1993 — The Year of Unveiling

1992 brought about within your western culture amazing internal change; in turn, that created a stimulus across the planet, even outside western culture, for great external change. As a result you began to see very major, and surprising, changes—death, transition, re-creation—across your planet. The good news is 1992 offered a greater opening than was planned. It was a year in which the Wesaks, for instance, created absolute planetary chaos. Look at the times of the Wesaks and what was going on on a planetary scale. For the first one, we saw major earth movement and change, climatic change. Goodness, I think your South Pacific is in such an uproar that it can’t stop shoving islands around the map. It’s still continuing. The second Wesak saw much governmental change, and the third one has shown even more.

There are those who are calling this a time of tribulation. And yet, through the incredible change and uproar and what many would call darkness, 1992 brought in some of the brightest light that your society has had.

On a very local, personal scale, look at your lives, your families. Look at how loved you know you are, and how much more love you have to give—maybe pulled out of you like a sore tooth, but that’s a part of what tribulation offers, you know—a reminder that you can face it with fear and upset or with concentrated force of love. And through that, you find that you’ve more love to give and even yet more love to give.

There is nobody who has not been touched in one way or another by heartache this year. Change is hard, and there is a lot of resistance here, but it has allowed the opportunity for more light than this planet has had in a very long time, and that’s good.

I’m not a political ghost, you know, and yet I am extremely excited—not so much about your president-elect, but about the incredible determination in this election of individuals saying, “Something’s got to be different.” Change on purpose. Not “It has happened, and I’ll roll with it,” but “I’m going to make it happen.” You see, that’s light. That’s good. And that’s showing up across the planet. People are not saying, “I will manage and adapt,” but “I will accelerate—stand up, be a part of the creative process, rather than just a part of Creation.”

So 1993 is the year of the unveiling of that Creation. I’m not particularly talking about an unveiling of the sort where you drop the sheet off a great statue. I’m talking about two types of major unveilings.

The first is on a personal level, your own unveiling to who you really are—and letting that person come out into the world. For years we have worked together to learn how to put on and take off masks as necessary to function in the world. Masks offer you security. You have, for example, a professional mask, a mother mask, a lover mask Your professional mask is not necessarily the spontaneous playful mask. To get to know these things is what we—all of you associated with my work or other work dealing with self-empowerment and lighting up the spirit within and teaching it how to function—have been working on. We’ve been working on learning those masks. Now, this is the year of getting rid of them. Not tossing them aside, but incorporating them, merging them, so that all they offer is accessible, and in a way that lets who you are comes forth. Unveiling the true you, because the world is ready for it now.

And the second unveiling—which is going to get everybody’s airy-fairy bones excited—is removing the veil. In my last workshop I taught literal inter-dimensional travel. I was specifically teaching how to move as pure energy and how to make that known to this self that cannot begin to relate to what it does not know. To unveil that self here in the world, to take away the veil of not remembering, the veil protecting you from wings in the world. That is also the unveiling.

Last year, my workshops were concerned with learning your gifts. This year, they will be about putting those gifts out into the world. In ‘93 you are going to put you in the world.

Unveiling. Transformation. Transfiguration. And, in the truest sense of the word, transubstantiation—that’s what this is. No longer a separation; no longer a symbolic difference. And it can be done, it can be done.