You’ve taught that the vibratory levels of the planet and of humanity as a whole are designed to work together in bringing about the completion of Sacred Status. When one makes a vibrational leap, the other must catch up in order to balance it. How is this process going now? How does the Dragon Force activation affect it?

You remember that Fusion was possible because mass consciousness had made a leap. The next step was for the planet to catch up, which was the opening of the door to the activation of Dragon force, because that is the planet and the planetary guardian catching up. So, as Dragon force becomes more and more active, the balance will be stabilized.

Sometimes I look at someone else and feel the impossibility of really knowing them, knowing their experience of the world, knowing how they feel and who they are. To what extent is this ultimate separation between people a result of the individuation of our souls or entities, and how much is a result merely of the veil of this dimension?

Always, always, the microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm. While it is true that you are not walking inside the brain of another human—or [indicating one of the dogs] non-human—while it is true that individuation establishes a certain—I’m going to say loneliness—it is also true that you are not condemned to only that perspective of living, and, as mass consciousness awakens to their spiritual abilities, that’s one step toward a more whole awareness. As they activate that spiritual function, they have that much more of a connection. While they will never, with the exception of consciously expressed sacred sex, ever literally have total access to the mind of another—or there wouldn’t have been any sort of use to the experiment at all—there is the hopefully constantly increasing ability, through merger, consciously or unconsciously, to connect in to the spirit of another, finding a common frequency, and as a result being able to grow together, for that merger to become clearer and stronger, in ways that are not possible without that activation.

Within the Guardianship, you experience a piece of that—for instance in Dragon-force work—any time you are being asked to merge by vision and action—heart, mind, body—into one being. It’s not practical to suggest that you wander through your day in that sort of intensively focused merger, but what you can do is start your day with an intensely focused merger and let that merger be available to you through the day, so that when you need to get a sense of a deeper connection you can send out through the gold-cord work of the center of your forehead and your heart, two golden threads, if you will, of light that merge into one until it reaches that person you are wishing to connect in with, and it spreads out and connects with their forehead and their heart.

You said two golden cords, right? Not the white and gold.

No, just gold. Gold heart, gold pituitary/pineal, and it moves out of the body, merges into one, going toward that person that you’re wanting that connection with.

Ultimately, though, as long as you are separated within yourself, as long as you do not have unity within your own heart, mind and soul, as long as you have the fears and resistances that separate you from your highest function, you are never going to feel at one with others in this world.

At the Retreat you remarked that we have the kind of government that we deserve. How do you see the various functions of our nation responding to the energy being sent by Guardians?

Remember that I see any sort of change as representative of, in the larger picture, greater good. I have said repeatedly to you that very often the first sort of changes that you see are negative ones. You see resistance first. The group went to Ireland and Northern Ireland went into a whole new cycle of war, but now it’s almost over. So short term, it’s not at all unusual to see what appears to be a digging-in of the heels and refusing to change, no matter what.

Since last fall, there has been a huge upsurge of public awareness about the foibles of your governmental system. There has not been action with that awareness. Well, maybe pockets of action here and there, but not the sort of action that precipitates change; instead, it is an awareness that has the old constructs on guard. As I see it, that’s what is happening very much in your government right now, nationally speaking.

Locally speaking, there are some pretty amazing changes going on state by state, again at extremes, of making the laws more open or closing them down harder. An easy example of both of those that I have mentioned—the national and the local governmental changes—can be shown in Kentucky. In Kentucky right now, locally speaking, there are, as I understand it, some real serious investigations going on into the governmental process. And when barriers are being put up, they’re just being mowed right over and doggedly pursued. I believe that Kentucky is going to have a bit of a governmental scandal that upsets the balance. I find that marvelous. Of course, what’s going to be required is having people capable of taking a positive approach once the long-term negative one is weakened, so, of course, don’t stop the energy you’re sending, don’t stop the work that you’re doing.

Also in Kentucky there are a lot of families of soldiers who are becoming demanding of information, recognition and justification for some of the policies that the national government is putting out.

There is—and this is also true in Pennsylvania, just thinking particularly of groups that are pretty established in sending energy to the government and the changes coming about—education in the midst of major changes of consciousness. In this last year, the difficulties within the education system have been brought forth in terms that could not be ignored. And changes are starting to be put into place. The changes have to do, nationally speaking, with money appropriated toward increasing educational values and establishing schools and supplies, and so forth.

Health. Your country is undergoing a real purge of unhealthy practices. Childhood obesity is very much in awareness. You have MacDonald’s putting out salads. You have . . .

An end to the tobacco support program.

Yes, yes. And you have changes that are coming about, again because people are saying, “This isn’t right.”

So I see many changes. The question isn’t are the changes happening, the question is, is there a safety net of spiritual force creating a focused group of positively functioning people ready to move in when the weakness moves out?

You create a vacuum and something’s going to fill it.

Right. And what’s it going to be? A lot of energy needs to be sent toward not just the changes happening, but the fulfillment of a positive replacement.