You have indicated that a collective whole is being created, of which we are a part, which both transcends and includes individuated consciousness. How will these changes affect the life force on the planet?

The first thing that I want you to be aware of is that you are already a collective consciousness in the sense that your entity, working with various personality essences—one of which is what you think of as the you that is here now—is a collective. That’s one version of a collective.

In my teachings about personality and the evolution of the soul, I said that as the frequency you are working at to fulfill the potential of any one personality gets higher and higher, you can make a connection into the other projections of your entity, and can use that connection. Keep this in mind, because it is the microcosm of a pattern that shows up all the way through. The closer you are to working at your full potential, the more access you have to the composite that you are a part of.

So the entity with its projections make up one form of composite being. But with the energy of 5:3:2, the fusion of masculine and feminine, and this energy flowing through now [mid-October]—which is a step-by-step process opening doors to a greater and greater connection—you are able to move to higher and higher levels in the hierarchical connection between you and Source. This means that you, by working at your highest frequencies, will ultimately have access to that part of yourself that is the result of the first creation.

Now, let me explain that. The fusion of masculine and feminine energy, do you remember where that first comes about?

After Ellic energy.

Not after; it is the Ellic, actually. There is the release of Source into All That Is. That is where the dichotomy process is established. All That Is releases creative force, and the Ellic realm is established as a result of that. The Ellic realm is the first place in which there is actually the function of attraction and repulsion, so the Ellic realm is the first place in which you have the seed of form as you know it. It is where the fusion of masculine and feminine energy is established. That’s not where it begins, but that’s where it is established. Does that make sense? It’s not where it begins, but it’s where it’s established.

So you’re saying that All That Is can have a dichotomy, but because there’s no dimension, no form, you can’t define it in that sense.

I think that what you’re saying is correct, but let me reword it in case it’s not. Your intent to do something is not the same as doing it, is it? But at that level it would be, which is to say that the Ellic realm holds—for want of a better word—the intent of dichotomy, which establishes dichotomy even though it has not actually split. For example, you are a mother and a sister. That’s a dichotomy, but it’s all in the same person, isn’t it? Now, again, that’s a poor way of explaining it, but it works.

The fusion of masculine and feminine energy created something new at the Ellic level, meaning that something happening at the “action” level of creation can affect something at the intent level. Do you know, can you fathom, the power of that?

Remember that I have said in 5:3:2, Intent-Thought-Word-Deed tends to function the other way, starting with Deed back up to Intent: Deed, Word, Thought, Intent. So the dimension of form has made a very big change all the way up to its foundation. This does not mean that the Ellic realm itself is changed, but the way the Ellic realm works with this dimension has changed.

But if you’re reaching all the way back into the Ellic level, wouldn’t that bleed through into other dimensions in some way? And I’m thinking of the way you can get bleed-through to other projections by reaching that central entity.

There are many different arenas that the Els work with. This dimension is only one of them. At that level, it cannot bleed through. What you want to remember is that this is the dimension of form. Form bleeds through, but if there’s nothing else that is form it’s got nowhere to go.

So in this dimension, that original release that resulted in the dichotomy that is partially thought of as masculine and feminine, has now, as a result of the group’s action at Lake Titicaca, totally fused that connection between Ellic energy and this world. That means that there is not that dichotomy, hut something altogether new instead. The fusion of masculine and feminine energy—and here I’m going to try to come up with something that won’t be misunderstood—establishes a new function of the blueprint for life force. I’m not saying it’s a new blueprint, I’m saying a new function of the blueprint.

Remember that you have just created a new blueprint, haven’t you? When was that?

In Australia with the work on the Southern Crown Portal.

Right. Now, all of that was working toward the establishment of a new Grid for the planet, and the function of the new Grid is ultimately a new blueprint.

So you’ve got a new blueprint for the planet. Now the life force on the planet is beginning to reach a point where it is go­ing to function with a new blueprint as well. It’s not a totally new blueprint. It’s more like you just moved into a new house and said, “We really need a bigger living room,” so you build a new addition on to it. You’ve got something new and in order to make the best use of it, you need something added into it.

Now, go way back in teachings to where I said that Sacred Status is a result of the energy of the planet and the life force on the planet working together at the same level. However, what you usually have is that the planet is at a higher frequency than the life force, and then life force makes a ‘leap and it’s higher. What is happening now is that the life force on the planet is adjusting, readapting, and recreating its primary function in order to respond to and work with what the planet is doing. This is a massive leap toward the comple­tion of Sacred Status. And it’s happening on a creation level,

What does this have to do with the com­posite body? The composite is the form version of that cosmic fusion. It’s this dimensions version of that ultra-dimensional work. Remembering, as I said at the beginning, that you already function more or less as a composite through the entity, now there has been a spiritual evolution­ary leap from entity to Ellic energy. Your composite’s ability is not about gaining wisdom from the other personality es­sences that you have expressed as an en­tity into time; it is the personality’s ability to connect into its Ellic foundation.

And what do you think is required for that seed—because that composite is a seed—to be activated?

A similar vibration.

Right, a matching frequency.

How will this affect the Guardianship?

How will it affect the Guardianship? Two things to keep in mind. The first one is that I just said the key is matching the frequency. In the very same way that you opened Heart Portals by matching the frequencies of them, you also open up your access to the composite, the Ellic group, by matching its frequency. The more you function at high levels of frequency, the more likely you are to be able to match the Ellic.

The second part of that is that, when you do match that Ellic construct, hopefully you won’t even realize it. Why wouldn’t you realize it?

Because you’re already functioning at that frequency.

That’s right, because it’s already become a natural way of functioning for you.

Let me ask the two of you, how do you know when you are functioning at your high­est and best possible frequency? And I par­ticularly want you to think about what it feels like to take part in high ritual or even more specifically, what took place in Bolivia, be­cause that was a perfect ritual, as it needed to be. It was amazing. What does that feel like for you? What is it that lets you know it’s happened, that you are doing what you’re meant to be doing?

For me, it’s an absence of resistance. It’s an awareness of how everyone around me and every circumstance I’m involved with contributes to the whole picture.


It’s being fully aware of the now and working with it.

Both of those answers are good. And are you able to bring that awareness into non-ritual times of your life?

Yes, but for me it comes from the op­posite side. I’m so aware when I’m not functioning at my highest level, and then I have to take steps to remove that feel­ing.

But you can. And that’s the point. Because the ability to anchor into the Ellic realm should allow you to connect into that, push you—if you will—to that place. And that’s important.

Think about what your life would be like without resistance, with a natural sense of oneness? If you were always in your now, how would your life be different? And that is what it will be like for those who are functioning in that collec­tive. What you have experienced in sanctified moments would become your normal function.

How have you seen the group responding in the early stages of this process?

I actually see very little response, very little of it. I see poten­tial—great potential—being overwhelmed by ego. I see individu­als who have pain and frustration and a lack of abundance in their lives because it is easier for them to function with that sort of pain, that kind of drama, that sort of lack, than it is to venture into the unknown of more. I see worn-out people who are letting their physical world rule their spiritual world, instead of the other way around, which would energize. I am seeing a need to be right, a very skillful ability to justify, and sometimes an outright closing of eyes to what’s next if it does not fit with how their life is going. Generally speaking, I’m not seeing a willingness to let go. Now, that’s pretty harsh, and it’s not all that different from what I’ve been saying has been going on for quite some time.

But let me also tell you about the good things that I’m seeing. I am seeing an automatic reminder to function in unity happening more and more. I’m seeing more people who are aware that they are aware. In particular areas—the safe levels, mind you—I am seeing more and more in this group being more willing to let go of their personal vision for the sake of a greater vision. Generally, I am seeing more love: a conscious effort to choose love, and a greater willingness to do the loving thing. I see people catching themselves when they are going to automatically respond in a negative fashion, self-editing what they’re saying, what they’re doing. I’m seeing a greater awareness of the importance of the spiritual in the day-to-day existence, more than I have seen in years. All of this is because individuals are responding to the en­ergy that’s coming through, recognizing it and choosing to get it, to be channels for it.

I wish that individuals were not so inclined to have their lives in separate boxes, that this awareness, this love, this vision, affected every area of their lives, instead of small pieces of them.

There are people within the leadership of this work as it is a whole, across the United States, who do not let their own fami­lies know about their involvement in this work. What does that say about justification and trust and willingness for their spiritual work to be a part of their daily existence? That’s the kind of sepa­ration that is a problem.

In the last workshop you spoke of coming together with our different talents to create a team, and therein lay potential for us to become more capable and powerful as individuals. Is teamwork an example of that collective whole functioning at a personal level? And how do we, as individuals, best tap into that power and potential that you mentioned?

I want you to go back to that illustration that I gave you about being a mother as well as a sister. want you to think about the times in your life that things you learned being a mother helped you in being a sister. And now put that into when you are—just for the sake of this example—sitting in a room with five other people. You could think of them as the different aspects of your­self. This is the mother, and this is the sister, and this is the lover, and this is the . . . and with each one of those, how can the skills gained from one help the next one?

The broader explanation is that when you choose to function as part of a team, that is the microcosm of your spirit choosing to function with the Ellic realm, which is the macrocosm. So whether it’s choosing to work with others as a team to create a new edu­cational program at Phoenix or to put together the winter events, it doesn’t matter; it’s that you work together to create within that blueprint, so that what’s learned in one section can help the other, what one has mastered will contribute to the whole. That is going to provide the best possible use of your energy, and going to al­low you to bring forth that which is greater than any one piece.