Recently, when talking about Guardianship, you mentioned that there are Guardian trees. A controversial German forester, with a rare understanding of the inner life of trees, has long suspected that trees are far more alert, social, sophisticated—and even intelligent—than we thought. Latest scientific studies, conducted at well-respected universities in Germany and around the world, have confirmed this. Do trees have consciousness, communicate with each other, have feelings, and even memories, and can they be considered sentient beings?

Yes. And I have always considered them sentient.

Which tree species can be Guardians?

Evergreens. Pine trees mainly in North America, because that’s what you have the most of. It’s hollies and evergreens.

Can only certain individual trees within a species be a Guardian?

Yes. Like with humanity, not all pine trees are going to be Guardian trees. Having said that there is a way to recognize which ones are the Guardians. Generally speaking, just look for the largest root system. (Either you or the Form are trying to say “look for where there is the most sheep poop.” But that’s a Scotland joke isn’t it?)

How do we best communicate and merge with Guardian trees?

The same way that you merge with anything out there. And the way that I would suggest is that you recognize the Love, the Light, that you are, and you see it as if you are giving a tree a big hug. You don’t actually need to touch it to do that. You see your Love and Light mingling into that tree and then you speak your words to it.

Now, it’s the same as when you’re communicating with a dog, or as a gardener you are communicating with the vegetables you’re growing and the weeds that pop up around it: you talk to them. You say, “How are you feeling little dog?” or “You’re on your way out of here, little weed.” The reply doesn’t come to you in words; your brain translates those energetic frequencies into words. Usually it’s a picture, and you pick words up out of that picture. So let’s make that a two-step process.

Can it be a feeling, too?

It can, but I tend to ask you to be careful about your feelings. When you work with plants all the time, you get to where you trust those feelings, and in that case, I’m all for it

When my plants are dry. I know. They start calling to me.


I like to think of it as calling but screaming sometimes.

Well in this house they tend to scream.

Many spiritual “tribes” exist, whether based in religion, philosophy, or groups following channeled entities. Such groups can become lost within themselves without meaningful contact and respect for the truth existing in other such groups. How do we strike a balance between the strength, the nurturing nature, of belonging to our “tribe” and the deep and meaningful interaction with other such groups and the world at large?

I do not understand the question, so let me ask you a question. Is the word “tribes” referring to tribal societies, as in a South America and Africa and far-north Native American? If so, that’s one thing. If it means tribe as in individual spiritual communities, as people often lovingly refer to this group as a tribe, that’s different altogether.

The word is in quotes, so I assume it means a group with similar philosophies or beliefs. “How do we strike a balance between the strength, the nurturing nature, of belonging to our “tribe” and deep and meaningful interaction with other such groups?”

Here is what confuses me. You deal with that every day, unless you live in a little cocoon in the corner of your house in the middle of nowhere up on a mountain. For example, your family tribe interacts with the grocery-store family tribe, which interacts with still others, so I’m just not clear enough about what is being asked.

And if what’s being asked is about how this group and its spiritual teachings function with other groups nicely, I would say “Aren’t you doing that?”

On the other hand, if it’s referring to things like, say, belligerent Christians—and I’m not going to say all Christians, nor am I going to say close-minded ones, even though that’s what I mean—getting along with Muslims, most will, and a few will not no matter what you do. The key always is person-to-person interaction.  You represent “the other” until I get to know you; then you’re the exception, and as I get to know you more and meet your friends, I realize that you are not the exception, so ultimately it continues to be one by one by one.

So there are a lot of ways to look at the question.

How is our continuing spiritual evolution helping medicine find ways to diminish the incidences of cancer worldwide?

Well the more awakened a populace is, the more Light as a force—as a healing, a goddess, feminine, force—comes into play. Most of your population is awakened now, and that creates the desire to act, but it takes activation to complete that. That brings in masculine energy, and, assuming that feminine and masculine energy balance—that light/dark balance—is going to allow that which was begun to reach completion.

Or to put that succinctly, awareness is completed through activation.  So the key is awareness.

Staying on the subject of female bodies, more research money goes into breast cancer than uterine cancer, which is far more deadly. But that’s because breast cancer awareness is much, much higher. So the awareness is very much the key.