We have some questions suggested by the most recent Lexington Lifescapes. You began by saying the world is at a tipping point, and you referred to unity and dissolution as the “available states.” What are the most important outcomes you see resulting from its tipping one way or another?

Are you asking, if it tips one way what will it be? If it tips the other way what will it be?


Well, they’re all versions of dissolution or unity. The bottom line is that, should the function be toward unity, you’re going to have the completion of the Plan as it should be. If it tips the other way, the result will be an energetic incursion to bring about change. That is not wanted, because the nature of that change would probably be the release of the experiment, winding it down and closing it out. This is the last experiment, so I don’t want that intervention. Most people wouldn’t notice a difference.

As I see it, it’s a very all-or-nothing kind of thing, because not just your country, but your world is in chaos right now, and it’s a violent kind of chaos. That’s going to have to change. The good news is there is so much awakening at this point, and that awakening can help bring balance.

Does there have to be action on the awakening, or is just the awakening itself sufficient?

Well, the awakening itself brings about the completion of the Plan. There has to be a higher aspect of energetic influence with regard to awakened life force than there is in yet-unawakened life force. The awakening that is needed isn’t about individuated consciousness. It is, “I am a function of something that is greater,” you see. It’s a spiritual awakening.
I believe it was another interview that I talked about why the animal kingdom and the plant kingdom and the already-awakened mineral kingdom, don’t make up, by far, the majority of life force that needs to be awakened. It has to do with the nature of ensouled consciousness functioning as an individuated being having more weight, if you will.

How much does America’s role in the world affect the direction the world will take?

It depends upon how you want to look at that.

The reason that so many Guardians have come in by way of America, is because this country is destined to have a very profound effect on the world. And, in fact, it does.

Its main effect comes about in two ways. One is the idea of hope. Hope. Immigrants still come here with the idea that they are going to be able to create a new and better life. That hope has been a prevalent part of the spiritual essence of this country since before its official beginning.

The second way that it has a very large effect on the world is economically and, as a part of that, militarily. The U.S. arms so much of the world—pretty much all of the world, if you want to look into the details. The creation of those arms is a very important factor in the country’s economy, and the U.S. economy affects almost all of the world’s economies, definitely the major military economies.

So economically and by way of hope, the U.S. has a mighty, mighty influence. You also definitely have a cultural influence across the planet—through your music and your clothing, for instance—although I would not go so far as to say that that it is necessarily a healthy or good one. And so, looking at it from my point of view, I would say yes there is most definitely an influence. It’s not a great one, but yes, it is there.

The thrust of the question is, will we influence the tipping process?

I did say that most Guardians have chosen America for what it can offer. Although I cannot tell you how America might influence the tipping process after your recent elections, insofar as the completion of the Plan, it’s only about what the Guardians that are here do. It’s not about what America has to offer.

Can you be more specific? Is it just the fact that the Guardians are in the world and they happen to be here?

Remember that Guardians have two effects. One of them is simply by being, having an energetic effect through their frequency. The second effect is through activation and specifically working to help the awakening process. If you have ten people in a house working on the awakening process, you’re going to have much better luck awakening the rest of the occupants than if you only have one occupant who is a Guardian.

So the concentration in America has a stronger effect than if they were dissipated around the world.

Well, it makes America’s transmission stronger. And America is already somewhat influential. So things that come from America—definitely not all of them and fewer than there used to be—are welcome in many parts of the world, and that includes spiritual activity and the awakening of Light energy. There isn’t a “here is what they must do,” because it just doesn’t work that way.

But whatever energy the Guardians put out, negative or positive, has more weight than what’s coming out of mass consciousness.

That’s right, and that’s an important point.

You also said that evolution is about “cutting and rearranging.” Can you explain what you mean by that?

It was the mutation of the genetic aspect that I was referring to there— your specific genetic information. Evolution is about that genetic information mutating so that the organism is either capable of functioning in its environment or not capable. It’s a constant process of “This isn’t working so toss it out, but this works; latch it on.” That is how evolution works, not only on a physical but also on a spiritual level—in fact, even on an emotional level—because all of life is about destruction or construction. It’s about mutation in one form or another.

In that Lifescapes, you emphasized recognizing our current strengths, which lie in the things that make us feel good, and relying on them and further strengths we can develop in order to not give in to fear of the changes we see taking place in the world. How do we translate our particular strengths into the responses to events going on in the world? I can see that focusing on my strengths is a positive thing, but I don’t see how that will change things out in the world.

If you knew your strengths, you would act on them. You know what your strengths are because ninety-nine percent of the time they are the things you enjoy doing. You enjoy doing them because you’re good at them. So those strengths are easy to use.

Many people don’t recognize their strengths. They know what they like to do, but they don’t necessarily realize it’s a strength. Or they see something that they become good at, even if they don’t really like it, and they think that’s a strength even though it may not be. So knowing what your strengths are can help you direct your life so you can use them, and you would do that simply because you want to be doing what you enjoy more. You’re going to be more successful at what you enjoy more.

For a Guardian that would be service, right?

Not necessarily—and that’s a broader topic. I would love it if all Guardians’ strength was service, but it’s more like this person’s strength is more knowledge-oriented, this one’s lies more in working with the earth. This person’s strength is getting along with people; this one’s is . . . Knowing that you’re better at mental tasks than social tasks is going to stop you beating your head against the wall of social opportunity and doing more with mental opportunity.

You seemed to indicate that there could be strengths that we were not necessarily aware of— that we were not getting feedback on—but that we could develop for the future.

It’s not necessarily that you’re not getting feedback on them. It’s more as though you grew up getting told, “Our family doesn’t do that,” so for instance you don’t go into social work; you become a doctor. You don’t learn that really your strength is in helping people move out of addictive behaviors because you never had the opportunity to explore that arena.

Many people—adults even as old as all of you— have lived so much of life in a very narrow box, based upon cultural belief systems and their individual fears that say, “I can do this. I can do this. I cannot do that, that, that or that,” and so they never try and never discover where their best opportunities lie.

So allowing yourself to know you, to try new things, to open up that mind that says, “can’t, should not, don’t” might show you whole directions that you’ve not tried to go into. And it’s never too late.

You said that how we spend our time is connected to the process of creation directly from the Source Field. Could you explain that?

You’re asking how it is that the process of knowing your strength mirrors the creation process? As I said earlier, evolution is about mutation. It’s about trying and failing, and trying and failing, and trying and it working, and trying and maybe it didn’t work so well but this part did. You think of it as a very long process because you’re looking at it as linear time, and in that case it is a very long process.

As a creator in your personal life, and even on a universal creation level, there is that very same try and fail and try and fail, and try and finally succeed, and build on that success, and moving forward from there. I made reference in the Lifescapes to a creation point that is about making choices …

You said up, down, forward . . .

Right. So when that point is making choices, that is the creation process. Now, yes, you can take it further back and say that the establishment of that point itself is the creation process, or even farther back to the point of Intent as the creation process, but for the world of form it’s that point of making decisions. You make decisions in your day-to-day life, and they reflect that creation process.

Bottom line: the microcosm reflects the macrocosm, not perfectly, but well enough that you can see it in your everyday life. You can see it in the creation of form in this dimension. You can see it in the original Creation story.

In the Lifescapes you said that seeing changes before they occur and having the ability to see what is coming is all about inner evolution. Why would inner evolution—higher emotions and spirit—allow one to see what is coming?

Again, it’s a time thing. You only predict your future by recognizing it in the past. Remember that you want to see time as linear, but time is more like a sponge in a sink filled with water. Every experience is flowing through that sponge, but it’s only when you pick up that sponge and take a close look at it is there any way of saying, “Ah, water came in through this point and it’s going out through that one there.” Those experiences give you the small moments that you look at and call the past. When you look at the past, you see patterns.

You don’t physically see all of those patterns. Many of them you experience emotionally, and many of them you experience spiritually—in higher frequencies. So at any given point you’re receiving information on multiple levels. But as you grow and change, ideally you become more capable of seeing those patterns that are on higher levels. When you’re able to see the patterns in those higher frequencies, you’re able to project them into tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.

You also said that ultimately evolution has to be a Light-based process, and revolution has to be a love-based process in order for either to work. What did you mean by that?

I was making reference to things either continuing in growth and power toward the completion of the Plan for the highest good or continuing into chaos and destruction, de-evolution. So simply speaking, following Light and love is going to bring about evolution and revolution that will continue forward positively for a long time. Not following Light, which eliminates the higher levels of your genetic material; not following love—eliminating love—puts you onto the chaotic, destructive path of fear and only creates short-term revolution.

A good question is, Are we talking about geologic time or are we talking about a lifetime? How can you put a perspective on long-term change and short-term change? I was referring to a lifetime. Long-term change goes through lifetimes. Short-term change can be anywhere from a few minutes, a few years, a decade.

You have indicated that there will be a large burst of creation energy coming to the planet around the winter solstice. What is the best way for Guardians to make use of that energy?

One of the most important things for Guardians to be doing at this point is to be cleaning house. I don’t mean that physically, although it’s always nice to do that and many old customs say that is exactly what you should do at the end of the year. I’m referring to internal cleaning. You’ve spent the last year and a half—and if you want to take that further, the last four years plus a little—working on issues, working on clearing out what isn’t necessary, old beliefs, patterns of difficulties, and core issues—particularly over the last nine months.

Use that energy to finish the work with core issues, and get rid of those patterns and beliefs that aren’t serving you and need to be put aside. Actively work toward functioning at your best, keeping that pineal clear, keeping your thoughts clean—clean is maybe notthebestword…


Well, yes.

David you have done woodcarving yes?


You can take a piece of wood and carve it or spin it down to nothing but shavings, can’t you?

It’s called making sawdust.

Making sawdust. Well, I see thoughts in very much that way. As a block of wood, it is possibility. You can do a couple of things with it. You can start carving into

it and find that there are some places that maybe are very, very hard, so you’re not going to shape them easily. That means you’ve got to refigure your pattern based on what the wood presents to you, what its potential will allow. Or you can just go at it and chip it up into all kinds of pieces; you may never meet that potential, but you’re going to have wood chips up to your ankles, which for many people

makes them feel like, “Oh, I’ve done something. I’ve got plenty going on here.” They never meet their potential, but they make a lot of sawdust.

Right now Guardians—in fact everybody in the world—need to be working toward their potential and not just doing stuff for the sake of doing it. Your life should be meaningful. You should be flowing with your strengths. Meaningful living involves contrast. And the reason it involves contrast is because any given point has nothing to anchor to if there is not another point to work with. A point of creation remains merely a point of creation if no action is taken with it. It’s a pocket of energy that goes nowhere, and many Guardians are pockets of energy going nowhere.

It’s very hard for Guardians who are not actively fulfilling their best, but their best is where the contrast comes in. If you know what your best is and you’re not actively trying to fulfill it, you’re going to be very unhappy. If you don’t know what your best is, you are going to feel as if you are floundering. So the key is to start looking at your strengths and, through that, to know what your best is. That’s going to require that evil, evil word sacrifice. That sacrifice is letting go of the comfortable in order to explore. Many don’t want to do that, but this world is not going to change if Guardians don’t do that.

We know that you cannot predict the future, but what trends do you think we might see in 2017, and will our planet continue to receive large energy transmissions? And I’m talking about the kind we were experiencing this year, which had a pretty profound effect.

Twenty-seventeen is going to continue to bring very large energy transmissions. Three very large ones are obviously going to bring about change. The kind of change I would like to see is revolution. I want to see people standing up for love, for the highest and best, not sitting back and watching just because they’re not right in the middle of it.

Am I saying become a political activist? No! As I’ve said before, become an activist for love. Become an activist for spiritual growth. Any miserable person you see out there is working on fear, so show them how to release the fear and function in love. Every Guardian is a teacher, and every Guardian should be consciously looking for ways to teach America and the world how to function in love rather than fear. And it looks like you’re going to have at least four years with a lot of fear-mongering, so it should be a very good time to learn to swim against the stream. Don’t live in fear!

If you were a Guardian living in form at this time, what would your perfect day look like?

I’ll tell you what makes a perfect day for a Guardian, and we’ll leave me out of it. Simply consciously functioning in love, functioning at their highest frequency from the moment they are conscious, even before opening their eyes, up to the moment they become what you would think of as unconscious again when they are sleeping. But even as you sleep, your dream school is an opportunity for functioning at your best and highest. So essentially that perfect day would be “consciousness 24/7.”

In Guatemala I said, over and over and over, the big message was “Be conscious.” I gave exercises regarding consciousness. Start by trying to spend five minutes being fully conscious of everything you do. Extend it to ten minutes; make it an hour; make it all day. Of course most people found that totally impossible, but everything is impossible if it isn’t practiced. You’re not going to become better if you don’t try. So, consciously putting love into everything that you are doing.

I can almost hear someone asking, “Yes, but doesn’t there come a time in which you are able to not have to think about it and not have to do that?” And the answer is yes, but you’re not in form at that point. Being in form takes great consciousness. That consciousness involves the synthesis of the gut, the heart and the crown brain. When all of those are working at their best and highest, it creates an individual who is experiencing the best and highest.