What purpose do fairies serve in the world at this time?

There are essentially two divisions in the elemental kingdom. One of them is those who have taken on human form and find it useful enough to basically keep it. These are the ones your stories come from. Depending upon where you are in the world, they will have different names, such as farine, as opposed to fairies. It’s just a very slight difference. In the Western Highlands, across to Ireland, in a few parts perhaps of Spain and probably Greenland, Iceland and northeastern Canada you’ll hear that word, but mainly because it’s something your grandmother would have said. And little places have kept it.

The purpose of the fairies has not changed. Their job is to work specifically with the life force of the non-individuated kingdoms.

Let me start with a little background. The elemental kingdom is made up of many different manifestations of energy.  Some of that energy can show itself in a human-like form—or maybe I should say in an animate sort of form. That would be, for instance, when you see faces on the rocks and you know that rock is alive because it’s showing you, from its frequency to your frequency, an image that your brain associates with what life looks like—a human face! So you see a face in the rock or a face in the tree.

For these beings, the best way to stay out of the trouble that comes with connecting to you as humans is to blend in. That’s the best way for them to hide, because your automatic response is “I didn’t see that! I didn’t hear that! I didn’t feel that! I didn’t get that. That did not happen.” That’s the first response. The face is looking at you as clear as can be, but you refuse to see it. If you look again later, I guarantee it’s laughing. It’s back, and it’s laughing.

The other arena from those that look human are those who only work energetically. You can see them but you’ll see them as changes in energy. For example, the easiest way to see them is in sparkles of water. All water will reflect sunlight and refract as well, but when you see an area that is both active and sparkling, and all around it isn’t, you are very likely working with undines at that point. The sylphs that are unseen: you’re sitting there and the plant in front of you is moving but nothing else is.  [In a high, squeaky voice] “Hi David!  Hi Paula!”

You have mentioned looking for them in wooded places. Are there certain areas of the world where there are more fairies, for example Iceland, Great Britain?

Iceland. Great Britain. The Middle East. Parts of Africa. There are many places where you are going to see—if I say “little people,” is that condescending?—where you see them in human form. They are everywhere in non-human form. Taking on a human form has to do with comfort level, which is why the more people around who believe in them, the more you are likely to see them.

So if there is folklore in a country about them . . .

And the people around believe in them, they’re going to be more comfortable and it will be safer for them to be in the area.

Safer for them to allow themselves to be seen?


So is there the same level of concentration of fairies generally throughout the world or no?

The same concentration of unseen, but of those that can be seen—which you rarely see—it really needs to be in an area where there are those who expect to see them, believe that they are a part of the world, aren’t going to swat ‘em like a bug.

Do they stay in certain areas or do they move around? So would a fairy group in Ireland move to the Middle East?

Well they don’t work in space like you do and so they don’t have those boundaries, but they’re very tribal, and by that I mean the djinn are different than the leprechauns—I am so sorry, Elemental kingdom—but that is the case. I think it’s more likely that you’ll see one summer that your garden is full of really bright life force. Everything is blooming and big, and maybe by midsummer, if they’ve moved off, you’ve just got a normal old garden all of a sudden. In that sense they do move, but not far as long as the life force of the area is strong, because they’re going to be working to keep it strong.

They didn’t do much with my squash plants, but I’ve had some amazing clumps of black-eyed Susans that just keep going and going.

So those that work with the flowers are doing more than those that are working with your vegetables, you see? So perhaps the squash ones moved on—I’m making that up. I don’t know what’s going on there, but that’s an example.

Are we more able to see them now than we have before—and I’m speaking of Guardians.


For what reason?

Because you are more One with all that you see, more of what has been unseen. Add to that the physical changes that have been going on with you, and you might literally be seeing more than you used to see. It’s more likely that you are feeling them and then seeing them.

Catching sight of them out of the corner of your eye.


You’ve said that the most important thing Guardians can do right now is to claim their divinity. What does claiming our divinity mean, and how do we do it?

What color are your eyes?

Kind of blue and sometimes green.

How do you know that?

Because I’m seeing it in the mirror. When I wear different colors they tend to change color.

So you know your eyes are blue-green. That’s how you know your connection with Source. Otherwise you are just thinking about it. It is a part of you, a knowing, as much you know the color of your eyes.

What can we do to reduce the influence of large corporations on world politics?

Stop letting them get away with everything. Really. Stop buying their products. Stop buying into their excuses. Demand more.

There’s a long history on earth of sightings of UFOs and alien visitors, but most efforts have been toward discrediting or hiding this information.

Well, that’s understandable, don’t you think?

With the movement toward transparency and truth coming about now, what sort of changes do you see in the way that information about UFOs or alien visitation will be handled in the future?

Well, of course I have no way of knowing what’s going to be done in the future when it comes to mass consciousness and free will. I have been regularly amazed at how a human is able to look something straight in the face and not see it, or prove to you scientifically how the earth is flat. I’m astonished at how quickly one will believe something and adapt their reality to fit that.

I will say the unidentified flying objects can simply be out-of-season birds, because technically they are unidentified and they are flying. But what you want to do is go to those areas that are known for large amounts of UFO activity—and these are going to be strong electro-magnetic conglomerations—areas in which it’s strongest—and talk to those people, because that’s where you’re going to get more information than over Kentucky, where yesterday there was a cloud formation that looked just like a UFO but everyone can just write it off. When it’s multiple square miles of an area with the same story, it might change your mind. The thing is, you’re not going to hear those stories because those who make decisions for your society have said, “There will be panic. There will be fear.”

Having said that, the mother ship has already landed; they are already here. You have been using parts of their technology across the world all the way back to prehistoric times, certainly for the last seventy years. But as long as there’s somebody, one person, who says no, the fifty people saying yes will wonder if they are right.

I get that there would be fear. I just think the benefit is worth letting the fear run its course and going with it anyway. Don’t you want help? Based on current transparency, the answer is no.