybe see color, but it doesn’t last. It doesn’t become “the Yellow Room”; it’s just a room in which they get a little sense of yellow. So to purposefully determine before you go in that “This is the yellow room,” and you see it as the yellow room, and you stay with it as the yellow room is huge.

As I went into the different rooms, I got a different impression. In the yellow room I got an impression of happiness. Obviously that could just be what the world has said about yellow, but it’s interesting that every room had a different feeling to it.

Yes, that feeling is where you want to go, because when you are able to recognize the color with more of a sense of connection, that leads right into using the color for healing.

For instance, what you would do when you know that the person next to you is not really happy at that moment, you might see them just emanating that bright, happy yellow, because that sends out the frequency of happy, and you’ll see that as yellow.

Eventually, you will see the color and you’ll know what’s going on. I look at you and I know exactly where the pain is, and the depth of that pain, and what it’s doing to you because of that full associative connection.

I’ve also wondered how the surface under a color affects one’s perception.

That you’re seeing a difference based on that speaks of your sensitivity. That’s a big deal. Most people would never get that. But it’s really good if you are sensitive enough there to play with that. All right, this is yellow on a piece of wood table; this is yellow on the grass; this is yellow on a piece of red cotton. It’s far more advanced, but it’s a really good practical thing much like “What am I hearing?” Hear more. “ What am I feeling?” and to be able to differentiate the frequency of the color from the frequency of what it’s sitting on. Very advanced but very useful.

David was trying to sense colors, and with seven different colors, he got two of the first three right, so he stopped in case he got the next one wrong.

[To David] And when you were getting them right, were you also writing it off and coming up with reasons why it was just coincidence?

It’s really lovely because there is so much more color than you actually see. But insofar as opening a door, it’s a big one because depending upon how you’re setting up the experiment for yourself—you clearly know the difference between blue and yellow, so you’re not going to mix them up. And when you forecast, “This feels like what the yellow feels like,” and it is yellow, you have to really work hard to come up with a reason why that wasn’t it. It’s just opening-the-door work.

[A dog crowds in front of David] David, is this Annabelle?

No, this is Jethro.

Jethro, let’s look at you.

David, what color does he feel like? Scratch behind his ear or on his neck. Don’t think about it. Your body knows. It listened.

I don’t know.

All right, is Annabelle there? Hello, dear. Let David feel right up along that edge. And do you want to change up your energy just a bit, just to make that fun? Or relax it down a bit?

David, what color are you thinking about right now?

Well, looking at Annabelle I’m thinking black.

So close your eyes and stop thinking about what color she really is.

Okay. [Long pause] It’s still black!

She moved into a very nice blue, a very rich blue. At the beginning she was switching colors, and then settled into a very gentle blue, sort of blue-sky blue.

Now, that’s just playing, and sensing a creature’s colors is very hard to do. But play with the color and remember what it feels like to you. And remember what you think while you’re sensing the energy. And then pat them and see if it changes. Or stand next to a tree or, if she’ll let you, feel along Paula’s body and feel if there is anywhere that duplicates that sensation. All you’re wanting to do is to try to duplicate it.

But you know, darling, you may be better at practicing off the top of your head. Sort of like what is two times two? You don’t think about it; you just know; it’s four. You might do better if you just look at Annabelle and ask yourself very quickly, “What am I seeing?” and just let it pop out rather than trying, because I think you’re going to talk yourself out of it by trying.