During the trip to Mexico and the October first-Sunday meeting in Lexington, you emphasized the need for Guardians to accept their “godness.” Please explain the importance of this in your work towards fulfilling the Plan.

Remember that the changing of the Grid and the moving into 5:3:2 essentially made Guardians the prototype for mass conscious­ness. And, as you have been seeing over the last few years, what you do, what you think about, what you direct your time to comes into being. Time after time after time, what you think shows up in the world, what you do becomes fashionable in the world.

I have done everything short of taking a can opener, opening up your head and pouring it in to impress on you that it is impera­tive that you, as Guardians, pay attention to what you are putting into the Grid by your intent, by your thoughts, by your words, by your deeds, because that is going to open the door for mass con­sciousness to do the same thing. With the Fusion of Masculine and Feminine Energy, the function of what you think of as Christ Con­sciousness has activated at a much more obvious level in you and in the world, which is what has brought about the many, many changes in your personal awareness that have made these last few months so difficult. That’s because Christ Consciousness, which previously had only worked its way up as high as Thought, fused with your Intent, more or less.

The activation of Christ Consciousness at the level of Intent requires a completely different type of response within Guardian­ship, because you cannot create fully activated Christ Conscious­ness when your humanness is getting in the way. As the prototype for mass consciousness, it is only by activating, recognizing, and accepting the god aspect of Christ Consciousness that you will al­low the active level of Christ Consciousness to function within mass consciousness. So Guardianship must be activated at a higher level of awareness so that mass consciousness can be activated at a higher level of action.

Now, when I say the god aspect of Christ Consciousness, ob­viously that implies that there is a goddess aspect of Christ Con­sciousness. What I want you to remember is that god and goddess are conceptual constructs of All That Is. Since Fusion, it’s not that they are combined, as some people want to think, it’s that they are synthesized. In the same way that your soul is the point of synthesis for your physical projection and Spirit’s function in this world, Fusion synthesized god and goddess, thus allowing indi­vidual activity out of a synthesized whole. However, if Spirit and form were combined, every intent would automatically have an action. So it is with god and goddess. So when I say the god aspect of Christ Consciousness, I’m referring to the direct physical-world activities that are the result of Christ Consciousness functioning within an individual. The goddess aspect of Christ Consciousness functioning within an individual would then be what?

Intent and Thought. Essentially, the goddess aspect would be the point of creative action before the fulfillment of that action comes to pass.

Good. In a Guardian, Christ Consciousness should be more toward the goddess version, but in order for Christ Consciousness to activate in mass consciousness as a whole, it must be the god aspect.

Now, here comes the tricky, interesting part. When Guard­ians are working at their highest, it is because they have activated God within themselves through the function of Goddess, and the result shows up in the world as God. It’s like putting blue dye into yellow liquid, and all of a sudden having a green liquid. Mass con­sciousness is the yellow liquid, Guardianship functioning as God­dess—creator—is the blue dye. It doesn’t create more yellow; it creates something different all together. That’s sort of how it works.

How well is the group responding to that call that they be­come gods?

Insofar as this tribe is concerned, only a very few went to Mexico compared with how many there are within this group who might be capable of awakening God within themselves.

Just as the Guardianship as a whole are the prototypes for mass consciousness, so the group that was in Mexico were the conveyers of that energy to the Guardianship as a whole—hope­fully.

That’s why I spent a whole lot of the time in Mexico explaining the dying pro­cess. However, apparently I’m not able to explain it in such a way that it does not threaten those who are not on board. I would say that everybody in Mexico at one point or another experienced—long or short, continual or not—an awareness of their godhood. What I saw as the difficulty was that those who needed the writing on the wall, so to speak, have had, and con­tinue to have, a very hard time accepting that they have their godhood, because they want to feel differently, they want to have a magical barrier that keeps them from thinking old thoughts and functioning in negative ways. But that’s not how it works. In dying to the old, you’re not dropping off the edge of the earth; you’re still here.

And I would say that, after Mexico, there is probably a solid ten percent of that group who more often than not function as if they have activated the god within themselves. There are probably another fifty percent who are hoping to and realize that it’s a constant awareness that must be habituated into the consciousness. The rest are those who have personal reasons that keep them in their mode of fear, that pre­vent them from accepting it, even though they have been changed by the trip. It’s as if you had a million dollars in the bank, but it’s of no use to you until you write a check. So you write a check, and you redo your whole house, but you still feel very poor.

But I will not stop, because that IS the next step that is required. In the next work­shops, I’m going to focus on what the group in Mexico was given over a period of two weeks—not only for those who did not get that intense “Let go of your stuff!” but also for those who were on the trip and haven’t yet let go of their stuff.

You mentioned in the last interview that Serpent Mound would be the prov­ing ground for the work in Mexico. What is your assessment now that that work has been done at Serpent Mound? How does reawakening such sites as Serpent Mound help the planet?

Serpent Mound was going to be the proving ground for what those who had activated their godhood were capable of doing in a larger group. Now, as it turns out, that larger group at Serpent Mound, first, was so much larger, and, second, con­tained many who were not working on the same vision, not working, needless to say, at the same sort of level. The different lev­els can be accommodated for, the different visions cannot.

For example, let’s say that there are four of you wanting to awaken the Serpent. The reason three of you are doing it is for the higher good of the world as a whole, but the fourth person’s reason is that they think it might be neat to see what happens. Well, that’s going to cause a drag on the energy.

In that particular group at Serpent Mound, the vision was very uncoordi­nated—people were coming because they wanted to be a part of something that they did not understand or were not open to. If everybody on the trip to Mexico had con­sciously awakened their godhood, there might have been enough energy to coun­teract that vision discrepancy, but as it was there were not enough.

However, even with those difficulties, the energy that has been waiting in Ser­pent Mound is awakening. That’s the best way to say it. It’s not activated, but it’s awak­ening specifically due to the work. That’s why I made the comment that I wonder what would happen if you came back next month, more or less doing the same thing.

I am sure that, under other circum­stances, I would be quite satisfied with how that work came through. It’s not a bad con­clusion. But it’s not a completion.

At Serpent Mound, you said the sound does the work How does the qual­ity of the sound relate to our inner state?

The quality of the overtones involves more than simply a good mechanical pro­duction. It requires physical consciousness, as well as mental, emotional and spiritual consciousness. Most singers will probably tell you that even though they can mechani­cally produce a good sound, if they’re not fully there, fully on, there is no life to it. And that’s the key. The sound production was good, but the effects of it weren’t enough.

A moment ago you said that, even though their energy is God, they’re not functioning as God, and that is because of the lack of acceptance that they are and have the energy.

Right. And you only bring new energy into your life by habituating it with your actions. You are, more or less, activating it by acting on it.

At one time you had mentioned that in rituals, if you have perhaps twelve out of a hundred people who are function­ing at the level you need, then that’s okay. Is there a critical mass of Guardians functioning in godhood that you need in order to move on with the work?


You just need three. That doesn’t seem very hard. But you need them functioning that way all of the time.

That’s right.

You need them functioning continually, or you need enough people functioning on and off to create the continuity.

Precisely. Now, the good news is, this group understands One Heart, One Mind, One Body, and this group has been learning to work as One Body so that when Marion has hurt herself and isn’t quite there, Paula can center herself and be more.

Several times recently, you have mentioned the reseeding of the fifth world. What does that have to do with the focus of the work right now?

When I make reference to the fifth world, I am using a lan­guage that is familiar in two ways. First, it’s familiar prophetically, mainly in Western culture. And instinctually, seeded within the blueprint of those who are Guardian energy, is an awareness of the Plan as a whole, of the Earths of the past, the experiments of the past, of the possibility of the fulfillment of Absorption, of es­tablishing a final, glorified completion. That’s why those who are drawn to this work recognize the teachings. That’s why a part of you enjoys hearing that airy-fairy stuff that has nothing to do with what you’re doing right here on the Earth to pay your bills. Be­cause there is a part of you that remembers—really! So I’m using a language that stimulates both the prophetic of the world and what is imprinted on the spirit that you are.

Insofar as the prophetic version, Serpent Mound was an ex­ample of seeding the fifth world, as opposed to activating the fifth world. Do you see that difference? The energy is awakened, it’s not activated, It will become activated as people who took part in that work re-experience it in their dreams, in their mind, because those who did the work have been touched by that serpent. And I would imagine, as a whole, the group is having a lot of snake en­counters in their dreams. Now, ideally, activating it right off would have been the answer. But it doesn’t matter, because it will hap­pen.

However, Serpent Mound is the activation for the continental United States. There are equivalents all over the world. And in the very same fashion that awakening Heart Portals allowed for a criti­cal event that would automatically open them all, that is also true with the reactivation of the serpent in this world. And you do that by activating enough of these special energy functions in different regions of the world. Unfortunately, it’s not as handy as Heart Por­tals, which were all within a specific band, but there will come a point where the change is enough for full activation, even without going to each place and activating them all.

In the last issue of Phoenix Rising, you spoke of the na­tional karma that was created from the war in Iraq, and the work that you had the leadership of the three cities do to influ­ence the way that karma was worked out. What results have you seen from that work?

Incredibly good, if slow to manifest, results. In fact, one of the best workings of energy that these cities have done. Right now— forgive my cliché—the truth is out there. It is loudly and clearly out there.

If you do something to harm someone and then you heal that rift, you do not carry the obligation of negative karma, even though

negative karma was the result of the hurt. The United States has hurt Iraq. The karma from that hurt means that what that country is experiencing could also have happened in this one—severe eco­nomic difficulties, a lot of political power problems, mob mental­ity, unstable government. The same thing could have happened here. The citizens, as a whole, suffering from the impact could have responded in anger, moved into mob mentality. The citizens as a whole could have considered putting chaos in control, be­cause they were so angry at their disempowerment.

Another example is the infrastructure, which in Iraq is greatly damaged. In the U.S. that is probably not showing up in quite the same way, but the fact is that here, right now, at a time that you should be having your best harvests, all of the harvests across this country are very low. The trucking industry that gets the food to your market is having difficulties. The electrical utility system is out of control and having difficulty. The state of your infrastructure is nowhere near what they are experiencing in Iraq, but I think it’s probably easy for you to see a parallel, and to imagine what could have happened.

However, the healing work that these groups did opened the door for the truth to be out there so that the focus would be on the government, rather than on the backlash of the people.

In this country, the people have a choice before them now. They can read their newspapers and watch the news and see that what happened was based on lies, that it was based on personal and imperialistic greed—the United States not being a leader, but becoming a dictator in the world. Or they can close their eyes and choose not to see the truth in front of them.

I’m very interested to see both how your government squirms, and what they’re going to do to try to deflect these issues, as well as what the people allow. That’s all-important. But the most im­portant thing, I believe, was that your country was going to be­come chaotic enough that the compassion of the people would be lost, and I do not see that happening. I am very pleased with the results of that work. Very pleased.

And it’s important to remember that that specific working I asked the leadership to do was about two things: healing oneself and allowing vulnerability to create an opening for One Body. Each person exposed their weak points in order for One Body to cover it all, and that is God.

Our calendar year is drawing to a close. Traditionally, winter is a time for rest and introspection leading to rebirth and new beginnings. How can we, as Guardians, best use this energy, and what will be the focus of your work in the upcoming year?

I would actually like to see everybody who cares work on dying, that they work on letting go of their life in order to have life. I want individuals to be willing to look plainly, ruthlessly, at all of those aspects of their lives that are not working well enough, and turn the tables so that they’re not looking outside of themselves for an excuse or justification, but within. Imagine, if you will, that everything going on in your life is all because of you. Well, hello, it is. Nonetheless there are people, even those who went to Mexico, who don’t see their responsibility within the difficulties of their lives.

If everybody who is a part of this work would take the months of winter to totally let go, to let their old self die, and from those ashes rebuild—like the phoenix—that would make a profound difference. If, all of a sudden, I was working with Guardians who were effectively blank slates, babies, there would be faster change in this world than having three or four gods and a whole lot of angry adolescents, and a few cynical old ones.

That would be a real gift, because what needs to be done in this coming year is to focus on the phoenix aspect, that which comes out of the ashes. In addition—and after Mexico, you can understand this more—the building of that blue body that functions outside of the confines of this world.

As you know, the veil is shifting. It is going to continue shifting. For Guardians, the releasing of the veil shows up as your seeing what is and isn’t working in your life, because the eyes of your humanity are leav­ing with that veil. I don’t want Guardians to get so caught up in the pain of their is­sues that they do not have the strength to move beyond them, but I want them to see what’s holding things up.

As a result of that, you are very likely to hear a lot of teachings about “get over it, let’s talk about ego, let’s talk about the difficulties that are showing up in your life because of that ego not being able to let go.” We will talk about relationships, and about how you should treat people, which may seem like very basic things, but you know that I consider nothing basic if the group doesn’t have it yet.

don’t want to have to spend a lot of what could be a profound year—a year that begins the end—carrying a whip. It would be nice if it was not necessary to once ut­ter “Get over it.” The Year of the Phoenix, is not the Year of Get Over It, it’s the Year of Got Over It, Now Able To Rise Above It. We’ll see.