The recent online discussions with Samuel about racism raised further questions, especially among Phoenix’s people of color. This led to an invitation to Saeeda Hafiz and Jeanean Jacobs to conduct this interview. Paula, David, Frank and Stuart were also mostly silent participants.

Jeanean: Research has shown that white people and Black people equally have unconscious automatic preferences for white people—for whiteness—and it’s nearly impossible to change implicit bias just by making people aware of the automatic associations they make that mirror negative stereotypes. The concept of white supremacy is so deeply ingrained in our culture and leads to so many racial inequities across systems; what is an effective way to create long-lasting change to implicit biases?

Are you referring to the implicit bias that has to do with both whites and people of color leaning toward preferring whiteness?

Jeanean: Yes. Across the board, regardless of whether you’re white or a person of color, research has shown that people make those automatic associations and have negative stereotypes for people of color, even if they are people of color. The preference for whiteness is very ingrained at this point. Even when people are educated about implicit bias, that doesn’t change. For example, even when judges are educated about it, they don’t necessarily make better decisions. Current research says that making changes in policy and practices is the only way. But I want to know if there are other ways that might be effective in helping influence those deep-seated, mostly unconscious, biases that people hold that influence their behavior and perspective.

Congratulations for starting right at the meat of this issue.

Changing policy is a byproduct, not a causative factor. There is not going to be a way to cancel out the bias, natural or unnatural, toward whiteness that has become imprinted on many people in this world. I am absolutely not saying that the whole paradigm of racism cannot be changed, because it can, but it’s not going to be changed by changing laws, because laws only change when people change.

So what we want to do is change people, and that’s going to take two big things, and I say that based on the understanding that Fourth Density is anchored and that Guardians are putting their focus on Fourth Density timelines, functions, beliefs and behaviors rather than Third Density, fear-based ones.

Guardians making the change within themselves will create the second doorway, which will happen when in everyday, typical conversations they are able to discuss prejudicial beliefs, behaviors, and stereotypes and are able to speak to each other about their love-based commonality. None of that will happen until Guardians fully love themselves, because you cannot love another until you love yourself, and Guardians with core issues have not given full acceptance to themselves. So it’s very much an evolutionary process, beginning with the individual loving themselves, which allows them without fear to recognize themselves in others. That then opens doorways to connect with, socialize with, and make friendships with people who are not exactly like them. That will allow for conversations that are not so stilted, painful and difficult that both sides have to brace for them. It’s going to allow non-whiteness to not be an issue.

It starts with those who are already functioning at higher frequencies, who know how to work together to bring about these changes. I’m relying a lot on Guardianship, and a lot on the idea that they’re going to recognize that this change has to happen within themselves first. And that’s a tough one.

Once there is common acceptance, and it doesn’t have to be by the majority—think about gay marriage or legalization of marijuana—once that ball starts rolling, those who are supposed to be making rules that represent the people might start pretending they are going to make some laws to help bring about that kind of equality. However, in reality, to actually bring it about means not only must the people be wanting change—and again it doesn’t have to be a majority, but a very vocal minority—there needs to be a power-money connection to make it worthwhile for them.

So in that case, I say start now. Use Black-owned businesses, use Black-owned banks, and look for workplaces that are diverse. When you walk into a place and all you see is a bunch of white faces, find out why, and let it be known that that’s not what you’re going to support; as I have said over and over and over, changing big things requires the big work of making sure that your money follows your mouth.

So, there are three levels where change must happen: individuals; Guardians; lawmakers and the power brokers that run the lawmakers. And those power brokers, I would tell you, are going to be influenced by their financial bottom line.

Saeeda: What would be the spiritual purpose of an entity choosing to have an Awakened and Activated Guardian in a form with black skin and in a society where that form and black skin will be underprivileged?

Black skin, a woman, and a smart woman. Why would somebody choose to do that? Bottom line: because it’s the most effective way to serve this world at this time.

But here’s the long answer: consider an entity that has already dipped its fingers, if you will, into various personalities at various times. That entity recognizes that there is a very important time of transition coming up, and a particular team that comes in at extremely pivotal transitions is gathering together. The very first, most obvious thing they’re going to do—and of course please know it does not work this way at all, except it is a great way to explain something that happens in an instant of Intent—is immediately decide the nature of the forms they will take on. So that deciding, if you will, is “Oh, I will be a poodle this time.” Cute. Made you laugh. Thank you, Saeeda, for that chuckle. But of course not, of course—I’m sorry to tell you two [the dogs], that’s not the most effective way for an entity in this world to function, no matter how individualized you might be. No. Instead, the entity is going to ensure that they are in a human form, covering all the socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds that it can.

And there needs to be a very large team because—remember—some Guardians don’t make it through the change that coming to earth requires. They don’t wake up. And some Guardians wake up but decide that serving themselves is the path they would rather work on. That leaves only a few to serve others. And “service to others” is a code of sorts, which just means it is a part of the Ascension process, working specifically on the Plan for a completion.

There are multiple choices an entity can make to be a part of all socioeconomic and cultural experiences. Additionally, an entity can split itself so that it’s having more than one incarnation at a time. Mind you, that is rare, but it does happen. Better still is what I mentioned earlier, which is to have a focused group of entities that are a part of each other—not like a Group of 12, but having a common frequency root.

Now, to shift from the entity to the more specific question of why one would choose to come in as a person of color, particularly a Black person, in the United States: As I have said before, at this transitional time the United States is very important. For the last hundred years the spirit of the citizenry has had very important effects in the world. Now that its own national spirit is in transition, its role in the world is pretty much going to guarantee it can help bring a high degree of change to the world. No matter what choices happen as a result of free will, being born in America is going to serve a Guardian better than being born in Slovenia.

However, choosing the United States comes with risks. One of those risks is not being able to put yourself in a place where you can actually be effective. The first thing to ask yourself is, who is going to be the majority power holder? And then you want to be sure you do not take that role of power holder. Why? Obviously there are going to be some who need to, but for the majority of energy, why is it better not to be in the body of the most common holder of power at this time?

Jeanean: Because your personal experiences [as a person without that power] will drive your desire to have change for the greater good. They would give you a point of reference that allows you to be a way-shower, so to speak, for the possibility of that needed change.

Absolutely that’s in there, but there’s another reason.

Paula: Being white can also leave you being complacent because you already have the advantage of a position of power.

Yes, and that is in there too. But also, if you are white in this society you are effectively camouflaged, aren’t you? Think about white privilege for a few moments. White people do not even have to think about it when they walk into a room of white people, but the moment a Black person walks in everybody in the room knows it. And whereas most—I would say all but we’ll be polite and say most—white people can spend ninety-nine percent of their lives without being around a Black person, a Black person is not going to have that same chance. And depending on where you are, people of color are not going to have the same opportunity for power. In America it’s taking on the black skin. Not Latinx, not Asian. Black.

So why in the world would you choose such a pain-filled life of being other, different, not heard? There are a couple of reasons. One of them is that those lived experiences will give you perceptions and perspectives that others don’t have, and those will be very important to any big change that’s going on. But more than that—and I know, I know, I know that when you are living it it’s nearly impossible to understand this—what you truly are doesn’t see what you are experiencing as a problem. It’s just a journey. It’s just a pretty quick option that one can gain from. The Spirit you are is not limited to the now you are in. Your entity would have pulled you out by now if it wasn’t going to be worth it.

Saeeda: You said Guardians won’t be able to make this shift unless they fully accept themselves.

I said love themselves.

Saeeda: Yes, love themselves. I was thinking that, particularly in America, if a Black woman is fully loving and accepting herself, she can be a role model who can inspire all of humanity to say, “I’ve had all of this privilege, so why don’t I love myself?” Whereas we’re like “We’ve experienced all these different issues and yet we love ourselves so deeply that the rest of the world can feel that vibration and can’t walk away from it.” That they have to reexamine the way they are.

Which is hopeful, but it’s also kind of a generalization on your part, because there are way too many Black women who have not taken up their power, who do not love themselves, and who have a whole lot of the same problems with core issues that everybody else has and stumbles with.

I will tell you this: if everybody rowing the boat stops rowing, there is going to have to be some negotiation. Of course you’ve got to feel hope and you’ve got to feel some power before you would be willing to stand up and say, “I’m not going to row this boat anymore!” But sometimes that’s what it takes. And a whole lot of people on both sides need to stop rowing this boat. I don’t see the burden, I see the opportunity. I would like to believe that you do too.

Jeanean: Many people of color believe there are spiritual properties of melanin, the organizing molecule with the ability to absorb and store both light energy and sound energy. I have heard this aspect described as “the Dark which births the Light,” or “Dark Melanin Matter.” How does melanin positively impact frequency and gene protection?

All right, on the surface—ha ha, kind of a joke there because it really is the surface—you’ve got better protection against UV rays. That is the smallest thing.

Jeanean: And aging.

That’s right. That’s right.

Jeanean: The skin doesn’t crack the same. [Laughing]

I would say that’s pretty true there is solar photo-aging. However, stress does age one from the inside out, and unfortunately there is a tremendous amount of stress that does create cracks. [Laughing]

All right, I’m going to be a little boring for a moment, and I believe that since you asked this question that what I say is going to be pretty familiar to you already, but I don’t think it will be to the readership as a whole. Paring down as much as possible, to get the point: The corpus callosum of your brain, if you’re looking down on it, looks sort of like you have two halves, and down into those two halves, sort of midway—and if you put your finger just over your ear toward your temple, your hairline, you are going to be right about where the pineal and, a little farther back, the pituitary sit. Now as you may remember from many, many, talks we’ve had about the pineal gland, it is a very powerful gland both within the body and spiritually. Essentially, it processes light, stimulating crystalline structure throughout the body, but particularly in the brain, where it influences neuronal activity through the effect of that crystalline structure.

The pineal releases melatonin and serotonin, and that serotonin affects your work with light energy during daylight times, while melatonin works with your energy at night. Serotonin affects the brainwave patterns you usually have during the day, which are alpha and beta, and melatonin uses the lower brainwave patterns that you often experience when you sleep and when you dream. That melatonin breaks down with stimulation by photon activity or the lack of it, and eventually stimulates production of the melanocytes, which are the cells that create melanin. You can probably go to your science books and find three kinds of melanin in your body—you know this—that work with colors, but one of those works with neuro-capacity, and here is where it starts getting interesting.

This neuromelanin focuses in two main areas: one of them is like a ring of standing stones around the crystalline structure of the brain. Crystalline structure, melanin, stone ring. The second is at the brainstem. Both of those areas affect different aspects of the body, but it all has to do with the response to light. Anything neural is also electric, so while it is clearly obvious that because the chemistry makeup of the neuromelanin has to do with brain function, it’s also going to be a receiver and a conductor of electricity, which is how the brain ultimately communicates with the body.

Lighter-skinned people have lower concentrations of melanin. It is absolutely accurate that because darker-skinned people have greater concentrations, they process and store photonic energy more quickly and more easily, and that is vitally important now.

And just as a little aside: somebody who makes use of all of their opportunities, as opposed to somebody who has fewer abilities but takes every opportunity to use them, is going to accomplish more than somebody who has a whole lot of ability but doesn’t use it. So having a hundred thousand times more capacity is nothing if you don’t use it. Keep that in mind.

So someone with higher levels of neuromelanin has more ability to work with the kind of energetic frequency packets that are coming as waves of photonic light. It also means that there is a greater number of receptors providing the opportunity for all versions of cosmic frequency—meaning gamma waves, which bring packets of energy, meaning Vesta-Helios connections, meaning filtering work, Grid work, and I suppose just generally the ability to quickly respond at high frequency.

Of course, all of this is assuming that your pineal is clear, and your pituitary is fully functioning.

Another little interesting aside: Black people do not have to work so hard to have a clear pineal. In fact, in way more than half, the pineal is slightly larger, and is probably going to be pretty clear.

Jeanean: That sounds like something I read about Chernobyl, where a black fungus that has a high concentration of melanin has helped to restore the balance in the land quicker.

Absolutely, It’s the same kind of idea.

So I would go so far as to say that having a high melanin level, which comes naturally in Black people, is going to allow your pineal to function better and more efficiently. That is going to provide a few advantages, but generally it will not help anything if you do not make use of it.

Saeeda: Is that also part of why Awakened, Activated Black Guardians choose black skin, because we can receive that information quicker?

Well, the entity will constantly be choosing what will be the best for the frequency range it’s going to be using at the time.

We already said there are advantages to being white in America; there are advantages to being Black in America, but neither of those matters if it’s not made use of by Right Action, and as a spiritual focus.

Jeanean: Thank you.

You’re welcome.

Saeeda: In that same vein, some cultures feel that Black natural hair has a connection to spirituality, so what is the spiritual stigma against Black hair, if there is any? And why are some people offended by it?

By hair ?

Saeeda: Yes, Samuel. It’s a big deal. For example, the military doesn’t want Black women to wear their hair naturally short or in braids. [In September Congress passed the] Crown Act, a law that allows people of color to wear their hair naturally, in corn rows or dreadlocks, since employers have been prejudiced against them. Black hair is an issue in the narrative.

I am so sorry.

Saeeda: Talk about privilege! If I’m wearing my hair naturally and I walk into a room, it draws so much attention from people, and it means a lot of negative things to people. “Oh, maybe she’s militant,” or “She has a sense of self,” or “Why does she choose to do that? It doesn’t look clean.” It’s a political statement to so many people, and it starts a conversation internally for a lot of people.

Jeanean: And it goes back to that longstanding idea in America that people who don’t carry the privilege of whiteness need to be “civilized,” as if it’s very uncivilized to not assimilate enough to process your hair into whiteness.

I don’t think that what they want is to civilize you. They want you to look enough like them that they are more comfortable.

Jeanean: Assimilate.


Saeeda: It makes me wonder if the hair holds any spiritual significance.

There have been many cultures that have forbidden cutting hair—I think you’ve got a couple still today—and there have also been cultures that have said that your power is held within your hair, but I do not know of that as being a physical reality in the same way that melanin, which colors your hair, would allow for more energy flow. But that’s not like your skin, not like your brain. If you shaved your head all the way down, it wouldn’t heighten your power or alter your ability to use it, and if you let your hair grow all the way out it would not accelerate your power. But if you know that having naturally black hair is the result of these melanocytes that color it, and they create more receptivity, that belief might charge it more, a sort of placebo effect. But that’s a new one to me.

Jeanean: Thinking about the principle “As above so below,” what’s happening in the Universe that reflects race and racism?

The out-breath of Source. Really. That’s my answer. It is that original separation.

There is creation. There is the seen and unseen. There is in-breath and out-breath. There is Intent. There is Deed. Every human on the planet has an internal longing for the return to Source, but does not recognize it. The human only knows that there is not wholeness here, and that lack tends to get filled and misused with “stuff” in this world. But it is that sense of separation that leaves an imprint of powerlessness in every human, which they respond to in different ways—fight, flight, hunker down, surround yourself with only what you trust and are totally familiar with—and the rest is cast out as wrong. It’s all a microcosm of that out-breath, of that creation, of that separation.

Saeeda: Apart from DNA exercises (and bullet-proof minds and hearts), what spiritual exercises can Black Guardians do to protect our hearts and our mental, emotional, and physical safety?

Learn to turn the voices off. Learn to quiet your mind. Learn to create those chemicals that give you power and a lack of caring. Definitely learn to silence your mind, control your mind. And I will tell you that the ten minutes of quieting exercise is important for everyone.

The second thing is the DNA exercises, because they give you insight into yourself and where you need more love. Ultimately it is always about that: how much you love yourself and how balanced you feel with that love.

The DNA exercises also help you open up to taking charge of your genetic choices. You know, if we were talking in a private session I would go off on a tangent and start talking to you about how Black people have the possibility to learn how to use their power, because you don’t just one day wake up and automatically the power is there. When Black people recognize and are using their power, because of that thing that has to do with why you are black and therefore have a stronger, easier connection to the electronic processing of the DNA and RNA chromosomal connection, literally it’s easier for you to learn how to turn on and off the “junk” DNA. I believe that you can do it naturally, but you can also make choices about which of the many options this minute section of genetic information has, and in which direction you go. It’s much easier for you because your body is already tuned in that direction.

But you know, don’t you, there will be a couple of people who all of a sudden start saying, “You know I’m getting darker. I can tell. I’m getting darker. I think that the more I do my DNA exercises, I’m starting to turn colors. That means I’m more powerful, right?”

Jeanean: A common misconception is that colorblindness will end racism. How do we help people to understand that pretending color differences don’t exist is not the same thing as creating equality?

Well, colorblindness erases culture. It’s just another version of “I want you to be like me.”

Jeanean: And a lot of people think that’s a real compliment.

“I want your experience to be like my experience.” And of course when humans do peek out from under the rock and are willing to move forward, they still base their security on what’s familiar, so they think the more they can do to have you be familiar, the safer it is for them. Most humans do not recognize that the colors are only a representation, which is true, but they are nevertheless chosen for particular, very positive, purposes of power. Now, is that something mass consciousness is going to listen to? No. Maybe on some earth, but not this one.

Racism is racism, and it’s not going to change until people change, and people aren’t going to change as long as they are in security mode. The key isn’t “Hey, you’re insulting me when you say ‘I don’t see color.’” It’s “Let’s work on that fear. Let’s create … ,” oh, I don’t know. I’m trying to make it sound good and I’m not going to be able to.

Racism is going to change when people learn to love themselves, because then racism will naturally go away. But until then, as white people educate themselves—because racism is going to change when white people change—everything else is a symptom of the disease. When white people reach a point in their spiritual development that they can move out from under the rock and see that they are okay, it will make a difference. I’m about to make a judgmental statement: When white people can move past service to self—and that’s what Guardians have to do: move past service to self—then this paradigm will shift. Until then white people are going to continue making really stupid statements. And somewhere along the line, Black people need to start saying “Stop it!” instead of giving an acquiescent smile.

Saeeda: How are the Black Guardians helping mass consciousness?

I’m going to go in two directions here. One of them is to say Black Guardians who are Awake and Aware hold potential when they are with Awake and Aware white Guardians to help them recognize what they are doing and change their attitudes of white superiority. That, my love, is called a burden—a burden—because it is saying that you need to be an active part of changing the racist qualities of white Awakened and Aware Guardians. And that is asking a lot. I get that.

I’m not saying that you have to go out and wave the flag or put out the blog post. This is an energetic thing.

Have you been regularly sending energy for the health, the wisdom, the Right Action, the full potentiation of your President Trump? Oops. That’s because you don’t want to send energy to something that is so resistant, unpleasant and off-putting and whose frequency is way different than yours. It requires a heart that is truly serving others and has been working beyond Fourth Density and into the upper reaches of Fifth into Sixth to see that that is just one choice, one choice you can make for one being who needs love and needs healing and needs energy like everybody else. That is the kind of thinking that Black Awakened and Aware Guardians need to have toward white Awakened, Aware Guardians who are stupidly just realizing their racism.

Jeanean: I love where you are going with that, and it’s something that I can get behind, but I do find it ironic. There is a poem by Kipling called “The White Man’s Burden” that was used to support the annexation of the Philippines back in the day, and later they continued to use this idea about civilizing the world, saving the world almost, to get people to join the military to fight for this white man’s burden. This idea was being created about America and what it stood for.

I think it’s ironic if you think about it from the perspective that Black Guardians can use their energy to contribute to creating wholeness, and changing the paradigm. It’s looking at it from the opposite perspective.

I get that, but there is a second perspective. The first one is the coming together with Right Intent to put healing wholeness in accelerated patterns onto white Guardianship. I recognize that energetically that is a burden only because it’s asking for a specific group to receive energy from you.

But here is the second direction: Black Awakened, Aware Guardians can help change this paradigm by not letting white Awakened and Aware Guardians keep functioning in old patterns, using negative language, and in their personal unwillingness to open their eyes. How that is done is not anything I would ever try to influence, because I don’t tell anybody “Here is what you must do next.” Instead it’s “You need to take that and absorb it, and think about how you can use that.” And each Black Awake and Aware Guardian will have a different answer to that. But remember, each of you has a platform that nobody else does, black or white or brown or red or yellow. All have their specific platform. And your choices are based on where you are in this world, combined with where you want to be in this world, combined with the greater vision shared by all who are Awake and Active in this world. You always have choices. Listen to your very active pineal and direct that Light force through you. Beam it out. I know I’m preaching to the choir, but there has never been a greater opportunity to bring about this paradigm change, which would affect so many other third-Density, fear-based paradigms right now.

But Guardians in this society want it to happen now, and it isn’t going to happen right away. It will probably be tomorrow’s tomorrow. What this is doing is building a new foundation; it’s not—it cannot be—just covering over the old one. And that means all minds need to be able to release the old stereotypes, the old thinking, the old assumptions, physically, mentally and spiritually. That is going to require individual acceptance of oneself to the point that you love yourself, because then that Love becomes unfettered. Well, that was a poor choice of words under the circumstances. Let me change that. Then that love becomes unencumbered, becomes open and available.

Saeeda: It sounds like you’re saying the individual acceptance and love of self is actually service to others. It’s how we begin to serve others.

It’s not entirely true. It’s how you begin to serve others in a way, yes, but you cannot serve others until you have served yourself, and serving yourself means reaching that point where you love you. That is the doorway you need to walk through, and then the work begins. And it’s out of this world.

Stuart: Are you saying that Black Guardians can help white Guardians overcome their racism but it’s not their job to do so?

Yes, that is right.

Jeanean: Thank you for this opportunity,

This is the two of you serving this community and I’m grateful for that. Thank you.