Phoenix Institute Pittsburgh has a discussion with Samuel

In 1996 Phoenix Rising became the “official newsletter” for both Phoenix lnstitute at home base and Phoenix Institute Pittsburgh by having two and sometimes more pages set aside for articles, announcements and information from the sister organization in the north. With this issue, Pittsburgh enlarges its contribution to this publication by submitting the questions for this interview with Samuel.

You are now putting a great deal of emphasis on the merging process. How does merging affect us physically, emotionally and mentally, and how does it work with Recalibration, embodiment and the return of the sacred circle?

Merging is an act of synthesized spirit and physical form. Every time you do any synthesized act, it strengthens the spirit’s connection in form so that there is less and less of form ruling and more and more of spirit functioning. The purpose of Recalibration is to make your physical form capable of holding a higher frequency of your spirit essence working through your form. Therefore the practice of merging has three effects. First, it creates an opportunity for you to release self. Merging doesn’t work if you cannot release yourself. The second thing is an opportunity for you, by thinking it so, to allow yourself to see a oneness with all things—because you’re imagining yourself doing ~ that. Third, as I said a moment ago, it empowers the spiritual function. And those things allow the physical body to function better with embodiment in a recalibrated world, which then will allow the sacred circle to be created the next time we try to do that sort of work. That was a statement of hope, not certainty, by the way.

Would you define synthesized spirit?

You are spirit using a body. In this world the physical body rules. Therefore, very early on in the process individuals learn to hide their spiritual essence and to ignore it and eventually not even be aware of it in order that the physical body might survive. Synthesis is that process, first, of awakening, that is of recognizing your spiritual essence, second, of bringing that awakened awareness to a point at which one is literally choosing to hear spirit’s choice, voice, connection, and finally, third, the ability to allow spirit to rule the form.

Now, in prior ages, yogis learned the mental mastery which allowed them to rule the form. In this age, spiritual mastery should rule the form. As I said at the retreat, that does not mean that your spiritual self can overcome things that are in the physical blueprint, but it does mean that your spiritual self can overcome things that are the results of or the reactions to being in a world in which form has always had the rule and free will reigns.

What is going on with the planet as a result of Recalibration?

As the planet is recalibrating, you’re seeing it as massive change in the consistent structures that your generation is familiar with. That means that, as far as it looks to you, weather patterns are changing, geothermal patterns are changing, crop and water cycles are changing—all as a response to what looks like sudden, violent changes in the earth. And of course that’s not true at all.

The planet is following its cycles, but your awareness is showing you, first, what you call changes—because your awareness has changed—and, second, patterns that you can associate with them. Intensity levels that you’re recognizing are different. Yes, these are the same sorts of changes that there have been before, but they’re more intense than they have been, and that’s a proof of the individual’s changing awareness, which is a good thing. So, to sum that up: it’s not that the planet and time are changing as much as the individual’s awareness and sensitivity to the intensity of those natural cycles.

What do humanity and this planet need right now? What can we do on an individual basis to help humanity and the planet make the transition?

Humanity needs what humanity has always needed—what all life force needs—and that is to fulfill the Plan for this dimension. What is the Plan for this dimension? For all life force upon the planet to reach Sacred Status. What signifies Sacred Status! The awareness of the innate spiritual nature—or oneness, if you will—of all living things.

What can individuals do to help bring that about? Number one, they can stop resisting its coming about. That would be very helpful right there. That resistance shows up in such things as a lack of hope, as cynical disbelief, as—and this is a really sad one—as consciously choosing to hold one’s own way rather than a willingness to release for unity. That results in such things as separation and depression. Not depression in some of the minor ways, but depression that comes from being a spoiled brat, seven-year-old, not getting your way. So resistance is one very major thing—stopping the resistance, working toward unity.

Another thing is that individuals, after working so hard to become aware of what they are and to establish where they are in the pecking orders of power, are feeling insecure. They are no longer as aware of what they can and cannot do, and so they feel a very strong need to express power in extremely unloving ways. An example of that would be the communication issues that I’ve been working so much with over the last few months, because individuals feel that it’s more important to be right and to “speak honestly” than it is to be unified and loving. So I see that as a difficulty.

Both of those are abuses of power —resistance and communication issues based on a lack of One Heart.

What else can you be doing to help? Of course consciously sending love. Of course, sitting, meditating, merging. Of course, coming together as a group with unified vision to bring about positive change and acts of love in the world. Of course. But none of those good and right steps is anything more than technology if a person is unable to function in unity with One Heart, if they still allow their little-p personality—ego—to rule. Have I spent so long teaching people to honor themselves that they’re unable to take the next step, which is, in the security of their own heart, to be able to honor others? If so, you’ll be seeing a large exodus of those who follow these teachings in the coming year, because I’m really going to be pushing unity and releasing of self.

Do we still have choice as to how our future will play out?

You have the same choice that you’ve always had. When I talk about your loss of free will, I’m using that as a dramatic expression of how you become so aware of what’s right and what’s not that you’re no longer satisfied with pretending there’s a gray area in which you don’t have to be responsible. Even though you don’t want to be responsible, there may be only one choice you can make. That’s still free will, but it’s free will under spirit. It’s the best possible free will.

And of course free will is what determines your future.

How do the characteristics of the original twelve—or gods/giants, as you refer to them—relate to the twelve Celtic pantheon characteristics? Does my understanding of particular energy and how I relate to it affect how I should practice the embodiment of a characteristic? If so, how? Are there better ways for me to practice this embodiment? What are they?

I presume what’s being spoken of as the original twelve is the Shining Ones working with the twelve Heart-Portal areas, and it’s not exactly accurate to say that it was only twelve. And of course it’s the difficulty that comes in trying to translate any sort of cosmic happening into the language in a way that gives the most information; you’re going to be leaving out a whole lot. So recognize that any answer here is only going to be a partial truth.

I use the Celtic pantheon because individuals who work with me have likely had lives—probably with me, in one way or another—in a Celtic scenario. Therefore, to the majority of these people, Celtic references make a connection somewhere deep inside and provide a faster memory trigger. So I use that.

The Celtic pantheon as I have given it will not be found anywhere, because it is a pulling together of Welsh, Breton, Irish, Scottish, English, Manx as a way of making my point that this is a symbolic representation. The names make no difference; the aspects do.

Looking at the aspects as I have given them, you’re going to be able to make associations. All right, so you’re not a keeper of the hearth, and a goddess would not need to keep a hearth. What does that mean today? How would that show up in your life? The way it would show up in your life is what you want to embody. You might want to say, Today I seek to be as nurturing as possible; today I seek to feed others with my warmth and the food of my spiritual love. That’s how.

At the retreat you talked of Venus energy in reference to Heart Portals. I remember a time at a Pittsburgh workshop you mentioned gods that had feline features, large cat eyes and pointy chins. I would like to confirm that these original ones helped with the first seeding. If so, how was their job different from those who came from Sirius and the Pleiades to help establish a grand life force here in the second ray?

In the workshop in which I spoke of the avataric energy—that was in The Plan for Cosmic Intervention—I made a brief reference when I was speaking about the different pictographs, rock carvings and old legendary information, that there are many very interesting common denominators in different early cultures. One of them makes the reference to what some cultures literally called cat people. However, there are other interesting-looking people as well that could just as easily have been the example. There was no statement that these were the ones who did the seeding, because they were not—certainly not the first seeding. They were recognized as gods because they did come here to give humanity information. But are they actually cat people? No. Are they related in any way to the alien big-head, large-eyed things that are considered visitors today? Since there are not big-eyed aliens and there were the cat people, I would have to say no.

And having said that, let me toss this in: It’s so very difficult to answer a question when it is based on a small piece of information I have given which is then taken radically out of the context of what I was speaking about, then surrounded by conjecture and presumed to be true. I’m then asked, “Will you explain what you meant by that one?” when it’s not what I meant at all.

How can sex magic be used specifically to help people with physical problems? At the very least, how can it be used without draining people who seem low on energy?

Well, again I believe that this is a question that is based on an improper understanding of the subject, in that any high-level spiritual work is a healing thing. In that sense, sexual magic would be healing for the physical, mental and emotional bodies, but it’s not meant to be a work for healing them.

At the very least, what can be done for somebody who does not have a lot of energy by using sex magic? Well, go slowly and don’t be very vigorous. Ritual is not an aerobic activity unless you want it, to be. And sex is not aerobic unless you want it to be. Slow is good.

And having said that, it’s important to be careful that the physical condition does not become an excuse to avoid spiritual activity, because during this time of recalibration the old is going to do everything it can to resist change.