• December 31, 2023 MP3

    Samuel’s uplifting and energizing New Year’s Eve meeting includes discussions about: overcoming fear, embracing love, and activating our personal power; the human spirit's capacity for growth and transformation; revolutionizing paradigms and becoming agents of change; accepting life's limitations and understanding the value of each moment; the gifts received from facing the possibility of death; reflections on the fluidity of time; being a child-like ancient and a magnificent Being of Light. And, as only Samuel can skillfully do, he connects individuals' personal experiences to the broader themes of personal power, overcoming fear, and embracing life's limitations. This recording is a must for those wanting to experience the best of 2024.

  • July 29, 2023

    Samuel’s final meeting in this three-part series includes his favorite method of teaching: Questions and Answers during which he discusses the concept of the Plan and The Greater Plan, including its purpose and creation; time jumping and manifesting in the future; the practical impact of his teachings that life is an illusion, we are not our bodies, and that though we are unlimited our perfected Spirit-self must use our human body to serve in this world and must be cared for and kept healthy; “the Lions Gate Portal”; the concept of portals and their activation; the power of collective thought and focused intent such as exemplified in the Daily Focus; the relationship between the Big Bang and Source; and how to experience group-like energy activation without an actual group trip.

  • July 22, 2023

    The Second of Samuel’s three-part series Navigating the Great Shift is a journey of self-reflection and growth as he helps us explore our physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. He uses metaphors from the world of acting, riding on a glass-bottomed boat, and from a simple glass of water with Alka-Seltzer to explain how the world is going through major changes similar to what Guardians have already experienced. His discussions further include: the importance of finding and maintaining balance while embracing opportunities for service; the importance of recognizing our own mastery and power while he encouraging us to wield it responsibly, mindful of its impact on the world; he concludes by telling us we are beacons of love in this world, perpetually evolving and growing as he reminds us of our inherent capacity to make a positive difference in the lives of others and in the grand scheme of things.

  • July 8, 2023

    During Samuel’s very helpful first meeting of his three-part Navigating the Great Shift series, he talks about the current wild and uncertain nature of our world as he discusses: the importance of releasing resistance, embracing acceptance, finding resilience, and allowing things to unfold naturally; the mental and emotional toll resistance creates and how to avoid that toll; the opportunities unfinished business can offer, as well as the need for completions and letting go of long-carried “baggage”; the gifts from seeing our strengths and recognizing the miracles in our lives; the importance of tapping into creativity and becoming aware of being the creators of our own lives; and the power of gratitude and finding gifts and celebrations amidst challenges.

  • August 21, 2022 Samuel wraps up his amazing four-part series with this incredible meeting in which he talks about: how to work with and see the energy in our environment; the importance of self-confidence; the power of doing healing work with like-minded/like-hearted people; a template for doing healing work; how someone’s physical blueprint can limit healing; and the path to both performing at Carnegie Hall and claiming our superpowers. Samuel concludes the meeting discussing spiritual muscle memory, and turning off comparative judgement.
  • August 14, 2022

    By answering participant’s questions during this third Claim Your Superpowers meeting Samuel amplifies and extends his prior teachings with information including: ways to “feel” colors; the importance of practicing our skills until they are imprinted into us; learning not to let empathy overwhelm us with too much information; communicating with the elemental kingdom; the importance of honing the influx of multiple streams of information to only one; not limiting the ways we “feel” and understand the information we receive, and realizing we can receive different information in different situations (i.e. color on a mug vs color in nature); using the Crystal Palace to boost our recognition of colors; and the difference between seeing and feeling rather than just seeing colors. Samuel then moves into new material with discussions including: eliminating all our preconceptions and prior knowledge about healing, and seeing auras; how to use living things to extend our ability to connect with colors including an exercise with a singular plant; healing by activating energy in ourselves and others; recognizing areas of “disorganization” within ourselves; an exercise using light and breath to direct energy; and remembering that we’re not learning anything new, but are merely bringing all of this forward from our subconscious into our conscious mind.

  • July 31, 2022

    Samuel begins his second Claim Your Superpowers meeting with a brief review of last week’s session and then discusses: looking at turtles in a new way; results from last week’s assigned exercises; using smells and the memories of smells to connect into people and experiences from our past; not relying on “new age” or commonly accepted meanings for smells, colors, symbols or minerals in our personal work; the effect on our emotions of expanding our senses; why we need to take breaks from exercises/techniques we regularly use; exercises to learn to “feel” colors in our world, and on and in ourselves, and learning what each color means to us.

  • July 24, 2022

    Samuel begins his Claim Your Superpowers meeting explaining why these classes are so important now; he then discusses: knowing how we feel as opposed to what we feel; the number one exercise for learning to use our energy; learning to turn off our brain’s sensory “gatekeeping” in order to experience senses more deeply; exercises to push our sensory boundaries; the relationship between expanding our sensory boundaries and confidently accessing our spiritual energy; noting others’ facial and other physical micro-expressions to create psychic connections with them; two major roadblocks to recognizing our abilities and how to overcome them; learning to recognize energy from outside of ourselves; and heightening our perceptions of temperature, pressure, and color to help with healing work.

  • During a transformative “Saturday with Samuel” we delve into a journey of self-discovery and empowerment. Samuel guides us through: reflecting on both the positive and negative changes of the past to uncover the profound spiritual lessons it offers; identifying and letting go of fears, barriers, and old beliefs lingering from our childhood; mastering life's challenges by focusing on our desires and true purpose; getting ready to break free from outdated and limiting paradigms; tapping into our inherent power and unique gifts by tearing down internal barriers; courageously forging new beginnings as a testament to our strength; and uncovering the essential tools to remain centered and composed during the inevitable changes ahead.
  • During the special Saturday meeting with Samuel, he reminds us that the changes the Earth is going through are comparable to a massive earthquake and that it’s time to: simplify our lives and slow down; focus on physical, mental, emotion, and spiritual selfcare; look for areas in our lives and relationships that need to change in order to handle coming changes; stay present and connected to Spirit; and use the inner work we have done to weather coming storms and navigate closer to calmer waters.
  • During this last meeting in Samuel’s Countdown to the Solstice series he shares amazing information that can transform our lives, including: ways to respond with Divine Neutrality; why we should look at our past as observers rather than participants; the impact positive and negative childhood experiences have on the adult; understanding the changes we’ve experienced over the past year; discovering how our gifts and talents have expanded; and different ways of working with childhood trauma including a ritual to transform them.

  • During this amazingly timely meeting Samuel focuses on the energy influx we are currently living through, including the tsunami-like inflow of Feminine energy that is about to hit. In discussing the impact of these energy flows, Samuel discusses: what both Feminine and wounded Feminine energy is about; seeing the World through the lens of our wounded parts; how to shift from wounded Feminine to Divine Feminine; ways our woundedness is showing up in our thoughts and actions; why it’s critical for us to balance our Masculine and Feminine energy focus; the power of taking a 10-day to two-week break from certain activities; the current imperative of Divine Neutrality; an exercise to use when we find ourselves stuck in life; why our wounds are more obvious now; and an exercise to change out of our security mode.


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