• November 7, 2021

    Recognizing the fire festival of Samhain and the energies coming to the planet now, Samuel begins the meeting with a wonderful guided visualization wherein we recognize the Light and Love we are. From there Samuel moves to questions and answers, his favorite way of teaching. These discussions include answers to timely and diverse questions including: the spiritual perspective of abortion; looking at our hopes and dreams for the future; the changing economic situation in the US; “The Plan” and the role of Atlantean energy during our current time; racism, self love, and the major paradigms of the Western world; using our moments to be the warrior, the lover, the educator, the parent we want to be; the “big event” Samuel has been talking about and how it will manifest; “melanated” and “non-melanated” as power descriptions rather than skin color descriptions; why melanated and non-melanated people are separated during the Daily Focus; and the power of being in this Now.

  • During Samuel’s first Saturday Chat of 2021 he shares very practical information to help us be our best selves. His discussions include: a brief exercise allowing us to expand our energetic/auric fields; how to recognize patterns that reflect our high frequency strengths and those areas that we want to change; 2021’s major theme for those working at high frequencies; a paradigm change that will bring about transformation of financial, educational, and health care systems; how to avoid adding to the problem of divisiveness; and three powerful ways we can best use the energy influxes.

    NOTE: The DVD contains the entire teaching but unfortunately the first 20 minutes is audio only. Someone forgot to press the record button on the video camera. His pay will be docked accordingly.
  • During this amazingly practical teaching Samuel discusses: recognizing patterns as co-creator’s work; areas of our lives to be especially aware/careful of when Mercury is in retrograde; issues we face when we identify what we do as who we are; why, when facing conflict, it is sometimes better to stand back rather than help or defend ourselves; the consequences of changing ourselves to fit in; caretaking versus codependency; the power of a smile; using the energy of Mercury in retrograde to see and learn from our emotional patterns; and an opportunity to change something that has been crushing the soul of the planet and the people on it.

  • A description of this teaching will be posted soon.
  • During Samuel’s first meeting of 2019 his teaching focuses on three main topics. His first topic has to do with 2019’s cosmic energy transmissions, during which he discusses the times of this year’s greatest energy outpourings as well as ways to deal with them and use them for growth rather than falling into chaos. His second topic relates to what he means when he says 2019 will be the Year of the Watchers. During this time he discusses a brief history of the “Earth Experiment”; the role of Guardians; the universal uniqueness of Living Love while in form, and its effects; and why there are Watchers and the role they play. In his final topic Samuel discusses communication, including what effective communication entails and why good communication is especially important now.
  • Samuel uses the backdrop of Lughnasadh, the celebration of first harvest, as he focuses on the upcoming changes in the world and how we can best work with them. The topics of his discussion include: the massive change in the energy coming from Vesta-Helios; the impact the fading away of duality will have on; the problems that arise from basing our world on what has been, how things were, and what worked in the past; the importance of knowing what we want and don’t want in our lives; why we need to be functioning out of wholeness and incorporating rather than separating; what functioning in love looks like; and learning to live as our true selves.


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