For this issue, we asked Frank Schultz to interview Samuel. He chose as his topic the joint work, led by Samuel, which was done by groups in Lexington and at Uluru in central Australia. Approximately 60 people assembled in each location in late August for a sunset ritual whose aim was to provide energy for the activation of what Samuel calls the southern Crown Portal.

Did the working together of the rituals in Lexington and Australia accomplish your goal?

Yes. You were successful. You did good work.

What were the differences between the two rituals done, and how did they work together?

In the high rituals I have done with you up until going to Australia, you were almost always representing mass consciousness. Signs that indicates whether you are representing mass consciousness or cosmic energy usually are how I have you calling Guardianship or elemental energy and the particular way I have you dress for the ritual. Mass consciousness is a combination of all manner of earthly things. Therefore, your everyday clothes are perfect for that. If you are not representing mass consciousness, I will often ask you to dress in a particular color in order to amplify a particular energy—you will remember black-gold-silver-white themes, for example.

In the working to open the southern Crown Portal I was having both groups represent mass consciousness and cosmic energy, but in different ways. The Australia group wore what special clothes?

Warm clothes.

Right. (Laughing) But there was nothing special about them. In Lexington, what was the case?

You asked them to wear white clothes.

That’s right. So, insofar as the physical representation was concerned, the group in Australia was linking in with the Guardians of that Crown Portal, the aboriginal Guardians, and for that aspect of the work they were earthlings—and I mean that just like that: earthlings.

On the other hand, in Lexington, white clothes meant that they were representing spirit, higher consciousness, higher energy. The work that they were doing was the earth-change aspect of it. In Lexington it was higher frequency changing earth; in Australia it was earth frequency doing higher work. Do you see how they balance each other?

Another difference was in the nature of the work itself that was done. The Lexington ritual group linked up to give their energy to those in Australia. The group in Australia was open to that energy—not linking back, but open to and accepting the energy from Lexington. In that sense there was balance, but not a reciprocal balance.

Finally, by linking through the planet itself, the Lexington group shifted through elemental energy into the core of earth and gave that energy to the Australian group, which was using earth energy to do the higher work.

Everything that was done in one location was repeated in a version in the other location, but usually opposite. So, for instance, in both Australia and in Lexington there was a mishap during the ritual. In fact, in Australia I told the group that they had to do it over. What section was messed up in that Australian ritual?

The part before the toning.

That’s right, the calling, the working. However, here in Lexington there was also a need to do a part over. What part was that?

The toning.

So do you see how it’s the opposite? If, for both groups, it had been the toning that was no good, there would have been a problem. But there was perfect synchronization, even in the imperfection, which made it perfect.

Would the results of the rituals have been the same if things had gone perfectly in both places?

It would have been fine, but because they did not, the thing that had to be looked at was, did it still resonate? And it did. So, in fact, it was perfect. Cosmically speaking, there was just one working that was a bit longer, with a small break.

Now, some people said that I had actually set up the ritual in Australia to not be perfect by having such a short time to practice, but really that wasn’t my purpose.

If in Australia you had had more practices, your practices would actually have become the work itself, and the energy would have been misused. The time allowed for practice therefore had to be brief, and so the likelihood of a mistake that would cause a need to start over in Australia was very high.

The group in Lexington was doing a slightly different ritual that allowed for more time to practice. When they gave their energy to the ritual group in Australia they were shifted by the energy of the whole work that was going on, and consciously or not, they became tuned in to the mistake that occurred in the Australia ritual. Totally out of character, dear Cam started on the wrong note. And extremely out of character for Suzanne, she could not deny the urge to say, “We’ve got to start this over.” Coincidence? Oh, I don’t think so. Purposeful? Not at all.

So what you’re saying is that, because there was such a strong connection between the two groups, the energy sought to rebalance itself through the forms that it had.


Was there a specific aspect of the joint ritual that created a working of One Mind?

You already know, through merging, how to function with One Heart. But through the exercise that was used in both rituals in which gold and white cords twine together out of the heart and forehead and meet the other person, a bond is established on which common intent is amplified. That common intent becomes One Mind.

It would be easy to think that the exercise was what made One Mind, but that’s not accurate. A bond is established by that technique, and it can be used for many purposes. For example, when there is somebody at work that you’re having a lot of trouble with, you can sit down quietly and create that visualization and establish that link, and by doing so you’re going to be better able to send love and understand what’s going on; you’re establishing a soul-to-soul sort of bond there.

When, in the midst of high-frequency energy, in the midst of ritualized focus that heightens that energy, there is a common intent toward a high-purpose vision, that bond becomes the amplification. Instead of it simply being Frank connecting with David, it’s what Frank is and what David is, soul to soul, that becomes a whole new thing altogether. It’s One Heart merging together with One Heart on a physical and a spiritual level in that very unique circumstance, with one intent in mind. Intent alone would not do it; One Heart alone would not do it. One Heart connected through the heart and the mind through the twined gold and white cords allowed One Mind to be expressed and usable.

Now, One Mind having been created, it was used as a vehicle during both the Lexington and Australian aspects of the ritual. From Lexington you had elemental energy, which represents the life force of the earth, sending forth One Mind that the group created. And from Australia, you had extremely high-frequency hierarchical energy working with you to be the vehicle for that One Mind.

So you had the most of heaven and earth coming together with the highest potential of humanity. Was One Mind created and used? Yes, very much so.

You sometimes refer to “activating the grid” and sometimes to “establishing the grid.” Are they two different things?

Yes. The grid can be activated without yet being functional, much like turning on the engine of your car doesn’t mean it’s going to go anywhere—it is activated but not functional until you put it into gear and fuel it. The grid is activated (step one) once both Crown Portals are activated. When both Crown Portals are activated, you will have established, or completed, the new grid (step two) which then can become functional (step three). With each toning that you do, you are constantly working on the grid so that it will be ready and functional when both Crown Portals are activated.

Did the work in Australia that activated the southern Crown Portal also activate the grid?

No. You are creating a new grid by, in a sense, putting forth, insofar as the grid is concerned, the vision of a perfected simulacrum, which, upon the activation of both Crown Portals functioning together, will allow that grid to function.

Another way you could look at it and still be fully accurate is that now you are working to establish a new blueprint, which creates a new grid, which will become functioning—or established in its final phase and purposed working—when those Crown Portals are active.

That’s two versions of saying the same thing.

What is the status of the old grid at this point?

It’s still there. It’s still functioning. You’re still coming in 4:3:2. But it’s not behaving the way it used to. And the chaos that manifests as a result is a powerful creation point. It’s not a bad thing. That you don’t fully have 4:3:2 and you don’t yet have 5:3:2 means that you’ve got more 4:3:2 than anything else, but you’ve also got this wild component, a wild magic, if you will, that’s to be harnessed.

What do you think harnesses that energy? I’ve given this information. What is it I’m constantly asking you to do whenever you’re doing these rituals?


One Mind.

Toning is the vehicle you’re using for the One Mind that you are working. In the rituals that you’re using now, you harness the magic through One Mind. You know, we’ve worked for years on One Heart, but I’ve been saying you’re using One Mind in this current work. In the Australia working, you were functioning in One Mind for moments at a time—sometimes. And that’s where a more highly disciplined body is capable of taking that wild magic and making use of it, even able to take the almost broken 4:3:2 and, by intent, turning it temporarily and for a purpose to 5:3:2. Toning is the vehicle for it.

Once the new grid is established, will there be a separate process for creating a pattern for it?

No. The patterning is part of the process of establishing it.

Looking to the future: You have said that once the Crown Portals in Australia and the vicinity of the Canary Islands have been activated and the new grid is in place, all the Heart Portals would be open and activated. If we’re successful in opening and activating the northern Crown Portal when we go there, what will be the focus of future spiritual workings we do with you?

First, I do not see that this group would be unable to get the second Crown Portal reactivated and functioning and the new grid, if not fully established and functioning, at least certainly established. I don’t see that because the work just done in Australia happened so well, even under difficult circumstances. So I’m going to speak as though it will happen perfectly.

Every Heart Portal has a Guardian. Essentially, that Guardian is the Perfected One that is the representation of the frequency of the Portal, but it’s also expressed in a dichotomy, a polarity. That primary energy of the Portal is the Guardian of a specific resonance which you might think of, though it is only partially accurate, as the frequency of the Lord of the Ray, the Guardian of that gateway.

Insofar as cosmic function is concerned, the initial, primary opening of that portal frequency, so that that frequency can then flow into the world, opens the Heart Portal. But then it stimulates reactions, in the area of the Heart Portal, within mass consciousness. Those reactions are the duality of the primary frequency as it is expressed in the world. The duality expressed in the world is an expression of both high-frequency goddess energy and high-frequency god energy. It’s a reflection of what mass consciousness needs in order to be able to function in the primary frequency.

So, once the Crown Portal work is done, the next thing that’s going to be required is to begin working in those expanded areas of the Heart Portals. You remember that each Heart Portal is a single activation point, but with a masculine and a feminine connection. In order for there to be an even flow of energy throughout the planet, there needs to be an activation in full of the energy that surrounds each one of those portals. This full activation is not for the needed energy to come to the planet, but for the full functioning of mass consciousness.

In short, your future work will be about healing, because what you will be doing is going into the areas affected by the Heart Portals and working with mass-consciousness energy: activating the energies, bringing relief, being a release valve for the function of mass consciousness. Of course this is a work you don’t know—or remember—how to do at this point.

Now, remembering that you first experience personally everything that you’re going to be giving and teaching, look at your lives as they are right now, and by that tell me the sorts of things that mass consciousness is going to be going through that you are going to be healing. All you need to do is take a look at the things going on in your own lives and you can easily imagine, I’m sure, how these are exactly the issues that mass consciousness will be going through in one way or another. And what you are going to be doing is accessing the higher-frequency energy of each Heart Portal and merging into it, so that you become, in your day-to-day activities, that function in perfected masculine and perfected feminine energy.

Let me ask you a quick question: What happens when you’re working on the perfection of patience, say?

Your patience is challenged.

Constantly. That’s the sort of thing you’re experiencing now, so that you will not have that resistance when you are doing mass consciousness Heart Portal work at the time.

Each one of the Heart Portals has a specific function of energy. Each individual doing the work is going to have to be able to embody the perfection of that energetic signature in order to do that work. And so the workings themselves are going to be a fulfillment, if you will, of the pieces you have been putting together up to now.

So, don’t worry. There is a lot more to do.

And this is not a work that can be done at a distance, as we did with the China Heart Portal.

As soon as you showed me that you could open a Heart Portal from a distance, you showed me that it was time to do Crown Portal work. That may not make sense to you, but it makes great sense to me. However, when you’re doing work in mass consciousness, you must be in mass consciousness.

And that would be in the general areas of the Heart Portals?

Not geographically, necessarily. Actually, I will likely send you to places in which the early societies were the best expressions of that dichotomy within mass consciousness as it would heal to become an expression of a Heart Portal area. You see, you can do work without having to be there. So, I could send you down to Teotihuacan for the North American Portal, and then you could focus it back to where the Heart Portal is. I don’t need to send you to Greece to work on Eire, but I could. Greece is probably where the need is now more than Eire. You see?


When Frank interviewed Samuel for the Crown Portal discussion on p. 1, he raised some other interesting questions, too.

When you were first channeled through Lea and before you learned the dreadful truth about humanity, you must have had a plan. Would you explain what you originally planned to teach us, what you expected our reactions to be to those teachings, and what you expected for the planet as a result of having the teachings put into practice?

My purpose for being here hasn’t changed in the slightest. The message that I came here with has not changed in the slightest. What has changed is the means by which I do the teaching and the rate at which that teaching is brought forth. The “dreadful truth” which you jokingly make reference to probably has to do in your mind with “when Samuel finally realized that free will means that we will say no or that we won’t get it very quickly,” or something like that. And yet, the reality is that that’s not a surprise to me.

What you teach me is how you get it—or, based on your responses, don’t get it. Sometimes your energy tells me you’ve got it, while your actions tell me you don’t. You can choose not to act on something you know. Loving and living love are two different things, as you well know. I know you love; I know you can live love. When you choose not to, you’re giving me a different message altogether.

In some ways, what you have also taught me is how strong and courageous you are. Every society has its own standards, and every age does, as well. In this particular age, what humanity is going through in this society is not so much the Black Plague and the feudal resistances that bring about the downfall of tyrants. Your society is not in such conflict that you are in danger of your life. That may be so in Indonesia or parts of Eastern Europe, but those aren’t the societies you’re living in. In this age, in this society, you are not having to deal so much with those sorts of issues. Your issues have to do with the discipline of yourself as it relates to, first, the world you live in and the things you desire to accomplish as a physical being in this society, in this world, right now; and, second, the Guardianship that you are: the discipline required for your physical being to function in Guardianship. The issues that come about in your lives are related to those things.

What I have learned, to go back to my point, is how courageous you are, how strong you are. You are courageous because, in a world that has so many reasons not to have faith and hope, you do, or you would not be doing this work. The nature of your personal journey to become a leader who can do the Guardianship work you are here to do means that you are going to face, quickly and in a constant onslaught, the worst—as well as the best—of your own self, constantly dealing with personal disappointment as you learn to stop judging yourself by the world’s standards. This is a long, slow, and difficult process in which you learn patience, and in which you learn to change the criteria on which you make your judgments. This process is painful, and yet courageously you move forward and do it.

In order to do the spiritual work you came into life to do, you are more often than not a loner, and it’s a long time before you find, and then a long time before you allow yourself to take advantage of, the community of those who have that same vision and that same desire. That’s courage, to keep going in the face of those things.

You show strength in your determination to develop the internal and the external muscles that enable you to pick up and keep going in the face of all those things you have courage about.

However, you also teach me that you are strong because you are strong-willed and highly resistant. And, to be bold in what I’m about to say, there is such strength in your resistance to how you think things should be that it has surprised me more than once. Your spiritual self knows how things should be, but your physical self resists it. And the physical self is winning. That’s what gives you trouble in your life.

It would have been a ridiculous hope to believe that those who had come into physical form to help bring about changes in humanity would not be affected by their humanity, but I am constantly amazed at how affected you can be. And so you teach me not to push so hard.

You have taught me how much you can stand by what you don’t stand. You have taught me that, because you are the echo of Source but also the prototype of mass consciousness—on that shifting place—that in order to touch you I must be much more form-like than I would want. I have much more personality than is comfortable for me, am much more responsive to your need for me to be almost human. But you put me on that balancing point because I’m also not allowed to be at all human in that process. So in that sense you probably teach me to dance, as I learn how much of me you can take and how much needs to stay hidden. And of course that’s different for everybody.

And in addition to all that, you have taught me the power of the working of this Plan. Because of your work, mass consciousness has made leaps that were not scheduled—or if they were scheduled, mass consciousness is ahead of the schedule. Because of you, working through your strengths and working with your courage—both directions of them—I have learned that, by amplifying the nature of your spirit in a way that the physical can see, you have your carrot and you will complete your journey. So I have shifted my work to do what I can to allow your physical—your brain—to feel satisfied with what your heart and your soul are doing. And that has allowed a speed-up.

As I’ve said from the beginning, the words that I give you are nothing. They are the smallest part of the work that we do together. The teachings are keeping you interested enough that you’ll be close enough to get what’s really going on. And whatever happens to be the hook of the moment, I will fish around until I find the one that works so that you’ll sit close enough for the energy to take its effect.

So in the past, when you taught about the Rays and Initiations, and we had the craft workshops where we made different symbols out of clay, and you taught us business techniques—all that was helping us stay in your energy so you could be working with us on other levels?

Keeping your minds satisfied and your bodies occupied—right.

How has the time frame worked in relation to your original expectations?

Faster and slower. For mass consciousness as a whole, it’s faster. As I mentioned a moment ago, you’re ahead of schedule insofar as the steps leading to the completion of Sacred Status are concerned. But slower because those who are functioning in Guardianship allow their physical essence to give them many, many more needs than I traditionally bother with.

You have said that the Universe never depends on any one of us to do a particular thing, and you have said that you work with other groups, but not in the way that you do with this group.

I do not want you to misunderstand here. Just quoting me as saying, “The Universe does not expect you to do a particular thing” might give the impression that I am saying that to just anybody on the planet. I am speaking specifically to those of you who have made a compact to come here at this time and bring about transition in a world ready for it. I am talking to the Guardianship. I am talking to the Watchers. I am talking to the Travelers. I am talking to those who have come here to be a part of this greater vision. The Universe is not saying, “If you, Frank Schultz, do not do your part, it’s all right, it will still get done.” It’s saying, “The work is going to get done. You have a choice as to how you do it.” The reality of it is, you will do what you have come here to do. I don’t want it to sound as though I have said the Universe is giving you an out, because that’s not accurate.

Think about it for a moment. What I say is, it doesn’t matter what you do, just that you do. I say, your energy alone is going to have an effect, whether you are conscious of it or not. But your consciousness is what makes a difference. To the leadership (indicating those present) I say, you don’t have to stay as Director, as Treasurer, because if it’s not good for you, it’s all right. I’m not relying on you to do this. Someone else will.