(The usual interview team, the editors and a representative of EarthLight, was joined this time by another member of the newsletter team, Marion Kee.)

Your last interview raised a lot of questions with our readers, so we’d like to ask you to use this time to respond to some of them. Here is the first set:

“We’d like to ask about moving into Ascension after the completion of Sacred Status, in particular the choice we have as Guardians whether or not to stay beyond the activation of Ascension. In the last interview, you said that ‘release’ (the choice not to stay) would not likely be defined as death, although it was possible that it could be. If you don’t stay, and you don’t die, what do you do? Do you just disappear? What happens to our physical form if it doesn’t die, but we leave? Does it move into other dimensions?”

What I try to get away from when answering a question like that is the semi-popular idea among New Agers that you will be multi-dimensional, with the ability to invisibly come and go from this dimension as you wish.

As is the case with so many things like that, there are partial truths in it. It’s true that you do gain the ability to function multi-dimensionally, but not as your human self that is here now. For Guardians, particularly those on the Ellic function line, you can choose to continue the work, but not necessarily as a human. You become more like an overseer, a ghostly god, so to speak. (Oh, I can hear the trouble I am going to cause with that one already.)

If you’re not finished with your compact, you remain in form. If you are finished, you go, and if you go, your form is going to look like it died.

Just a clarification: Because the question’s focus is on the physical, it’s not taking into account the larger being that we really are, the Entity that is, in a sense, deciding what it needs and doesn’t need. So when you say “If you don’t leave but you stay and you are multidimensional,” it’s not the person.

No, if you don’t leave, you continue on like this in physical form and that’s not multidimensional. It’s the confines of the physical world, your flesh-and-blood self, that stops you from being multi-dimensional.

But the Entity is multi-dimensional?


So if I release my form and my energy continues working here, it would be without a body. It would never be the personality essence that’s working here now.

That’s right.

So when Frank Schultz no longer has a body, Frank Schultz is no longer working here in the earth dimension.

All right, you are all answering it better than I am, but yes that’s very much the case.

What I’m particularly wanting to correct though is the misunderstanding that any Guardian—and the key in there is “any Guardian”—is going to be able to function in any dimensional reality they want. There are those right now who have the idea that they—the person they are right now—are also working on this dimension or that dimension already, and that’s absolutely incorrect. This body, this form, this personality cannot do that. It would be quite amazing for even high-frequency Guardians who are here to be able to release enough to do that.

In this dimension, this world, you do not have general acceptance of the idea that you can be in two places at the same time. That’s not saying that that’s correct—that you cannot be in two places at the same time—I’m saying that it isn’t a reality because it’s not accepted thinking and thus accepted beliefs by the masses. Reality is a function of mass belief.

If the Entity is multi-dimensional, how much of that work or information that the Entity is dealing with can be transferred to this physical form?

The very same that is already possible. As you master one aspect of life, you have access to the same functions of mastery that the Entity’s other projections/personalities have already experienced here. That’s the “big P-little p, big E-little e,” entity, personality. That’s already possible, but it’s not what people want to believe.

It would be as though you walked into the ocean and suddenly knew what the seaweed was thinking and feeling and saying. It would be so far outside of your usual ability to interact, so different from anything that you’ve ever experienced, that it would not make sense to you. That’s not to say that the seaweed is not giving you that information anyway, right now, but you are not equipped to understand it. And even when you are functioning at your highest frequency in this form, you are still not equipped. Why is that? Well, what are the key words there? “In the form.” If you’re in form, you have absolute boundaries, no matter how high a frequency you work at, and one of those boundaries is that form does not release enough to be able to workably function multi-dimensionally. But you can catch glimpses of what is out there through the “large P” Personality and gain the wisdom of the mastery of those functions through the Entity.

The next question is: “How do you leave the planet without dying? On the other hand, what will happen if you choose to stay? We’ve heard that you become transparent or are able to become transparent at will. Is that accurate?”


“I think you drew a distinction between what would look like dying, but would be a release and not actual death. Do you mean that you will not engage in that whole dying process, but you could just leave the form? What kind of experience are we talking about?”

You wake up some morning and your pet is gone. It’s still physically present, but nonetheless gone. How do you know it’s gone?

Its body is no longer alive, functioning. No breathing, no heartbeat, at least enough to notice.

The body no longer functions. The mind no longer functions. Would you notice a difference if the spirit is gone?

I think so. In what way do you mean different?

Is it possible to have somebody who in all ways does not function but is still here?

I would think of people on life support that are in vegetative states, and maybe newborns whose souls have not entered the form yet.

You’re right, but those are stages of life. Death requires full release, and there are as many ways to die. You go to bed one night and you don’t wake back up. You go to a party and choke on an hors d’oeuvre. There’s a whole lot of ways to die, and when it’s time for that to happen the appropriate situation will make it possible. And I cannot say how is it going to look, because how Frank is going to do it, and how David and Marion and Paula and Hapi are probably going to do it are all different, depending on what’s going on at the time. And, if you have any function left you have the option of staying alive, but if there is no function then you are dead and that personality is finished. When the spirit leaves there is death. When the body isn’t functioning and the mind isn’t working you can still have a life (some of you are managing fairly well in that state now [laughing]). Having a life doesn’t mean living, though, does it. Living—in the best sense of the word—is due to a functioning Spirit and dying, then, in most cases is when the Spirit no longer functions. Your truest self—your “Spirit”—is your life force. Death is the result of the Spirit having no way to work, to function in the world. That is a sad way for a Guardian to go.

That moves into the next question, which is “I read in the last issue that ‘your work is about the shift out of form, not how wonderful form can be.’ Gosh, Samuel, I’ve been your student and disciple for twenty-one years and this is the first time I’ve read that my work is about the shift out of form.”

Is she aware that that’s taken out of context and she did not get what I was saying?

The rest of the question is, “I know that I work as a ‘Guardian of the Plan,’ and the Plan is to bring about the completion of Sacred Status, but this puts things in a new light. What does it mean that some of the members of our Tribe have already left with Sacred Status still not complete? Did they fulfill their compact with you?”

There are a lot of people in your lives who are leaving now. Is that because they have finished what they’re doing? Does it mean they are complete and now able to move on to the next thing? If you are talking about Guardians, the answer is no. They left with a compact unfinished. Now, that’s a little harsh, but it’s the truth. Those that are leaving but are amongst humanity, they might be finished or might not, but they will cycle back around. Guardians won’t. At least, high-frequency Guardians won’t.

The next question is, “What happens if we don’t fulfill our compact with you in this lifetime? Will there be another opportunity or lifetime where we can maybe work harder and stay longer?”

You will fulfill your compact, one way or another. You will not leave if you have not fulfilled your compact. However, if you leave early, the compact will have been renegotiated. Sometimes you will accomplish more by your death than you have been accomplishing by your life. That can be a good reason to renegotiate. The spirit you are doesn’t stop because the body has.

Is that saying that the compact exists just in this dimension?

Correct. The compact is with your humanity. As long as the personality survives there is work that can be done through it, but that work is limited to those here who are keeping the personality alive. How do you keep a personality alive?

You grieve over it excessively. You don’t release the memory.

Right. You don’t let go.

Presumably an Entity has other projections. Are you saying that the work could continue through those other projections even though this particular one has been withdrawn?

That’s true. Yes.

I guess this question is different from the first one, because the first question is based on the premise that the completion of Sacred Status has happened, so our compacts are finished, and there wouldn’t be a reason for those other personalities to continue to work.

Exactly, except by choice. And the choice would be to stay in form and continue, in whatever way is possible, to help bring about the activation of those who have awakened but are not yet activated. Just because the majority of life force is awakening does not necessarily imply that activation has taken place too. They’re going to need nursemaids, so there will still be work to do.

If a renegotiation of the compact does take place, would the personality be involved at all?


Does it take place at the Entity level without the personality being conscious of it or able to influence it?

Absolutely. But it depends on the personality and how much mastery there has been to be able to detach from that personality. That is the idea with high-frequency Guardianship. If you’re able to function at an Ellic level for at least long enough to work on some of the planetary workings that we have been doing over the last ten years or so, you are going to be able to see and understand that aspect of detachment. If you’re just waking up to all of this then you’re probably going to be so tied into the personality that you would not see or understand it, and as a result of that, you would not even have that choice.

The last question is, “Here’s what the process of Sacred Status feels like to me: the world is coming apart at the seams; world corruption is at an all-time high and more transparent; and my shortfalls and those of my relatives have become more magnified. I keep my head above water by consciously noticing the 5:3:2 miracles as they occur around me, and even when my heart is heavy, I can see and appreciate them.

“For those of us Guardians who are not experiencing satisfaction with our personal journeys right now, will we be able to do so before we finally leave? Will we ever have an inkling of the good we did even if we weren’t able to see it at the time?”

The energy that is coming to the planet right now is going to amplify what is going on with you. If what is going on with you is a negative, short-coming, chaos-directed, crisis-enacted, misery, you will indeed become more miserable. If you are attached instead of detached, if you are judging yourself by what’s going on around you rather than the actions you are consciously taking to bring about change. If you are a part of the problem rather than the solution. If you are still working on controlling those basic, security-based reactions, I promise, what you are going to be seeing in the world will be a reflection of what’s going on in you. And you are going to see that more and more.

When you are in quicksand and feeling yourself sinking, it’s very hard to force yourself to remember what the rules are for getting out of quicksand. All you think about is the great sucking force that is pulling you down. And you can focus on that, and you can make it a filter through which you see your whole life. If that’s what you’ve always done, that’s probably what you’re going to do again. And the gift is that the sense of despair, frustration, and negative chaos is going to be amplified. However, if you are surrounding yourself with those who are not attached, who are examples of Right Action and high-frequency priorities, if you are doing everything you can to make sure your energy is readapting . . . and what’s the best way to do that?


Toning, yes! Then through the changes toning brings about you are going to be slowly detaching yourself from that negative place.

This question is a good one because it allows me the opportunity to say, “Get over yourself. Get over it. You know what you should be doing.” And the message hasn’t changed. Yes, I am impatient for Guardians to stop relying on their humanity to judge their lives.

As you were talking, I was thinking of all the things that you’ve told us to do: look at options, look to break patterns, think outside of your usual box, explore different ways of doing things.

Look at your fears. Figure out what it is that is keeping you happier with the misery than letting it go. Figure out what it is that you’re getting out of the misery. Figure out in what ways you are relating to the chaos of the world to find a similar pattern in yourself. See if you have had successes in the past that can help you work through this.

I sometimes find myself falling into that trap of judging myself by what’s going on with the people and events around me. There must be something fundamentally scary about letting go of the need to have that way of looking at things.

Be specific. Letting go of what?

Letting go of the tendency to say “I have to judge myself by what’s going on around me that is affecting me, that’s in my face all the time. If things are flowing well, I’m good, and if they’re not, I’m bad.

Well, it’s part of that “If I am good, bad things won’t happen.” It’s part of that “I am doing all that I can do but the world isn’t getting any better.” And that’s not correct. The world is getting better, and change is happening.

I greatly appreciate that the prelude to this question was being grateful for all of the miracles that you see, all of the time, but that’s missing the point. You manifest according to your beliefs about yourself. If what you are seeing is hardship and difficulty, maybe you need to look somewhere else. As long as you are afraid of taking a very serious look at yourself you are going to judge you by what you see in the world. You’re not going to be attached into the greater reality. You will absolutely not be detached. You will be unable to see anything but you. In this particular case it’s a long-standing pattern, but it’s a very human thing. People judge everything by how safe they are. If you are not very safe, then it must be you are not doing well. If a Guardian’s awareness is added into that mix then it’s going to create the constant imbalance of “What can I do to guarantee that I will enjoy this life?” and seeking, ultimately, rather selfishly for one’s own happiness, and I mean that in the worst kind of way, seeking one’s own gratification.

As a Guardian, you are in the world, you are in form, you are here where form rules. Your job is to create new rules. You’re not of the world.

The other part of that question was, “Will we ever have an inkling of the good we did, even though we weren’t able to see it at the time?”

The question I would respond with is “Why are you not seeing it already?” If you’re not seeing it, why would you choose to put that “good” into such a small box so that it’s something your eyes and brain can accept and label as “good”?

I’m going to provide an exercise for seeing the good you do. Take three weeks without any outside news source. During the middle week of those three, go totally without television, ideally even without music in the car as you go back and forth. I’m asking you to put yourself outside of media influence for the middle week. That means no magazine, newspapers, or Internet news.

Spend that time being excessively polite and helpful, and sacrificing—that word’s used on purpose—your needs to help others. Sacrificing your needs: I am saying, go the extra mile. I’m not saying that, if you see somebody who needs help and you would usually just pass them by, that you should stop and give them money. I’m saying give of your time. Do what you can at the moment to serve others.

At the end of that three weeks you are going to be changed, I promise. You are going to be changed because on a physical and a mental and an emotional and a spiritual level, you are not focusing on yourself. You are not being fed a constant flow of negativity; no matter how real it is as a part of a world, you’re backing off of it.

Three weeks of that, the middle week, no media of any kind. And for those who know that they are going to need a lot of help with this, journal your emotions, keep track of your joy, blessings, gratitudes—create a gratitude journal—and make sure that you are feeding yourself lovingly, if lovingly is healthfully. It’s not “Well, I really need to give myself some comfort so I’m going to have a drink or . . .”

Eat a quart of ice cream.

Right. There is so much you can do to change the way you function in the world. When you are really attached to someone else’s drama, to your own drama, it’s because you are steeped in a belief about the need for punishment, which is very prevalent in this culture and often shows up as being a workaholic or other patterns of addictive behavior. So, take a large part of the punishment out of your life and see if that does not turn around some of the ways you see what’s going on in the world around you.