You have likened the different versions of Earth to various incarnations of a human being. Is that pattern found in HeliosVesta’s evolution, or the solar system’s?

Although you can look at it as if there are different lives of the earth, that’s not accurate. There is a total destruction of the dimensional reality and not the physical earth itself; whereas in your various lives there is a common thread, and that would be the entity from which they all come. Because there truly is no time and space, all of those different creations are found here now, are in fact layered here now, and do bleed through to one another. But in the case of previous earths, the whole mechanism is changed. The purpose of the new earth is different, so although the shell may be the same, there is a very different purpose, whereas, in past lives the purpose is the same, but the shell is different.

Now, HeliosVesta does not evolve in the sense that life force energy on earth does. HeliosVesta is a current means of allowing this earth’s function to come about. This solar system was not in existence in the last incarnation of earth. Neither was this earth; neither was HeliosVesta. That does not mean there was not HeliosVesta, the earth and the solar system. Just not this one.

Do highly developed individuals ever consciously choose to do what is viewed as “wrong” by those around them in order to cooperate in situations in which lessons for others can unfold. if so, why would they do that?

They do not do that, absolutely not. There are those who would say that’s what they are there to do, but they are really looking for a way to justify their own desires. “Here is what I’m going to do: I’m going to justify the havoc I create by saying, ‘This may look to you like something wrong, but I know I’m doing what I should be doing.”‘ Another version of it is, “What I am doing appears to be havoc to you . . .

,” implying that your spiritual awareness is limited.

There may be things that you interpret as havoc, but can a highly evolved being choose to do wrong knowing it is wrong, but knowing there is a higher purpose for it. NO.

And the reason is . . . think about you for a moment. When you are doing something—anything—part of what goes into your choice is, How will this be understood? Not because you are trying to accommodate others, but because you recognize that communication means making sure that you are working for the highest good in all ways, including perception.

To use a common example: Is it possible that Hitler was a very high-frequency being doing wrong for a greater purpose? No. It is possible that he was a very high-frequency being, but what he did was his choice, and it got woven into the larger picture. That doesn’t mean it wasn’t wrong. It was wrong.

High-frequency beings now should not even look—not even smell—less than perfect. And the person who insinuates that it is your problem if what they are doing looks wrong to you, who justifies their behavior by saying, “if this looks wrong to you, it’s your fault, not mine,” well, that’s the person with the biggest problem.

You have mentioned that the soul, the entity and the Source connection are a team that needs our attention. You specifically spoke of our soul’s need to be activated into awareness, and that our soul and form team should not be playing together. Would you please expand on that?

Remember that, as I teach you, the soul is that aspect of the human form that is seeded with spiritual awareness; it is the spiritual point inside form. The soul is the means by which the greater spirit, which would be your entity self, touches in through the personality that you are now. So the soul’s job, if you will, is to become a team with the entity. The entity’s job, if you will, is to become a team with Source once again, so that soul therefore has a connection up to Source, and Source touches in to soul. That’s why they work together. That’s how they work together.

If you break that chain, you won’t be getting very far in your spiritual work. For instance, if your soul is not purposefully working to allow spirit or the entity self to connect into it, then it’s going to feel that it’s working alone, that there is not a partnership with Source. If the entity has no connection with the soul, then form rules with havoc and chaos, and everything is based upon the physical, the temporal. You can see why both of those problems in a team would not allow the goal to be reached.

In the past, you have referred to the danger of being left behind if one does not work out one’s issues and karma. Please explain this more fully. What do you mean by left behind? Does that mean dying and coming back at another time to complete the cycle, or does it mean that one would simply not be able to keep up with the work being done through the Phoenix groups?

Whether or not it be with the Phoenix groups, yes, that’s the idea I was referring to. if you choose not to work on your personal issues, not to make the changes that are needed for those who are going to be leading the way and making the transition easier for the planet—those who are here to help—if you choose to hold on to your own issues and not perfect your being, well, the Plan is not going to stop and wait on you to get over your stuff. You just won’t be of any help. You’ll be one of those needing to be helped instead of one who can lead and show and create.

You have taught that twelve perfected beings equaling One Being are now required to make rituals and other current workings successful. Why does having a greater number of people doing the working help to establish the twelve and thus the One?

Actually, that was in order for the Northern Crown Portal ritual to be successful, not as a general statement.

A greater number of people are needed because you are so mired in your own issues and Your own stuff that you’re not functioning perfectly. For every moment that you are not functioning perfectly, however, there is somebody working in consciousness with that same vision who is. And therefore, in order to fill up all of those spaces, so to speak, the more there are who can take over when somebody drops, the more chance there is that you are going to have that full moment of wholeness. When you have that full moment of perfected wholeness, you’ve got a Being.