The gold cord work in the past used to change us, not the other person. Now it seems it’s doing more than affecting us. Please explain the reasons behind this change.

Gold cords have always affected both. You would not out of the blue get that phone call from somebody you’ve been doing gold cord work with if it was not affecting the other person. You are simply now more conscious of that effect, it’s not new.

Samuel, I remember a long time ago when you gave us words that were like mantras. In our groups of three, we would sit and do three ah hus. I found this a way to stay “in the moment.” It would silence my mind chatter. Now you are going to be giving us teachings on traveling while our physical body stays put. However, once I set my intent to go traveling without my physical body, I am wondering how I can keep from judging the experience or having expectations. How can I stop my mind from questioning if I am doing it right or comparing my experience to other people’s?

If you have reached that point where you are capable of releasing—or controlling—the mind, you’re not going to bring expectations with you. You might start out with expectations, but as you focus the mind, thought changes. At the beginning, you will probably make up an experience—really. Not that you think you are making it up, but you’ll make up an experience because your brain is still reading the essence of what was going on and it doesn’t know what to do except turn that into some kind of memory. The more experienced you become at it, the more you realize “Turn that mechanism off. I don’t need that.”

What makes it not fun to do this is that when you are really doing it you don’t remember it. You don’t come back proud of yourself for changing Putin’s heart. You don’t. But your dreams will start becoming vivid and real, which is pretty much your brain releasing those emanations. But you’ll know. It’s like the difference between a real dream and a regular dream. Well, this is the difference between a real dream and an ultra dream. You’ll know it. Like I said earlier, this is something you have to do. Talking about it doesn’t make sense. You’ve got to do it.

At the recent Atlanta Lifescapes you mentioned that we are changing our compact and destiny related to the Transfiguration process. Does that mean we are changing the way our entity fundamentally functions or its potential in this dimension or other dimensions? Please explain in detail.

You’re not going to change the way your entity functions except that you have greater ability to function spiritually. The change in the compact isn’t “I’m not going to be doing this.” The change is “I am functioning as a god and doing what I should be doing, what I came here to do.”

So you’re not changing the compact; you’re actually expanding its definition.

That works. I’m saying that you’re not getting out of the compact through a loophole, but because of what you have become you are capable of doing more than when you first set it up.

You said about the DNA step visualizations that if practiced long enough, they will become automatic. How do you know when that has happened and when to stop?

Think for a moment about your living room in your home. Now, are you seeing the pieces of it or are you seeing the whole?

Seeing the whole room.

And just like that, it’s all there. When this exercise has become a part of you, you put out the intent “I’m going to do the first DNA exercise,” and just like the picture of your living room, it’s all there.

Stuart, would you do one rhythm with your feet and another one with your hands?

He’s got three rhythms going there with both feet doing different ones.

[To Stuart:] When did you know you were doing it?

I didn’t think about what I was doing or I would have messed it up. I just let it come out.

Right. Now put those two things together: the idea is that whole vision, and that click of multiple processes going on at the same time having happened. That’s how you know. Thank you Stuart.

Recently, you have given many different exercises that we are supposed to do—the DNA step work, the sun exercise, the workroom, the gold cord work with ourselves, the gold cord work in areas where there is chaos, the huddling and Hu-ing, and the sending to the planet with the 532 Hz chime, etc. Is there a priority to these in terms of their importance?

I know that you—including the readership—think that there isn’t enough time in the day to do all of this. But you waste so much time. It is not an impossible task to do all of these unless you are still at the beginning stages and have to think every little piece of it through. If you are just beginning with these exercises, then I recommend that you put a different one on every day of the week, and you do that for a few weeks until you’ve gotten to where your mind and your body knows the process and it can complete it in moments.

They become automatic.

Yes, exactly. I’ll go through the DNA exercises—number 1, number 2, number 3—and I’m using the Form’s brain for this. How long did that take? Ten seconds? On a nice Scottish day like this, your sun exercise is going to be most definitely a mental process and it will take you about five seconds. I don’t understand why it’s a problem.

It’s a priority and a discipline.


I know people who use the first half hour of the day to do it.

I have to say, I don’t really know why it would take half an hour, because the more you do it, the less time it takes unless you’re waiting for the “feel.” Still, that’s good for some people. They like doing it that way.

You could just carve out little pieces of your day: “While I brush my teeth, I am going to do the DNA exercises. While I take a shower, I’ll do the 5-minute meditation. I’ll do my cord work at this place of the day.” Why not? And that might work better for you.

Until the time comes that you see what it’s doing for you, you won’t do it. And that’s the difficulty, because until you do the exercise enough, you won’t see a change.

If there is chaos in your life you are seeing a result. It just needs more control. That’s usually the very first sign of change: the natural human resistance to it that creates chaos.

Is there one exercise more important than any other?


Some do build off of others, but they all create changes that are important. The thing is it’s the fast track, and the fast track is often the rockier track. So if you don’t want the fast track, don’t do them.

How about someone who wants to get on the fast track? Where would they start and how would they progress?

Well, I will have to go with the very first thing they need to do is Toning because that’s going to shield them from cracking up. And then they will learn about this to try and that to try, and that to do. But through it all, Toning keeps you stable.

So there’s no progression necessarily?

It’s not about the order I’ve given them in, because everyone comes in at the right place for them. So allow the Universe to put it in front of you: “I just heard about the DNA exercises so I’m going to do them.” Go with that.

I’m sure many people think there’s a “right” way.

Of course. Humans like that. It’s comforting to have the list that you can check off so that you can know if somebody’s not doing it that way, they’re wrong. It’s so handy.