We’d like to start the interview with a discussion about the new timeline you have spoken about following the August eclipse. Please explain what you mean by the term “timeline” in this context.

Essentially the timeline is where you individually live, in your now-fourth- Density life. In this particular three-dimensional world—and I’m separating “dimensional” from “Density” here—where you have time and space and space/time, your world tells you that time is basically a linear thing. The past is in back and the future is in front, and you are functioning right in the middle. And that literally is a timeline.

What I’m referring to includes that, but what also makes up that timeline are the resonant frequencies that are what you call experiences. It’s the last echoes of something already done. You think of those things as memories or the past, but the fact of it is you’re not really here. This is a projection that your“greater” Self has put into this place of time and space and all kinds of boundaries, that is here for a specific purpose.

Your timeline is what your human brain lets you remember about those things that have allowed you to become who you are at this moment. Now, the important thing with a timeline is to remember that what David is absolutely sure is the truth of what happened yesterday, Paula may not have experienced at all either because you weren’t both doing the same thing—so the day for you was very different—or because what you noticed about that experience was different, because everybody’s truth is based upon the facet of their energetic mental acuity at any given time. Basically, you see what you have built into yourself to see.

So remember that this is not real, that you’re actually dreaming this. That means your universe, your truth, and your timeline are all about what you need for this experience—your gifts, your talents, your genetic structure, the basics of how you live your life to become an Awakened and Activated being. That is what makes up your timeline.

When third Density shifted to fourth, the energy frequencies changed for your world, and when those energy frequencies changed, timelines could not hold up without intense Will. That Will consists of things like the collective consciousness that says the sky is blue and the earth is round. It’s also your personal collective consciousness: “This is who I am,” “This is what I do,” “This is what I’m good at; this is what I’m not good at.” It’s your version of your earthly self, and it’s also those things that you feed the most, be they good, powerful, high-frequency things, or—and here is where you end up dragging your third-Density timeline with you—rough, harsh, core issues that you have not been able to release. And if you spend your life feeding those things, then that third-Density timeline is where you are going to remain. When you are doing more to feed your fourth/fifth/sixth- Density self, then you’re going to be functioning at a frequency with the energy now coming through to create this fourth-Density world.

You mentioned at the November first-Sunday meeting that we must have noticed that with the new timeline time seems to be speeding up. Please explain why that is happening.

It’s a perceived thing; it’s not an actual thing because what you have as a construct of time doesn’t speed up, but you do. When you are functioning at higher frequencies, you are aware of and processing many more things, and that causes your world to look as if a whole lot more is going on in the same period of time. So it’s kind of a whole-body optical illusion, but it is your perceptual reality. I see it as a recognition that you’re functioning at higher frequencies but not quite adapted to it yet, because when you adapt to it you won’t realize that you are getting all of this input. You’ll have moved to another level of perceptual consensus reality, or “brain-blindness,” but I don’t see that as a bad thing.

How can we Guardians best adapt to our new timeline? And are we bringing our core issues with us?

The most important thing you can be doing is amplifying every high frequency behavior you have in your arsenal, because all behaviors fourth Density and above anchor you into that higher frequency timeline. That way everything you choose to be doing is amplifying the new and releasing the old.

But not everybody has finished with their core issues and they have dragged them along with them. So what’s the answer? Don’t feed those things. Work hard to remember that it’s an illusion, that you’re needing something from the memories of this experience that is creating such difficulty for you. What is it you’re needing? What is it you’re getting out of holding on to it?

Ideally you’re now going to be coming at these issues with a fourth- or higher-Density mind, you will very likely see those core issues differently because you’re essentially functioning on a fourth-Density timeline, except for this and this [core issue]. Keep focusing on everything you know that you can do to function at your best and your highest, and when one of those nasty little gremlins pokes its head up, ignore it. Ignore it. And then, when you’re not in the middle of it, set yourself aside and start thinking, “What am I getting out of holding on to this?” “How is it serving me to keep this going?” “Why do I desire to stay in this third-Density pattern?” and see if you don’t recognize new ways to release.

I said in the last Lifescapes that the keys to functioning in the new timeline had to do with recognizing those things that are a part of your old self, the way that you saw yourself before. So release and restructure, recreate. Those are very much the keys.

What do you mean when you say amplify. Do you mean make sure you’re doing them frequently?


You’ve told us in the past to remember our successes. And often you’ll suggest we remember times we’ve given and received love. Are those types of memories going to hold us to our old timelines?

It depends upon whether you are defining yourself by those things. If you are defining yourself by third-Density behaviors, good or bad, then you’re going to have trouble functioning in fourth Density.

Changing your timeline very much means changing how you see yourself in the world. It’s an ego change, a turnaround. With anything that you are releasing, it’s always about not letting it control you, but that’s also true of the good things. It becomes a limitation that way.

So if I define myself by how I had successes in the past, that’s going to tie me to the old timeline.


But if I recognize I’ve had successes in the past and therefore I can have successes now, that won’t tie me into the old timeline.

Good. Exactly. You’ve got it.

You know, many people anchor their time of great love and spiritual awareness on the Solstice of 2015—or maybe now it’s the eclipse; I’m not sure, but I’ll say the Solstice of 2015, which was indeed a world-changing time. However, if you believe that’s the only fully loving experience you’re capable of, that would be holding you into third Density, because you would be holding on to that experience. But when you use it, rather than letting it run you, you’re open to repeating loving experiences in this Density. You’re exchanging the old version of it for a new version of it.

In talking about timelines and bringing this up, are you revealing something new to us, or are you looking for new words to tell us what you’ve been trying to help us “get” for years?

I haven’t changed what I’ve been saying for thirty years of working through this Form. But, the move to fourth Density is an unexpected change and it is not something that I’ve always referred to. And the things that come about because of it are essentially new versions. They are a wonderful opportunity for me and you to be able to help boost individuals into a hopefully stronger resolve to start fresh and keep going.

In looking at our Guardianship commitment to live love in all of its forms, what are the differences in what will be needed to guide and guard life force in this time of great change?

It doesn’t change what is needed, but the way that you come at things does change. You are coming from a higher-frequency place, coming from a place in which the planet is functioning on a foundation of love rather than the survival mechanism that it has used to evolve its life force for several billion years, over and over and over. What you do hasn’t changed, but the way you do it probably will because the way you look at things is different. Your awareness of what energy is needed is quicker. You are becoming more sensitive, more awakened. You think it’s like being pregnant—you are or you are not—but think about when you wake up in the morning and you have that time when you could fall back to sleep in a moment. You’re awake, but not as awake as you’re going to be at midday.

You’re more awake now, and that changes things. It doesn’t change what’s needed, because what’s always needed is exactly what this Plan is all about—Love and living Love—but how you as an individual choose to do that will change. But it’s not something I could say one, two, three, this will work for each of you, because it’s about your individual decisions.

For me, whereas I used to struggle sometimes with decisions—should I do this or should I do that?—now it just comes to me. I know what I need to do without going through all of the scary part of wondering if it is the right thing to do.

And that’s especially good right now at the last part of the year, where so many decisions—small ones, medium ones, big ones—are being made. If you agonize and really over- think everything, you’re doing it because your ego is invested in it. You agonize about anything because you’re holding on to the past. Ego and fear are involved. So as you have released fear, as you have released “this is who I am” and now are becoming what you are, it’s not so hard. The more you recognize that this is temporary, the less you agonize over anything.

Some Guardians still don’t feel much, if any, personal change after the eclipse and the move from third to fourth Density. Why is that?

There are people in this world who, when you put a red scarf in front of them, will say it’s blue and that’s it. There are people who could have the greatest miracle—the highest magic—right in front of them, and just choose not to see it. Usually, by the way, those are the ones who want to see it the most, and it’s that desire that keeps them from it because they’re so focused, whenever they’re wanting something, on not having it that they actually are resisting it. When people realize that the Universe works that way, it changes their manifestation ability a lot. When you want something, you are resisting it. That recognition just doesn’t sound right, but that’s how it works.

What you’ve been trying to teach us with pennies and parking spaces.


On the other hand there are those who have decided what it should feel like and because they’re not feeling that, they’re not getting it. So that’s another aspect.

And then there are those whose pineal glands are calcified. They can’t get enough Light to activate their crystalline structure. They haven’t been working on the Awakening and Activation process, they’re maybe not even awake at all, and not trying to function in this world as if it is a spiritual journey. They don’t know what is even possible, and so they are listening to what the world says is or is not possible.

If you’re not one of those three categories then you are experiencing the changes. You might be keeping yourself so busy that you do not have any sort of quiet time to realize it. So do that, and realize it. It’s very important to give yourself time to relax, to play with “How am I functioning in this world differently than I was a few months ago? What am I noticing in my life now?” Give yourself time to absorb the energy, to be that five-year- old looking in wonder at the world, willing to learn everything you can, and see what happens, rather than being the rather hardened adult that says, “That doesn’t fit into my mental box, so it can’t be happening.” And that’s always been the case. That isn’t something that changed at the eclipse. That has always been the way that you recognize your gifts and abilities.

In Arkansas you said we may not need rituals any more. Please explain why that would be the case. And at that time you said you’d use Festival of Light to try a group Intent, rather than a ritual; if the group handles the work at the Festival of Light well, what does that mean for New Year’s Eve, when we usually have a ritual?

One of the things that you need to remember is that any time that Arkansas group comes together again—not that that will ever happen—but if it did, no ritual would be needed at all, because that is a group that learned how to connect in with each other and the energies around. It was beautiful what that group made happen. And I would say again to that same group, “You don’t need rituals.”

Since so many in that group are a very big part of the core of this work and are the ones who come to Festival of Light and take part in events that do high-level workings, it’s very possible that if enough of that core is present, it will bring back that energy flow so that a ritual won’t be needed and I can probably do the work of a ritual through a clearing, a group Intent, maybe a common visual—something like that. I’ll know if that works or not at Festival of Light.

However, the Form has let me know that New Year’s Eve is meant to be a beautiful ritual, and so this year I’m not going to be trying that twice. We’ll have one event in which I will try using the group Intent to see how it works with a more mixed group, and at New Year’s Eve, which tends to draw in more people anyway, I’ll go with the traditional ritual. But you know as soon as New Year’s Eve and Festival of Light are complete, I’ll know which direction to take the group from there on.

The word is now out that our next group trip is to Lake Titicaca, Bolivia. Why have you chosen to take a group there in 2018?

Lake Titicaca is a massive Star Gate. It’s not like the twin Star Gates of Arkansas and Brazil at all, but it has a lot to do with creation force, and balancing creation force within and without. That’s probably all I need to say right now.

Is there anything special to know about the places in Bolivia that you will be taking the group to?

There is an Atlantean connection with Lake Titicaca. There is not much that the group is going to do that isn’t right on the lake. I believe you’re just going to La Paz and the lake. Tiwanaku is on the lake, as is Pariti Island, which is going to be an important place to be. [to Frank] What about Sun and Moon Island?

We’re going to Moon Island, but not to Sun Island.

Right. They’re both important places but Pariti has more of the newer energy I’m looking for.

In the recent Lifescapes you said the end of 2017 would bring us a massive energy transmission, much like the June, 2015 Solstice. What changes do you see this transmission bringing to Guardians, and our world?

Those are hard questions to answer because it always depends upon the kinds of choices that you’re making. I’ll tell you this, though: some prophets are pretty convinced it’s going to be the end of the world. That’s always a sign that they’re getting the message a bit skewed, because what they’re seeing is great change. However, look for earth changes at that time.

Why are you cutting back to two Lifescapes a year in Pittsburgh and Lexington for 2018?

Really? Because I want to.

I thought it was because you’re tired of saying the same things over and over. If we don’t get it by now we’re not going to get it.

I have been teaching the same thing over and over and over, constantly looking for new words or a new way to bring about the full activation of Guardians, to help with the full awakening of this world. However, I want three different Lifescapes. When I’m doing Lifescapes in Pittsburgh, Lexington, and Atlanta, I don’t want to be bound by “here is the topic; here are the points that I have to be sure to make,” I don’t want to have to say, “All right, did I cover everything I said I would?” because the energy coming in next year is going to be fast, and when I talk to a group in Pittsburgh and a week or two later talk to the group in Lexington, it’s very likely that those groups will be on two fully different energy tracks because of what happened in between. I just don’t want to be obligated to a bound system that says, “here is how it must be,” but doing something like that doesn’t lend itself to doing that four times in each city.

It’s going to make advertising interesting isn’t it?

Yes, and EarthLight is kind of biting its fingernails and saying, “What are you doing?”