You gave a new Crystal Palace meditation at the spring Retreat. What will happen if we still use the older version of the meditation? Also, what are the effects of visiting the Crystal Palace often? Can you go there too often?

What was new about this one, except that I haven’t given it in a while? There was nothing new about it.

We hadn’t explored some of the corridors before.

Well, there will always be that. One time I took you down to the kitchens. I haven’t done that regularly either. I want you to explore it, and getting there is the same, old recording or new. And the second part of that—can you go there too often?

We can’t, because you want us to explore it.

Right. You cannot.

Last summer you made the comment that we should not look to the stock market for profit from investments. Since then the DOW has risen about 25%, and other indices have done similarly. What did you see that led you to make that statement?

First, I’ve always said that the stock market is gambling. And secondly, it’s like gambling in Las Vegas—ultimately the house will always win.

The stock market has gone horribly, horribly, horribly down and massively, massively, massively up, but it’s because the house—in this case your government and your banks—is keeping it stabilized. I think that your stock market is one of the most dangerous investments that a person working to function consciously can make. Yes, there are some stocks of conscientious companies, or bonds and such that are related to municipal projects, and pretty good investments. But to play the stocks with money you cannot afford to lose? Not smart.

If you have money you can lose, play with it, see what you can do. Learn the system. Talk to Dan Ascani—he will tell you that it is a system. Learn that system and you can probably do all right, but do not gamble what you will not be okay losing.

The stock market plus human greed and hoarding addictions are a very bad combination.

It goes without saying that good sleep, hygiene, exercise, and a healthy diet are extremely important for physical healing and emotional/mental balance. Assuming that those supportive behaviors are in place, (this is where you roll your eyes), how large a part does our claiming that we are Source in form, and truly knowing that, influence our ability to heal?

If you truly knew that one hundred percent of the time, those other things would not even matter, assuming that it’s not something in your blueprint that you will have and keep.

[To Stuart] Now that might be where your [earlier] positivity question would fit, because a lot of New Age people might say, “Hmm, you have a cold. That means you have been thinking about the wrong things.” Or the opposite, “Oh, you have a cold. You need to start seeing everything as Love and Light so that you will not get sick anymore.” While having a positive perspective of things is going to give you a more firm ground to work from, it’s not going to change that you have a cold and that maybe there is some technology out there that might help you, be it a sinus rinse, or zinc and vitamin C, or whatever.

Is it possible for us to know one hundred percent that we are Source while we are in form?

The key word there is “in form.” Absolutely, one hundred percent, know that you are Source, both in form and out of form, but out of form your understanding of it is going to be very different than the one you have in form. But if you know it and that is your living truth, you’ve got it.

I will tell you, 99.99% of the people on your planet do not one hundred percent of the time get that. How many people think they do? A lot more than really do.

I’ve been seeing computer pop-ups that recommend eating three things to improve memory as we age. They are avocados, eggs and one other item that I think I have to buy the book to know. What is your “take” on this suggestion?

[Laughing] It would have been funnier if she’d said “avocados, eggs, and I cannot remember the third one.”

What do I think of suggestions like that? Remember that diet can have a massive effect on you. Diet and regular exercise, to the best of your ability at the time, can truly turn around multiple physical issues, including the clarity of the way you think and communicate. There are many foods that can help with specific issues, but generally you do best when you have a varied, healthy diet. For most people, just cutting out sugar would make such a great difference they would think they were a new person after three weeks or a month.

If you want details about the things you can do with your diet to help with your day-to-day existence, talk to either Deborah Barr or Bruce Gary. They are both very good with diet as medicine. 

But as for the recommendation about eggs. When you eat something that was alive you take on the energy of that death. The life of a plant has a very different effect from the life of a creature. So don’t eat the eggs; don’t eat the fish. I would rather you use artificial fish oil for your omegas than real fish oil—it’s better for the climate, for the planet, for the creatures, and also for your health. Eat as close to the original as you can: eat a whole carrot, don’t eat a carrot burger. But I’d rather you’d eat a carrot burger than a hamburger.

I can get very involved talking to you about diet, but I don’t think that is where this question is going, so I’m just going to stop here.

There are documents from the 1950s, during President Eisenhower’s administration, that have been released that describe alien and Department of Defense joint ventures. Other countries also have such documents. Is the evidence of alien interactions with humans accurately documented? Are these aliens the same or different from the energies you say are helping us?

No, and somewhat. You really can find anything on the internet now, can’t you? It is accurate that many world leaders have had one version or another of what you would call an alien interaction, but I can pretty much promise you that they were not fully aware of it at the time.

Why? Why do you need to take on a body when you can use a mind? The idea that aliens would have to come in little space ships is such backwards thinking.

You have said that spirit can wait up to six months before entering a baby. Please explain the physical process of how spiritual energy from an entity enters a newborn baby.

The Spirit comes through the soul. Remember that the soul is very much like a physical doorway within the body. The Spirit comes in through that soul because it is a connection that is both physical and spiritual. So Spirit stimulates through the soul.

But to go back to the question itself: yes, it can be as much as six months, but that is so rare. Most of the time the first oxygenated breath shocks the Spirit/soul connection into life. That’s what it takes. I mean there can be reflexive movement—like a chicken with its head cut off—but it becomes itself usually at birth. It can come earlier; it can come later. It doesn’t always happen that way.

Is there a specific physical point at which spirit enters, such as crown or the pineal?

It activates through the crystalline structure and, yes, through the crown. If you could see it, you would see it probably about here [6 inches above the head], and then it just comes through and it just soaks in. But Spirit cannot live inside your body for long, particularly when you first come here. So it’s in and out, and that’s where the soul is activated. Many think the soul is the Spirit, because the activation of the soul opens the doorways into Spirit. But it’s not.

Spirit is high frequency that can rattle the body if it’s there too long. But as you process and anchor into this world—and that’s what a child is doing in its first year; it is grounding into the world and finding its frequency balance—then the Spirit starts spending more and more time connecting, until you become a high-frequency being and you can handle that, theoretically, 24/7.