In the June Lexington Lifescapes, you told us we or mass consciousness are presently moving from functioning in Word to Thought. This suggests that at some point mass consciousness was functioning in Deed. I am thinking that the times of Moses and the Ten Commandments might represent Deed and that changed to Thought with the coming of Christ. When did mass consciousness function in Deed? And what did that look like?

As form, as you know it, Deed was in the creation process. Moses and so forth was by far too recent. Picture a single-cell moving into two cells. Really we are talking about atomic level creation of form. Deed was way low on the totem pole. It was what you would think of as the start of creation.

Primordial soup.

Primordial soup. Yes!

How does one know one is serving the One?

Serving others is serving the One. Functioning in Love is serving the One. Consciously living Love, this is serving the One.

Serving oneself, allowing negative ego to flourish, buying into the matrix and its limitations, these are not serving the One.

What does it mean to serve humanity as a group soul?

Think group consciousness instead of group soul because although the Ascension process is about moving back to a group awareness, that’s not something that everybody is going to be very aware of. It’s not the same as most animals having a group soul. It’s not that kind of thing. It would be that you are so united and bonded with others of like frequency that rather like an old married couple—you know “We are working on this together.” This isn’t the same group soul you associate with plants and animals. Nor is it like a soulmate. It’s a “knowing” of the other because you are One.

What is the future of sungazing? Is it still useful/helpful/something you want us to do? And if it is, has its purpose changed?

For thousands of years sungazing has been a very effective way of downloading tremendous amounts of information, and just because the information is changing somewhat does not mean that the way you get it needs to change.

There are plenty of exercises I have given that I no longer say are really necessary right now, but sun-gazing? Keep it up. It’s really good for you, and you’re going to be finding over the next few months, few years, that you’re gaining much more by that focused connection into Vesta-Helios. Right now, where there’s so much change in Vesta-Helios, what a great time it is to be sun gazing. What a great time! Needless to say all of those other benefits that it gives to your physical, and mental and emotional bodies.

Samuel, you spoke in the last newsletter about being able to match our frequency to objects. I have noticed over the last few weeks an increased ability to switch my frequency with conscious intent to match things with life force. For example, match a bee, then switch to a plant and then switch again to match the sky. It’s an interesting skill, but what are the practical applications that will help complete the Plan?

The more connected you are into your Oneness, which is what this does, then the more capable you are going to be of fulfilling your compact in this world because it’s all about that Oneness.

I would think an object would be at a lower frequency than I’m necessarily functioning at, so what would be the advantage of matching a lower frequency?

The reason that that’s a good exercise is that it’s going to allow you to make your frequency more adaptable, which is important. You have a spectrum available to you. Most function at the lowest portion of that spectrum because that is what they are familiar with. Your spectrum might constantly be moving up, but you’re always going to stay at the part that is easily accessible for you. So the more that you increase the flexibility, so to speak, by connecting into those frequencies that are different from you—most of them, very obviously, will be a lower frequency than you are simply because of the nature of their mass—but the more that you are able to make those shifts, the more you’re going to move to the higher part of your spectrum, because it’s the next place to explore.

You’ve explored connecting with a crystal. You’ve explored connecting with a wall. You’ve explored connecting with a dog. You’ve explored connecting with the spirit of the group. And, of course, you’ve explored connecting with the aspects of yourself. So you’re no longer stuck at a particular frequency. You’ve become more loose, more flexible within those frequencies.

It’s a really good exercise particularly when you are stuck somewhere in your life. When you find that you have a plateau, or you feel as though you’re not really growing, then start projecting your energy and merging with things that are not you. And get yourself into the habit of quickly and easily shifting energy.

At the most recent Pittsburgh Lifescapes you talked about timelines. Please explain what a timeline is and why you see it as so important.

You think of time as past, present, and future. Time, however, is a function of Form. It is a means by which you are able to relate to a particular energetic experience. You relate it to this time, this place, this person, and by focusing on it in that way you establish that was in the past or the future. Here is now.

A timeline is a function of group Intent. It is also a function of individual choice. Let me explain both of those. Everyone in this room, including the dogs, thinks that this is a table because it has legs and a flat surface and is able to hold things, and in your world you have determined that that’s called a table. And if you were to ask somebody, “How do you say table in . . .” in any other language, they would get the image you were talking about. They would know legs, flat surface, sometimes you eat on it, sometimes you store things on it: table. It’s consensus, and you have a consensus reality for the most part. It is what comes with form. Your science can pull it all apart, but ultimately it is because you say it is.

And we teach our children that that’s what it is.

Precisely. It continues through the generations. “This is what you are seeing when you look out the window. This is what your world is made of.” So you have a timeline, if you will, based upon what you recognize as happening in your world. It’s filled with little events.

But there are things that have happened in Stuart’s world that have not happened in Jeanean’s world, that have not happened in Paula’s world. So, your individual timelines, while based on that consensus, have deviations. Well, on this date in history, everybody agrees that something massive happened—well, 9/11: nobody agrees on that. Or just that yesterday was Tuesday, right? But Stuart was working so hard he had several points in the day when he didn’t know what day it was, so he could not say it’s Tuesday; in fact, he had to ask. “What is the day today?” That’s a really poor example, but that’s showing you that along that consensus reality you can deviate.

All of that is for the Form you are. The spirit, the energy being that you are, also has a timeline. It’s not actually a time-line; it’s a beyond-time line, and it’s based upon the specific energy changes that you’ve brought into your life. The key word is not energy, but changes, because basically they’re all energy.

As you function through what consensus reality calls a day, you make constant choices. Those choices are based upon your understanding of preserving your reality, mentally, emotionally, and even sometimes physically. “I could die if I do that.” And it’s also based upon the fate factor. And when I say the fate factor, all I’m really saying is, those parts of your decisions based upon the nature of your energy and its purpose in this consensus reality.

As a Guardian, you respond very sensitively to energy as it is coming into your world. As you go through that consensus-reality day and you make decisions that are based upon your greater compact in this world, you can deviate your timeline out of consensus reality, which allows you to see what I call the matrix, the falseness of the reality, of how most people go through their days and live their lives.

By choosing a spiritual function beyond the physical, mental, and emotional functions and group function of the consensus reality, you are shifting into your own timeline. Now, that’s where it gets interesting, because when you shift into your own timeline, the only consensus you have is with those around you who have like energy and the same choices. It’s a very good thing for the entity you are, because it has greater force within your human life, but for the human, going off that timeline and creating one’s own makes you feel sort of lonely and like you don’t really connect with people around you. Not so good, not so happy. Consciously moving off of your timeline still leaves the human feeling a little exposed, unattached, maybe lost, but it allows the spirit to gain strength.

Now, having said all of that, after the eclipse the timeline of your world’s consensus reality is changing. How much, I can’t tell you, because it would be a perceived reality. You can look back at it, though, and see the deviation.

For instance, through September you are going to be seeing very big changes going on within governments, within groups. I don’t want to get off track, so I’ll just say that. While you’re reading this, stop for a moment and look back. Think about June, July, August, the eclipse, and what you’ve been seeing since then, and ask yourself what is going on right now in that time—June, July, and August—would have seemed impossible, irrational, unacceptable, because those are the ways mass consciousness thinks—it’s possible or impossible. It’s rational or irrational.

Right now you’re living in a political reality that has so many changes you never would have thought possible. So if you focus on politics, it might not feel like such a big jump, but if you look at the effects [of the changes] on the way people think—because what they think is a consensus reality—you’re going to see it.

For those who are working at high frequency, you’re going to be able to solidify—not the best word—the new timeline on a positive track of loving Oneness. In fact, you need to do that. That doesn’t require you to recognize the old timeline or the new timeline, or even accept that there’s been a timeline change, to put energy into a positive force of loving Oneness.

It’s very exciting, insofar as potential and opportunity are concerned, because you’re not building on the old, and enough people working with common Intent toward that loving Oneness will create a much stronger, better, easier timeline for this world to work on. A Density change is going to have to be a timeline change.

And it can mean that people don’t remember a fear-based reality. I would love that. I would love that. It could mean certain experiences in your life that were really bad, formative experiences don’t stand out in your life anymore without your having to have done thirty different things to make it not stand out to you.

Or, for everybody who does not want any kind of change, and for anybody who does not want any kind of new, it could be no different at all, though it is.