Did all twelve Heart Portals simultaneously open on the summer solstice. If so, cool; what do we open next? If not, why not? And, since there’s no time and space, can we still open them all simultaneously in the future. If so, how soon can we all go back to Ireland and try again?

It was not accomplished. And the reason had nothing to do with one group or the other, not at all. I had hoped that the process toward Sacred Status could be speeded up, but I was asking too much of you. However, that process continues. What happens next is opening those Heart Portals one by one, but it’s not something that’s going to be done by going from place to place to place, or returning to Eire, because Eire is very open. You did that. That portal’s open.

Going place to place would work, but I like the recognition in the question that there is no time or space, and that you’re ready for that next step. Recalibration has established that energy is capable of coming here in ways it has not before, but having the Heart Portals open and the sacred circle reestablished would, in effect, bring about what some—in their very intolerant understanding and extreme need to have the world as they see it—would call the apocalypse. And it would indeed be an apocalypse of sorts to have a golden age of light and love here and now as opposed to the pain and suffering that humanity feels it deserves.

You’re going to make those openings first individually. You’re going to open your heart far beyond what it is now. And if it’s not too much of an aside, that’s why the first Eire group’s trip should be blessed: for working through very serious opening-the-heart issues about their own reality, their own acceptance of spiritual responsibility and personal power, and decision-making within that.

And in opening your heart, although it is not my desire, some people are going to undergo some very difficult awakenings. Some of you are going to feel that your whole foundation is blown out from under you, that you can’t trust you anymore. It’s that old “break your heart in order to expand your heart” that I spoke about at the August Sunday-night meeting in Lexington. For some people that might mean some serious health issues. For others it might be finances or relationships or families. And on and on it goes in order that you will finally give in and get going.

I said before that I was asking too much. I was asking for individuals with the ability to be perfect long enough for the work to be accomplished. And with too many people that perfection cannot happen—cannot be realized—until they have recognized their power through their ability to get up and move from the darkness to the light. I don’t want you to have to experience that. I told the Lexington board recently, “You tell me vulnerably, innocently, openly, ‘I know I did this wrong. I know I did this right.” Saying it aloud in words that your form understands makes it your statement of power. You are saying, “I don’t need any more two-by-fours.” You understand your lessons and patterns. Because the gist of it is that there will be more two-by-fours until perfection is a habit.

There’s been much ado recently about the book The Bible Code, which is based on a computer finding prophetic words and messages embedded in the Hebrew Torah by using certain formulae that don’t seem to work with other texts. The mathematical analysis seems accurate and, if so, has implications of foreknowledge and the ability to construct a complex message system far beyond what could be expected of any human writer. Would you comment on it?

There absolutely is a code—and that’s absolutely not it. It’s important to realize a couple of things. Hebrew is a very pure and ancient language that is based in mathematics. Each letter has a numerical value and meaning within the way that they were put together in the original language. This is not fully possible to translate in a structure that would make sense to today’s people, to a modern Hebrew. Thus it is not possible to reconstruct the original text in its fullest context.

And the second part is that what’s there leaves out a lot of what could be there. The first five books, which are what is being used in this work, do not contain the bulk of the information that has been hidden away. There is enough of the pure information there to come up with some really good stuff, and you can find a whole lot more of it if you look at it sideways and the light is just right and you know what it is you’re looking for. You probably could do that with the works of Mohammed as well, or Shakespeare.

If they’re translating it to the Hebrew first in order to then create that original numerical sequence that that language is based in and then translating it back, they will find hidden texts, not because it’s a special code, but because it’s going to happen with anything under these circumstances if you look at it just right. So I am saying there is a lot of truth there, but they’ve not really found the Rosetta Stone yet. This time is about the uncovering what has been hidden. This is one more example of it.

I find it interesting that although this is creating some seismic activity, every side is claiming the book is correct. Almost anything related to the Bible, which is the western world’s “great book,” is going to have big play. I’m not certain that the powerful and stunning, beautiful, far-seeing Vedic scripts, for instance, are getting that sort of exposure, but the same sort of thing can be found there, too.