At the spring equinox in 2020 you spoke about a massive shift that was taking place—I think you said it was like “installing a new program.” What is hap-pening regarding that shift?

It’s not all that unusual to have energetic shifts. What is unusual is to have them at the magnitude of that shift, and the several before and after it. The last couple or three years have been absolutely filled with energy-creating shifts, and the results are different for each of them depending upon the nature of that energy, what’s going on with the planet, how the Ascension process is working—everything involved.

That particular shift opened a doorway, which started a massive change in social awareness. I’ve talked about the evolution of the soul, that all of the first layers have to do with service to self, but it finally reaches a point where mass consciousness is looking at service to others, and that is a very big leap.

But that change is nowhere near being completed. The door opened just a little over a year and a half ago. The door that opened in mid-November 2021 is going to continue gaining energy through December and into the first month or two of the year of 2022 in all likelihood, and looks like it will have the kind of strength to open yet another door.

So there are a lot of different types of shifts. And just as a reminder, social consciousness doors are doors for mass consciousness to see themselves as a part of a whole. In 2020 the equinoxes and the solstices were major power points, and the energy was having an effect on form itself.

So those are the two major results that these energy shifts have brought: an activation/awareness of service to others, and the massive social change and release of old constructs that are a part of that. But any time you release the old, you’re going to have to replace it with something else, something new, and that began the further awakening of genetic structure in humans, in animals, in plants, as the planet itself responded to new doorways.

So one feeds on the other, feeds on the other.

That was a long answer for a simple question.

You also spoke about there being two possible timelines that could be followed. One was the fast one and the other was much slower. What has developed with those timelines? Has one taken over?

First I want to remind you that it’s not faster and slower. That is a side effect. It’s not that time is different on one. Nay, what it is is one timeline stays in Third-Density, fear-based experiences—the world as you knew it—but the Activation and Ascension process is the Fifth-Density, love-based, experiences …

Fifth or Fourth?

The Fourth is pretty much a transition. You can be Third and Fourth—your behaviors are in Third but getting better—or Fifth but sometimes retaining old habits. And that’s where Fourth is. Doing better but still living with old habits.

So the two timelines are faster or slower because of what they represent. And the faster and slower is toward reaching Ascension, toward the completion of this Plan. So remaining in Third Density, fear-based function is going to take a lot longer, whereas shifting to the Fifth Density is going to be a lot shorter.

Now what you want to ask me is whether the faster or slower is in my time or your time.

I was just going to say, looking at it from a human standpoint we impose time on it, but it doesn’t really exist anyway.


If, as you have said, all timelines are part of the greater Plan for the planet, and the Plan concludes with Ascension, is Ascension inevitable? If so, in what way is this experience an experiment?

No, it is not inevitable, except yes, it is. Remember that everything is already accomplished. And you are living a dream right now. Now that’s different than Living The Dream. But you are living a dream right now that feels very real. Ascension has completed, but the playing out of those dreams is quite complex. And even you—high-frequency Guardians—even you make choices that slow down your recognition that “I’m just dreaming this. It’s all okay. Just keep moving forward in Love.” And therefore that “no” means as you know it in this lifetime, because once you’re away from this lifetime you are in wholeness and the completion has already happened, but while you are in the lifetime you’re wearing the costume, you’re following the system. And for who you are, within this experiment, is Ascension going to make it? Well, for the human, I really hope so. But like I’ve said, look at the world. Do you think it’s on the verge of Ascension?

Not while we’re frying the planet, no.

Technology is developing solutions for our greenhouse gas problem, even while fear, greed, and cultural conflicts are slowing down progress toward a sustainable world. You are able to see trends and patterns that are invisible to most of us. How do you see the climate and our culture changing through the rest of this century?

Oh, that is so sweet of you to say that I see trends and patterns that are invisible to most of you. Energy is what I see.

Follow the money. As long as there is greed for power over, the greenhouse gases, the economy, the business model, and on and on and on, are going to take baby steps, but they’re not going to make big leaps. The baby steps will help, though.

Here is the thing: humans don’t want to be uncomfortable. Capitalism, the consumer-based society, says that you are less than if you are not wealthy, so to most people wealth means consumer goods. “I’ve got to buy things! I’ve got to stay on my hamster wheel.” Mind you that is changing a tiny bit, but as long as an individual’s intent is to have a lot of money—and money is their operating factor, be they billionaires taking people into the higher atmosphere, or be they others just scraping by—they’re going to allow themselves to be uncomfortable enough to make that money until they feel they have enough to feel comfortable.

And it’s a vicious, vicious cycle. Until the masses say “That’s not what I want to be. That’s not the prison I choose. That’s not what I need to be happy; my personal happiness counts more than how many bedrooms are in my house,” until people across the world choose that, it’s not going to change significantly, and that’s the hard part.

While it is true that very often the United States leads and even many developing nations want to emulate their version of the United States, the fact of it is they’re always going to be a little behind in what they think they are seeking.

So even if the whole consciousness within the United States changed tomorrow, there’s still this country that has to catch up to you, and that country that needs to catch up to that one, that catches up to this one. That’s what is creating such havoc in the greenhouse gases, the methane and the carbon, because the developed world says, “You need to stop burning coal,” and the developing world says, “You’ve already burned it and are ready to move on, but that is the technology we have now. We are you a hundred years ago. It’s our turn to be you.” It’s not a good argument, but the guilt that the developed nations feel makes it an effective one, and it’s slowing things down. The only things you are going to see are baby steps basically designed to make you feel comfortable with how things are. As long as you’re not threatened, as long as your island is not getting drowned, you think you’re okay.

Greta Thunberg said about the COP26 conference, don’t believe these leaders. They’re going to be mouthing it up, but they’re not going to do it in the end because it will take all of the people standing up and saying “This has got to stop!”

That’s exactly right. But the good news is that this energy, November, December, January, is going to be really awakening, startling, pushing that exact kind of awareness. If you’re willing to stand up and put out your sign to protect the planet, then you’re also going to feel all right about doing that about low wages or racism. So I’m happy with any standing up people are doing, because it’s a part of the greater process of finding personal power, and that’s what is needed.

For several years, you’ve spoken about the world’s financial systems being very unstable, to the point that there would be collapse in some. How would you describe the situation now, and with the system so extremely entrenched and regulated, how might it be altered to better serve society?

Everybody judges the world based on their personal experience. What that means is somebody in Argentina would say the economy is horrible, and even some people in the U.S. would say this is worse than any depression we’ve ever had. But they might be right next door to somebody who says “It’s not so bad. My house is worth more than it ever was, and I have what I need. I have all the toilet paper that I can use. I’m safe and good.”

And that is the good news and the bad news about the economy. Look at it on a global scale, which is always what I’m looking at, instead of looking at what’s going on locally, in your own experience. Some people say, “Well, I’m not seeing these massive economic shifts.” But look at your world. The economic shifts are huge, devastating, and absolutely global. If, living in the U.S., you can allow yourself to look beyond your own situation, whatever it happens to be, you’re going to see that it is very definitely the case.

Now, I’m going to throw in one more reminder before I go a little more in depth there. You not only see at the limits of your personal situation, which is to say you don’t see the forest for the trees, but you’re also limited in what you see by the media that you look at. So if your media are propping up the old system, you’re only going to hear that everything’s all right, there are a few people in trouble but we’ve got this handled. If your media do not want to prop up the old system, you’re going to be hearing “Oh, this political group is behind all of these problems. You’d better take all of your money out of banks and . . . ,” so there is a distortion in what you’re being told either way.

Now, what do I see going on? Well, that leads exactly into the second part of the question about the regulations and the creating the appearance of stability. The system is broken but it remains functional because—oh, this is going to sound so much like a conspiracy theory I kind of hate to say it—but the system is run by about a hundred people from six different major countries. And they’re not looking out for you. They’re looking out for the continuation of their own lifestyle, their own way of being.

The problem with that is that the old must give way for the new to come in, and the old is crumbling. But—and here we go back to power to the people—until individuals are willing to stand up and object—and usually that only happens when they become uncomfortable—until they’re willing to stand up and say, “Wells Fargo Bank just did what? Wall Street just did what? We’re not going to put up with that. That’s wrong.”—until there are forced consequences to people abusing power, then the power will reign. So the economy will be propped up for all of those who are above a certain income level, and what trickles down to lower income levels is lost because of the inability to get a good mortgage, the lack of investment opportunities that fit with the belief system of the individual. It is a system based on illusion, but as long as the populace needs to believe the illusion—which is that this piece of paper is worth one dollar, or five, or five thousand—as long as the economy forces people to work so hard that they do not have the time or the energy to think about finding a dif . . . Ferent type of lifestyle, they are going to be chained into the system as it is.

This economy is a different version of bondage.

And that includes the credit card system.

That too. Have you ever been desperate enough to feed your children that you would pay thirty percent interest on a short-term loan?

It’s interesting that the supply line problems are showing up more and more. When my son bought a new car to replace one my grandson totaled, because of the computer chip crisis he paid $8,000 more than when he bought the same car two years ago. I’ve been wondering if the supply lines breaking will bring a push for people to say “Wait, this system doesn’t work,” or if it will just be blamed on Covid.

I’ve wondered the same thing. The supply chain is a part of the corporate rulership, and it’s crumbling, and you’re seeing it crumble. But you’re also seeing—and you just came out of a presidency that did this the whole time—a lot of those highly invested-in-the-old leaders saying things like “Oh, the system isn’t bad. This is only because of Covid.” No.

Coming into what a lot of people think of as one of the worst perversions of capitalism, which is Christmas, and with the supply chain tightening up, might we see some elevated awareness of where happiness can come from?

Yes, you will see that in the same way that when the pandemic began people were really caring of their neighbors, cheering on the first responders, as long as they’re comfortable.

You’ve encouraged Guardians to release the old, simplify, and remake as much as possible to be new. Yet it seems that around the world the “old” is going to hang on to the bitter end. What does the future hold for those who refuse to change or let go?

What’s going to happen to those who remain in a Third-Density, fear-based timeline by choice? The first thing I want you to remember is that it is by choice. And although there are times in your life when you think “Well, I don’t have a choice, because if I don’t work eighty or ninety hours a week I’ll get fired,” if you follow that chain down, it’s going to come to “Because I don’t believe in myself enough to be able to manage without all of this stuff.” “I’m afraid of the bears in the woods, and I’m not going to go in by myself. I’ve got to be like everyone else.” And for a period of time, while more people are moving to Fifth Density function, that Third Density function will continue, and it will be just as real to them as anything else in the world.

A quick example: there really are a lot of people in your country who honestly, to their very core, live in a reality in which the presidential election was stolen. That’s not your reality, but it absolutely is theirs, side by side—not comfortably—but side by side with your reality. Think of it like that. Ultimately as more move to Fifth Density and there is less energy going to Third, they will cease existing in one way or another. Do I see that happening right now? Somewhat. Do I see that as a leap completing into Fifth Density any time soon? No.

The idea of reality is very interesting, because I personally tend to say, “Well, people believe this because they’re looking at Fox News or the right-wing press and they’re not being exposed to the other side of the story.” How do we create our personal reality? Is it pressure from others or do we accept according to our prior beliefs?

Usually you believe what your parents believed, because even though you have rebellious years, you tend to come back to what’s comfortable. So most of the time it’s not a thought-through process; it’s just “This is where my comfort zone is.”

People believe what it serves them to believe. And as I have said before, the key is, is it serving who you were or who you want to become? Is it serving your spirit or your human? Do you want to enlarge and accelerate your belief system, or is the status quo just satisfying you because you don’t have to think about it, because you don’t have to do anything about it, because you have the group of friends you want to have so you can do the things you want to do?

I want to throw this in as well. The illusion I talk about is illusion to the spirit you are, but an absolute reality to the human you are. So the key to breaking out of the illusion has to do with releasing as much of the human as you can and amplifying the spirit you are. But as long as you are here, the human lives in the illusion, and you can’t be fully free of it.

At a Saturday with Samuel, you said that the Guardianship is balancing the energy coming in with the downloads through Vesta-Helios. Why do Guardians have to “balance” the energy of the downloads?

Not all Guardians will be able to do that, because some have created a life that is just barely awake. There are even Guardians who aren’t awake. But if you’re functioning at very high frequencies, then you’re not going to burn out bringing the energy through you. So not all Guardians are going to be able to function as a balance point, but I’m very pleased to say that most of those within this work are functioning at a high enough rate to do that.

Why are Guardians balancing the energy? There have always been filters, usually multiple filters, to step the energy down.


Oh, that sounds like cars that shoot things.

It’s like going from 220 volts to 110 volts. There have to be filters because if Source frequency does more than just glance off of form, it will damage it or shift it too much. So those filters are needed to step down the energy.

With the really good changes that have come about over the last few years, there have been very big changes going on beyond the earth system into the nature of the Entity as it evolves back into Source. One of those effects is that Vesta-Helios and Helios-Vesta merged and shifted out of planetary oversight. That is such a terrible way to describe it, but it’s the best I can do for something that is so nonhuman. So that mantle, that honorific of Helios-Vesta, Vesta-Helios became a multiple function, like a group soul but not a group soul. Your Solar Lord has effectually become the composite of all of that higher frequency passing through. I’m just getting myself in trouble here. Explaining things badly.

Is it something like the Solar Lord becoming a council?

Yes, it’s very much like that. The point is that it makes it a much more powerful filter so that when energy from the Source Field comes into this space it is filtered through the sun and doesn’t have to go through two or three star systems to get here. It’s a very big and very important change, but it’s clearly not something I can describe very well.

That means that the nature of the energy coming to earth is going to be too strong for earth without another step down. So Guardians, who typically function at frequencies high enough to stick their finger in that socket and not die, can become that transformer of that energy. It comes under the heading of “I will do whatever is needed,” which is the compact.

Was this function part of our original purpose in coming here?

Was it specifically planned? Not as far as the human is concerned, but yes, planned and completed as far as the spirit is concerned.

It’s been amazing to see across the planet that people are standing up and demanding change, sometimes with violent backlashes from those in power.change is inevitable, what will happen to totalitarian governments—for example China and Russia—where the population is tightly controlled?

There will always be rebellion against any totalitarian government. And a government that is totalitarian will always seek to squash that rebellion. Ultimately, a balance point is found in which the conditions are not so bad that the people rebel. They’re given enough treats to think they have what they want, and the government or the corporate interests or the people in power or the military, whatever it happens to be, are still getting what they want out of it. That balance is ideal for mass consciousness and the people in power.

But because the people who have been getting the treats thrown their way are saying, “This isn’t enough,” what you’re going to see is a lot of squashing, and that concerns me. But if you’ll look through your history, that’s what it takes—enough squashing until there’s no one to squash, or it incites more people to say, “There are a lot more of us than there are of you.”

The tough thing to remember with that is that the squashing can be so disheartening that it makes you unwilling to risk rebellion, and that is a problem.

It’s making me think of the French Revolution.

Very much. I keep waiting for it to happen. I do.