Now that Dragon force has been awakened in China, what will be the effect on the Guardianship, those who are awake and mass consciousness as a whole?

Although it might seem as though that’s a threefold question, it’s actually fourfold, because it involves not only Dragon energy with regard to the Guardianship, with regard to those who are awakened, and mass consciousness, but it’s also asking something about the Dragon-force work generally. But I have a question to ask back. It’s going to have an effect on China, so is the question making reference to the Guardianship, the awakened ones, and mass consciousness in China? Or is it a question about the whole planet, because there really isn’t an answer for that.

I guess China, although my sense is that, as the Dragons are activated, there’s going to be a cumulative change in energy in general throughout the planet. But it sounds as though you’re saying that that’s not true.

It’s not true—at least not at this point.

The thing to remember about activating Dragon force is that the effect is primarily going to be seen where that energy has been activated. Although it is ultimately the activation of a function of Source, for primary activation the greatest change is going to be seen right where the seed was planted. And in this case that would be China along the Yangtze, where there is going to be awakening within the Guardianship, within the awakened, and within mass consciousness.

Now, awakening within the Guardianship: do you remember what that leads to?


Awakening within the awakened? Do you remember what that leads to? It leads to service, which then becomes activated.

And awakening within mass consciousness leads to just that—awakening.

It will be interesting to see what comes of that within Chinese society, because frankly there are very few Guardians there. There are some awakened within pivotal areas, and that’s important, but for the most part the effect will be within mass consciousness.

So, based on that, what you are likely to see the most of—for instance on your news—it is probably going to look like unrest amongst the peasants. Did your guides euphemistically call them farmers?


Amidst the farmers, then, or the more impoverished parts of the country. There will also be a greater westernization among the more consumer-driven, because right now that society has those two classes—a very large peasant class, and a growing consumer class. In between those two, you have many people who are looking and waiting to see what happens.

Can you see that a two-class system that is essentially the rich and the poor is, in its own interesting way, balanced? I mean the balance of opposites, not balance as in being grounded.

Do you mean balanced in that each person knows their place within it, in one class or the other?

No, that’s not what I’m referring to. I mean balance because both of those are extremes.

Of an economic system.

Yes. So there is very little middle ground, which means that the sorts of changes that you’re going to see are going to be extreme as well.

So look for chaos that brings about a higher awareness of personal needs within the impoverished, and chaos that—and this may not be so good—brings about political change in the richer class. And the reason that consumers might bring about political change is that right now the country does not have a political system based on western dynamics, and the government is going to have to respond to that.

The other extreme that you see in the government is a strong, ideological communist-based system that’s rubbing shoulders with the part of that system that’s also recognizing the need for economic reform, for the potential that China has. How do you see the activation of Dragon energy affecting that particular aspect, and is that one of the pivotal areas that you were talking about?

When I said pivotal places, I actually meant geographically speaking as opposed to within the dynamics of the government or the economy.

The reason that I’m bringing that up is that if there is a backlash, if this provokes a reaction, it’s most likely to come from the ideological part of the government, whereas if there is a bending to accommodate, it’s most likely to come from that part of the government that sees that economic reforms are having positive results.

China is either going to have to create a new form of communism or a new form of consumerism, and it’s going to be that class of people who are beginning to enjoy money that is going to bring about that change. They’re going to have influence, and that influence is going to start out by tackling corruption, but the move from corruption to balance is a very free-will-ridden road, so I can’t really tell what direction that’s going to take.

The activated Dragon in China is going to speed up the process. If you want to find examples of that process, don’t look at Eastern Europe; look at third-world Latin countries—dictatorship in Argentina, for instance—because right now the government in China is more of a dictatorship than it is a communist system. And that’s because it’s in that process of change. So, to see examples of accelerated change, look at the history of Cuba, Argentina and Chile, to get a sense of what might be in front of the Chinese.

Now, having said all of that, don’t forget that it is a free-will system, and remember too that there are not a lot of Guardians there.

What will be the impact of these changes on the ecology? Right now they have a great deal of air pollution, all kinds of pollution in fact. After all, they’re in an industrial revolution.

They’re going to have massive changes between now and the Olympics in 2008 that have nothing to do with the spiritual and everything to do with economic reality. They’re not going to draw in economy-changing tourists if they continue to have the sort of pollution troubles and environmental disasters and natural problems handled poorly that they have now. For that reason Beijing is going to be forced to make some very radical changes that are going to be leading the way for the rest of the country. Just economically speaking, that’s going to be a great gift to the country, as well as to health and the environment. So, simply because of those things, the changes will be good ones.

It’s one of the few advantages of a centralized government, I think, that change does trickle out fairly rapidly.

That’s right. Of course, it doesn’t trickle out to help those on the very bottom layer, but it’s got to start somewhere.

Would you please explain how and why the activation of Dragon energy is affected by the location where the work is done? For example, you indicated that the work in China would be different than the work in Britain because it required immersing the group in the culture and history as well as the place. What was the difference there? You didn’t stress that when we went to Britain.

The British Dragon was in the land itself, because it is an island. Just as an aside, have you ever wondered why such a small country has had such a profound effect in every major area of the world? That says a lot about the energy. It has always been a very important part of the world scene, and because Britain does not have a major river system, as does China, the seeding there was put into the land itself—actually into what used to be a mountain system that has pretty much disappeared now. So, that was a special case.

There is another special case that I won’t go into right now, but, for all practical purposes from here on, you are going to be activating Dragon energy within the water—not just any water, but water whose major tributaries, one way or another, touch the whole country. It won’t be enough that it’s a river, even if it’s a big river. It will be a big river that snakes out to touch the whole country. Water has been the means by which animals, plants and humans have been able to come together to become an ordered system of one sort or another. With regard to humans, of course, I mean that which started as tribalism and became the beginnings of civilizations.

By going into China, which has such a long history of early development around water sources, and by studying that development, getting a sense of that water’s beginnings, you’re actually going to touch into seeded consciousness. That’s different than Dragon activation; it’s a result of Dragon activation. In China, your advantage was to touch into the results, because it would ultimately bring you back to the water. In Britain, the water—the Dragon—opened you to the results.

How are areas that don’t have a major watershed infused with energy such as Dragon energy, or are they? I’m thinking of Australia with a huge desert and no major rivers.

You are not taking into account what’s underground, because they actually do have quite a system. But it’s not one of the major watersheds; as a whole Australia more or less fits into the general Oceanic-Polynesian area. I don’t want to get off on Australia though, but you have touched into the other exception I mentioned. And you’ve not thought about Antarctica, because it too would have to be an exception, wouldn’t it?

In any land masses where there are no major surface rivers there are, in all likelihood, one of two things going on: the seeding was done in rivers that are now underground—and in the Australian desert there are ocean fossils everywhere, because there was a very big water source there at one point—or the water is in the earth itself. You know that there are large, large, bodies of water below rocky areas in the earth that don’t have or have very little connection to the surface. Those have a very big effect on the way that your planet shifts, and so forth—the electromagnetic function of the planet—but there are two places in the world where that’s actually where the seeding is.

So by working first with the Earth’s major water systems, you’re going to be using that which has the greatest touch into humanity, and that’s what’s going to create the greatest difference.

Each time the Dragon is activated, the question is “is this one going to be enough to tilt the balance to bring about Completion?” Obviously, not so far. Thus we try the Amazon. Brazil handles eighty-five percent of the world’s fresh water. It’s a very wet land. It’s a very wet continent. That’s why, interestingly enough, there is so much hidden—and I mean hidden, and no, I’m not getting into it—there is so much hidden power, why there are civilizations that worked in South America, or what’s now South America, that had massive Shining function that is still fairly hidden. A lot of what’s going to be opened back into the world is going to come from there.

Will the work that we are doing require a trip to the Mississippi river, since we are so close to it and its tributaries—the Kentucky and the Ohio rivers—to work with the U.S. Dragon?

I did not have you do your work on tributaries of the Yangtze. I had you do it on the Yangtze. Tributaries are means for the seeded energy to reach out. You don’t go to where it’s reaching out to do a work. You go where the seed is.

There are some difficulties with regard to taking a group to do an activation on the Mississippi River, not even thinking of the hurricane-damaged delta area. Your country no longer has a river-oriented society, and although the Mississippi River holds great energy, it does not hold the possibility of massive amounts of outlying effects.

In China, if you work on the Yangtze, you’re going to have a dramatic effect on Dragon force, reaching into the economy as it shows up in business, day-to-day life, farming, etc., but, whereas the Mississippi River has Dragon force, it doesn’t have far-reaching effects.

Is that because we’re more of a coastal nation?

Yes, and because you transport much less by river than you do by airplane or even trucks and trains. You are no longer a river society.

And the agriculture is not necessarily based right there along the banks like in some countries, such as China.

Correct. Also, on a practical level, I know that EarthLight has had a terrible time trying to figure out a way to do a working by having a cruise or something similar on the Mississippi. The bottom line is that I have no idea how to activate that seed, how to activate that Dragon force under those circumstances, so it’s on hold.

My understanding was that to use what’s presently available to get on the river would be so prohibitively expensive that it’s just not feasible to get the kind of group tour that we normally get, which enables a lot of people to participate.

And I would be happy for you to settle at some nice spot, and just take trips out on the river, but apparently that’s hard too. Right now, the Mississippi River Dragon force—or the United States Dragon force—is on hold insofar as there being an actual working to get it awakened. And that’s all right, because at this point there are much easier functions of Dragon force to open, and that’s what I’m trying for. I’m going from the easiest to the more difficult, so the Mississippi can be put off. It’s not a problem.

So basically if you are looking for the greatest effect, you are looking at Brazil; it will give you a much weightier result than you would get if you took a group to the Mississippi.

Yes. The more you have a society that’s focused around the river, the easier it’s going to be to activate that Dragon force. That’s what’s needed.

You have referred to the Guardianship as the Shining Ones, but just as we have entities individually, aren’t we channeling energy for a higher level of Shining energy? How do the Shining Ones at that level participate in the work of activating Dragon energy? That question comes from something you said on the trip: that when the seedings took place, there were those participating who had taken form, those who were there momentarily, and those who did it inter-dimensionally. I’m trying to understand what these layers of Shining energy are that we were probably channeling at that point?

Well the first thing that I want to do is correct a way that you said that. There are some Guardians that are Shining energy. By no means are all Guardians Shining force. Guardians that I work with—you who have a compact with me—you are avataric function. Avataric function has probably the largest amount of Shining energy in it. Shining energy is Ellic force, and avataric function is Ellic force, but it’s Ellic force—as I’ve said in the past—that is not stepped down as much as that which is generally a Guardian, for instance.

It’s not possible to channel pure Ellic force. It is possible to channel avataric energy. It is possible to channel Perfecti. It is possible to channel the results of Ellic-force creation energy, but specifically, Ellic force is a function of All That Is, and as a function it’s not stepped down enough to work at these levels of form. So just to put that aside a bit, there are those amongst the Guardians who are able to function as Perfecti, who access Shining energy. Those that access Shining energy do so if they have functioned as the Shining Ones.

You mean in form?

No, that’s only one version of functioning. There is functioning in form; there is functioning without form; and there is functioning . . .


That’s right, which may or may not use form. More often than not, it steps in and steps out at will. Inter-dimensional functioning is not common yet. It happens, but not often.

I said in China that there was no difference between functioning in form and functioning out of form. It’s a choice. It depends on the need at the moment. It’s just one more way of meeting your compact. But what’s most effective in this world, what will make the greatest change and bring about the completion of the Plan through this transition time are Guardians, and particularly Guardians functioning through their Entity into avataric force or Ellic force, and through that Entity—the avataric entity—into Shining function.

So, Guardians—Guardians functioning as avataric function; avataric function accessing Shining force—those that are capable of holding that energy have a compact with me. And I am doing absolutely everything that can be done humanly—or maybe I should say in spite of humanness—to help you become comfortable with that, comfortable not only as a Guardian, but as a Guardian capable of functioning through to the entity of avataric function—and many of you that I work with are willing to acknowledge that—but from the avataric function to the Shining function. And in the workings where Perfecti are needed, that can be created by the One Body function of those who are capable of making the connection even if they have not internalized it.

The connection to the Shining Ones.

Right. Now, ideally, the work is done by those who recognize and acknowledge and live their Shining function, but that’s asking an awful lot here on this planet.

The end of the calendar year is always a good time for review in preparation for a new beginning. What kind of things would you like to see the Guardianship doing in preparation for the work to come?

You know, I love to quote Marjorie Mayhem—Kay’s character in one of Joy’s famous comedy skits—who said “Stop whining and ascend!” And I will add to that please.

[From this point through the remainder of the interview, Samuel was extremely emphatic, in a way that the writing does not convey. We’ve made liberal use of italics to try to convey his tone. Ed.]

It is important for those who are activated to be able to merge with one another and function in One Body, which means that all of the teachings that have to do with unity are vital, always.

One of the greatest things preventing Guardians from being as effective as they are needed to be is their sense of entitlement, and their tendency to think that their expectations should be met based on that entitlement—and, when they don’t get that, their loss of confidence and ability to manifest and to fully understand the larger picture, and their tendency to whine because of it. If there was just one thing individuals got an active control of that would make everything else a lot easier—it would be stop whining; just move on.

If you will think back—particularly for those of you who have been involved in this work for many years—you will recognize that when there have been very big leaps, right before that leap I have had to—and happily I will do it again—emphasize constantly: just move on. Don’t hold on to having to understand—that was maybe ten years ago; don’t hold on to control, having to have it your way—particularly in the last five years. Now it’s don’t hold on to your expectations—this last year and coming forth. You slow yourself down by your earth experience, by letting your earth experience be the means by which you judge yourself. I am very weary of that.

The work that you’re here to do is so much greater than the slings and arrows of your day-to-day experience. Get over it. Adapt. Stop thinking that because you’re doing massive earth work that it means that you are exempt from karma or from any sort of experiences that are designed to bring about wisdom and change. Stop thinking that all the rules apply to someone else. At this point, in the bigger picture, your point in time, right now, your job is to use—positively—what your day-to-day opportunities provide for you. To focus on that day-to-day routine is not the point. Stop whining! Ascend! Move beyond it. Keep going.

And, although it seems as though it’s just more of what’s already been said, the fact is that the easiest way to do that is to stop whining. Instead, pay special attention to what you’re grateful for, be consciously aware of the things that are going right, of your successes—those things that are a connection into your relationship with Source. And, you know, I’ve been saying this through this form for more than twenty years, but why it was needed twenty years ago is nothing like why it’s needed now. Goodness, why it was needed five years ago is nothing like why it’s needed now. Because right now your job is to activate your pure function—your avataric force—and to activate, through that, your Shining connection, so that that which has absolutely nothing to do with your human experience can come forth into this world. But if you’re going to stay stuck on your human experience there’s not going to be much hope for getting done that which goes beyond human.

Can you give a real world example? I think that really helps.

All right—physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually. A good example physically, particularly amongst those who are working in Guardianship, has to do with health. People get—Guardians get—so caught up in their physical-body stuff. It’s just stuff. There is a blueprint, and it says, “Here is what your life is going to have challenging you, and there are reasons for it.” So don’t get so caught up in what a difficulty it is for you to manage, but take care of it in the best possible ways.

I am amazed at how much time Guardianship spends on seeking the most far-flung, alternative treatment for something that you could be over in five days with an antibiotic. I am amazed at how much Guardians baby themselves: “I cannot take a walk for thirty minutes a day because it’s cold out and it makes me sniffle.” And you’ll never get over those sniffles if you don’t harden yourself up to them. Or how much physical comfort is needed, not for large energy works—I understand that, I fully understand that—but too many people need huge amounts of physical comfort just to come and tone. It’s amazing to me how much Guardians allow their physical experience to guide their day-to-day lives.

David [Thomson], you have broken your ankle, haven’t you? And what is it you’re doing for it?

[David pauses, trying to recall.] Nothing.

[Laughing] Pretty much nothing.

I went to the doctor.

You went to the doctor. You made use of the technology that’s available. The doctor’s advice was “There’s not a lot you can do about it. Be careful. Don’t do anything stupid. Don’t jump off of ladders. Don’t get on the roof of your house.” You’re not—and you’re probably not the best example for this, David, because you wouldn’t anyway, but I’ll toss it out—you’re not fussing and babying yourself. You’re not putting your ankle up everywhere you can, and talking to everyone about how painful it is, and making sure that you’ve got crutches and canes just so that you don’t have to use it, when essentially it is something that really is negligible. But there are people who would have the very same thing, and it would be their constant focus. I don’t advocate denial. I advocate doing what you can and letting it go. Keep on going.

Not using it as an excuse.

Yes, exactly. It’s not an excuse, and it’s not a means to make you special. It’s just one of those things that happens. You [David] have gotten a cold—sort of—it’s just in your ankle this time.

What comes to my mind is making the physical dramatic in order to feel like you have passion.

Yes, I agree with that. Drama is another opportunity for somebody who has no vision to feel as though they have a life. They make their physical life all drama.

Do you have an example?

I was thinking about someone who says “Oh my gosh, gas is over three dollars a gallon. I can’t drive to toning because it will cost too much.”

Good example. The whole focus is on what I can’t do because of this physical thing going on.

You see that also in the mental-emotional fields, somebody whose whole life revolves around something that happened when they were seven years old, who has learned how to excuse all sorts of behaviors as “Well, I can’t help it, you see, because I am emotionally stunted because my inner child never had the . . .” Get over it. Keep going. Get a life.

Spiritually speaking, how about “I am so self-judgmental. I give myself such a hard time. I really have to practice being good to me, because if I don’t I am unable to allow myself to accept my Guardianship and function as I should.”

Now, this is you, David. “I don’t visualize. I don’t see it the way others do, so I don’t think I’m getting it. So I’m not as good as, I’m not doing what I should be because of that.” And although I said it’s you, I want to toss out two things about that. First, based on China, there is no way that’s you. Whatever you call it—I call it visualization—you connect better than probably seventy-five percent of the people in the room. It’s very exciting to me to see how you have evolved in your acceptance of your way of getting things. And I say that’s you, David, but there are several very high-frequency people within this work who totally push aside what they receive because it’s not the way someone else receives. Another example of that might be, “I never hear the overtones. I never get that special ‘Wow, this was one incredible toning. I just feel like I’m flying. I’m so spaced out, I can’t think. I have to let the love circle pass me by.’” So? That doesn’t have anything to do with it, because your spiritual work is what is. Stop making your physical reaction to it your excuse or your carrot.

Get over it. Stop whining. Ascend!

All right, what I’ve given you so far are ways that it shows up practically. And now I’m going to shift a little, because everything that’s going to be coming up is not going to be only about whining. The second thing I’m going to be focusing on is the function of Shining energy showing up through those who are capable of channeling it by way of their avataric force. It needs to be accepted, and it needs to be made available for the world.

When you say “accepted” are you saying it’s done with awareness?


And being out in the world is actually physically out amongst mass consciousness, doing it.

Exactly. One of the most frequent questions that I’m asked since we’ve started doing Dragon work is, “Am I one of the Perfecti? Am I a Shining One? Am I doing what I need to be doing in order for the work to get finished?” And yet the truth of it is, if you’re asking that question, it’s probably because you are—really—but all of your broken parts are making you doubt it, so you feel that you need to have that confirmed.

But the second thing about it is, it doesn’t matter if you are or aren’t, because my saying you are or aren’t is not what’s going to make you effective. Your Shining potential is wearing a human cloak, and until you get over the human stuff, your Shining function isn’t going to be shining. The good news? By consistent One Heart, One Mind, One Body functioning, you’re going to get used to Shining function in spite of yourself, and will be able to more easily recognize it, name it, claim it.

So, as you see, the whining and shining are two different directions I’m going to be looking at.