What’s the significance to Source of someone in great need or suffering praying to God for satisfaction, relief, understanding? In a similar vein what does it mean to Source when someone prays for a sign, something to help them make a difficult, life-changing decision?

You know that Source and God are two very different things. God is a creation that humans need, but it’s not Source. So you are really asking, What does Source think when people relate to God instead of to Source?

Or, since God is the human construct, does this interaction with God, this communication with God just go into a vacuum?

No, it benefits you. Absolutely, it benefits you.

Apart from just the psychological benefit of the prayerful state, what part does Source play in that benefit?

Well, if somebody is using the word God but they are actually making a Source connection, that requires that they recognize their oneness with all, their connection with Source, that they are a part of that. Many who pray to God aren’t at that stage, but if somebody is addressing God and they recognize they’re a piece of all of that, then they’re going to be affecting the Source Field for manifestation and more quickly bringing about what they’re asking for than if they weren’t praying. If they’re not recognizing it that way, then, although they are putting out that thought with intent—and thoughts are things and will draw like things—it’s like spitting in the ocean and asking for a wave, as opposed to creating waves.

So, without the understanding of co-creatorship with Source, the prayer is a thought form that goes out, not a manifestation process.

Yes. Well said. I always try to be careful because, on one hand Source is beyond personal interaction, on the other hand, because of you, Source understands personal interaction. So you’ve got to be careful.

“You are a function of Source in this world” means that, because of you and what you feel and what you think and the way that you react to this world, you’re creating a reservoir of knowledge that personalizes the impersonal—if it chooses.

One of your most emphatic teachings in the past was “You are greater than that which is in the world.” You made it clear that the power of our will and intent trumps physical world influences. This seems at odds with your more recent teachings that our frequency, and therefore our ability to  work as positive influences in this time of transition, is limited by such worldly physical things as grains and onions in our diet and fluoride in our toothpaste. Please explain this apparent contradiction.

I don’t see it as a contradiction at all. For you to be able to function at your best, manifest at your best, to be able to merge and be what you are instead of who you are, the who you are needs to have no issues.

But wait! Is it even possible for the human to have no issues? No, it’s not possible, but it’s up to you to do everything you can to eliminate them, which includes such things as keeping your pineal as absolutely clear as it can be, because you have control over that. The toothpaste you use and some of the foods that you eat, for instance, can influence that, along with having your body as healthy and as active as it can be. So putting many of these things that you have mentioned into play makes the human less the roadblock and allows the spirit to function more freely.

“Greater is that which is within than that which is in the world,” however, isn’t about will. It’s about the spirit you are overcoming the human you are.

Around the world many people have reported seeing creatures that our science has not been able to confirm. On one occasion you suggested that a large hairy wild man my mother observed eating corn in a field behind her home might have been some sort of dimensional breakthrough. Does this idea of a dimensional breakthrough account for such creatures as Yeti and Bigfoot?


If such breakthroughs happen across dimensions, can we interact with these creatures verbally or in other ways?

Not usually, because the crossover isn’t fully here. But depending upon the kind of energy you are capable of putting out and your ability to move interdimensionally, without time and space, you can enter that space and make a connection.

Now, having said that, I also want to say that your world has odd creatures that aren’t out of another dimension, that are a part of your world but just don’t get seen very often. So don’t think that it’s a crossover in every situation. Sometimes it’s Bigfoot.

Is there awareness on the part of the breakthrough that it’s out of its own dimension?

No. Again, it is possible it could know but generally speaking, no.

How long could such experiences last.

I have no way of answering that. Each one is unique.

Are they coming through deliberately?

Generally, no.

I heard you say once, and I’m paraphrasing, “It had not been anticipated that Guardians would become so enmeshed in the world.” Anticipated by whom?

Those who work invisibly with this Plan.

What impact has it had on the work we came here to do as Guardians?

Tremendous effect. Tremendous effect—some good and some not so good. Earlier I made the comment that Source doesn’t have feelings and reactions and attachments, and if you had come here without the ability to take on those things, you would indeed be more focused, you would indeed probably not have to be here very long. But the reason would be because you would be pretty ineffective.

Learning to overcome your human self because you are choosing your spiritual self, that is the most beautiful thing in any world. And that’s what makes it work, because you become accessible, able to be related to.

Would it be fair to say if, in fact, we did not become enmeshed, that we wouldn’t be going through Transfiguration?

Oh, that’s one of those things that I would say is absolutely true, but that’s because I have a tender place for humans. Even amongst humanity, I am certain there are those who would say that’s not an advantage.

Transfiguration or being enmeshed?

Transfiguration. Even amongst the group in this room, I would say there would be those who would say it is too much trouble.

I’ve been merging with my Group of Twelve every morning since you suggested it, and I’ve noticed recently a difference in how it feels. I’ve noticed almost no difference between before I merge and after I merge. Before the trip I could feel an added presence after I merged. Please explain how and why the connection with our Group of Twelve changes over time.

It changes because you change.

Your Group of Twelve is both you and not you. In any life experience as you come to know yourself better, you gain easier access to that part of your Twelve. However, it’s the not-you part of your Twelve that really is of interest to anybody reading this. The more you know yourself and your issues, the more you grow, the higher a frequency you work at, the more access you have to your Twelve. But the more conscious spiritual behavior you put out, the more your Twelve has access to you. And I would say that the difference experienced by the questioner is that the Twelve is initiating more contact, rather than her initiating more.

I’d love to learn the technique used by the whirling Dervishes in order to activate my pineal and achieve the altered state that the Dervishes achieve. Besides the intent, how is the practice different from twirling, and how can spinning with intent help us activate our pineal glands?

There is a reason there are very few of that religious persuasion [Sufism] over here in the United States. It’s a religious mindset you don’t have here.  Anybody can do the same actions but not have the effect. For the Dervishes, it’s a ritual. Each action has a meaning, each particular dance given at a particular time for a specific purpose—it all comes together in a particular way. Even amongst themselves they don’t all have positive other-worldly experiences.

But it’s not for you. Jump up and down instead. Clear your lymph system and stop using fluoride. And Tone.

It’s not just a belief; it is a long-held, generation-after-generation, written-into-your-very-bones kind of belief that you just don’t have here. And I’m glad.

Does it have anything to do with the pineal?

Well, spinning does, and most spiritual practice does, but spinning your pineal as I tell you to do and the spinning and dancing of religious fervor, those are two different things.