What specifically is the Guardianship Program designed to do and why do you especially encourage people in the leadership of Phoenix to take it?

The Guardianship Program is a gift. It’s a gift because it’s a shortcut. It does it all: it pushes you, it shows you that being perfect isn’t the issue, giving it your best is. It causes you to look within and it causes you to look without, and it teaches you those things without strings and expectations attached. It is such a good program for learning to recognize and put aside human stuff. It’s a wonderful program for teaching you what your buttons, your issues, are. And, even more than toning, it creates bonds with those of like mind that you’re not going to get—yet you always need—any other way. The Guardianship Program gets even more valuable as you are sloughing off the old issues and getting closer to the core of what you’re about.

The leadership, which ideally is a step ahead, experiences more keenly all of their individual issues going on that have not been worked out, because they’re closer to the core. By creating closer bonds through compassion and “we’re in this together,” and having a program that has a short length of time with some pretty hard structure to it, well, time-wise it’s pretty hard, you are going to come out of it more successful, more aware of yourself, and having released more. Why would I want leaders any other way? How could not doing it have anywhere near the benefit that doing it does? It’s also a means by which your story, your personal touch in the world, can be taught. You would have learned what you can get over, you have learned what being conscious does, you have learned what releasing ego does, so you are going to be able to live that and give it to the world. How important is that!?

So, why are so few people taking it?

Yes, why? It’s a hard program for those few weeks. It’s a sacrifice, and people don’t want to do that.

You mentioned that a large piece of completed Grid was put in place on September 21, 2007. Was that a result of the Rhineland Dragon work?

Yes and no. What I refer to as the Grid—and have given you a visualization about—is a way to recognize a function of energy that is expressed through a pattern of frequency changes. There isn’t really a metallic set of lines like that, and you don’t literally put something into place. And I do believe that I’ve always been careful to say, “The easiest way to describe it is . . . “ or “This is the way to look at it,” or “Visualize it this way,” not because it is that way, but because that helps you see a way to direct your energy. When you do Dragon work, it has a profound effect on you. And the more you do it, the less human you need to be. But Dragon force does create a change in the immediate area that then ripples out. So the changes brought about by the Dragon work add to changes going on in the world as a whole.

Therefore, yes, but no. Yes, it is a part. No, it’s not all of it.

What are you hoping the raising of the Nile Dragon will accomplish, and in what ways is the Nile Dragon work different from the Dragon work we’ve done before.

Well, as with every function of Dragon force in the world, its seeding was for the creation of civilization, and its awakening is for the process of recreating your civilization. To recreate life, more or less.

In that particular geographical area.

Yes. Of course, now anything going on in one area is quickly going to spread to others. If you will look back at how old the Nile civilization is and how far it came, as well as how far it has fallen—and you look at the Middle East for that, the awakening—the activation of this Dragon force should have a like-nothing-before effect on the Middle East. It is vital and needed change to move out of one-by-one, and into one-with-one. And hopefully that would not be on the backs of its people, not be through the oppression-makers and the creativity-killers and the hard-line religious that create the one-with-one. It would be a lot better if it was from the ground up.

It seems as if a successful Dragon work is followed by a period of chaos. If the work in Egypt is successful, won’t that lead to more stress and unrest in the Middle East, or will it bring a greater chance of peace?

Well, that’s the question, isn’t it? So far, all the Dragon work, even with initial chaos, has only brought positive change. I don’t know why this would be different, but there is always free will. The good news is, mass consciousness is changing, so there’s by far more chance of positive choices being made than negative ones.

It’s also becoming apparent, particularly in Iran right now, that there is a grass-roots movement that could expand.

Thank goodness. And that says a lot.

Many years ago you gave very specific instructions for people to get together and form Groups of Twelve. As far as I know, there are only two groups functioning, and both are at home base. Please go over what those groups are intended for.

The Groups of Twelve were set up because I was going to begin talking about the power of twelve and that at any one time there are twelve Avataric functions in the world. It opened the door for that, and that’s good. It is also a means by which those who are taking part in a Group of Twelve became capable of seeing the power of twelve. However, I made the mistake of saying toning is the most important thing you can be doing, rather than that a Group of Twelve is—although it wasn’t really a mistake.

A Group of Twelve gives you a way to change your world. Toning gives you a way to create a stronger vessel in the world. I would like to say that is because more Guardians come to toning because they realized that they needed to make their vessel stronger, but the fact of it is that time and free will once again wins out, and Group of Twelve gave way to “I don’t have time to do this; I don’t have time to do that.” However, I do think it’s important to put in that if Groups of Twelve that started had continued, if people had given it a chance, I would not need to be forcing, “All right, don’t eat this; all right, you must do this.” It wouldn’t be necessary. If you were still doing Groups of Twelve you’d likely still have your cheese! [laughing]

I’m very confused about the instructions you gave about diet recently. It seems as if you would prefer we all became vegans, but I don’t do well unless I eat yogurt and cheese occasionally. You say, “Do what works for you,” but I want to do what works for my Entity and my spiritual growth. Please help me figure this out.

Biggest picture: You don’t have to eat anything; you just breathe the air and get all the nutrients you need out of it. Problem with that? Spirit might like it; form can’t deal with it. You must take care of the form, not only because it rules, but because the stronger the vessel the more high-frequency energy can function through it. However, what I see going on with Guardians has nothing to do with taking care of the form so that it can maintain higher frequency. Instead, it’s “taking care of personal wants and creating excuses for them.” The fact of it is, for your physical self—I’m not even talking about your spiritual self—for your physical self, the farther away from yourself on the ladder of creation that you eat, the better your body is going to function. It has a lot to do with length of life; it has even more to do with the responsibility that one species has for another. It just so happens that the thing that makes your body function at its best also happens to take ceilings off of evolutionary leaps. It just so happens that not eating a diet of preservatives and chemicals actually makes you healthier, and being able to function at a stronger level physically is going to allow that evolutionary process to move to a higher level.

Somewhere along the line of your personal spiritual evolution, you are going to come to realize that, spiritually speaking, there’s no difference between eating a hamburger and drinking a glass of milk; they’re both animal energy and too high on the food chain. When will you come to that point? Well, apparently, for a whole lot of Guardians, maybe never. Most of the time when I have seen that happen, it’s been an act of consciousness. But often I see you starting to get the realization and then backing off from it really fast, so that you don’t have to be responsible for it.

All I have done recently is just lay it out. I still say, it’s your decision. But what I’m doing is telling you what your decision means. Is that true for all of mass consciousness? Of course not. Is it true for all of Guardians? Yes! Is there a point where it doesn’t matter? Yes, but there are very, very few who function at that high of a frequency.

If there was something you could do that would affect not only your physical experience, your mental as well, and your spiritual, but it wasn’t going to be easy, would you do it? What I have found Guardians saying is, “Yes! Absolutely—except if it has to do with my diet.”

I encourage you to try it and then, after three weeks—or three months—add something you took off the list back in. Do you notice a difference? You will, because if you don’t have dairy in your diet for only a week, you’re going to notice a big difference.

And, as an aside to that: you can be a really unhealthy vegan and that would be messing things up, too. That’s not the point. I’d rather have a healthy vegetarian than an unhealthy vegan. The point is, it’s about your choices, and under full disclosure making the right choices. How long it takes you to do it is up to you. How hard it is to do it is also up to you.