Earth—A Third-Ray Planet

As promised on October 12, we took the questions you sent to us about the recalibration process and its deeper significance, as well as a few questions of our own, and put them to Samuel during the interview for this issue.

 Please clarify the interrelationships between the earth as a receiver of higher-dimensional energy, the transition points of this energy (Venus and Cappella), and the nature of the energy itself. In other words, is the nature of the energy determined by the transition point? And is the flow of this energy now helped by recalibration?

In the very same way that the mechanism of your physical eye determines how you see light, color, shadow, shape, it becomes the filter for your understanding of something. There is a difference from one individual to another as to exactly how blue a blue is or where on the scale a gray is.

When the earth was a second-ray, Love/Wisdom planet—through Venus—essentially what that meant was pure Light, or Source, sent forth the energy to earth through the dimensions of form, and Venus was, in effect, the eyeball in that the light to be filtered moved through the mechanism of the place that was Love/Wisdom.

As a third-ray planet, the mechanism must change altogether. No longer will the second-ray apparatus be workable. The filter will put in too much blue, for example. So instead, Cappella becomes the filter.

Source puts forth vibration. What that vibration is in this dimension can be compared to sound. That sound moves through all dimensions of earth—or of form; they’re the same. So, depending upon the function—the intent, thought, word, deed—that vibration is going to be directed through specific filters. Cappella is not the only choice, just as Venus was not the only choice—there were several second-ray choices that would have worked. Cappella was chosen because it is the focus—the very first modulation—for that energy released from the Source. In a real bad generalization—nonetheless accurate, there are just a lot of holes in it if you study it too carefully—Venus is the realm from which Guardians move to earth, but Cappella is the realm from which the Els express what become the Guardians. What that means is that Cappella is a step—actually a leap—closer. And that is why the Guardianship is coming to earth.

Recalibration of the planet unveils it to guidance from beyond, but does it have any personal significance in terms of our individual conscious access to our higher selves and entities?

If for no other reason than that your vessel can hold a greater vibration, you are going to be much more easily bonded with, connected to, the highest points of your vibrating self.

But over this last age more and more of humanity has reached its highest levels and is working in hierarchical fashions. Also, the Guardianship has been taking on form for transition work, and currently there is much more high vibratory work available. These facts add to the effect in this way: All of humanity is going to be able to work at a higher level simply because the vessel can handle more. All of those who hold a higher energy, who have come here to work in transition—which is a good number of those with whom I work—are going to already be at their highest level as they move toward recalibration, at their highest level during recalibration, and after recalibration, when the vessel has strengthened. Right now it is like a brittle pot just out of the kiln. Once it has established and strengthened itself, the heightened energy coming in will create a stronger circuit of energy going out, creating more coming in . . . and that level is going to make a great leap.

At least that’s the design. The individual needs to acknowledge it in order for it to work. You have to recognize your power before you can use it. In the case of those individuals who have already spent too much of their lives denying what comparatively little power they have, how willing do you think they will be for even more?


Do the star weaving and the candle meditations you have taught still have an important place, and how often should they be done?

Star weaving, yes. It is going to keep amplifying and strengthening your higher bonds. It’s going to keep strengthening the “new pot.”

Candle meditation, no. Don’t continue doing that right now.


How does the life of a person in flow with third-ray energy work? And how does the life of a person not adapted to that energy display that?

Energy that is already at quite a high level is going to be working at a still higher level.

Now moving back specifically to the third-ray effect, let’s start with mass consciousness as a whole. The reason that it is now working at a third-ray level is because humanity was not fulfilling its second-ray compact. Humanity was unable to function beyond everyday action and into wisdom. A very easy example of that: most humans don’t learn by watching; they learn by doing—life after life after life. What a waste! Having to return to first grade, you do it more quickly, but you’re still in first grade.

Humanity has been unable to make the intuitive leap. It is still functioning in knowing, in the need to understand. Humanity’s response is, “I must understand before I can act.” It is unable to project beyond that to, “If I do this, what are the possible consequences?” in order to make a decision based on taking full responsibility for those consequences.

That leap is what Love/Wisdom requires. Love/Wisdom moves beyond security of self into the region of the heart, where love creates wisdom. But at lower levels it becomes physically oriented—sex instead of love. Or it becomes totally polarized, using fear to bring about wisdom, saying “What I don’t want to do any more has taught me, rather than my successes and what I do wish to do.” Humanity was certainly spiraling, but not toward something greater.

Does this mean that recalibration and movement into third ray is like remedial education?

No, it does not work that way. The rays are not linear, sequential. Rather, it’s an avoidance of destruction.

This process is a big step forward because humanity took part in the recalibration and was not destroyed, and has now been given a means that should work. It is a big step forward because it is another option. Recalibration was another choice, another means to the same end.

Now about the changing of the rays: Which of your fingers is most important? The index finger? It’s the strongest, it’s the most sensitive, it’s the most dexterous. But what happens to someone who loses that finger? What does that individual do? Adapts.

The rays are like the fingers. It appears that the index is going to be able to do the work, but if it isn’t, use the next one.

So for mass consciousness, movement into the third ray means activity, but you will very quickly see the danger in this. Activity will bring about wisdom, it will bring about higher consciousness, it will bring about the knowledge of love, but the danger is that it will also bring about the possibility for a lot of manipulation: “If I do this you will love me.” There’s a lot of that abuse now already.

For those who work at a higher level, though, who have indeed, through this past time, mastered Love/Wisdom, it’s going to represent easy synthesis. The wisdom that has come out of their choosing love is going to lead now to greater intelligent activity, the foundation of love will bring about a higher level of activity. That is why the star weaving is important as a part of regular meditative practice. In fact it can serve as a focus, a mantram, of action—mental action perhaps, but action.

As long as there is humanity and individuality, there will be so many different ways it can be acted out. But the essence of it is, humans do better learning from what they do. And so a cycle gets created—action brings about wisdom; wisdom opens the door to love; love creates higher action—rather than the choice to love creating wisdom.

But haven’t we been able to learn other than by doing? For instance, we know without committing murder that it is wrong.

Ideally, at the second-ray level you could learn from somebody else’s pain. Unfortunately, that wasn’t working. Humanity was not learning. People were continuing to inflict pain. Now you will learn by doing; you will learn from your own pain. As a result it will no longer be necessary to go quite so far, because the pain will be very clear earlier on. You will stop yourself, because it is also Intelligent Activity, as well as Active Intelligence.

Of course it also means that when you take a good action, you’ll get the reward much quicker also. So it doesn’t only work for the negative actions. Appropriate actions will reward you much quicker and hopefully guide you along that path.


In the recalibration ritual the Solar Lords, the Lords of the Rays and the Guardians joined mass humanity. What’s the real-world significance or counterpart of that symbol? Is that in reality what has happened?

The whole work of recalibration was anchoring the doorway that would allow that energy to move through at higher levels. The doorway is open and available for that energy to move through in order to take form and to express action here.

Take that symbol into a much larger picture, though. How did the ritual begin after the Guardians of the Gate were finished? Everybody was standing in a circle. At the beginning of the ritual, that circle represented Source; in the end it represented mass humanity. Therefore, in the end Source became mass humanity. Knowing that Source is a composite—as is everything—Source as mass humanity is one body in many.

When the Solar Lord vibration is able to come through into humanity itself, that is an embodiment, whereas the Guardianship and the Lords of the Rays work by overshadowing.


In the last issue of Phoenix Rising you said, “Two veils will be eliminated, making way for spirit to take on form and function through it—although not for a long time before it burns out. Energy from the Hierarchy will now be able to function in this dimension. That opens the door for spirit energy here working at a much higher level to take form at will and walk the earth when necessary.” You also said, “This work is asking you who have bodies to share them and, in so doing, to be enlightened and move beyond your wildest imagining.” To what extent were you referring to advanced spirit borrowing a body versus actually materializing one out of thin air?

And there is the connection between embodiment and overshadowing we just mentioned.

One of the worst choices for words that I’ve used in a very long time was when I brought up the idea of a body being borrowed, because every fear that an individual might have about losing control came up. I cannot tell you how many individuals really fretted over that one, as if there would be no choice, as if it were a “move over for a few moments. I want to use your body for a while.” As if channeling is what I’m talking about. It’s not. It’s not that at all.

And so the best I could do was to liken it to overshadowing—overshadowing in a very mundane sense, such as, you are walking down the road and the sun behind the large maple tree overshadows you. What does that mean? It means all of a sudden your perception has been altered by the circumstances of your experience. That experience continues until you move out of the shadow that was over you.

With that in mind the first thing to remember is, your energy vibratory pattern is absolutely unique. It is absolutely impossible for a separate frequency to take over a vessel designed for a different frequency. It’s impossible. That’s why walk-ins don’t work. In channeling as I do it with the form [Lea]—which many people were trying to liken to borrowing a body—the form is not channeling me; she is channeling “Samuel”. Big difference.

This projection, Samuel, uses her specific energy, very specifically designed for this work—this is what she’s here for. So it does use the vibration that the vessel is designed for, but what it’s being used by is just a tiny piece of what is there. [Lea adds: “The personality essence we know as ‘Samuel’ is a projection of something much greater. To use me—in form, and therefore with a low vibrational rate—the energy which he projects connects with the highest of my frequency. That requires only a small piece of the much greater whole that he is.”]

In the case that I’m referring to, the reason that channeling is also not the same as borrowing a body is that the spirit “borrowing” that body is not going to be effective with the limitations imposed by your energy still being there. So going through the great difficulty of allowing vibration to project into you to do something in the world is really making a fairly pointless use of energy. Instead, it’s much more effective to be born into your own body, one that can work fully, or, because it is now possible to do so, to create one that is designed to hold your energy and then function in the world with that one.

“Borrowing your body” really means you’re moving over to allow your old beliefs and old selves to be consciously put aside so that you can work at your highest possible level, in order that the energy—the frequency—that you’re able to work with allows you to be amplified. More like conscious channeling than this form of embodiment that I do. More like overshadowing than walking in.

Examples of that are the construction of the garden at the back of the Phoenix building and the idea of a labyrinth for Phoenix that Paula received in a meditation. The ideas to create these were very high-level connections that were a very easy flow at the time. Paula knew it was right. Once you have experienced that sort of thing, you know it, and that experience becomes an anchor by which you can look for and draw to you the next such experience of knowing. That’s why it’s so important to give words to it now, to say, “This experience is possible.”

But until an individual has enough of those “rights” verified, they don’t know. There are some people that absolutely have learned to follow their inner guidance, but that guidance is wrong. They are actually responding to their beliefs and fears.

And so it’s really a situation of putting yourself on the front line and being willing to be wrong that’s going to probably prove you right. Not being attached to it, but being willing to flow with it.


Now that the ritual has been performed, can you tell us more about its impact? Did it contribute substantially to easing the rebirthing process of this planet and the life upon it? Has some amount of hardship, difficulty and disaster been avoided?

That question is based on the idea that the ritual and those taking part in it were doing the recalibration, which is not accurate. But as a reminder of how beautifully the ritual worked to anchor the energy that needed to be anchored in order for the work to be done, think for a moment. Think about the practices before the ritual: sort of chaotic. People were unsure, their physical selves were giving them a hard time, there was a lot of stress involved. However they came to the ritual itself with an attitude of holy work, of sacred work, with the understanding that this was a very special activity and knowing that they had a particularly important piece of work to do. They had a commitment that they would do it, and a realization that they were capable of it. Literally One Heart.

Without difficulty, everything at the ritual itself went fairly true to form. The circling was not a problem. The individuals who were experiencing certain physical handicaps were not experiencing pain. I was not doing that. I was not sprinkling the room with fairy dust so that everybody would remember better. It was One Heart happening. The weaving—one of the most important aspects of the whole ritual—was beautiful because individuals took a higher view of what was happening. It was perfectly done. Truly.

The recalibration itself, however—as I have said—was a process that had begun a few months ago. That recalibration process was what I kept telling people they were experiencing as chaos and pulling things into order. Your physical, your mental and your spiritual selves are all being changed. The recalibration ritual on October 12 had one purpose, and that was, through One-Heart activity, to create an energy that would allow the portal—or, if you prefer, the final adjustments of the grid—to be firmly and specifically opened by proof that humanity was ready. That’s what it did. My job was sort of to say, I told you so!


You stressed communication and vision in your October Sunday night talk. Can you explain the importance of those things in this new third-ray planet?

What words would really get across that communication and vision are now the absolutely most important aspects, just as they were before? But it’s different now because, whereas communication was a function of love and vision was the means by which wisdom would be created through the activity love brought about, now communication is a function of action. Vision is the intelligence of the action. The vision is going to create the activity which will bring about the need for a higher level of communication, rather than communication being the means by which action became clear. In the past your inability to properly communicate brought about negative consequences that forced you to reevaluate, change the action, create a new vision. Right now the vision is going to determine the action.

What happens to individuals who have no vision in a third-ray time? Every negative, plateau-oriented difficulty will be in their path. Communication and vision still are as important, but for different reasons than before.


Since recalibration, as we make more loving decisions that are part of moving beyond free will, are we spinning off fewer probable selves?

There is no such thing as a probable self. Or parallel existence either. However, insofar as the entity has projections that have projections, each projection could be called a probable self. They’re totally independent life-ways, but because at higher levels the individual is able to bring the information from all of the past and future lives—all of the projections—up to the entity level, process it and then make use of it in another projection, there becomes, if you wish to translate that way, a probable self. It’s really an actual self.

But recalibration should give you more access to those other actual selves because of your higher function giving you access to the entity.


            I have joked about the high spiritual energies coming in for a short time after October 12 by asking if I’m expected to cook breakfast for them? Do they even eat breakfast? What I mean to express is my own excited expectation and my desire to meet them consciously. What is the perspective I am needing?

The basic awareness that like is attracted to like and that recognition of the full self will allow recognition of the greater experience. If you’re not recognizing angels now, if you don’t see the miracles, the positive, if it’s easier for you to live in your negative, if you do not see the Source in others now, you still won’t see it later. But if you see the glimmer now, then the great bonfire will be enough to singe your eyelashes.

Pay attention to your dreams, because contact is usually preceded by a familiarity with energy that is attained in the dream state.

And when spirit takes form, unless it is for a very short period of time, it will need to eat, so breakfast may be wanted.


I am looking at a career change and would like to honor the work that needs to be done with humanity during this time of transition by those who are awake. Please give some information on what kind of opportunities a job should provide to make the best use of our higher spiritual awareness since recalibration.

Do you know that most of the individuals I am talking with now are wondering how their mundane life can possibly express the value of their recalibrated self in the world? And yet it’s more important than ever that you first have something of a mundane life in order for those who are not working at the same level you are to have something to relate to. Having the highest possible caliber of nurses and teachers and plumbers and administrators—on and on and on—is no less important nor any more important than it ever has been. Along with that is the reminder that your job should not be so much of your life that any time it’s not good your whole life is worthless, and when it is good you suddenly value yourself more. That’s really old thinking. Hopefully, an individual working at the higher levels of recalibrated possibility is going to be consciously allowing overshadowing, is going to be familiar with embodied energy, is going to be able to make every life situation an act of sacred service.

Changing a career to be better able to work in recalibration is called running. It’s one more sabotage. It’s an excuse that says, just as soon as this happens I will be able to really serve. Well, if you can’t now, you certainly can’t then.


What will be the focus of 1997 and what will be the name of that year?

It’s so much the Year of the Blank Slate. That’s a reminder that intelligent activity is the requirement. As has already been expressed, what is necessary is right vision and right communication. Working on those two aspects at their very highest levels will ensure that an individual will stay clear of the obstacles on the path.

But the message I’ve been giving all along is that after recalibration, when you’re at ground zero, you don’t really have a blueprint to follow.

The focus of the year, the focus of every year, the focus of humanity ever, ever, ever, is to have synthesized action, to have a vision, to be able to communicate that vision.