What would you say are the most important issues facing us right now?

There are two main things that I’m seeing. The first is that the changes that have come about in mass consciousness, in the nature of its energy, and the possibility of certain events in your world right now have called for re-patterning the grid. Focusing on that is imperative at this point. This does not eliminate Heart Portal work, but the grid is more urgent at this time.

The second thing is the need to address the issues of the Guardianship energy that is doing the re-patterning work. These involve a different level of the same security issues you’re all very familiar with. It’s a different level of “Am I enough?” Your fears have more to do with the awakening of Christ Consciousness within you, opening your spiritual ears to hear the suffering and need, the change, and the intensity—the excitement and the passion—in the world.

You are now faced with choices you’ve not been faced with before. Your spiritual ears are relating to things in a far greater way than they have before. This puts a perceived responsibility on you. When improperly perceived, the result is overwhelm and a sense of frustration, separation, anger, guilt. Even when properly perceived, that sense of responsibility creates issues about living in detachment and discernment—what is yours and what is not yours—but all based on something you’ve not dealt with consciously.

In the current TransDimensional Energy work, you have added the tone of D and the use of the spiral to our toning practices. What is the significance of these additions?

If you’ve been keeping up with the whole process, from the beginning of the Celestial Voice workshop through the TransDimensional Energy teachings as I’ve been giving them, you may have felt that there were many different, unrelated techniques. I had you toning; I had you creating a spiral; I had you visualizing a golden pyramid. And every time, these changes brought new technologies and new reactions for you to deal with.

Now I hope you’re able to see that what I have been doing is giving you the building-blocks, the various practices, that would come together for a greater purpose. In the beginning, creating a tone stimulated the physical energy to awareness. That tone was made the focal point of the group, establishing a group frequency, more or less—keeping in mind that there are physical variations among the group that impose some differences. Now you are at the point where I am asking you to focus on three specific tones, each of which has the purpose of establishing a specific resonance within your physical and your spiritual systems, all working together to bring about a particular energy structure.

Initially, the spiral was a means of activating a particular accelerating mechanism within energy. Later, with that same purpose anchored firmly within the psyches of those who have practiced this for some time, it becomes a part of the technology for accelerating that energy to a whole other level.

Bottom line: All of the pieces have been working toward a level of manifestation, or creation energy, that allows the physical to enhance the spiritual process. Using specific tones allows your physical essence to activate a spiritual response within itself through connections that are available now—for the first time in your world—due to the changes that have come about through mass consciousness responding to guardianship energy over the last year.

D as a tone on its own does not have a magical effect, whereas A and F sharp do have special effects. D with A and F sharp completes a pattern. You have in the A the pattern through which form is established, in F sharp is the pattern through which Spirit can function through Form, and in D you have the pattern that allows action to come forth from this.

The whole technology is an activation of the human experience functioning at a spiritual level. That’s what it’s all about. When the human experience is activated to function at that spiritual level, change is going to happen.

At New Year’s, I’m going to bring in the final aspect of the practice for the work in Australia that will actually re-pattern the grid. Canada opened the door to the energy workers. New Year’s Eve is going to open the door to the energy work. Hopefully, the retreat will be opening the work itself, and Australia will be doing it. It’s a step-by-step process.

When I speak of the guardianship energy, as I did at the beginning of this interview, I want you to remember that it is you I am referring to, you who have chosen to travel here at this time of transition and to make a difference. You have a compact to bring about the completion of the Plan at the earliest possible time. You are guardians of that vision. And you are responding to the changes that are going on in mass consciousness through the activation of Christ Consciousness. Unawakened humanity functions at the level of mass consciousness. Awakened humanity has the potential to function at Christ Consciousness, which, you will remember, has been seeded into humanity’s genetic memory. Those who are awakened and actually functioning at that level—awakened and activated—would be guardianship energy. Is all of guardianship energy functioning in guardianship? No. Are they responding to what is going on in mass consciousness, though? Yes.

Whether you are actively participating in spiritual service, consciously aware that what you are doing is a part of working toward the completion of the greater Plan, or not, your energy is having an effect. The guardianship energy is responding. That has a lot to do, by the way, with why so many of those within this work are having similar experiences and sharing the same physical, mental, and emotional symptoms. It all has to do with the response to what’s happening in mass consciousness.

What are those things that we are experiencing in common?

Are any of you feeling overwhelmed? ‘Overwhelmed’ and ‘overburdened’ are two different things. Overwhelm comes from experiencing the changes that are happening on the planet in such a way that you are literally ‘hearing the call.’ You are feeling the changes. You are connecting to spirit as it is at the starting gate, ready to pour forth onto the planet. You also know there’s not much more time, and the push it’s giving you is overwhelming.

The overburden, however, is you. When you tune in to the incoming energy and say, “I hear this; I can do something about it,” or “I cannot do something about it,” you are responding appropriately. You’re overburdened when you say, “I should do something about it.”

Understand: the things that you’re here to do and the things you determine you are here to do are not always the same. Understand: the things that I ask of you and the things that you ask of yourself are not always the same. Understand that what you are here to do is the best you can where you are with what you have at the time; that has not changed just because you now have become sensitive enough to be aware of how much more there is to do, and how many people are not doing the best they can.

From the beginning I have said that your spirit saying “Fly!” does not mean your form can do it; it will always be a challenge for you to be able to recognize what can and cannot be done and to act accordingly. But now this is multiplied tremendously, because your emotional bodies have been awakened and stimulated to a very high degree. It is not that all of a sudden every male and female that I work with is going through menopause, even though that’s the joke that’s going around. It’s that, of the physical, the mental, the emotional and the spiritual bodies, the physical body is what mass consciousness has been working the most on, and the mental body is what those at the highest level of mass consciousness and in awakening are working on—that’s discipline of the mind. But the next step is coming through the emotional body, in which you learn not to react emotionally, not to let your emotions overwhelm you, but to let them instead be signposts for change, a means by which you find out what your beliefs are. The emotional body is that arena in which those who are working at higher levels and those who are working in mass consciousness are receiving most of their challenges right now.

A quick for-instance: Your security issues show up emotionally for you now, don’t they? It’s not a matter of discipline—stop thinking this. It’s a matter of getting over the hurt or the anger or the blind jubilance—the tunnel vision that comes with great excitement. Your challenges are showing up in the emotional body right now; they reveal themselves when you feel very tender or very shaky or erratic. That’s why it comes off like menopause, because those same feelings tend to show up when the body’s hormones are not in balance.

That also relates specifically to those who are doing this work, since they are having greater pineal activation than they have ever had in their physical bodies. The pineal directs the pituitary, which works with the body’s hormonal system, and so this activation will show up as emotional challenges. You have this great sensitivity bringing forth greater challenges on levels that had not been a problem for you before.

Using the technology I have given—the toning and the Star Weaving—is going to equip you to better deal with the challenges that come your way, because you are going to be strengthened from a higher level. However, those who are not doing the technology are going to be affected by the mass consciousness connection, which stimulates the pineal at a lower level. Those who have the technology and those who don’t are all experiencing more emotional instability.

For those who are working at a higher level, that instability probably has to do with still trying to run things according to the old pattern rather than allowing the creation of the new. For example, the dog comes up and sits there and looks at you with loving eyes, and you are overwhelmed with tender emotion that brings tears to your eyes—while you’re looking at the dog! Those who are not functioning in awareness might say, “Oh, that’s so stupid,” or, “Oh, I’m just so emotional these days,” or any number of things that have to do with old responses: block it off; push it away; don’t think about it. Or go with it, feel it! But that’s not what it’s about, either. You have made an energy connection; you have expanded, and it’s causing a change in you. If you resist it, you will feel guilty, you will be angry, you will become separated; it will become all of the negative emotions that you have been working so long to overcome. If you recognize it as a response to a higher love, it will pass on its own, and you will be better for it. That means not giving it undivided attention, not relating it to an old belief system, not giving it what you would have six months ago: what’s this about? where is it coming from? Nor is it the mass consciousness version, which you also have access to, which is, “Well, that’s just stupid. Real men don’t cry.” Whatever. It’s taking it to a totally new level and allowing the new to come about. That way you’re not spending all of your time in grief for the old, but instead, you’re allowing yourself to recognize and function with the new, whether you understand it or not.

Your emotions are not stable right now, because your pituitary is being stimulated by the pineal gland to a point that is causing it to function at a higher level. It’s not that something’s wrong; it’s getting more right, but the body doesn’t know that. The body reacts. It doesn’t necessarily know whether the stimulus is a good one or a bad one; you put that judgment on it. When that judgment is that it is not a good thing, you become overburdened.

Bottom line—old message here: conscious awareness in every moment. Ask yourself, “Am I doing the best I can here? Is this the most loving I can be?” If your answer is yes, let it go; if your answer is no, clean up. That’s it.

Let me make this very clear. This drive to “do more” that is crippling you because you can’t do enough is you. It’s ego. This is not a work such that you are going to make it happen. It is “one by one by one” until it becomes One. It is the many coming together with a common focus.

It’s not up to you. Have you not noticed that? It’s not up to you. That means I’ll do it without you if I must. And if you continue to overburden yourself to the point that you become incapable of functioning—and some of you are, because you have a need to make sure that everything’s going according to your schedule—regretfully I will have to do it without you, because you’ve put yourself out of the game.

The one thing that is vital in all this is the Star Weaving. It helps you move out of the human condition and strengthens the spiritual contact point. [See the winter issue of Phoenix Rising for a description of the technique—Eds.]

How can those who are planning to take part in the New Year’s ritual best prepare themselves?

The most obvious answer would be to practice the current toning techniques. Practice the technique to the point that you’re able to do it without thinking. And you can practice it on your own, as well as with a group, although with a group you create something different.

The second thing is, particularly for that night, remember that there will be those there who have not practiced, who are not doing anything but following your lead. If you know that you are going to be coming and taking part in the ritual, come with the idea that your energy will be able to work for two. And be sure that you’re strong enough to go that long; I ask you to practice until you’re able to tone and visualize for ten minutes, because then when you do it in a ritual for six minutes, for instance, it’s six solid minutes.

And, because of the nature of the work at this New Year’s Eve, I would ask that you ensure that you come with your body as clear as possible. That does not mean not taking medications. It means no recreational drugs, including alcohol and nicotine. And leave off any foods that you know cause you to move outside of what is normal for you.

There are specific speaking parts within the ritual that I’m going to ask some to do, so if you’re sure that you’re going to be here and are willing to read a specific line, let Lexington know [by calling Phoenix’s answering machine—Eds. ]. That way I can be informed of who would like a special part and set up the ritual around that. I have asked that there be a rehearsal at 5:00 p.m. that day, and that everyone who has a speaking part in the ritual will need to attend.

It would be nice if one of the things that individuals did in preparing for New Year’s Eve was to make themselves as strong and whole, physically, mentally and spiritually, as possible before that time, to recognize that they are sacred beings enacting an ancient ritual, clear enough that their whole self can take part. That would mean eating whole food, doing what you can over the next few days, few weeks, few months—depending on when you hear this—to begin purifying yourself to the highest possible level you can.

What does that mean to you? Well, for a whole lot of you that’s going to mean you eliminate alcohol, stop eating animal products, maybe even eggs and cheese—the vegetarian mainstay—as well. Perhaps it means you put yourself into a program of physically taking care of yourself by stretching—yoga or movement—or that you begin consciously, regularly, consistently—and I meant those all three differently—doing the five-minute meditation, sitting with others, functioning in the highest level of positive flow that you can.

This is a massive work that’s being done, and this step, New Year’s Eve, is turning a key and pushing a door open. That’s the intention. And it will be done whether five are there who can do it, or fifty are there, or a hundred and fifty. And every one of those levels will bring about a different opening. Five might turn the key. Fifty might push the door. A hundred and fifty would open it right up. The more that’s done at New Year’s, the easier it will be the rest of the year.