The events of September 11 raised many questions within the group about the power we have and our responsibility to use it for the highest good. This interview is based on questions received from readers as a result of these events.

Although we as a group send energy to each other and to emergency situations, we sometimes have difficulty knowing how effective that is. We cannot see the energy, and as a result probably underestimate the power of our focused thought to effect change. Did all of the love, compassion and acts of kindness that poured forth following the attack serve to strengthen the grid?

Remember that what’s going on right now in 5:3:2 is that other-dimensional energy is focusing into this dimension. One of the results of that is that it puts you—who are also multi-dimensional beings or you would not be functioning in this world—into a state of alert, if you will, in those aspects of your spiritual being that function in those other dimensions as well as this one.

Therefore, when the other‑dimensional aspects of yourself are activated and resonate at the same frequency that is coming here, you move from being a receiver to a transmitter, because you’re here to be Guardianship energy, stimulating the world by way of your energy.

Now, you may remember that as long as I have been here I have been saying to you that your energy has an effect in this world; just like a rock thrown into the water creates ripples that move outward affect the rest of the water. Similarly, because of the 5:3:2 grid, the more directed, higher‑frequency cosmic energy not only stimulates Guardianship energy whether they’re awakened or not, to function at that higher frequency, but it even has this effect on life force as a whole (which is ready).

Does that strengthen the Grid? Yes, it does. Why? Energy finds itself, and if it does not find itself, it remains neutral. When it finds itself, it is activated into a higher frequency. Those actions of unity, of loving kindness, of conscious change that are showing up in your world right now are bringing a higher access into other‑dimensional energy, into 5:3:2 function and they are strengthening the grid.

Some questions we received concerned specific directions on what to do, especially for people who are not able to be in direct contact with one of the three cities where there are established Phoenix groups.

The first thing that I want you to remember is that if there is any one thing that you can do that is going to help right now, it’s toning. it is. It’s toning, and it will continue to be toning, because you are now working in the frequency of sound.

Which is a higher frequency, light or sound?


But which is closer to your frequency, light or sound?


Right. So if you are toning while you are working in Guardianship consciousness on a planet responsive to sound—which comes from light—then that which has been inaccessible is now more accessible, closer to you. That’s a really good thing. So remember, toning is the most important thing.

The second thing that I ask is that you remember that individual function isn’t going to do it. it’s not. This is not the time of singular manifestation; it is the time of group manifestation. So, what is done in unity is going to have a powerful effect, whether that is a negative function or a positive one. Does it mean that if you’re off in California by yourself there’s nothing you can do because you cannot tone without the group? No. Tone anyway, but in conjunction with them. If California is connected in with Pittsburgh at 7:00 o’clock on Monday nights—that would be what time in California? Four o’clock?—do it. Stop at four o’clock and do it. They’ve got to know you’re doing it, and you’ve got to know you’re doing it, so you’ve got to make arrangements beforehand. And it does not mean just stop what you’re doing for a moment; it means actually doing it along with them at the same time. That has an effect.

And then, generally speaking, every act of loving kindness consciously done, every moment of reaching out to another consciously done, every conscious, high‑frequency action is probably the most effective thing you can be doing, What does “high‑frequency action” mean? Hopefully you know, because it’s what you’re doing all the time anyway.

Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that because the appearance of things is suddenly different that the response needs to be different. That’s not so. Although the trappings of what the world needs are showing up as terrorist activity or as loved ones falling ill and having a very difficult time, it’s just that—the trappings. The answer’s still the same.

How can one feel empowered when the world seems to be out of control, and no matter how much energy you send, the situation doesn’t seem to get better?

The first thing that you want to remember is that not seeing an effect does not mean there has not been one. The second thing to remember is that while you are in the midst of a massive change in your awareness of energy, as long as you try to judge that energy by the standards of a 4:3:2 system, you’re not going to be effective in recognizing it or using it. You limit it with that. You limit it with that.

What are you doing when you send energy?

Creating something, an object, in the thought plane.

Exactly! Now, when something is created, it seeks that which is like it. This is 5:3:2. You alone are not going to have much effect, but your creation is going to seek creations like it. And so in that sense you put out the thought form, “May the political leaders of this world be filled with

Light and consciousness and compassion and awareness; may the love that is the guiding force in this world be made known to them,” in five thousand different ways because there are others doing that same thing—and it’s going to have an effect. The sort of effect it has may not be what your expectation is. You don’t think you’ve got an expectation, but just as soon as you look for the result, you have created an expectation. If your expectation, which can only be based on what you know, comes true, that actually means that what you have asked to be done cannot happen because what you are basing your expected end product on is far too slow and low a frequency to be effective. You have not been functioning in 5:3:2 long enough to be able to base what you think should happen on 5:3:2; you can only base it on 4:3:2, because that is all you know. So one of the really important things to be doing right now is giving up that idea of “here is what’s going to happen and if I don’t see it, something’s wrong.”

Remember, too, the dichotomy, the extremes of this world. Here is what you want on one hand; here is what happens on the other. You open a door for loving energy, you open a Heart Portal, and what happens? There’s chaos in the countries around the area.

That’s the very same thing I have talked about before: Let’s say I tell you, “Take sugar out of your diet for three days.” Any change you notice tells you that it’s having an effect—any change, even if that change is to want it more. When you take a certain supplement for a particular reason, everybody is very quick to tell you that you’ve got to give it time; you’ve got to give it a week, three weeks, a month, three months. Yet I would tell those of you who are functioning in this more sensitive awareness that after you take it, give yourself about three days, see if you notice anything, because the principle is the same. Any action, particularly if it is extreme, any action represents a change of force.

So I’m going to emphasize one more time, do not judge 5:3:2 from 4:3:2 boundaries. You’ll make a mistake doing that.

How can we move towards judging by 5:3:2 standards instead of 4:3:2?

You can’t. Just stop judging it. Allow. Stop trying to judge it. Don’t stop trying to make the changes. Just stop judging it. Even in 4:3:2, I would tell you the same thing. Don’t judge it. Until you understand the whole picture, don’t judge it.

So detachment is very important.

Yes, because you are not responsible for the weave.

There were also many people who felt empowered by the situation. One e‑mail we received noted that the energy of mass consciousness at that time provided an opportunity to use the energy of the event. “When the World Trade Center and Pentagon were targeted, mass consciousness was focused on one act and the consequences of that act. In that moment, because there is no time or space, that focus created an opportunity. How could we as Guardians take advantage of this opportunity and other opportunities like it?

One of the things that you want to be careful with there is that, in the immediate moment of that activity, the response was fear. Now, if you are at a point in your experience in which you are able to recognize that fear is an energy of love, and that by amplifying the presence of love you are going to begin affecting the function of the fear, yes, a very powerful effect will happen.

But that is not what happened. it was not until after that initial, instinctual response that people were able to move out of their sorrow and begin putting conscious, high‑frequency activities out, begin coming together, begin seeking that more positive spin, if you will. However, that initial reaction to this incident had a much greater effect, and that is why you are a month or more away from it and there is still a very large focus on fear.

Now, I realize that doesn’t answer the question. All I’ve done at this point is simply correct the misunderstanding. I don’t want to discourage anybody from recognizing the power and the focus that came up after these events, but I also want you to be very aware that until your automatic reaction is to put forth a positive energy—love—you are going to have to spend time combating the human survival response, which is what you are dealing with now. And I want you to be aware that it has, because of that, moved into a 4:3:2 response, a typical political power struggle with a component of vengeance.

On the other hand, I would guess that every one of you has also noticed a very powerful backlash of unity, of love, which you recognize as a change. That’s a result of the 5:3:2 energy that has come forth from you, particularly in those who are functioning as receivers—especially there. That overflow of loving energy, of uniting, of choosing to see the most positive spin, is doing a lot to balance the initial negative version of it.

You said that’s a result of “you. “Are you talking about Guardianship energy around the planet or us as a group.

Well, I would not say Guardianship energy around the planet, but I would say of you who are awake and aware and choosing to function at higher frequencies, no matter what sort of pathway you are doing that on.

Now, that original question is based on something I have said, for instance, about the New Year’s Eve energy being that of celebration and new beginning, and we can use that energy for our own purposes; the energy of Mother’s Day is that of nurturing; let us use that.

But, as I said a few moments ago, the initial energy was fear, and you don’t want to use that. If instead you recognize that backlash of positive energy and amplify it—for example, you’re in a situation where people are talking about how horrible the attacks were, and now the government is sending in secret terror‑stomping troops—or whatever it is—storm troopers to Afghanistan, and you recognize the conversation is amplifying fear, just look them straight in the eye and say, “Have you been paying attention to the miracles that are happening in New York City right now?”

Do not let fear‑based energy function around you. Consciously, purposefully, change it to a higher function. It does not mean that you are uncaring. it does not mean that you are not paying attention. It does not mean that you are Pollyanna. It means that you are consciously taking that energy and using it to amplify the higher‑frequency energy instead.

The government was initially going to go and just create general war havoc, and instead they backed off. Yes, it’s a miracle of your creation. Claim it, It really is your most important—forgive me for this—weapon in this war. It really is. When you experience more fear and anger, it simply breeds more fear and anger. It really does. It takes you further and further down into the mire.

Does it help to stay detached from it, to stay away from the drama entirely and say this is not my drama?

Well, you want to be careful with that one, because the greatest weapon of destruction is complacency, and you’ve got to be very careful that detachment is not a nice word for complacency. You want to be active in this. And as much as you don’t like it, I want you to feel. Feel it. Feel the pain, feel the terror, feel the anger, feel the frustration, but don’t act on it. Instead, choose to channel that energy to a higher frequency. If you try to ignore it the energy will grow stronger and create problems within you, you’ll find yourself giving yourself (and others) a hard time and judging yourself (and others). Then, when you realize what is happening you’ll be that much harder on yourself, saying, “I’m not being the high-frequency being of spiritual light that I should be here,” that becomes a way of excusing yourself. instead continue on and say, “And therefore I’m going to take five more minutes each day to simply fill myself with love and beauty and give myself an opportunity to strengthen so that I am less susceptible to the negative consequences of these attacks.”

The reason that religions throughout the world have personified evil is that it gives people a sense of something that is controllable. So if it helps you, rather than seeing what’s going on as simply another side of the same energy work, see it as evil. If you allow yourself to think of negativity as a thing—there is more darkness in the world than there is Light, and I must therefore put out more Light—it doesn’t change the darkness, but it takes away its influence.

But think about it for a moment: You’ve got a dark room. What is the dark actually made of? Air. Atmosphere. The very same things that the light is. The darkness itself is nothing except the lack of illumination. Nevertheless, if it helps, see it as something you can move away, like sand, until finally there is none left.

For some people, these events led to reflections on the concept of justice and what it means as we deal with the consequences of the attacks.

However, it is not possible for a human being to exact justice or to know it. But go ahead.

There was one letter which said, “‘It seems to me that, on the level in which we live, justice is an individual, egoic concept that can never apply to the whole . . .”

That’s true.

“. . . that the concept is unworkable because it separates people. When we talk of justice, the rule of law, or even right and wrong, when we call an event a crime, an attack, or just plain evil, then we have set up a condition of ‘us versus them’ in which we cannot heal ourselves or others, and we force separation, like a wedge, into the wounds that we have suffered. if this is the case, what kind of different perspective will allow human beings to achieve the level of satisfaction they seek when they are calling for justice?’

As long as you are functioning in a system that is based on boundaries, as long as you are functioning in a free‑will world, as long as you are working through form, it will not be possible to experience justice for all. You will only be capable of experiencing justice as you choose to recognize it at that moment, for all of the things that very well worded question set forth.

What you want to do is to allow yourself first to recognize that justice is an evolving concept, and you, as you continue to move out of your own boundaries, will be able to enlarge your definition of justice until you reach the point—which won’t happen as long as you’re in form—in which you see justice is not possible. It’s not. Justice is not what you want to seek. What is? You’ve heard me say often, “You don’t have a system of justice; you have a system of law.” And now I’m saying you really don’t have a system of justice because it’s not possible. Think for a moment. If it’s not justice you should seek, what is it?

Love. Forgiveness. Consequences that are understood before the action is taken.

All three make the perfect answer. Step one is to reach that point in which you are aware of the consequences before you take the action, that you are enough a part of the flow that you’re able to see a larger picture, and base your actions upon it. Step two opens the door to forgiveness, which ultimately is something you don’t have to think about anymore when you are recognizing it at its highest level as love. It is not justice you want to seek, it is the most loving action that you are capable of at that time.

So, the greatest thing you can seek is the most loving action, which will show itself up in your world as an act of forgiveness. That is a recognition of the truest reality, which is that you cannot presume that you know what all of the end results might be, and therefore you recognize that even at its best, the limitations of being human create a situation in which you cannot act with full awareness. Now, that’s the back end of it again, which is what you are dealing with here. You want justice because somebody is acting without full awareness.

One common justification for the U.S.’s response to the attacks is a need to protect out of love, to protect our own citizens and others around the world from an element that seeks to destroy. Is that merely rationalization?

What you don’t want to do here is ask me for my view, because you have a society in which you have set up certain circumstances, and you must work it out through those circumstances. That is to say, there is going to be a certain amount of blame, and by applying blame you can justify your actions. it’s the nature of your society and everything that you do in the world right now, whether it is paying your taxes or getting a driver’s license or choosing to kill your enemy because they have killed you. it is the set‑up of human civilization right now. You don’t want to ask me, because I will tell you what is the right answer at Guardianship level. But is that Guardianship where the majority of people are functioning in your world? No. Even those who are functioning as Guardianship energy, are they functioning at that one hundred percent of the time so that they can say, “I should not be feeling this way?” No. That which feels the anger—I will even go so far as to say the hatred, the terror, the upset—is that part of you that can function in this world. It is your world.

What it sounds like you’re saying is that each circumstance is individual, and when we have a system of law that tries to use a cookbook approach—this is the recipe you use when this happens—it’s not going to work.

It should not work, and that’s one of the miracles that’s happening right now. instead of that immediate response, that very socially acceptable response, there is enough high‑frequency, 5:3:2‑affected energy in this world right now, that instead of the automatic reaction to strike back, you back up a bit. Now it’s still not backing up to the point of forgiveness, but it’s backing away from the immediate response of “mow them all down,” of creating one big “them.” That’s backing off. That is a miracle.

It does not mean, however, that mass consciousness is functioning in 5:3:2. It does not mean that the Guardianship energy that is capable of functioning at 5:3:2 is doing it all the time. And so the bottom line is that what you want to be working to change is not what your politicians are doing, but what you as a group are doing to add to that greater whole.

That’s interesting, because one of the questions we received was, “You said once that one way to influence our government is to merge with the leaders. How much does our agreement or disagreement with our government’s decisions and actions affect our capability to merge successfully?

All right, based on what I’ve said, what is the answer there?

Well, you can choose to overcome that disagreement.

Right. Or to simply move into the place where you recognize that your disagreement is only feeding the energy of disagreement. it’s not that your disagreement isn’t there; it’s that you choose not to act on that.

So I can choose to merge anyway, regardless of whether I agree or not.

Absolutely, because you’re not merging with the politics. Well, some of you are. The OneHeart discussion group is doing that. People who are immersed in and held back by the politics are missing the point.

It seems that there are increasing numbers of people, places and things to which we can direct our loving thoughts and energy. Are there any short cuts to directing our energy? For example, if I send energy to my natural family every day, do I have to go through each person’s name and visualize them, or is there a way of establishing a link that will allow me to activate that energy without spending the time it takes to go through each family member one by one?

And perhaps that seems like a frivolous question, but it’s not; it’s a wonderful question because it allows an opportunity for a 5:3:2 function to come into this discussion.

When you are toning, I ask you to do hand motions that represent to you what thoughts you are putting out in your mind. One reason for that is that you are amplifying the sending by doing so. Also, it anchors a response into you, so that when, for instance, you raise your palms up while thinking, My energy is raised to its highest frequency—and you do this over and over and over—there comes a point where when you raise your hands your physical essence responds to it. When the physical essence responds to it, that activates your mental, your emotional, your spiritual, in that positive function. I said that so that you would remember that you can do physical activities that stimulate mental, emotional and spiritual ones.

Here is the key, but most people won’t do this step thoroughly enough: When you are sending energy to the masses or to political leaders or to everyone in your family, what you want to do the first time is be very specific, with as much power as you know to activate for that sending. And then say, ‘And when I continue sending this energy, simply by saying “political leaders” I will activate that same frequency and put it out there.” It’s that’s simple.

Once you have done the full work, that energy is a part of you, and you can activate it because essentially you’re just moving back in time to that same work. But you have to have done that larger work first to be able to then access it. The form sends out very detailed work, and I should say, by the way, they’re extremely effective,

They bring up a lot of energy because most of her phrases represent years of putting that energy out. This is a condensed version for her, even though for you it might be a very long, involved version.

Recently, David Gosselin from in Pittsburgh had some heart difficulties and the form sent out a version of an energy visualization for all of those heart difficulties he was having while in the hospital. Then, when Vernon Haley in Lexington also had heart trouble and went into the hospital, it would have worked to simply say, “That which I sent out for David I now put out Vernon in Lexington,” it will work. Once you put it out for the one, having put forth that every time you think of him now this connection will be made, all you have to do is say his name and it’s there.

Many of you use that technology in the healing circle at toning. Some of you don’t but you could effectively. Let’s say someone always asks for wisdom and clarity. So now whenever you think of that person, you always think wisdom and clarity, because you sent it consciously at that moment.

You are in a state of high frequency energy after the toning work, and during the love circle the high-frequency energy turns into manifestation energy. When you focus on that person who is saying, “Here’s what I need right now,” and you send it, claim to yourself or have the person who is leading make it a part of the work to say, ‘And these energies which we have sent when (this person) comes to mind, (or, “All the energies we are sending now . . .”) that energy will be full and ready to send in its fullness whenever they come to mind.” And then every time you think of that person, you think wisdom, clarity, and it moves forth to her in that power.

Is that a shortcut? Not really, because what you’re doing in the big picture is the whole thing. But it does access higher‑frequency energy quickly.

And it’s amplification, also.

It is. Absolutely it is. But what I’m saying is it’s not really a shortcut.

People have remarked that the Lexington group’s love circle works miracles.

Yes it does.

In fact it receives requests from other cities. What makes that particular group so powerful and so effective?

There are some elements that cannot be duplicated, but also powerful elements which can. This group has worked together for a very long time with the purpose of

continued spiritual growth. They are not afraid of one another. They love one another. Every one of them has been on a pedestal and fallen off the pedestal and gotten back up in front of one another. It is a group of individuals who truly choose to function in unity with a spiritual connection for the purpose of serving this world. That unity makes a huge difference—a huge difference. I cannot emphasize that enough. It is because they are willing to put their ego aside for the greater work that a miracle can happen. There are those in the other groups who want that, too, but when push comes to shove, ego rears up first. So probably the most important factor that I can point out here is a specific consciousness of unity for the purpose of manifesting spiritual power into the needs that are expressed.

The second thing is that it is a lot easier because the energy in that building is very tuned and some of the participants are able to access my energy with awareness. But the reality is, every city, every participant in one of those toning circles, except for new people who have never been in before, has access to me. In Lexington you hook into it almost automatically. That makes a very big difference. The other cities can do this because a part of the toning work itself is to say, “I merge my energy with Samuel.” There’s a reason for that. You work through me. I work through you. You are tuned to me. Merge before you do the work. Right now, in the humming work, there is a triangulation [with the earth and Alcyone] that you are making. You are making that triangulation ultimately through me. See it that way and use that as a means to come together in a stronger fashion.

And then finally, the last thing I would say is that this group in Lexington has seen successes. They are very willing to say, “I asked for help with this and it worked out well. Thank you,” instead of saying, “Well, it probably would have worked out well anyway.” It is through your willingness to recognize every possible success that you become aware of greater and greater successes, and that has a large effect in manifestation.

The recent events are the pacifist’s nightmare. Most pacifists believe that you can always reach someone, that there is a core of decency that can be reached by love and compassion. Here we’re faced with a situation where people want nothing but to kill, at least in the short term. It’s a holy duty to kill. And so I’m thinking of the air marshals that they’re putting on the airplanes, who seem to be necessary for protection. Is it possible to function in that role, but keep a higher perspective of love for the world, recognizing, though you hate it, that you need to lovingly put a bullet between a man’s eyes before he takes an airplane with 300 people into a building that will collapse and kill 5,000 more? Can you perform an act like that and justify it in a higher perspective as a loving and protective thing?

You absolutely cannot do it if you are unable to recognize the equality of life force as a whole. If you recognize that all life force is valuable, you can do it. But that puts you into some situations in which you are going to be tried to see if indeed you do have that belief. And here is why I’m saying that: When you are driving down your country road in the dark and there is an animal that jumps out in front of you, you have an immediate decision—your family or that squirrel. A lot of people would say that they would choose their families, but more often than not they swerve around the squirrel and flip their car over anyway, killing everyone off. How different is that response than three hundred people versus three including yourself? Save these 300, but three will die; how different is that decision? It’s not different, is it? Do you think it’s less loving to have to make that choice? It’s not.

I don’t want you to think you can come up with a system in which under certain circumstances it’s okay. It’s never okay. There are situations in which right now in your life you make those choices. You will save what you value. That’s survival. You’re living in a world in which the prejudice is humans over ants. That’s too bad. Who’s to say what you’re missing in that. But when all of your beliefs say do not kill and you’re put in a situation in which your survival depends on it, because you are a part of this world, because you are a part of this particular system of societal thinking and judgment, even if you are a loving, generous‑hearted, pacifist being, you will make the choice to save the family, even if it means giving your own life. What you need to also realize is that’s what the terrorist thinks he’s doing.

One of the things this might do is to cause people to take a good look at what their definitions are. You say that you are a pacifist that will not kill, but you still step on bugs. It’s not a pacifist society you live in, and it’s not necessarily the most spiritual, high-frequency action to say no under all circumstances. But you have to be very aware that it’s not about a prejudice of worthiness and life force; it’s about an acceptance of the greatest love. And you can count on doing the wrong thing now and again with that you can count on it. As long as you are in form, that can happen.

All in all, I would have had a hard time coming up with a situation that would bring about a greater change of consciousness than the events of September 11 have created. I encourage you to keep it a positive situation. Make it a valuable sacrifice.