If we are Source in form, why is it so difficult to change thoughts, behaviors or beliefs, even when we are willing?

First, remember that when you’re in form you abide by the rules of form. The Source you are took on those limitations for a purpose! And on a more practical note, being willing does not mean you are patient. You can’t expect a belief that you’ve had for fifty years to be absolved from all the karmic connections to it in five minutes. It’s hard because you have a life that makes your beliefs okay, rather than your being willing to see a belief that’s not working for you as abhorrent and beneath you. Everything and everyone around you says, “Don’t change!” Your whole physical experience resists change that it considers possibly dangerous. I want to remind you that it’s not hard, but you’ve got to really get that you really are perfect, you have already made this change. You just have to live it until you believe it.

What will it look like at the completion of Sacred Status within the plant and animal kingdoms?

There are few amongst the plant and the animal kingdom that are anywhere near enough to individuation that it would allow for the automatic, conscious awareness of the change being spoken of. These creatures’ patterns of life force are probably not going to notice a big difference on their own. They might slowly become aware of some things, but they don’t have the individuation muscle worked out at all. However, their children, those future generations, are going to be coming out with that being the only thing they know. And that’s where you’ll start seeing changes. Now, the good news is, in the plant kingdom that can be a matter of weeks, like maybe only two. And in some parts of the animal kingdom it can also be weeks, maybe twenty or so, but not long.

What about in utero?

That would depend upon where they are in the process of growth and development. Mainly it would be brain changes more than body changes.

So for all of the people who are really eager to see what happens with their dogs and cats come December, you’ll not notice anything at all. If anything, they might laugh a little more obviously at you because they’re always laughing now—you just don’t recognize it.

And you are more likely to notice changes within the plant kingdom, because you’re going to be able to hear them better. In fact, some of them do reach out now and again and smack you when they get really desperate, don’t they? “Give me attention here!” But you will become more aware of their emotional states, of their awareness of you, and you will see that right away—in fact you are seeing some of that now.

Please explain the process that our beloved dogs and cats go through when they pass on.

What happens to a creature when it dies? It depends upon whose creature it was, whether it’s the creature of a Guardian or a creature of the planet—the wild kitty that comes to the farm occasionally—your-cat-but-not-really-your-cat kind of thing. So I’m going to answer the question in a very broad way.

Just as with humans, creatures experience a passage toward oneness, but in the case of creatures it’s oneness with the group soul. That passage toward oneness takes them two places: the first one is for a bit of rest, and that rest has everything to do with a complete release from the body.

Now, for a dog, how long does that take? Well, for a human I ask that you wait about three days. So should you do that with a dog? No. Probably about three minutes is all that you need, because once the body has fully shut down, it’s gone. But unlike humans, it’s going to be there to the very end. The human soul can leave early. “Forget this. I’m out of here. You’re going to keep the body alive? I’m not going to be here for that. Adios.”

But if that creature has been with a Guardian, then I get the menagerie, and the reason I get the menagerie is because of you. What you have done to your creatures is create a strength of personality that is going to wait for you. It’s that same kind of bond that makes up a ghost. (It’s such an awful way to say that, but what people think of as a ghost is actually personality essence remaining because there is a connection that is being regularly fed.) Your creature’s personality furthermore has been intensified in ways beyond canine mind—or feline mind or hamster mind or chirpy mind—to have a heightened awareness. A Guardian’s creatures, even if they are not individualized, are more self-aware.

Have your dogs ever been embarrassed?

Oh, yes.

But theoretically that is not a dog thing. There are scientists who would say, “Oh, they don’t feel that high kind of an emotion,” but you’ve seen it, you know it absolutely happens. It’s that kind of self-awareness that puts them at the Crystal Palace. Now, truth be told, when I say that I sit in front of the fire, and I’ve got a yowly cat on my lap and dogs all around, that’s more to do with your vision than the creature’s. But what the creature is experiencing is an awareness that it’s waiting for you, and therefore experiencing its best time with you.

[Turning to David] Royke. [David’s German Shepherd, whom Samuel met during the 1980s]

Yes, I was going to ask. Is she playing in your backyard?

She’s playing in my backyard. Almost every time I see her she seems to have an over-sized ball in her mouth. What did she like to play with? Did she chase balls? But this is not like a tennis ball. What is she showing me?

She did chase tennis balls, and sometimes she would get two in her mouth. She couldn’t decide to take this one or that one, so she’d get both in.

Maybe that’s it, because her mouth is open more than it would be for one tennis ball.

They even will show up when I’m here with you just as their means of working on that personality essence. She’s not old. She’s not middle aged. She’s not a puppy either. Like humans, they show up looking as they did when there were at their best with you.

That’s what I get because of you and them.

Most have that brief time of rest until they are completely out of the body—and again, it doesn’t take long for everything to shut down—and then they reabsorb and if the personality is a very strong personality, it can reclaim time—that’s the best way for me to say that. You will always be able to find a piece of Royke in any creature you have, because she will reclaim some of that time in that body, but it’s not the same as reincarnating.

Winston [David’s and Paula’s current dog] has certain things that he will do that are Royke doing it, and you will know that. You’ll get it. “Royke used to do that same thing,” and Royke’s saying [somewhat sarcastically] “Hello!” It’s that piece of the personality wanting to connect in, and in the group soul situation there’s the capability of doing that.

But they won’t be able to do that if all goes according to plan this year.

It will be interesting to see what they are able to do. I see it more as an ask-and-accept kind of thing. “May I touch in here?” asks Royke. “Of course,” replies Winston. There will be an awareness that allows decision-making on that level.

Do familiars and temple guard pets have different processes?

Well, a familiar isn’t a canine or a feline, so the body’s gone and the spirit simply returns. There’s nothing there. And a temple guard doesn’t have a different process than what a Guardian’s long-loved creature will.

From your perspective, what sort of “course corrections” from us Guardians does our world need most?

How long do we have? [laughs]

If every person reading that question would stop and ask, “Universe, what do you need of me that I can be what I need to be to do what I’m here to do for this planet and all life force on it?” you would get your own unique answer to that question. There isn’t a pattern to that because you are individuated, and as an individual, the unique way that you are managing your time in this world and the issues that you come up with, and the experiences that you’ve had and what they made of you are not like the person right next to you, even if that person is your twin.

So the best answer is that what is needed is for everybody to ask that question of the Universe and then act on the answer.