Can you give us a picture of how the work in India on the animal and plant kingdoms accomplished its aims and how the Lexington ritual assisted?

Probably the most important thing to bring out about the rituals is that they’re not done in time. You move out of the dimension of time whenever you claim a working of the Light. So Lexington and India were both energized by each other because of that.

The second thing is that Lexington had a really good group of strong-willed and confident Guardians. Because of that, the callings were superb, but the stability of the energy—the ability to hold it at the higher level—was perfect. If it had been a working in time, you could say that Lexington sent out the announcement, and India got it answered, but it doesn’t really work that way. The way that it actually happened, as far as I’m concerned, is that this was a repeated working, which gave it twice the power. And as it turned out, that was quite needed.

This was the first time that a group did two separate workings: activating the Brahmaputra Dragon and shifting the plant and animal kingdoms to a higher level. Will the result impact future trips and Dragon activations?

I don’t see that it’s going to affect future trips, except, of course, every Dragon work makes all the future workings easier. That’s why this one was so easy.

Because of the Dragons or because of the fact that we’ve had so much practice?


What I was looking for in formulating the question was a better idea of the mechanisms of the working, how it accomplished its end.

Then ask me some specific questions with that regard. Do you mean the mechanics of the ritual itself, because it was quite different?

No, I mean the mechanics of the spiritual events going on with the ritual. How does the ritual interface with the kingdoms? How does it actually create that shift?

In the ritual itself you called those energies that affect those kingdoms, and you called the group souls of the animal kingdom. You brought them forward. That’s the work. In order to make an effective call, you cannot be human. You must be capable of holding a frequency higher than the one you are calling long enough for it to respond.

The group had to have that ability in both Lexington and India. As you know, I’ve been working for quite some time with getting you to be able to hold higher and higher frequency for longer and longer time. And the ability of those who have been working to maintain the energy is what made it happen, even though there were actually people in both places who weren’t quite able to either get to that frequency or hold that energy.

That’s the mechanics of it. You make the call, claiming what you want, but in order to make the call, these things had to be in place.

In India and again in the Lifescapes work, you brought up a whole new aspect of Guardianship work, which involved using a very specific tuning fork tuned to a frequency of C.

Let me clarify that. It’s not tuned to your typical C; it’s tuned to 528 [Hz].

A piano’s C is usually tuned at 523 Hz. So those few cycles difference all . . .

It’s not a few. It appears to you to be a few, but it’s not a few.

Why are you introducing this information now?

It’s time. You have higher frequencies coming through. You’ve started working on your ability to function through your whole self, and you’re working on awakening, so to speak, some of your sleeping DNA. You’re working on Creator energy more than you have been, and this amplifies it. You are needing a challenge, and this is it.

We need the challenge?


Why is that?

Because my Guardians need to see results or they start losing faith in themselves. Now, that’s really a very pitiful statement. It’s really sad, but there you go. So, having a challenge that it’s pretty likely you will succeed at would be good.

Would you describe the effects of this specific frequency and how it fits into the work ahead of us, especially the DNA staircase visualizations?

A little earlier I made the comment that what seems like a very small change in the note C to you is actually a very large difference. It’s that the human ear, at least at this point, doesn’t have any way of recognizing how much of a difference there is. Do you remember when I asked you to work on using C for manifestation? That’s because this [528 Hz] sound is the base of reproductive function. I do not mean making-babies reproduction; I mean a-cell-reproducing-itself kind of reproduction—copying, replication, on the atomic level. It’s the sound of wholeness. It stimulates the blueprint of all things form. But stimulating it doesn’t mean changing it. It opens the door; it doesn’t take you through it.

Do you remember what it is that does take you through it with this sound?

The intent.

Yes. Having a very specific and clear direction for that energy takes you to that place in which you have the ability to make use of it, in which change happens in a way that’s quick enough that you can actually see it.

Why, you might ask, haven’t I given this before now? Because it’s only now—well, my now is a little bigger there than your now might be—but it’s only now that this energy is coming through so strongly. This solar energy that is coming through is having a somewhat negative effect and needs to be changed, where it can be, as it can be, and there are some of you actually capable of working with it.

This seems like a powerful force that could be used for either healing or harm.


Are there any concerns that you have about its misuse, and if so, what can be done by Guardians to help steer mass consciousness away from this path?

Answer that question based on knowing that intent is what does it, and you’ll give yourself the answer.

If Guardians don’t misuse it, if they don’t lay down the pathway that mass consciousness will follow. That is what concerns you.


But how can we affect the intent of others?

By overwhelming it. Everyone will have their own way of making use of it, but working in groups with a focused intent is going to be the best way to make use of it: a healing circle for the planet, or for each other, for instance, would be very good.

Would that be like the toning circle, which is sending energy to the planet on the tone D?

No, not at all. Toning is to change you to be able to hold a higher frequency. For you to hold it, you need what the sound from toning does to you. But this takes it to the next logical step of using a focused intent repeated by many who are simultaneously using that specific frequency of 520 Hertz. It’s very different. Isn’t the toning phrase “wholeness for the planet” an Intent? Well, it’s the intent of what you’re doing, sending wholeness to the planet, but saying that is like saying during sacred sex, “All right, this is to give Hapi some healing.” You’re directing energy, and it’s nowhere near the same as a focused intent repeated by many with that frequency. It’s very different.

Should we all be buying tuning forks and practicing?

Not until you’ve got the DNA exercises down. Not until you’re toning regularly so that your body can handle working at frequencies like that. Not until you’re at a place that you’re willing to devote the time to do something serious with it. And, frankly, most of you aren’t. It’s better to know that it’s a possibility, get caught up in the idea, and then start doing it. And, if you [the reader] are wondering if I am referring to you, then that pretty well means I am. If you’re wondering, that’s because you’ve got good reason to wonder.

In India you made a comment regarding the work being done there, that it could not be done with a broken heart or a hard heart. In what ways might that relate generally to your work?

Even though I was making a specific comment at that time to a group that was going through some very difficult experiences, it is true in this work generally that too many Guardians keep a protective wall around their hearts. How long have I been working at getting you to break those down? Eons. Eons, because you spend so much of your life with a piece of you feeling so betrayed by form itself that you protect yourself from what you perceive as further abandonment and betrayal. The difficulty with that, of course, is that humanity’s lesson is all about betrayal and abandonment. For humanity as a species—or as individuals—when you take on form, you’re going to take on, for the long or the short of it, issues that have to do with betrayal and abandonment through relationships—because of expectations, because of a lack of communication.

I don’t mean to tell you that you’re just average, because that’s not the case. Everybody deals with those things uniquely. But the fact of it is, these feelings are going to be there. You build this wall around your heart, thinking that it’s going to keep you from having a broken heart, when in fact it pretty well guarantees that you’re going to have a broken heart. If you make your heart hard, it crumbles; if you keep it soft and open, it’s flexible. That’s the nature of most things in form.

But to make things worse, Guardians, who tend to spend way too much time in their heads because they’ve got this inner, high-powered knowing versus their human experience, want to keep themselves from pain, forgetting the power that pain has to bring about change, which includes healing.

In the midst of all of that pain, what happens to a Guardian is that they tend to whine about it. Most Guardians would probably say that what they’re doing is being cynical or bemoaning the state of things in the world, or whatever, but really what they’re doing is whining. And that’s because things aren’t going the way they thought they should.

The result tends to be a cold heart. In order to avoid the pain, they detach, but not in a healthy way. They avoid any emotional response and don’t work things through. And you can’t do what you’ve come here to do in this world in either one of those states—avoiding pain, creating a hard heart and eventually creating a cold one. You’re not going to change the world when there are whole parts of you walled off, because you are what the world is going to become—and zombies is not it.

Well, India was a pretty useful illustration of that whole concept, because there’s so much poverty, so much difficulty, along with beautiful people and happy animals and things that lift your heart.

There were two big things I wanted the trip participants to be able to notice. One of them was that things were not nearly as rough as they had anticipated. I don’t mean because they were in a luxurious hotel; I mean because they were in a part of India that’s not like some of the big cities to the west. And that made a really big difference. There are parts of India where your fears would have been pretty well fulfilled, but I wanted you in a place where your expectations were going to be thrown in your face. I wanted the group to see, in a very clear way, that what is alien to you doesn’t mean bad, wrong—or right. “Different” has to be accepted as it is in that moment.

That’s a very hard thing to do, as you very well know, a very hard thing to do. But I really believe that the group, as a whole anyway, got it. And that is huge, powerful stuff that, if applied to the rest of one’s life, will make immeasurably good changes.

In the last workshop in Pittsburgh, you mentioned that Vesta-Helios is evolving and its previous work is changing. Why is that happening, and what will be the result for the planet and life force on it?

I also said at that particular Lifescapes that there’s not really going to be a way I can tell you it’s going to come out, because it hasn’t happened before.

The whole idea of this creation was that the creation would reach a point at which it was capable of completing its—for want of a better word—godship while in form. And that’s what’s happening with Vesta-Helios. Form is always determined by function. As its function is changing, so its form is changing.

Do you remember what the purpose of a Solar Lord is? Essentially it’s a Patterner on a level far beyond what a human mind can imagine. It’s the closest thing to what most humans think of when they think of the concept of God or Source. It’s the most local Creator. Its purpose is the macrocosm of what a Guardian’s purpose is, with the planet being the microcosm: to guard and guide life force to the completion of the Plan. Just as a Guardian’s purpose is to guard and guide life force on the planet to the completion of the Plan, in the case of Vesta-Helios it’s to guide and guard life force on a solar level, at the level of the creation point.

And it’s looking like it can take a bit of a vacation now, because the planet’s working at a higher function. It’s taking a bit of that load, as it should. So that’s why it’s changing. It’s quite remarkable.

When you say the form is determined by the functions, therefore the form is changing, that’s too abstract for me. What is it about the form, in this dimension, that is changing?

All right, the orbit of your sun has made slight alterations—it is changing—and the sun is the physical body of Vesta-Helios. That’s a “what might it look like” on a very down-to-human-mind scale.

The sun’s orbit is within the galaxy. It’s changing its orbit within the galaxy?

The orbit is shifting. You keep up with these things, don’t you? Surely that’s a recognized factor within science.

I think it would be extremely hard even to measure. I don’t know that it is recognized at all. You’re talking about relative to other stars.

Well, how are they going to change physics if they don’t take that into account? The laws that you have limited this universe to, because of your limited knowledge of its mechanics, are changing big-time. As your ability to recognize changes increases, it changes the limitations or rules. Much of what you think of as your dimensional reality is based upon mathematical projections that have to do with the way your universe works. When there are shifts in that, it’s going to be like dominos falling all the way down the line to the way that you allow—and I mean that word—the physical makeup of your universe to function. Most of the changes are because you have reached the point where you can see that change—you’ve learned how to measure it, and therefore you see it, but it was actually there all the time. When it’s recognized that the laws of orbit have changed—that was a pretty pitiful way to say it—everything else will be up for grabs, too. That’s going to open a lot of doors. So that’s a “what might it look like?”

That information has got to be out there, because the changes are happening. Energetically speaking, it’s already beyond the changes, so it’s out there.

There’s talk about stars rotating around a galaxy’s center with the same angular velocity, as if they were on a disk, rather than the more distant stars moving more slowly. It’s as if everything is tied together and moving uniformly.

Don’t you love that?

Yeah, and then there’s dark matter and dark energy being tied into that.

Well, they’re recognizing that there isn’t dark energy and dark matter. It’s only dark matter because humans don’t know what it does.

Like junk DNA.

You could say that dark matter is the junk DNA of the universe. Aye, it is.

You said at the most recent Lifescapes, “You have to learn to work with the brain and body to its fullest so that you are capable of the full activation available to you.” Can you describe what that “full activation available to you” means?


Okay. Can you tell us the best way to accomplish this—learning to work with the brain and body to its fullest?

Probably the easiest thing is to go back to the basic “know yourself.” Know the way you think. Know the way you work. And use your brain and use your body at its highest and best levels. You have a lot of information now about ways that you can better take care of yourself and things that you can do. And pretty much, if you stop and quiet yourself and say, “What can I do to make my brain healthier and work better?” you’re going to get answers from that brain. Or, “What could I do to make my body healthier and work better?” You’re going to get answers from that body.

The problem is whether you like the answer.

Well, that really is the problem. The problem is, you choose that “it’s telling me to eat better, but I don’t want to change my habits. It’s telling me to exercise more, but I don’t want to do that.” You’re getting that information, and I know that you’re getting that information because I see the results of your guilt for not doing it.

Think about the sorts of things that I have talked about over the last five years, even over the last twenty-five years. Take care. Raise it to its best. What are you capable of? Are you too afraid of failing to even try to see what your best is? Use that body; use that brain. Know what works; know what does not work. And in that process, you’re going to find what your weaknesses are in both areas, and that’s vital knowledge. You’re going to find out what isn’t possible, and you’re going to have all kinds of issues come up as you deal with that. The fact of it is, dealing with it while you’re in the process of improving is going to be much more successful than dealing with it when you’re in stasis, when you’re not moving, because the Universe has to hit you so much harder to make you get it when you’re just stopped than when you’re moving forward.

Try to spend less time in your brain and more time in your heart. That’s the fortune cookie or the bumper sticker version. Guardians think things to death because they’re afraid of what they’re going to find out.

About themselves?

Or what’s happening in a situation. It’s comforting to think you’ve got it all figured out, but you’d go a lot further in life if you realize that you’re not going to figure it out. All you can do is deal with what you’ve got in front of you at the moment.

I think part of the problem is that it challenges your beliefs in what’s possible, and I’m thinking about my own beliefs about aging. “Well, I don’t think I can do that anymore because . . .”

“And it’s best if I don’t try, because I might hurt myself.” Yes. And yet until you push that envelope a bit, you don’t know how far you can go. But, you know, your human nature has you think “if a little is good, a lot must be better,” so be smart. Take small steps that constantly show you success, not big steps that sabotage any hope of it.

Well, what are those small steps, if you’re talking about moving into using your heart instead of over-thinking things?

All right, the first one might be a tattoo across your forearm so that you can see it whenever you need it: “Think the best of this situation or this person.” That’s simple, but it is just a huge step, because when you think the worst you’ve got to go through this whole process of justifying it. If you think the best first, then you’re working from the heart automatically.

Sometimes a thing comes to my mind that seems like a loving thing to do, and immediately my brain will kick in and say, “You know, they’re going to think I’m silly if I say that or do that.”

So what do you do when your brain kicks in and does that?

I think what you’re asking us to do is to learn how to ignore some of that mind chatter that says, “That’s not how I should behave, that’s going to make me uncomfortable, I don’t really know that person enough to give them a hug,” all of the things that that brain says when I have the intuition to do something that is going to make me stretch. I think what you’re saying is to follow that intuition a bit more.

I am saying to realize that you’re making a choice, and to choose the loving act first. Although what you’re saying is good, and I do agree with it, to use that as a general statement will get some people into trouble.

Yes, there has to be a balance.

That’s right. Take little steps.

Another little step: set up a calendar, a to-do list, that will keep reminding you of doing good things for yourself and others, physically, mentally, spiritually. When you see it in writing, you’re more likely to make yourself do it. It’s just a reminder, but that’s all it takes—hopefully.

The brain’s job is to keep you safe. Stop needing to be safe all the time. Give yourself one opportunity a day to do something differently—not the tried and true—until you realize you’re not paralyzed by doing something new. These are little steps, but they get you there.