Please discuss the significance of the light body meditation you gave us at the retreat and the Pittsburgh workshop.

What I gave at the retreat and the workshop were not the same thing. One was a variation, indeed, but it did not have the same purpose.

At the retreat I was looking to see who was capable of visualizing with the mental self in a way that would stimulate the spiritual self. The visualization exercise was only for that purpose. Your light body functions just fine, sometimes better, when you’re not thinking about it, but it was the pop quiz of the moment. The reason is that when you reach a point that you are able, within your conscious body, to work with the light body, then you are, by your desire and by your functioning at the highest possible frequency you are capable of at the time, making the connection between what your physical self is capable of doing in this world and what your spiritual self can do.

I don’t know that this particularly makes sense to you, but when you are at that point, you will essentially be embodying your Self.

As I said earlier, in regard to the vibrational essence of your genetic blueprint connecting with the frequencies of the planet and of the cosmos, if you’re connected enough to be able to function in an accessible and workable light body, then you are essentially expressing the effect of Ascension without ascending.

Now, one thing that you always need to ask with information like that is, What use is it to you? And the answer is, Right now, nothing.

Please tell us about the evolution that different types of healing might go through as humanity continues on the path to Sacred Status.

The first thing that I want you to remember right now is that on your planet there are many different ways of healing in operation already, many that you’re not aware of simply because, for the most part, Americans tend to be somewhat insular in their knowledge of other cultures and tend to be rather judgmental with what they do know. As a result, they have determined that what they know is best and that therefore your medical associations and so forth are much more advanced and much more effective than, for example, the tribal medicines of the Amazonian rainforest. But that’s not necessarily accurate at all.

Then there are those within your society who have shirked the medical association and have created a marvelous system based on what they think those in the Amazonian rainforest are doing or on what they think they know of a five-thousand-year-old Chinese method.

The bottom line is that right now, in your world, none of the physical means is the next step. If you can shoot fire out of your eyeballs and heat up your hands so hot that laying them on someone’s ankle makes their swelling go down, that’s power tricks. It’s not honoring what’s happening. It’s honoring the old.

You’re going in a circle, because there was a time when those systems were new; then they were discarded. Now they’re coming back and they’re new again. That’s pretty typical.

The next step in healing, which is also being practiced now, is that you’re moving from the physical to the mental-emotional. From the mental-emotional, the step after that is the spiritual.

What I mean by the mental-emotional is that you are learning first to make use of the best of what was. That’s not saying don’t go to the shaman, if that’s what’s going to work for you. But do realize that the shaman works for you because you have trust there; your mental self goes for it. It is the same with empowering a cold capsule or an aspirin. Anyone who has worked in the medical arena could tell stories of people for whom the guaranteed medicine had no effect and others for whom the guaranteed placebo did.

You learn that giving comfort can have as much of a healing effect as putting a splint on, and by learning to work them together you create something new. Understanding the process that the brain has in the human arena is a very important aspect of what healing could be. And you are already doing that.

But the step beyond that, focusing and activating the brain to do specific healing by using the emotional body, is something you are already learning to do. You know that somebody who is depressed is going to have a harder time healing a cut, because the mental state affects the physical.

The next step is being able to activate specific modes of the emotional body, which now is being investigated with certain drugs, those that enhance or inhibit dopamine, for instance, to heal the physical body.

And the final step within that particular version is to use the two together to create, again, something stronger.

As I said in the February workshop, “One and one come together to make a totally different one” is a very active principle right now. These expressions of healing are already being seen.

Moving from ‘the physical body working with the mental working with the emotional’ leads you to spiritual healing. Spiritual healing shows up on two levels. The first one, of course, is the recognition of waking to the spiritual self altogether, and in that sense one could say that this work at Phoenix is a spiritually healing work. But all humans have within them that seed to recognize and that desire to develop a relationship with a greater aspect of Source as they know it in this world—some would say they come here seeking God. Upon activating that response and finding satisfaction with it, you could say they have had a spiritual healing.

But spiritual healing in the greater sense is the use of the spiritual body as a healing mechanism. It’s reaching into the highest frequency available. It’s harmonizing the vibrational quality.

I think you are perhaps beginning to look into vibrational access. There are a couple of things you need to be careful of with that. For instance, what brings one person’s heart into harmony with all of his essential being is not going to do the same for another. But right now, at this time of very basic understanding, those vibrational means that you seem to be working on have to have a baseline, and it tends to be an average. Because of that you really need a translator or a healing practitioner who has a lot of access to greater depths of knowledge, who is able to say, “Well, all it really needs to affect you would be shifting this or that.” I’m sure that’s not making a whole lot of sense, because I’m not talking about something that you’re familiar with.

As anyone with experience with homeopathic and Bach remedies knows, what you think can affect the frequency that’s going to work in the healing process; you can neutralize the most obvious effects of such a remedy by not thinking properly. That’s why healers should always get agreement with the one they are working with. That’s equally true with the foods you eat and the medicines you take and the remedies you hold on to, and on and on and on, because the greatest upcoming step has to do with the recognition of the value of the vibrational essence.

You are coming to a point in your world where you are learning to recognize and therefore eventually harness the unseen. You are recognizing, through the mechanics of your physics, that you are moving into the power of effect and then the power of the effect of thought vibration, the mental emanation, the power of the high-level—and I hesitate even to say light emanations, because it’s not an aspect of your cosmos that you’ve learned to put a label on yet—but high-level frequencies that do indeed affect your world. To learn how to use them by guarding your body against them or by opening your body to them.

And on and on and on.

However, as a whole I would prefer you not be around long enough to be learning these things.