Looking Back at 1990 and Looking Ahead to 1991

Knowing the emphasis Samuel puts on helping us understand the rhythms of the earth and the significance of the energy of each year, the editors asked for a retrospective look at 1990 and some insight into the coming year.

What should we remember about 1990?

This has been the Year of the Magician. You must remember what that means. That doesn’t mean you’re going to be able to do all sorts of wild magic. What it means is you’re going to get moving on your apprenticeship. So it has been a year of creating the magician that would be capable of playing the magic.

Any great working requires greater preparation. The magician is not the one who accomplishes the working, but who can accomplish the preparation. It’s not the effect, it’s the cause put into place. What this year has done is act as the setting of the spell, and the foundations have been laid to allow the magic to start happening.

All of that work has been needed to purify, to get rid of those dregs, which often means for many people being stuck in those dregs. One of the greatest works that any individual does is to learn what is his or her problem and what isn’t. This has been a year for many of coming to learn how to differentiate.

If you can see that this past year has been preparation for more, you can understand my excitement, because in this time of preparation, of great change in human lives and lifestyles and thought systems, the effect has been to create the Year of Jubilee, which, I must tell you, was an unknown factor. And a very pleasant surprise, if there indeed be surprises. Technology has been making some wonderful advances in medicine, in healing chemicals and healing machinery, diagnosing, taking care of symptoms. Great things have happened this year with that, not necessarily in taking care of the disease, but, again, in foundational work, being better able to find out what it’s about.

Big changes have come in government. For example, look at the changes in the great American foe, the Soviet Union. You’re actually allies with them again. People have been accepting more of their own power. So this year has also seen a great number of people saying, “I don’t need this anymore. Take this job and . . . do whatever you want with it,” which has left a lot of individuals being forced to seek something new in an insecure situation. Although my usual recommendation is to know where you’re going before you leave where you are, they have left where they were without knowing where they were going, but nevertheless ended up finding the magic of their own manifestation abilities. Even though sometimes that means manifesting the bare necessities, that is still the foundation for magic.

So this year has seen a lot of change in the core of human thought, which has then had its effects in your government, in your technology, in your communication, and all of that is a simple reflection of the spiritual changes that happened.

What will next year bring?

It’s not set yet. At this point, it’s the year of cleansing and unity. Now, cleansing and unity is not cleansing as in purification; cleansing and unity are the same thing. Do you understand? If I have enmity with you, I don’t have unity until there has been cleansing. The cleansing may not be a personal purification. It might be just a letting go and an agreeing to not disagree, to just try to work together and appreciate the differences. It’s that sort of thing. A cleansing meaning that you do not have unity until you let go of the need for a difference to be a block, and so what you’re cleansing is the belief that what makes you unique and different from me is not good.

It means that you and the world are going to be seeing a lot of letting go of resistance that says we’re different. And that’s going to require a lot of deep-level belief work—which will show up as a lot of resistance.

Do you mean like nationalism and racism?

That’s right. But the very fact that it’s brought to the fore means that there’s change that’s going to be coming. As long as racism is still under the carpet and a lot of people don’t even know it’s there, then nothing’s going to change.

And, individually speaking, as long as I have to like you as well as love you, we may never work together, but when a human realizes, “You know, I don’t have to like this person, but because I understand the greater picture and choose to work with them . . .” Can you imagine what that would do?

But again that’s not set yet. There’s something else that’s working in mass consciousness, and so at this point I hesitate to say that that is what the energy is going to be, because it’s not fully created.

Can you tell us more about the effects on individual people?

They have the opportunity to feel very separated and alone and lonely. They have a chance to feel detached and to purposefully find themselves detaching. Those are the danger signals. Those are the things that, when you start finding them, help you recognize that you’re responding to the energy with resistance.

It’s also going to mean such things as a re-creation of ties. For instance, you might make peace with your family—on your terms, if your terms are that higher spiritual unity. You might find that you decide certain differences are all right; you learn to be more generous. You might find that you feel frivolous because you want to socialize more, and that you tend not to want more heavy esoteric knowledge. You want to get together and go to a movie or to share food. I encourage that, because it’s unifying. There will be big changes in relationships. I imagine I’ll be talking more than once about triunities, changes in what people accept as normal.

You have called this year the Year of Jubilee. Can you explain what that means?

First, background. In ancient history, up until as recently as four or five thousand years ago, with the Hebrews there was a recognition of seven, seventeen, sometimes twenty-one year cycles depending upon the state of humanity’s mind at the time. When a cycle was completed the people would experience what they called a year of jubilee. During that year debts would be absolved, things which had been put in storage would be given out to the people, and there would essentially be a point of starting over with a clean slate. If you were on the run from the law, you got a clean slate. If you were a slave you would be freed. Everything started new.

Things that happen in history are very often rooted in a spiritual understanding. And the spiritual understanding was that there were cycles within humanity of great change. In this present jubilee, spiritually speaking, humanity has taken away the shackles of the logical mind and has begun—mind you, only begun—that leap as a whole into the heartsong, the intuitive mind. That opens the door to much stronger access to and communication with the guardianship of humanity around this planet. Unshackled from mind, connected to Heart-Source.

For three years there is transition as more and more of humanity recognizes it, awakens to it, makes use of it. That allows for such things as healing to become more balanced, for relations and relationships to become more clear, and for a decision to be made: is it better to have the safety of slavery over the unknown of freedom? And I’m here to tell you that humanity’s ready for freedom.

How is it connected with humanity’s movement into the first initiation?

One is the cause of the other. Jubilee would create the security.

What has been going on is that a foundation has been set. Anytime a foundation is set, individuals respond one of two ways: they resist or they move with it. Those that resist have been finding some very big difficulties. Those who flow with it may have also been fighting, but they’ve gained strength from it. That opens the door to courage—taking a risk and finding more of yourself—and that ends up setting the spell to experience the magic.