This interview is based on questions sent to Samuel by Bruce Garry, of the Phoenix Institute, Pittsburgh community. His questions are within quotation marks to set them off from the discussion by the editors.

“These questions are about the relationship between the physical existence and spiritual existence and how changes in them can impact frequency. It is understood that everyone is unique and it is impossible to make general statements for the best possible health for everyone. The basis of my questions is to draw out information that will improve both physical and spiritual existence, including life-style as a whole, for the purpose of making the frequency changes necessary to move to higher densities.

“When individuals change their diet to a plant- based, whole-food diet while making positive lifestyle changes, how does that impact frequency, higher densities, and spiritual existence?”

Well, first, it depends on what those dietary changes are. You can eat a lousy diet and be vegan. You can eat a very healthy diet and not be vegan. So, I’m trying to shift from saying just be vegan to recom- mend eating a whole-food vegan diet.

A couple of things come into play. The first one is, when you are eating something close to your human form’s physical system—and that would be the animal kingdom—you are effectively eating as a cannibal, be- cause you are eating that which is part of your own physical makeup. That puts a ceiling on what your fre- quency can do. And that’s not even talking about the chemicals that are in meat today. It’s not talking about the polluted rivers. It’s not talking about what dairy does to your system. It’s not talking about what the hormones are doing to change the genetic structure of children growing up now.

Besides that, because you are eating physical be- ings that have the same make-up as you, it holds you to the level of the animal kingdom. Now, that’s not fully accurate for Guardians. Guardians won’t be able to move higher, become lighter, but will remain at the lowest level of their frequency spectrum.

The second part: Not only does the physical makeup of meat itself have an effect on you, but the chemicals that are put into it through the foods the ani- mals eat will also affect you. You say, “Oh no, I only eat happy cows,” but what those happy cows have been fed is filled with chemicals. “Well, I only eat happy cows that have been grass-fed.” No, because crops on any typical farm are going to have been molested by chemical overspray, because a neighbor doesn’t farm the same
way. And in the winter, when you feed the animals to make up for the loss of grass, you’re not going to find corn or grain that doesn’t have pollution of one form or another, whether it’s the way it has been modified or the way it has been sprayed.

The third aspect is what it does to your body. Those of you who have already stopped eating fish, fowl, beef, or the many other options that seem to be springing up, have forgotten how hard it was to digest meat. If you eat it again, you realize, “Oh, this is nearly impossible to digest.”

You are built to eat plants. Your jaws don’t have the musculature or the teeth for being carnivores. You can choose to be a carnivore, but it wreaks havoc on your system from the nose down: your whole mouth, your teeth, your jaw structure, esophagus, stomach, intestinal system. You produce stress chemicals when you eat these foods, and your body, when it goes into stress, breaks down. Your body has a hard time functioning with the fats that are in meat, the hormones that are in fowl. Understand that I’m not talking about the hor- mones you feed them; I mean the naturally occurring hormones in fowl.

Fish isn’t the same kind of problem as the other two, except the bot- tom feeders—mollusks and oysters and catfish, which for obvious reasons are affected by the pollution in your water. I have said, if you must eat meat—if you must—eat deep-ocean, cold-water fish. Unfortunately, now you even have pollution in your deep oceans. From Fukushima, you have pollution covering your Pacific all the way down to Antarctica, changing ge- netic structure, throwing off the ability of the large water mammals— whales and such—to live. There are horrible consequences from that nu- clear incident that your media are hardly speaking about but any fisherman would tell you about.

The products from your dairy industry: I have never understood why it’s acceptable to drink the mammary excretion of a cow. A human’s mam- mary excretions are the only ones made for your body, and those are only for an infant. As you know, when you move from vegetarian to vegan, many good things start happening. Constipation clears up, sinus issues re- solve; constant mucosal drainage, things that you always thought were al- lergies, all that starts to change. More than that, when you take dairy out of your diet, you’re no longer challenging your body to digest something that isn’t meant for it and which in fact your immune system considers an in- vader. You would, I believe, be able to plot a correlation between the huge push of the dairy industry over the last twenty years and the increase in im- mune disorders, diabetes—which is an immune disorder—and obesity. The nature of the fat in any dairy product is going to cause stress to your pancreas, your thyroid, and your adrenals. All of those are going to cause the body to attack itself. And it’s going to thicken your blood and the lining of your arteries and veins to deal with that.

Having said that, if you are not going to be a vegan, I would rather you be a vegetarian. If you’re not going to be a vegetarian, I would rather you only eat deep-water, pollution-free fish.

What’s best for you? A plant-based diet based on whole foods. What’s best for your energy? A plant-based diet based on whole foods. But I will never tell anybody, “Here is what you must do.” And in fact, the higher your frequency becomes through your conscious spiritual practice, the more you will naturally resist eating the kingdom next door.

“As it relates to our spiritual existence, what does ideal physical health look like?”

Ideal health is radically different than a healthy temple for your spirit. Ideal health means you live twice as long as the current standard lifespan. Ideal health shows an emotional balance of happiness, joy, a sense of light- ness and freedom, and a much greater ease in your spiritual function be- cause you don’t have conflict going on within your body. Ideal health isn’t that you’re able to touch your toes when you bend over and you can do three push-ups in a row and two pull-ups. It’s not that kind of thing. It’s not that you can run twenty miles. There are those who can run twenty miles  who are just not healthy. As far as I am concerned, ideal health is a perfect balance of the physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual self, and that’s going to look different for everyone.

The problem, though, is comparative judg- ment and the idea that perfect health means no ailments, which is incorrect. Your body, to be in perfect health, is constantly fighting off what your environment and what your mind and what your emotions and what your physical DNA are shov- ing into it. Perfect health would mean not dying, and that would mean you’re stuck here. You are not designed for what your medical system would call perfect health. There’s no purpose for it. What you want to talk about instead is perfect health for the individual.

You mentioned physical DNA. I understand the other two, but not the DNA part. How can that be a part of it?

Well, diseases and breakdowns, physical and mental, that are passed-on genetically—I mean genetic mutations that happen because of your environment, internal or external, because of the way you eat, the way you think, the way you live—all of those have an effect on your DNA. And, as much as the conscious high-frequency spiritual being can overcome many of those die- tary excesses and problems, that only will happen to a limit, and that’s true with the DNA as well. At that point it’s called blueprint, because some in- dividuals take on particular physical issues in or- der to have an effect on others, in order to learn certain things about themselves. They can be in what is perfect health for them and still have that issue.

“Is frequency of the physical existence measured only in the now or does it take into account future possibilities (DNA, negative health markers, relationships, etc.)?”

Your now is your only place of power. Your now is where your frequency expands or re- leases. What’s going on tomorrow—you ate tainted food and tomorrow you’re going to throw up because of that—does not mean you’re not healthy. It means your body is doing what it needs to do to get rid of invaders. That doesn’t af- fect your frequency. What will affect your fre- quency are those conscious things you do that destabilize that physical, mental, emotional, spiri- tual balance, that teach your body “I don’t have to be functioning optimally because these chemicals will make me feel like I am.” Caffeine, for instance. How many people think they can’t function without their cup of coffee or caffeinated tea? Your body has simply relied on it for so many years that it has forgot- ten how to produce that wake-up, clear-minded, energized self because you’re relying on the artificial stimulant or the artificial depressant, or the on and on and on.

You can rely on painkillers that take away those little aches and pains when your body is telling you that you should be paying attention to the cause.

Right. But your need to medicate everything is one of the things I don’t understand. [to Frank] You have broken part of your toe, right? And you just deal with it. It’s not a massive drama.

People are so willing to make aches and pains and diet all drama, when in reality your pain sensitivity and what you eat are choices. As long as you teach yourself “I cannot handle this,” you won’t. “I can’t do this with- outthecrutch.Ihavetohave…MydoctortoldmeI must have animal protein.” That’s just wrong! Get a doctor who’s more awake and aware.

“What can we specifically do to create a lifestyle in which spiritual practices are as strong as dietary practices?”

I’m not real sure what’s being asked there, because the audience that reads this is going to have better spiritual practices than they do dietary practices.

But they probably focus more on their diet than they do their spiritual.

That’s very true.

And I’m not clear if Bruce is referring to mass con- sciousness and their focus on diet or to the Guardian- ship and their “I can’t eat this, I can’t eat that. I can’t eat that either. All I can eat is cereal and almond milk,” or whatever. People get fixed on gaining power out of what they perceive they are giving up instead of recog- nizing power based on what they see they have gained. There is a difference between choosing not to eat certain foods that lower your frequency and being so unhealthy you can’t eat anything because it makes you ill. That’s just drama.

Diet is about gaining vitality, making things easier for your spiritual practice. So, if he’s asking, “What do we need to be doing spiritually?” and that’s separate from diet, then I would say the same thing I have been saying for many, many years: you want to function consciously to live love, do the loving thing in all areas of your life.

You can make things better and easier for yourself by eating a plant-based healthy diet, because your physical self, your mental self, your emotional self, and your spiritual self, all of those bodies will benefit from that. But that’s going to involve making the right choices, and that’s when a spiritual activity is “make the right choices.” Use discernment. Eliminate com- parative judgment. Be truthful with yourself. And no different than with a physical dietary change, recognize that you’re going to have two to three weeks of resis- tance before you make those spiritual practices your constant habit.

People often forget that the body has been tuned in a specific way with a specific diet for so long that all of your interior process—I hate to say parasites and bacteria, but that’s what it is—are tuned to dealing with that kind of diet. When you give up caffeine, you’re going to have headaches, you’re going to feel down and you’re going to think, “My body needs that stuff because it’s telling me I’ve got to have it.” That’s not what it’s telling you. Your body is saying, “Aah, I don’t have to have all of these excess bacteria within me. I can flush all of that out.” But doing that makes you feel bad. So, it’s the same with your spiritual practice. You have thirty years of doing things in a particular way, and all of a sudden you’re trying to shift it about. And thirty years of doing things in a particular way leads to an angry little child telling you how wrong you are and fear-based beliefs coming up when you try to change. And it takes two to three weeks before you have rebuilt those neural pathways that allow a new way of func- tioning to become anchored into your body.

You mentioned comparative judgment a couple of times in this context. How does that tie into matters of diet?

You have to go through trial and error to work out how your body works best, but somebody else can take a look at your diet and say, “Well, maybe I should be doing that too,” or “Well, maybe I could get away without doing that too,” and so they make decisions for themselves not based on what works for them, but wanting to be like David or not wanting to be like David. Comparative judgment, spiritually speaking, with regard to your frequency, is simply survival me- chanics. That’s third density, and as long as you have comparative judgment within you, you’re not shifting out of third density.

“Epidemiologic studies indicate the majority of the world’s population rarely gets Western diseases when they do not eat Western foods.”

But you also don’t get Eastern diseases if you don’t eat Eastern food.

“Is the statement correct? If so, are there any changes that Guardians can make to their plant- based whole-food diet, or other changes, to further protect themselves from getting Western diseases? How will this impact our frequency?”

No, it is not an accurate statement. It is, however, filled with many truths. It is true that when you don’t eat a typical American diet you are going to be health- ier. It is also true that you can work with a nutritionist and a medical person to optimize every amino acid— every building block of life—in your body to create what for you is going to be optimal health. But the per- son right next to you may not respond to that at all. I absolutely will not go with a blanket statement that says, “If you do this you will be healthy.” I will not, be- cause it’s not true.

Eastern medicine is thousands of years old. West- ern medicine is a couple of hundred years old—not even that old, actually. Both cultures have extraordi- nary technology now, and it’s constantly changing. Your body functions on where it is. A healthy, happy vegan can go to Indonesia and eat the very same food and get very sick.

The very same food they’ve been eating, or the same food the Indonesians eat?

The equivalent of the same food that that vegan has been eating: brown rice, vegetables—healthy choices. Because that has more to do with your com- pacts and your genetics than it does simply with diet.

Our spiritual compacts?

Well, aren’t they all?

The big point there? You cannot make those broad, general statements. And it does not impress me that your science has found that if you don’t eat that and you do add this you’ll stop having heart trouble. It’s not true. There’s so much more to that.

“Scientists believe there are 25,000 phyto- nutrients in vegetables and fruits, the primary source for antioxidants and other chemicals that fight off diseases in our body. What can we do to maximize receiving and absorbing the phytonu- trients that our bodies need for our best possible health? How would this impact our spiritual exist- ence, and then does our spiritual existence further impact our physical existence? Is there a play between the physical and spiritual?”

You know that I have tried to get you to eat raw food because, if you want to be really healthy and you want to get the good out of all your vital nutrients, you’re either going to eat food that is raw—or very lightly cooked, because there are some vegetables that do not release their optimum value until they have been heated. But it doesn’t require much heating at all.

And within the acceptable raw-food spectrum, you can manage it.

So, what can you do? Number one: eat raw. And eating raw, once you’ve gotten over that two- to three- weeks change in your internal system, is going to allow you to function—physically, mentally, and emotion- ally—in a much lighter and natural way for your body. Spiritually speaking, when your body is having an eas- ier time it’s more accepting of the spiritual transforma- tion you are working toward. So I would say your best diet is always going to allow you to function at your best frequency. But again, it’s all about choice.

“The average total cholesterol for the US population is 200 mg/dl. The average total cholesterol for heart attacks in the US is 200 mg/dl. The fifty-year Framingham Heart Study found that no one who maintained a cholesterol lower than 150 mg/dl had a heart attack. The average total cholesterol for the Chinese population is only 127 mg/dl and they rarely get heart attacks. Can you comment on the generalization that based on just the health implications of the above cholesterol information the Chinese population appears to be healthier and would that mean that they have a much higher frequency than the US population?”

The Chinese population is not healthier, and cholesterol is not the only reason people get heart attacks. And the fact that you can tinker with your diet in such a way as to, for instance, supplement and eat only those foods that will not create the negative cholesterol effect is never going to be a guarantee that you won’t have a heart attack, you won’t have blocked arteries, you won’t have physical difficulties because of that cholesterol buildup. It is true that diet can make a very big difference, and most have years of bad-diet karma to clear out. But it’s no guarantee that you’re not going to have health issues anyway. “My grandma had a pint of whiskey and smoked a pack of cigarettes a day and lived to be 97.” “My grandma was a perfect raw, whole-food, clean-diet vegan, and lived to be 60.” You cannot make broad statements.

It might be in your blueprint, for example.

Yes, it could be. Or maybe you did not turn things around when you were 16, or your focus is on every little bit you eat but you’re not living a spiritual life, which can help overcome a lot of difficult problems. In fact the higher your frequency, the more you are able to overcome those physical issues and the more you can cheat on what you eat. The thing is, the higher your frequency the less you want to.

Thinking about China, there’s terrible pollution, and so many people smoke cigarettes.

And so much of the best food is exported, and the average individual in China, pretty much like the aver- age person in the United States, lives below the pov- erty line. Their diet represents their economic condi- tion, and if their economic condition is not good it doesn’t matter that they’re just eating vegetables and rice, because they’re going to have so many other fac- tors working to downgrade the physical.

“What goals and/or metrics do you recommend we use to monitor our progress toward, and maintenance of, our best possible health?”

Give yourself two to three weeks to clean out, and then work on a diet that is whole, clean, and vegan, and throw in as much raw food as you can. Stay away from—and here is where my definition of clean comes in—stay away from highly processed—which usually means pre-packaged—food. Eat seasonally. Water- melon in the midst of winter is either going to have been on a very long trip or is not going to be fresh. You want fresh. Eliminate artificial stimulants and depres- sants, caffeine and alcohol.

I wouldn’t have called those artificial, especially the caffeine, which is naturally occurring.

Not in the amount that you’re getting it in a cuppa. But I should address that, because that does not mean drink only organic vegan beer or organic vegan tea or coffee. It means eliminating them completely so that your body is able to function on its own. You’ll never know what your normal health is until you do that. Once you do that, things start to change, but you’ve got to make it a lifestyle issue and not a diet issue, or the change won’t happen.

I have given a list of foods that are not good for you, exercises that are good for you. My giving you one -two-three-four-five isn’t helpful because it creates re- sistance, comparative judgments and justification. It has to be a lifestyle choice because the fact of it is, changes in your diet are going to take a while to show up as a physical benefit. It takes no time at all for it to show up as a spiritual benefit, though. The problem with that is, you measure that differently than I do.