In one of your Weekend Updates you said that the coronavirus has been with us for two to three years. Did you mean it has been infecting humans for that long?

There is a classification of viruses that all fit under the umbrella that this particular virus has come from. The coronavirus itself has been around for quite some time, and the one that is creating the problems in the world right now, the one that became Covid-19, has been within the warm-blooded creatures for two or three years, waiting. A bat, for instance can harbor thirty viruses, and certain areas will have colonies of coronavirus. But it isn’t just bats. They just manage very well with multiple viruses, and as a result they tend to be studied quite a bit. So really all I was saying was the coronavirus that you’re working with has been in your world as SARS-CoV. There’s a family of SARS as well. You have to keep defining it, because a virus is a creature which evolves quickly.

So COVID-19 has been in humans for close to a year. Maybe nine months or so. It has been infecting since last fall or late summer. [This interview took place on May 13, 2020.]

The higher purpose of the pandemic occurring at the start of the new paradigm is interesting to speculate about. One can see it as arising out of the Greater Plan as a way of prodding humanity into making great change. Or it could be seen as a way to interrupt actions that are harmful to the planet. Does either of these apply, and are there other scenarios that are just as important?

The things that you are talking about, the outcomes, are side-effects. The virus was not put here to change DNA, but it is being used  to change DNA. The virus itself is a natural result of human stupidity.

You allow too many humans in the world. They encroach upon the planet. They look out for only their own needs. They eat animals and change the planet to fit their need  for eating animals. As a result, creatures that harbor many viruses are brought far too close to a human population, so the human population is living in their manure, or in the case of bats, their guano.

But not just that. Humans share those animals’ breath, their hunting grounds, they put themselves in the midst of their droppings, and then wonder why they get viruses that have learned how to leap into another host. Swine flu, and bird flu, and coronaviruses—they’re all the result of human greed for taking care of their own selves instead of the creatures, instead of the planet.

While it is true that your planet is technically quite able to handle these things without creating large pandemics, there are only one or two governments on your planet that are actually able to manage this, and they are not overpopulated like China, or Russia, or the United States—the list goes on and on.

As you have seen, this pandemic has many silver linings. It is creating much introspective change, though it is yet to be seen whether that’s a good thing or a bad thing.

Nonetheless, the easiest way to mutate genetic structure is by virus. So it is making a process that would be very slow—well you would consider it fast I suppose, but I’m a little more impatient—to become fairly fast. Everybody is going to get the  virus. It’s just that most will not ever know they have it.

If everyone is going to get it, does that mean the only real reason for precautions is to stretch out the curve so as not to overwhelm the system?

No, no, no, no, no. Reducing precautions, in fact, would be another stupid human trick. You only need to be exposed to a very small dilute version of that virus. However, you might be carrying a very strong version, and if you put yourself out there to make sure that everybody gets it, you’re going to kill people. And, if they decide not to go, you’re going to leave long-term damage. Don’t do that.

You said that the virus is being used. Who is doing the using?

The Source Field.

I understand that the planet is making a use of it, but is there a higher user, a higher purpose?

Well, yes, but answer your own question. Who is the creator of your universe? You, you, are the creator of your universe. You have made this decision as a part of the collective One when this Plan was created.

Options are always put forth. There is never only a Plan A. Timelines and opportunities must be thought through. The better a creation, the more of that thinking has gone on. It’s your Intent ultimately. In the meantime, it’s the collective consciousness of all who are a function of the Greater Plan. And in the meantime from that, it is the direct result of the world’s and life force’s frequency changes that are creating timeline choices and change.

This is largely a question about clarifying terminology: We are now carbon-based life forms, but that was not always the case. What was the basis for our forms before they shifted to a mostly carbon basis?

When do you mean?

I don’t know when because I don’t know what you were referring to in the second Weekend Update, when you remarked that we were carbon-based but we had not always been, and now we are shifting out of it again.

Creation is a function of Source/Creator energy, pulling together—without pulling anything together really, but just for the sake of explaining something that is not explainable—taking a great inbreath, and gathering a hodge-podge of multiple ideas and then, with the Intent of life experience, returning to Self. So Source releases, brings it back in, releases it again, providing ingredients for the experiment. Now, speed up this very long cycle of life. Carbon is prolific in the worlds of the Plan, because carbon is a fantastic building block. Silicon is … you mix silicon with the gaseous form of carbon—carbon dioxide—and you get something like a shell which can be used by little ocean creatures, and on through the development of higher life. But the other thing that makes this planet so special and so unique is that it also evolved with huge amounts of water. The cycle takes place in this very special place in your solar system, located at a vital distance from your sun that allows the water not just to dry up and become desert immediately, but instead to actually create a living cycle of water being absorbed and evaporated, returning with other chemicals, releasing them, over and over and over, until you have a cycle of life that is a carbon and silicon combination.

Now, there is going to come a point at which a decision is going to have to be made, because neither of those things on its own can continue. But you’re made up of a whole vat of chemicals, so as you became more and more dense, a separation between the carbon-life tree feeding on earth and the silicate-life tree feeding on Light and atmospheric regeneration came about.

But silicate is still an excellent conduit. Every cell in your body contains a small amount of one version of silica or another because it is a perfect means for communicating, electrically and electromagnetically, through the body. But even better, it is perfect for your Light Body to interface with the mind and the energetic body.

So you were once a combination of the two, but it was so far before you took the form you have now that it hardly counts. So life moved away from that choice point and moved with the carbon-based route, which was the easiest and most sensible thing for this planet, since survival is important and carbon is stronger. It did not change the necessity of the silicate interface with the Spirit self and its function of Light; that interface is still a very necessary activation quality for the carbon-based body. So, as a result, as the evolving human is more willing to spiritually connect, the physical body becomes much more secure in the interface of silica connecting through the Spirit—through the Light body and those frequencies of change.

As the human became more willing to connect to Spirit, that silicate-carbon connection returned and, through that Light Body—through higher-frequency changes—can function at a higher frequency.

You are shifting to a crystalline function. Realize, however, that crystal is a side product of the silicate process. Silicate-carbon makes up most of your planet. It is the white quartz (calcite) that you picked up so much of in Arkansas.

The point I’m making is, the more you function with your Light Body, the more quickly information readapts those crystalline points within the body for permanent rather than temporary use. And ultimately that’s where you’re going, the permanent function of the Spirit Body working as an overlay to the physical body.

So the bottom line is, you were that combination, and now you currently are that combination. In order to interface as a function of greater Light, you need to be evolving, as your planet is, in the silicate part of this carbon-silica cycle.

The most important thing is that you are Light, you are information, you are a function of Source. And your surroundings—this illusion—isn’t the point.

So that’s why you said consciousness is so important.

Absolutely. It’s everything.

You’re saying that silica holds Light in the higher frequencies better than carbon does.

Yes. That’s why you have so much of it in your body. Every cell can be interfaced with Light—to a certain degree—because of the receiving and transmitting qualities that come with the silica base.

What exactly do you mean by crystal? I’ve had trouble understanding our bodies having crystals in them, such as those in the pineal gland. I think of a crystal as having its atoms pretty much fixed in place, which doesn’t jibe with the idea of life being a flowing chemical sort of process. I know there are liquid crystals, but I don’t know if that’s what you are referring to or not.

As far as I am concerned, crystalline is crystalline, be it hard and brittle or be it liquid and flowing. I would go so far as to say there is by far more liquid crystal in your world than there is the hardened kind. But the hardened kind is what humans hold in their hand and say, “Oh, I’ve got a crystal.” But “crystalline” is meant to cover all of that.

Now, having said that, you have, at a very, very microscopic level, crystalline particles, but a cell matrix is not going to have a particle like that in it and be functional. It’s actually a part of the gaseous flow through the body.

Maybe this is an error on my part, but when you use the word “crystalline,” my mind jumps to the word Spirit. Is that an error?

It’s not an error, but it is incomplete. Instead of crystalline-spirit, think crystalline interface, crystalline communication. It is an information vehicle for the interface with Light. But it’s also what it takes for your brain to move a finger, the thing that movement relies on, amongst many other things in the chain, that reception, that electrical movement, that magnetic attraction, that whole process of thoughts both conscious and subconscious. So think communication or interface. But it’s certainly Spirit, too, because the quartz crystal that you hold amplifies everything. Everything. So it’s very easy to see Spirit as the purpose of a physical rock crystal. It’s not, but for the human it certainly is.

In one of the Weekend Updates, you said activating genetic codes has to do with elevating consciousness and makes shifting through time and space easier. Don’t we already do that in our dreams? It’s actually our physical that makes those shifts.


At what point will we be able to be aware of that consciously, as opposed to in our dream states? Or will we at any point?

Well, for some of you it’s already happening.


Through meditative states. Through states brought about by plants to help push that process along. Out-of-body experience is not hard. You experience them sometimes without realizing you are. For example, you think that you are focused on petting the dog, and your mind sort of wanders off. Dimensional shifting is not leaping from one level to another—poof, there you are! It is merging into what is all around you. It is being able to release enough of the illusion to not be stuck in this reality. When you fully realize that what you’re seeing around you is just a very tiny piece of the whole, you begin seeing little shifts that catch your attention. It can be synchronicities or something just slightly out of place.

Time warps?

Yes, that sort of thing. It’s just different. You might ignore it for a while, but pretty soon you start thinking, In this place or when I’m doing this thing, my mind starts thinking about the 1890s. Then you realize it’s awareness, not a trick.

Your physical body resists when you think about having no limitations, because its job is to keep you alive and well, and this society has firmly taught you that you must stay safe. It has convinced most people that safe means happy—which is really, really sad. Early on, you are taught, “That’s not real. That’s pretend. That’s make-believe,” and slowly your world narrows to what is acceptable. You grow out of allowing the dimensional shift to happen, but spiritual growth brings it back. And the Ascension process, initiated as it is right now, makes it a necessity, and for some a function of survival. So now more people are acknowledging, more people are experiencing that, and it’s filling up the Lake of the Known. The more you practice being the observer, the more you will realize you are observing much more than you think you are.

Please elaborate on your remark in a Weekend Update that this was a time that had been foretold by the ancients. What cultures in particular made these prophesies, and were the prophesies so warped by the culture that they didn’t come through as a true prophesy?

You will find it in various native American cultures, as well as the Mayan, the Olmec. I’m not talking the kind of predictions Nostradamus made: “There is going to be a great cloud over the European nations, and …” The ancients made pretty clear statements that when such-and-such happens, this will follow and then this will happen.

I wouldn’t want this topic to become a sidetrack, but sometimes it’s comforting to know that you’re part of the greater process. And remember, the process is all woven at the moment, and then it is given a patina so it looks ancient.

Because there’s no time.

So the bottom line is that they saw that the Ascension process was going to take place.

Yes, they saw that the Ascension Process was going to take place at a very specific time in the human cycle. It’s just a matter of being in touch with The Plan.