In this interview, we’d like to pull together a concise overview of what the work of the Guardianship has accomplished and how that relates to The Plan.

First, would you define The Plan, and how it fits into the bigger picture of Source and the Universe.

Tell me what I have said The Plan is.

[Paula] My understanding is that it is a plan to help humanity, or life force on the planet, raise itself up to a level where Sacred Status and Absorption are possible.

[David] I associate it with Ascension, but I’m vague about whether it pertains only to humanity, or to the planet, or is an even bigger thing.

What you’re referring to, David, are symptoms of the Plan, and what you, Paula, are defining is the work Guardians are here to do, which is to guard and guide life force as it works with the Plan.

The Plan for this planet is to establish Source within life force in such a way that life force recognizes itself as a function of Source in this world and, by doing that, to actively establish Source through form as a composite being. The effect of that would be Ascension due to Sacred Status having been reached.

I’m not saying that Sacred Status is the purpose. It’s not; it’s a symptom, it’s a byproduct. Ascension isn’t the purpose either; it is also a byproduct. The purpose is the spiritual evolution of the experiment of Source manifesting as life force on this planet.

There are two kinds of life force on this planet: that which is a function of a composite and that which is individualized. The individualized life force is mainly human, but at this time there is a certain amount of high-frequency life force in all of the domains of experience here that is moving toward that individualization, or that is individualized. [Points at Hapi] And he would probably say “Unfortunately.”

For composite beings, the ultimate goal is individualization, but for individualized beings it is to become an individualized composite. That’s what you do in ritual.

Examples of a composite moving to individualization would be the plant and animal kingdoms. On the other hand we, as individuals, when we come together to make one body, become individualized.

Yes. Now, there can be individuals within the mineral kingdom. As a whole, minerals are a composite being until separated from the whole, when they are then individuals. And I don’t mean they’re individualized. As I’m using the words here, individual means separate; individualized means separate consciousness.

You know, I’ve told you for years and years that rocks are alive. You cannot take a family member away with you, pick it up, look at it, roll it around your house for a while, then put it down and forget about it. You cannot bring them home and ignore them. They’re alive, just not on a schedule like yours.

For instance, you have gravel dumped on your property, and you don’t think anything of gravel; it’s just a mixture of a variety of stones. But they have established a relationship with each other there, even if it’s not their original one. Even the separate gemstones in jewelry, having taken on your energy, would have a relationship with each other—your wedding ring and your necklace and your earrings would have a relationship sort of like a chosen family. They’re very like humans.

If you cut minerals in half, it becomes two separate individuals. When you blow up a mountain, which you might think of as solid rock, you then create a massive number of individual rocks, all with their own sort of consciousness. They are individuals from the point of their removal from their original matrix.

Back to the question about the Plan: Does the Plan refer to something beyond this planet?

Whenever I refer to The Plan, I’m referring to this dimension. And when I refer to this dimension, I mean the dimensions within this dimension, this experiment of form.

All the galaxies of our astronomical universe.


The Plan does not change, although the way it works out can bring about a certain amount of change. For instance, a massive leap in consciousness by the Guardians, by life force, or by humanity can lessen the amount of time that it takes to reach a particular level in The Plan.

For the specific required steps to be taken.

Yes. But the Plan itself does not change.

Was achieving masculine-feminine synthesis one of those big leaps?

Yes. It was.

You have described Sacred Status as being completed when the majority of humanity is consciously awake to its spiritual nature. Are the other kingdoms involved in this conscious awakening, and, if so, in what way?

Yes they are, and that goes back to the discussion about rocks.

The kingdoms that are functioning without individuation but are moving toward it reach a place in that process in which their group awareness becomes the equivalent of spiritual awareness. That is why you have Guardian trees, Guardian sea life, Guardian minerals; as that potential is reached, it opens the door for a Guardian energy to guide it onward. That might be confusing, because it’s not something that happens at the same speed as humanity, so it’s probably not something that’s even noticed.

So there is a progressive evolution toward individualization or toward that greater composite being.

Again, when you talk about going to individualization, you mean the plant and animal kingdoms.

Correct. Rocks as a part of the planetary being are individualized.

While Guardians work in, and deal with, the limitations of form, you have indicated that we are working in other dimensions through our Greater Entities. Please explain more about this process.

When you say “we” there, I take that to mean Guardians, so my answer is how it works for Guardians.

Most Guardians are not on the wheel of existence, and that is what makes that separation.

The creative force of Source is Ellic energy. Ellic energy expresses itself through four functions: Intent, Thought, Word, Deed. Most Guardians—all of the Guardians I work with—but most Guardians that are making a difference here on the planet right now are here through the expression of Intent. Intent is the Avataric function line. The Avataric function line works on the planet at times of transition to bring about change.

There are many times of transition in this world. And this world expresses itself in different times and different places, and even different dimensions, and there are different ways of expressing oneself as a Guardian, in form or not in form. The Entity, which is the Ellic function on the Avataric function line, determines which times of transition it is going to participate in. And that’s where I use the illustration of a finger representing the projection of the Entity, stuck into this part of the water, which is 2009 or ‘10, and another finger stuck in another place, which might be a separate dimension altogether, and a third one is in 1492, and this fourth one is the Atlantean connection. As each one of these separate projections reaches mastery, it is able to give help to and receive help from the other projections that have reached mastery. It’s ironic that the first one to reach mastery is pretty much on its own; but from there on, help is on its way.

So mastery is the link to other projections.

Yes, that’s right. Once all of the projections have reached mastery, the Greater Entity takes over.

When you say other dimensions, I’m assuming you mean that, if I have an Atlantean projection, it’s in an earth that no longer exists, so that would be classified as a different dimension. Is that correct?

Remember that Atlantis is partly of this earth and partly not, so it’s really not the best example. Let’s say instead that you have an experience with the world of form in which you are here to work but you’ve not taken on a form. The “invisible” work you are doing is in another dimension. That work is in a different dimension and is bleeding through. There is another word for that bleed-through: portal. Those bleed-throughs create portals, and those who are functioning on an Entity level because all of their projections have reached mastery are able to access those portals and gain what is needed, do what is needed, rest where it’s needed, all of the other things that the other dimensions provide.

But if my projections have all reached mastery, doesn’t it mean that I would no longer be in form? Or would a projection still exist in form after mastery?

As long as the Plan is still in effect, that projection had better be in form.

Is Intent the thing that connects the Greater Entity with the form?

Intent is purpose, destiny, fate, but it’s not like the glue that holds the personality to the Greater Entity, if that’s what you mean.

I’m thinking that Thought, Word and Deed are pretty much form-based processes. Is that true?

It might seem so, but that’s not the case.

So mastery is the link between the projections.

Mastery is what creates the possibility for that link.

It might be helpful at this point for you to define mastery.

Mastery is that point at which one has learned how to detach from worldly circumstances and to function at your highest frequency on a consistent level. That opens the door to overcoming one’s useless, negative, preconditioned programming, whatever, but doesn’t necessarily mean that that has been overcome, because then you would be useless here.

Because you wouldn’t be engaged in the form process.

And who could relate to you?

We have some questions about Dragons: Six of the twelve Dragons have been awakened and activated. You said that the activation of the Nile Dragon will have an effect throughout the world, unlike the other five, which have mainly influenced their immediate geographic area. Why is that so?

The Nile contains several different seeds; the previous Dragons contain a single seed. Also, the Nile affects the largest land mass on the planet, and I say that because the land mass was larger when it was seeded, although that’s not something most people know.

The Nile is the father Dragon, as the British Dragon is the mother Dragon. The British Dragon is the mother because it is the function of the greatest civilization based on goddess energy over the longest period of time, more than any other Dragon force. Of course, all of the good things that come out of feminine energy and goddess force are very important all over the world—and of course there is a bit of every Dragon in every Dragon—but the British Dragon is the mother. The father is the Nile dragon—father not as a patriarchal system, but as a system that functions through masculine energy more than any other. Take a look at Africa, even now. It is almost exclusively directed by masculine energy. That’s why they never forget a slight, one country to another, one tribe to another. Never. They’ve got things they’ve been holding on for eons.

But now, for the first time, there is a mother/feminine and father/masculine Dragon force in the world, so this Dragon activation is going to have a profound effect across the planet—much like masculine-feminine Fusion—that is the Dragon equivalent of masculine-feminine balance. Masculine-feminine balance is what toning is about, and toning had a lot to do with why the Nile Dragon was so ready. Truly. So ready.

Rivers flow, so the water that was in the Nile while we were there is probably now in the Delta or the Mediterranean by now. If the seeding is in the water and the water’s always changing, what is it that’s giving the water that energy?

One of the problems that comes with my using very down-to-earth analogies is that they stop becoming analogies and become things, so that when I refer to seeding you picture a seed going into the ground, and here comes the tree. That’s not accurate. In the bigger picture, a seed is an alteration of a note in a chord, it is a frequency change that’s put into this place, but not in the dimension of solid form. It is Thought unmanifested. So, it’s in the blueprint, but not a solidified function of form within that blueprint.

But in that sense isn’t it kind of like a portal?

Don’t try to put it into that kind of box, because that’s not really accurate.

So the blueprint is not in the physical dimension?

It is and it is not.

Would this illustrate your analogy of a note in a chord? [David goes to the piano.] When you said frequency change, I imagined Creation giving us this [plays a somber chord], and seeding giving us this [moves one note to make the chord brighter].


It changes the entire emotional response to it.

Yes! What he did. That was masterful.

I’ll ask this but I’m sure the answer is no. Are you willing to tell us the seeds that were put in the different areas?

[Laughing] No. And why is it I don’t want to do that?

We get very concrete with things that you tell us, and so we try to fit them into the lake of the known.

Exactly. And it will set up people doing things like, “Then we should be looking for this here, because those Dragons are already activated, and I’m not seeing that.” They’re going to limit their understanding of it. I just find it caters too much to the human brain instead of to a spiritual understanding.

It seems to me that the masculine, father Dragon that you spoke of resulted in a structured civilization like Egypt, whereas in Britain, with the mother Dragon, it stayed as a scattering of tribes that were never able to establish a written language or great cities.

Yes, those are very good examples of what that energy creates, yes.

We were wondering if the Dragons had qualities such that their combination created an organic whole when they’re all activated. Or do they just simply represent mainly geographical areas such that their full activation brings the planet together as a whole?

Like the Rays, each one holds the others, but its individual purpose is defined. When a Dragon is activated, the Dragons already activated within it awaken, too. The more Dragons that are activated, the more One they are, and, as a human would see it, the more powerful they are. “Powerful” isn’t a real good word for it; the better explanation would be, the more manifest they become. But it’s not manifest as in form. The more their purpose is fulfilled.

What is the cumulative effect of the Dragon work on the Guardianship? And a second question: What is the ultimate purpose of awakening them all?

Tell me if this says anything to you: Dragon force is the fuel for the vehicle that is the Guardian force.

It’s a means by which we do what we can do, which would be guard and guide the life force of the planet. It gives us a vehicle.

Yes. It gives you a means to fulfill your purpose, because the activation of Dragon force increases the speed by which life force changes, and Guardians take that speed and translate it into transition—for life force, for the planet.

It’s jet fuel instead of diesel fuel.

Yes. That’s why there has been more change within the Guardianship since the activation of Dragon force than almost any other process could bring about. It’s a very different kind of energy, but has a somewhat similar effect.

So that’s why even those people who don’t go on the trips are so pulled into the process and have so much elation along with those who were on the trip: it’s so meaningful, it resonates with their purpose.

I hope.

And what is the ultimate purpose of awakening all of the Dragons?

It’s to create a new world, to have an overlay onto this world of a new blueprint, a new way of being, so it’s easier to reach that spiritual awareness that is required.

You indicated that the work done at the Lexington Lifescapes helped with the activation process. What does this indicate about the ability to do Dragon work from a distance?

It’s not possible, as I have said before, to do Dragon work from a distance. Opening Portals or Heart Portals, maybe, but you cannot do Dragon work from a distance. It requires the frequency to be matched, and you cannot do a “no-time no-space” with something that isn’t of this world.

Will the work done at the Lifescapes make it easier to activate the next six?

What the Lexington Lifescapes work did was to affect those who were going to Egypt to do the work. That’s what a home group always does: you’re sending energy to those who are there doing the work. You are holding them up. You are helping them overcome the physical difficulties, although I would imagine on this last trip there were a whole lot of people thinking nobody was helping them through the physical difficulties. You’re not affecting the Dragon; you’re affecting the Dragon-workers. What that visualization did is it stimulated the possibilities. It activated the beginning of the work within those who were at the Lifescapes and were going to Egypt, so that, before they got there, they were already in a sense there. And because of that, their energy was already touching into the Dragon when they got to Egypt.

It woke up their Dragon.

Yes. Well said.

Is there anything the Guardians are doing that will slow down the work of The Plan?

Physically, mentally, emotionally, spiritually—those four areas need constant attention. Anything that you are doing that’s keeping you from being at your best in any of those four areas needs to be either worked out or kicked out. It’s that simple. And to help yourself do that, guess what would really help.

[Samuel and interviewers together:] TOOO-NING.

Because it would. It works. That’s the bottom line of it.

Be your best in every way. Stop making excuses for not being the best that you can be. Stop trying so hard to prove you’re human.