Please clarify the effect of both cannabis and alcohol on our physical forms as it relates to shifting to sixth and seventh densities, allowing us to complete the work we came here to do.

Once you get past the fourth density, you recognize that alcohol of any kind drops your frequency, so you no longer desire it. So in the fifth density there is no desire for alcohol because it drops you back to the third and fourth density.

Cannabis on the other hand, has a different effect on the body. Unfortunately, in most places in the United States and on this planet it is not legal to use it, and therefore it’s probably inappropriate for me to discuss it in any way except to say that there are many plants that are naturally capable of having medicinal and spiritual value for the body when used in a balanced fashion with Intent for non-recreational purposes.

Do you want to give us a list of them?

Actually I think you could probably find that on the Internet.

I understand that alcohol is grounding, but with the high levels of energy coming in right now, isn’t that a good thing?

There are ways to ground that are not destructive to the body.  There are ways to ground that are actually good for the spiritual body. For instance, send a beam of light from your heart down to the heart of the earth, then up through the crown chakra and on up. It’s very quick and doesn’t have a negative effect on your spiritual energy.

Wine and beer made in Europe are more pure than in the U.S.  If we use alcohol, should we drink the  European versions in preference to those made in this country?

If you’re going to drink alcohol because you don’t mind remaining in the fourth density, only then I would agree with you. Drink Scottish ale and Scottish whisky, and be happier for it. But remember, you’re consciously choosing an activity that drops your frequency and keeps you at a lower frequency.

If you attended the Solstice ritual, will using the 528-Hz chime still benefit you? If you were not at the Solstice ritual, should you use 528 Hz or 432?

Understand that 528 Hz is like spring tonic; it’s a really good all-over healing tone. It’s excellent. You can never go wrong with it. It never hurts.

On the other hand, 432 is special. It has two unique effects. One effect: on a physical level, for those who were at the Summer Solstice event, it’s going to bring back that memory of the light body, which is really good. In the interview (p. 3) I said most people released that within three days. The 432 brings back the body’s memory of it. It raises that frequency right back up. It’s a physical reminder. It’s like smelling your grandmother’s apron and having a memory of cinnamon rolls in the morning, and that is wonderful.

However, that’s somewhat limited.

And you had to have been at the Solstice.

Right, but there were a lot of people at the Solstice.

The other thing is that that particular sound stimulates the heart, the crown, and the next four chakras. That’s pretty powerful. That’s a very stimulating vibration.  Would I recommend you use that? Yes. Would I recommend you use that instead of 528? Yes. Every time? Yes. Do I ever see a reason for 528? I can see why you might choose 528, sure, because it’s an all-over healing tone, but there is also a reason to work on those higher vibrations, because right now that’s what you need to be focused on.

I think you had put certain limitations on using the 528-Hz tone.

There is the same limitation for 432. Use it no more than three times in a day.

When we did the visualization for healing the kingdoms of the earth we used the 528. Should we move to 432?

That’s a good question. It’s a healing meditation so I’d still use 528 for that specific visualization.

Can we use the 432 at home?

Yes. I understand that you can find many classical, and even non-classical, pieces based on 432. And you can find the tones on YouTube, but you would have to use one of those little machines to make sure that what you were hearing from your computer was actually creating that frequency.

Regarding the changes to the Star Weaving, why are we connecting with Sirius now instead of Alcyone?

Remember that Alcyone and Sirius are filters. Some people have thought that they came from those stars, but that’s not accurate. They are filters. Energy comes through them. You are not from there. And I’ve always said that that energy came through, not from.

There are two words I’ve tried to stay away from: star gates and star seeds. But the problem is both of them are very viable terms. They both work because they are star gates, and you have been star-seeded.

Having the Grids healed, Sirian energy is now the predominant filter, and I want you to be able to make use of that filter.

What is the significance of the new practice during Star Weaving of using crystals and raising them up?  Is it an energy manipulation or is it just symbolic?

The ascended mineral kingdom has always been active, but you have not been as capable of making use of it, so it’s never been useful to put a crystal in your hand. Now I have an active crystalline seed—you—filtering through the crystalline core—Sirius.

During Toning, why do you want the masculine energy circle on the inside consistently now instead of your earlier preference for it being on the outside?

Because the Divine Feminine is the predominant energy now and I want that feminine energy enclosing the masculine energy.

You said that the Serpent Mound is ceremonial and relates to the stars. What was the original function of the mound when it was built and what is its significance to Guardians now?

It was built over an ancient meteor strike, which was a seeding. It is a scar, more or less, that survives from earth to earth. And when I say that, what I mean is that it is revived for every earth. It’s that important. It’s essentially a beacon, and it and the others like it anchor earth energy.

You mean other places on earth that are serpent figures?

Well, only nine of them are serpent figures. I’m referring to their energy function.

So is the effigy that we call Serpent Mound the same as someone building a church on a sacred site?