Let’s start by reviewing this year. By the time this newsletter comes out, we will almost be at the end of 2019. What significant gains towards Ascension have been made this year (a) by Guardians, (b) by mass consciousness, and (c) by the planet?

As I said recently, this has been actually a very great year in more ways by far than people realize. Everything that goes on in the world, in one way or another, is the result of energy that has come here and has been balanced through Guardians.

Remember that the Guardians who are involved in this work are not the only ones in the world, but you’re the ones doing a major portion of balancing the energy transmissions that have been coming in in order for them to be more effective in the world.

Guardians always go through the gate first, so what you’re experiencing and the ways that you’re handling it are opening the door for the rest of the world. If you step back and look at the world with those two things in mind, you’re going to see two things. One of them is that there have been massive strides spiritually across the world with regard to unity, changing for the better, standing up. There is a whole generation of individuals coming up who have life views that are totally different from those of previous generations. They share the awareness that individuals are unique, and they seek ways to bridge instead of what has been commonplace: to judge and to bully. These things are changing. Spiritually speaking, there have been good changes in 2019.

On the other hand, personality-wise, you see the kinds of core issues that Guardians have been faced with over the last five years or so beginning to show up massively in the world. You’re seeing governments having very adversarial relationships with their citizens across the world. You’re seeing older people having a lot of difficulty in relationships; the younger people not as much. These difficulties are due to communication issues—not taking the time to communicate well. And Internet trolling is huge.

So if you stop and look at it, I would say that Guardians have done some really great spiritual work, but they have not led the way every time with the most positive response to core issues and challenges. And you can see the results in your world.

But I would tell you, there is far more good than otherwise, more hope than ever before for the completion of this Plan, this work, within your lifetime, but …

[Laughing] If you live to be two hundred.

… you’re going to have to live a very long time.

It’s happening because what you’re doing together, in unity, is strong, powerful, glorious work.

But what you are doing individually is not so effective. And the scary part is that what you experience in one year is going to be exactly what you experience in the next one if you do not consciously change it. So individual Guardians need to get themselves in better order.

Are you seeing the same issues cropping up in all Guardians, or is it individual?

Well, in the big picture it’s all the same stuff, because in the big picture it’s fear; it’s the way that you see yourselves in the world. But in the smaller view everybody’s experiencing that differently.

If there were two things that I would boil it down to, they would be entitlement and hierarchical thinking, because hierarchical thinking creates judgment and division, classism, that kind of thing that’s eating your world from the inside out. It creates so much division that there are massive groups of people who do not even think it’s possible for them to move from one level to another.

What do you mean by hierarchical thinking? I think of a corporation as a hierarchy.

That’s what I was thinking.

But in day-to-day life, it might mean “I’m better than .”

It leads to that kind of thinking.

So that’s the reason that, if I were in the lowest socio-economic class and had no education, I would think there is nothing I can do to improve my life.

Many people across the world who have low incomes think this is their plight in life, this is how it is and nothing will ever change. And of course change is the key to that willingness to move out.

This year the Nobel Prize in Economics went to three Americans who came up with a system of experiments to get people out of poverty globally.


Instead of a hit-and-miss approach, they conducted very refined experiments to prove what works and what doesn’t in specific communities. A lot of it has to do with educating children. For example, just providing more textbooks and more recreation time doesn’t improve things for them. In a series of experiments, they’ve tried different ways of dealing with “impoverished” situations so they are empowering people to help themselves get out of poverty. That’s wonderful, and it fits what the Nobel Prize is about: encouraging those in their fields—the arts, the sciences—to find new solutions to world problems.

As for the planet, she really takes care of herself in many good ways. She is letting off pressure in different ways. Volcanic eruptions, earthquakes, some of the storms, and some of the extinctions are all a part of the natural flow of the earth taking care of herself.

I would say that the biggest gain for the planet in 2019 has been the change in consciousness in the humans on it. But the biggest problems the earth has are also human-related, overpopulation being a very big part of it. You cannot use up the space that you have—and use it in the worst possible ways—while at the same time making filthy the ecosystems around you, and expect for it to be workable for the extra billion people you toss on to the planet. It’s simply untenable. But the consciousness change is going to make a big difference in the destruction of the ecosystems; it will soon enough open the door to people realizing maybe they need to do something about population growth.

I think that’s where empowering women and giving them access to contraceptives will make a difference. The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation does that. It tries to help women plan their families. Having two children and then quitting.

Well, I really think what is needed on the planet now is to have no children and quit. This world needs a break from the massive numbers of people who are being born every day.

There was a movement called ZPG that started about fifty years ago—Zero Population Growth. I haven’t heard anything about that idea from politicians or anyone else for decades. It’s like everyone has accepted .

… that nothing can be done.

It could be construed as racist because it’s the poor areas of the world that are exploding, and they are not usually white people. It’s not politically correct to talk about that any more.

And it needs to be.

You pointed out that there was an important energy transmission coming at the fall equinox this year that would show up in our relationship to truth. It’s interesting that you used the word relationship, which would indicate it’s about more than just telling the truth. Would you explain that?

There’s no such thing as truth. It’s the perception of what’s going on that is your truth or their truth. The nature of form itself means that there are so very many things that touch you, but you do not even see many of them because of the limitations of the human itself, so you do not think anything is affecting your perception of truth.

So there is not a final truth. There is a relationship to your truth. And that relationship is how willing you are to keep it basic, to give it the “exactly as you know it” version. This society likes to embellish. You have too many storytellers. You don’t tell children that you’re out-and-out lying; you say you’re telling a story. There are those who embellish or who omit, and those who are convinced that their version is the only one there is. These are choices people make in their relationship with truth.

As a whole, humans tend not to be trustworthy. Now that sounds pretty bleak, so let me explain a bit. Humans believe that if they have experienced something functionally then they have a box right here that contains all there is to know and see about it, which of course is ridiculous. Most Guardians come in knowing there’s more than is in that little box. For you, it’s a just a part of that genetic “other” heritage that wraps around your genetic structure as a human and allows you, at least perceptually, to recognize there’s more to something.

A good example of that is when, as you’re working in higher and higher frequencies, you walk into a situation and you listen to somebody, and you know what’s needed, you know what’s going on. You don’t actually need the whole story. You listen politely to hear the whole story, but you already know it. And you know it because you have the greater view of the truth naturally.

Nonetheless, ultimately it’s a choice. So you may know what’s needed here or what’s going on there, or what really happened here. But because you’re working with a twelve-year-old, you let them get away with it. Or you’re working with an eighty-year-old and you let them get away with it. That is your relationship with truth.

So storytelling, omissions, believing that you know all there is to know—these eliminate truth, and your relationship with truth is going to show up in your ability to trust others. The storytellers, the omitters—I’m trying to avoid saying liars—tend not to trust other people because they know they themselves are not trustworthy.

So that is what I mean by a relationship with truth.

At the October first-Sunday meeting, you indicated that September had been “pivotal for the world.” In what way did events in September bear that out?

Remember I have said that this year, next year—most years—you’re going to have major energy transmissions on the solstices and equinoxes, and that’s going to be the same in 2020. That does not mean that there won’t be other transmissions, some of them quite strong and important, throughout the year, just as in 2019. But September of course was an equinox, and the weeks leading up to an equinox or solstice and the weeks leading away are filled with a lot of energy change, a lot of energy movement.

In September, probably the biggest and boldest and most amazing event was the work that was done in England and Scotland with the opening of the two StarGates. I cannot find words to express how incredible those two StarGate workings were. The group—at one point or another, in one ritual or the other—were channeling. They were clearly overshadowed and they knew it. It was stunningly powerful work, and I could not have been prouder of them for making that happen. Now, both of those StarGates are going to have very strong effects out in the world. You’ve got StarGates across the world coming together with the primary StarGate of Great Britain—hello!

Do you mean the energy of other StarGates crossing each other like ley lines?

Yes, exactly. So you’ve got other connections across the world that are rearranged because of that awakening. It’s amazing.

So if I talked about nothing else, I would still say it was a perfect month—a great month. The only thing that would have been better would have been to have had you two there. And you would have really enjoyed the power that was created.

But additionally, September started waking up the governmental powers, and as a result you saw—I know it’s kind of a joke how much I enjoy this—a lot of chaos. Your president got himself into some real tricky spaces, and turned a lot more of the population—and a lot more of Congress—against him. America alone is going to be seeing some big changes come about because of things that started in September.

Britain. Are you keeping up with events in Britain?

Brexit. Brexit. Brexit.

And Boris, Boris, Boris. The British parliamentary system is a little wilder than the American one, but the people are now standing up saying, “We don’t care for what Parliament’s doing.” That hasn’t happened for six or seven hundred years. That’s amazing.

There has been the activation of thousands of people in two different ways in September. First, in Hong Kong: Whereas the world had been not really paying attention, now it is. It took a lot of sacrifice to make that happen, but it’s creating change. And the second one is the growing awareness in September of climate change has turned around a lot of governments’ views. The young girl, Greta [Thunberg], spoke to the U.N. and spoke to your Congress, and caused people to stop and think. Needless to say, there have been protests across the world for recognizing that the climate is changing and wanting to do something now. Very powerful. Very good. Very helpful.

Those are probably the biggest, but September is still vibrating into October, and that doesn’t usually happen. The momentum is not being lost.

Recently you said that matriarchy is returning, but that we must have a solid base in the Divine Feminine for that energy to grow. What things can Guardians strive for to provide a “solid base”?

Well, Divine Feminine is a function of Spirit. The next level down is god/goddess, which relates to the elevation of the human soul. And then you have matriarch/patriarch, which has to do with the elevation of the human. So without the divine, the human is going to be seeking power over instead of power for or power as.

Divine Feminine is much more than motherhood, and matriarchy is far more than female gender. You can have a matriarchy that involves men doing things; they’re not being eliminated. Matriarchy is a way of functioning in the world that has more to do with creating the blueprint than with building it out. Does that make sense?

So establishing a foundation in god/goddess or masculine/feminine without the divine is going to create problems. The god/goddess idea divides people. The male/female lowers people. If I believe in the goddess, then in this society that means I’m resistant to god, but either one of those is a limitation of the Divine—Feminine or Masculine or both—because you made an opportunity for balance between them several years ago [2002, at the time of the Fusion of Masculine and Feminine]. The matriarch/patriarch tends to be thought of in this society as run by men or run by women, which, as I said a moment ago, is absolutely not what it means. But because of that, it becomes an issue of proving oneself. Rather than creating opportunities, it becomes about end results. So there is a big difference, and that foundation of Spirit is what is really needed now.

So it’s easy to say, “All right, that’s what’s needed in the world,” but how does that fit the individual? How do you, as you read this, see how the Divine Feminine can be your grounding in life while you work to enhance the slow but sure turnover of matriarchy from patriarchy? Well, I would say that hopefully your answer is going to be through your relationship with power—how you use it, how you see it, how you receive it when someone else is using it, and absolutely how you accept it. I cannot tell you how many Guardians I have spoken with who don’t want the responsibility of recognizing their power. So individuals, particularly Guardians, need to turn that into their personal foundation and their personal grounding in order for it to show up in the world.

What did you mean when you said the male/female idea lowers people?

Well, it’s because it takes it out of individuation and makes blanket assumptions about both parties. The matriarch believes that the patriarch thinks it is physically incapable of managing, and therefore the matriarch gets angry, and it just keeps going. Rather than looking to the individualized spirit, they become very focused in the kind of chaos with abuses of power and classism and individualism. That is a step down, not a step up.

You also spoke of “Divine Balance.” Do you want to say a few words about creating that in our lives?

It’s not masculine and feminine so much as whether you are a person who sees something you started through to the end. If you are, that’s Divine Balance in your personal life. That would show you Divine Balance in the world as well. But it’s not because you finish something you started; that’s not where that balance is. That’s a symptom of the balance or, more often, a symptom of imbalance. The balance is that ability to allow the physical, mental, and emotional to merge with the spirit so that you’re not dealing with the war caused by form saying, “No, no, no,” and Spirit saying, “Yes. Yes. Yes!” Each knows the benefits of the other and covers the deficiencies of the other. Spirit needs form, but form needs Spirit. When that’s harmonized, you have that balance. And it shows up very, very simply as “you finish what you start.” But if you think about all of the implications of that, you know what you are and are not capable of now. You judge yourself by this moment—not the past and not the future. You are able to create. You’re able to plan. You’re able to reach goals. You’re able to complete and let go. That’s balance.

Using broad strokes, what do you see coming up in 2020 for Guardians, mass consciousness and the planet? And can you tell us any more about transmissions apart from those coming in at the equinoxes and solstices?

Well, it’s going to start at the end of your year. The problem is I cannot tell you how it’s going to show up, because that’s the future and your future doesn’t exist—except in the thousand different ways that result from your choices.

What you have coming in front of you, however, is a very destructive kind of energy force, not because the intent of the energy is any kind of destruction, but because it is such a powerful energy outflow, like the one in June of 2015 [the Summer Solstice event at Serpent Mound], that it’s going to start the line of dominoes falling. But which way are they going to fall?

There are multiple things in the world that are on the precipice, and that’s what the first three months of next year are going to be showing you.

Now, as I have said many times, my favorite response for you to have to a massive energy flow is “I didn’t notice,” because that means you weren’t shoved around by it. You were both able to let it move right through you and function at a high enough energy that it wasn’t weird, it wasn’t alien to you. So what you’re going to need to do is look at what’s coming up for you individually, and really work before that time to give yourself as much clarity as you possibly can.

Soon after the middle of January you’ll have two small energy changes. These are probably more personality-oriented. Anytime there is a strong energy flow, the Plan is such that there are usually a couple of stabilizing energy flows right after it. And then you’re going to end up with your equinox energy burst.

Generally speaking, time is going to be very much a key point in 2020. Things are going to be moving fast, and I think that most of you are going to be quite surprised at how time seems to have shifted. People are going to be seeing things that were initiated very long ago suddenly reach completion. The way that you deal with your time might cause conflict. It might make things better or worse in your life.

There’s going to be much more movement toward internal timekeeping, being true to not only the scientific aspects of your rhythms, not only the world rhythms, but to your patience with yourself or lack of it, your recognition of “Here is how old I feel; does it match with how old I am?” or “Here is how old I am; am I older than that or younger than that?” Your concept of time has to become more fluid in this coming year.

I can already tell you that in the middle of the year there is going to be a very strong pressure due to the solstice energy—pressure is probably the best way to say it; I don’t want it to sound scary—to shift out of the world as you know it. It still sounds scary doesn’t it?

Well, it could just mean changing your environment or making different choices. “I’m not going to do this anymore. I’ll do this instead.”

Absolutely. It could. And of course that’s ideal, because that’s going to help the Ascension process. But it’s also probably going to mean a lot of death, a lot of suicide, not because something terrible has happened, but because people are just not so attached to this world. That’s the scary part.

Here is the thing about mass exodus: When people are able to use a portal that is not a final portal they usually have to come back, and that puts the conclusions further out. So the June one concerns me, but only if it is not flowed with.

The fall equinox actually looks quite bright no matter what pathway I’m looking at there. So it seems that, after that massive June solstice energy, the energy flows will be enriching, enlightening, helping you, because there’s a lot of focus and strength.

Generally, it looks to me like the first half of the year could be very challenging to those who do not know how to work at higher frequencies and who do not know how to let energy move through them, to balance themselves. The second half of the year looks much lighter and brighter. I tend to think that that means the first half of the year is going to be better for the completion of the Plan because the ease of the second half will tend to make for complacency. We’ll have to see how that shows itself.