Samuel, what is your definition of “sacred”?

Growth toward.

What are the top five pieces of information that we need to know, or that would be extremely helpful for us to know, to prepare for the rest of our lives and what the upcoming changes will bring to us?

Well, just five would be very hard, but one is not. Love all, always.  Or to put it another way that you’re more familiar with, live love. That covers everything.

But as for a breakdown that would be helpful, first, I would encourage everybody to stop for a moment and think about what five great life lessons have helped you on your path. Then I would say, don’t give up on you; live love, not fear; do not harm; it is an illusion, not permanent; and remember what you are rather than being attached to who you are. And, of course, all of these involve many, many things. They cannot be just a headline and that’s it.

In the Fourth Density, should we still allow three days after death before cremation or embalming to allow separation from the form? How does this delay affect organ donation?

It has nothing to do with the Fourth Density. It has everything to do with the nature of the physical body and the soul—or the doorway into spirit—fully opening. So yes, three days are still needed.

There are a few high-frequency beings in this world who would not need the full three days. Those who are going consciously would not need three days. Ideally that would mean that most Guardians would not, but unfortunately, so far, it does not seem to be working that way.

I have never encouraged organ donation for very different reasons. The first one is, yes, because after three days they usually don’t want what you have to offer, but the second one is that every part of your body holds every other part of your body, and there really is something to be said for not wanting Stuart’s life lessons coming through a kidney into the Form. Do you see? Nothing, nothing, is simply what it looks like. Your pancreas is an energized being of sorts, because it is a part of an energized being all together.

I am grateful for the people who receive an organ transplant and live longer and make use of the energy. As a high-frequency energy being, what you’re giving would greatly benefit them, but what they can give may not be of any benefit to you. And every body—I mean every single body—carries the blueprint of the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual possibilities of the one it was designed for—four legs or two, it doesn’t matter.  And the resonant energy of that blueprint may not be compatible at all with the energy of the one it goes into. So I’m not a big one for encouraging you to sign the back of your driver’s license.

Can it be seen as interference in someone else’s path?

Well, not karmically speaking. It wouldn’t be interference in that way. It would just be a poor choice.

I understand what you’re saying, but just to play devil’s advocate for just a moment.

[Laughing] I thought that’s what they said of me.

If this is all illusion and our life is just a blink of an eye, what difference does it really make?

Well, in that case, why get a transplant at all, if it doesn’t really matter?  If you get a cold, don’t take a cold remedy. Why bother with anything at all if it’s just an illusion.

But you take medication to hopefully heal.

That’s why you’d get a transplant as well. But I’m saying it would be like taking a poisoned medicine. Do you remember back in the day when Tylenol was dangerous to take because someone might have opened a bottle and tampered with it? It’s kind of like that. You don’t know the effect that’s going to be created. You should be cautious, because there tends to be no choice available in the process. You have no choice, or almost never have a choice, where your organs are going to go, and the person getting them has no choice of the kind of person, the life lessons, the story behind the one that they are getting the organ from.

You know, some people who have heart transplants have memories of families they never met. That’s how much you hold that resonance. It may be different for you, but I think you have a hard enough time just dealing with your own stuff without adding someone else’s to it.

[Samuel also spoke in detail on this subject at the Atlanta Lifescapes in August.]

You have made various comments about social and political activism in the past. What form of activism do you see as being most effective in the current environment?

Group Intent.

Like Full Moon Rituals?


Please explain the effects of obsidian, and when and why we can responsibly use it.

The writer thought that you had said somewhere—but she wasn’t sure—that obsidian was a mineral to be used at this time.

I can tell you a few things. Obsidian is a pretty special form of glass. It is a high-pressure, high-temperature fusion of minerals. It traditionally is black, but not always, depending on what’s around it that will affect the color. There’s a very large piece of obsidian up by the Form’s computer and it has gold in it, because that’s the mineral that was in the particular deposit that created that obsidian.  It’s not all created through volcanic action, however, but that piece was.

She keeps it by her desk because it’s excellent for grounding, because it was formed of earth.

Now, I want you to think for a moment about high pressure and high temperature creating something special. It sounds kind of like life, where you’re either going to create something wonderful out of these high-stress experiences or you’re going to just crumble under them and be there for the next round of creation.  So in that sense, I kind of like that question, but do I think you should go and pick up some obsidian more than quartz? No.  Actually, I think you do really, really well with just—and this should go in quotes—“plain old quartz.”

Also the Form would say that obsidian is the only thing we know of that will kill a White Walker.

I have heard you say that coffee has a negative impact on the pineal, not so much from the caffeine but from the toxic effect of processing. Is there any way to process the beans to take away the toxic effect when the coffee is drunk, such as buying raw beans and roasting them in our oven, or would the toxic effect be the same?

Is this saying, “It comes from processing, so is there another way of processing?”

Well, it’s actually the roasting process itself that creates a large amount of the toxicity, over and above what the bean itself holds. A green, unripe bean has certain toxic effects as well. Coffee generally is a toxin to you, and it’s especially a toxin because it occludes every organ in your body, including the pineal gland.

There isn’t anything you can do to make it good for the pineal. I’ll just remind everybody that everyone makes choices, so make a choice.

But it’s the roasting that makes it taste like coffee, isn’t it?


So where some roasts are less bitter and roasted less, would they be less toxic?

Well, as far as your pineal is concerned it doesn’t matter if it’s less roasted or more.  The Form has used this as an illustration, and I have used it because it had exactly the effect I was looking for:  If you bought your lovely, expensive restaurant meal, but here was just a tiny bit of dog poop on it, would you say “it’s just a little bit, it’s all right.”  Would you say, “Just take it off and I’ll eat around it.”

Please comment on the group trip to Bolivia and its effects. Is there anything you’d like to add to what you said in the interview?

Well, in addition to the more high-frequency effects that that primary Stargate has had, I would say that the Bolivia trip opened up many people to a much stronger awareness of their Atlantean connections and the various versions of Atlantean experience.

I think that the ritual itself had a profound effect on those who were there because, even though it was a fairly small group, they were in one of the most potent energies in the world, and they not only drew down the energy that was needed, but even those energies who weren’t invited, which I thought was pretty great, insofar as other-dimensional Antlantean, crystalline and local energy went.  As I was walking people through the ritual, I just had to stop and say, “All right. A large contingent of little brown people have just walked in and said they should have been invited here, so add them into that calling.”

People have come back very changed. I think coming back very changed and at the same time being hit with the solstice energy has proven too much for too many.

Shifting direction: Bolivia itself is a very powerful place. One of the reasons, aside from Lake Titicaca and the surroundings, is that it’s not traveled over that much. It’s a very rural society, a very segmented society, so the population of one area is rarely around that of another. That means that large amounts of the land still hold their originating force. There are other places in the world like that, but to have one that holds a major Stargate is pretty great.