At Phoenix, we share gratitude for many things. When we get together, there are always so many great, healthy foods that it seems like we could find a way to pause all together and share gratitude for the opportunity to enjoy our feast together. Logistically, this might be a challenge, but it seems a shame to miss an opportunity at these times. What do you think?

I think that at some celebrations the person leading it chooses to do a recognition, and sometimes not. It used to be done more regularly. The reason that it stopped—exactly as this questioner has pointed out—was that the logistics were pretty difficult. A reminder to remember to express your gratitude can be helpful, but there is a bigger picture as well: in the very same way that your energy is changed when you walk into the Phoenix building, so is the energy of every food, of every creature that goes in as well. Its energy is raised up, and that’s what the gratitude for the food does. Recognizing the food and what it has given raises its energy. Being conscious of that is empowering, but not required.

So it’s happening automatically in a sense, and all we need to do is be aware.

Your awareness of it empowers you, but you can raise the energy of it without the awareness of it. It doesn’t change that it’s happened. But when I try to regulate—”you need to do this”—it becomes a means for judgment. I’m not saying you must be grateful, I’m asking you to recognize the gift.

How will the enhanced merging and attunement abilities with the animal and plant kingdoms that are being imparted to those on the Mississippi trip be made available to the Guardianship who are not able to go on that trip?

First, I’m not sure that “enhanced abilities” is accurate. You’re going to learn to merge with those kingdoms. That’s going to make possible what you have not thought was possible, yet was always available to Guardians. There are two reasons that I want a very large group for the Mississippi Dragon work. One of them is that the Mississippi Dragon offers challenges the other trips have not. But the other reason is that a secondary work on that trip is to prepare those who will be able to take what they have learned and use it in the work that will be done in India. The Dragon in India is all about the plant and animal kingdoms, so the working at the Brahmaputra will need those who can actually work in and as those kingdoms to raise them, as the Dragon force is raised, to a higher level.

So the ability to contribute to that will be lessened by not being able to go on the Mississippi trip. Will they still be able to make a meaningful contribution?

I can make use of energy wherever it is, so that’s not the issue. If you’ve not been on the Mississippi trip, you will still have a very important role within the Dragon work, but going further—to raise up the Dragon that will change the plant and animal kingdoms—is going to require those who are already capable of functioning in and as those kingdoms. So if you’ve gone on the Mississippi trip, then I need you in India to help with this project. The more who have gone on the Mississippi trip, the greater the pool will be. When finances and work and other things keep some people from being able to go, there will be more who may be able to. But this question was, How will others get it? I’m saying that it’s not something that can be taught, because the advantage of having me to open that door won’t be available.

Are there things that, because of higher energy now, any Guardian can do with their domesticated creatures or with their houseplants?

Do a simple merge as often as possible. Secondly recognize them. “You’re not just a dog; you are another living focus of life and love.”

See the oneness.

Yes, but not just the oneness; the important part they play in life, recognize that.

In your opening segment on the DVD “Sacred Landscapes of Scotland,” you said that “Dragon force energy is activating the Earth’s Guardianship.” Since that time we have activated six Dragons. To what degree has Dragon force energy been able to activate the earth’s Guardianship? What ways have you seen that Guardianship manifest?

When I made that comment I was referring to those across the planet, not necessarily human, that are Guardians, whether they know it or not, that are awakened and need to be activated. Remember that the Dragon-force seedings are about changing cultures—civilization—providing a means for activated life force to recognize its internal imperative towards its spiritual nature. In a broad sense, it’s all about helping the world become more spiritual.

Across this world, there are Guardian energies in all kingdoms—awakened but not activated, or not awakened at all—meant to work at this time of transition. The mineral kingdom is not actively involved in this specific time of transition; it is involved in holding a focus.

The work that you have done in activating the Dragon force in the rivers of the world has been doing two things. One of those things is functioning like a traffic signal for a lineup of Guardian beings that are awake and waiting—I’m picturing a horse pawing the ground—and creating an opening in consciousness that will allow them to activate. You’re seeing this in extremes; there is a worldwide movement toward unity that shows up both as an increased attendance in religions and as a stronger and more forthright decision not to go in that direction. A quick for-instance: you have a more outspoken, stronger atheist community in America right now than has ever been, ever, and that’s without this Dragon being awakened. That’s due to that spiritual change—that doorway being opened—in other parts of the planet. Imagine, when this one is open, what effect that’s going to have. So you are seeing the extremes of that spiritual opportunity. It doesn’t matter if it’s in the box of a set religion or if it’s throwing that box out while still recognizing that we need to work together human to human. I also see changes that are going on amongst the Guardian species on the planet. For example, with bees you see that same dichotomy. The hybridization of wild bees is moving slowly across the continent, pretty much across the world, and coming into the Northern Hemisphere. These wild bees are much more aggressive bees. Are they called African killer bees?

Yes. In their pure, unhybridized form they were dangerous, and some people have died from being stung.

Sure, but I wouldn’t say at the level of things humans have to fear that this one is high on the list, unless you were directly in an area in which they were swarming. Nonetheless, the point is that a different kind of creature is emerging. More aggressive, less able to reproduce, less hive-minded. But all Guardianship.

On the other side, although you have across the world fewer traditional honeybees, those that remain have stronger honeybee attributes. They are producing more queens than they had been. That goes back to the trees thinking they are in danger and producing more fruit. You have a more nutrient-rich honey, because more is needed to feed them. And you have a bee more willing to be around higher frequency without fear.

And these are all characteristics that bees share with_._._._?

Well, that Guardian bees are sharing with bees as a whole. You don’t see that so much with trees, for instance, but you would perhaps notice that there is a greater encroachment of evergreens than birch in the world.

Evergreens being a Guardian species.


Besides the way Guardianship energy affects the plant and animal kingdoms, you have also spoken about the effect that the Dragon energy work has on the consciousness of the people in that area.

Because Guardians were there, and activated those seeds—that Dragon force—change started happening, and continues to happen, and spreads farther and farther out continuously.

The continuation and spreading is a result of the Dragon force that was released. And the river, the body of water, holds that?

Yes. For instance, if a Chinese person who has been affected by that energy immigrates to Canada, that individual is going to have a certain amount of effect there, too, or wherever they go. And in this world in which communication and movement are so much easier than they ever were, there is a very minor change going on in places away from the area of that Dragon activation.

It would be great if there was a Dragon in the Mideast that could be activated so that all those factions could become one.

But the seeding in that area is not Dragon force.

But there is a seeding in that area.

There is.