Jeanean Jacobs prepared questions for this interview and traveled to Lexington to discuss them with Samuel. Thank you, Jeanean!

You have stated that long-awaited galactic and solar system alignments, which cycle in intersecting energetic spirals, create a lineup of torsion points that will lead up to the solar eclipse. This will be a massive buildup of energy leading to a density change, which represents full access once again, and will allow the unseen to be seen and the seen to function as unseen. Please describe some of the possibilities of this full access.

A little correction that I’m going to make is that while indeed it is full access, it does not mean that full access to this planet is probable as much as it is possible. That access requires Stargates to be active and functioning for energy to come to this planet in a full way.

Stargates all work for different locations, for want of a better word. If that location is not in alignment with the frequency of a particular energy, if it’s not going to be able to move through the filter of the Stargate, then it still will not have access. Some energy cannot yet make it because a Stargate is not fully operational, has been closed or never opened at all and therefore has no activity.

That really doesn’t matter because at that point, with the density change—which is separate from how the Stargates work—any energy that comes to this planet cannot be any kind of third-density function. It will have to be fourth or higher to function in this dimension.

Any energy that is already here that maintains a third-density power focus will still be here, which isn’t great, but awareness is going to make a lot of changes so that third-density energy cannot function for long. It withers and dies, just like a plant that has been set out and never watered. It’s not being fed by what it needs and therefore it’s not going to grow.

I believe that what you are wanting to know is what will you see, what will come of it as far as what you are able to see, as opposed to what I would see that you would not yet see.


All right. The reason that I tend to hesitate with that answer—and in fact anytime I’m asked “What will it look like?” or “What will it be like?”—is that free will rules here. Free will not only means it’s your choice to go left or go right, it also means it’s your choice to see what you want to see, or experience what you want to experience, and that creates huge limitations. You [sitting here] know, and you who are reading this know, because you have consciously been working on your ability to recognize the illusion around you, that what you see, what comes in through your senses, is just a very small portion of what actually is.

Most people do not know that, and in fact create a consensus reality that is so strong that they don’t realize it is an illusion until some sort of massive event resets their operating system and they realize—or awaken to—”there is more than I thought there was.”

To you who are awake and aware I would say, the first thing that you’re going to notice is your physical mental system—I mean your brain, the way you think—is going to be amplified tremendously. That amplification will happen because this transfer of energy that comes in at the eclipse is going to create a shock that will awaken a lot of latent DNA.

Many Guardians have been working on their genetic structure already, so this awakening will be not so much within the Guardianship as within others. Think about everything that you have been experiencing while doing your DNA work. This is massive because it’s the DNA work that allows you to move through dimensions, and that is going to be the most useful and conscious activity that the eclipse and density change will be bringing about.

Fourth-density function is massively higher than third-density function. The difference between first, and second and third are all very big leaps, but once you get to fourth and fifth and sixth, those are much smaller leaps. The leap from third to fourth is probably the largest. Eliminating fear as the basic manipulative tool changes everything, everything. The sky will still be blue; at this point you still think you have one sun. None of that is going to look different, but the way people see out from their heads and from their hearts will be—hopefully—totally different.

Religion and medicine, just to name two, are based on hierarchical power structures. Are people going to recognize that? Will they look at a religion they are presently part of and say “Wait, that isn’t something I want to be a part of.” Is that the kind of recognition you’re talking about?

Those are byproducts of that greater recognition, and those are things that you are seeing already happening on a very large scale as a part of the greater awakening that has been going on. This is more like “I’ve been thinking that”—list any conspiracy theory here—”is going on in our world” changes to “I see it. I see it every time I look around.” Now that’s going to sound like a lot of paranoia, but that’s part of what your President is offering at this time.

Your ability to move trans-dimensionally is going to be best used by the greater activation of your higher sensory system. That is what is commonly called clairaudience and clairsentience—those higher connections—the ability to move out of the body and shift to places in the world energetically, and yet see it and know it and feel it and be left with the neural impressions as if you had been there physically.

The higher you function, the more quickly that kind of awakening will come about, the awakening of those higher senses. But remember, it doesn’t matter what awakening happens; you always have the free will to accept or not accept what’s right in front of you. And there will be those who go into panic mode. If you’ll remember I referred to fissures, cracks, within your Light Body, and there are those who are so broken that all they can do is hold on to the old power systems and then bully you into believing that you are wrong.

So one of the things that I greatly encourage you to do is part of what I had you do at the Retreat in the ritual: constantly affirm your Source connections, your clarity, your function as One, your function as Love, your function within the Law of Love and the Law of Light. Also, to release your old self thoroughly, see a great ball of light over the top of your head, and allow it to move down your body, clearing out anything that keeps you from full Oneness, and release out your feet. You do that three times for the full release every day, and at first even more. Do it when you wake up and right before you go to sleep. And during the day, do it whenever you think you might be in a situation where negativity could have an influence on you.

You could have done that same exercise a year ago and it would not have had the effect it has on you now. You feel it now. You feel that ball move right through your body. It’s very powerful. So remember, it’s a ball the width of your shoulders located above your head. If you want to get really fancy, put it in a golden pyramid and take it down through your crown, down through your body, past your root chakra, out your feet and into the earth. And then two more times. That kind of clearing is going to not only keep you— hmm, I want to say unattractive but that’s not the word I’m looking for—literally magnetically unattractive to any old issues, old hurts, old beliefs that have been influencing you, beliefs that cause you to say, “This isn’t really happening.” “I don’t see this; I don’t hear this.” “I’m making this up.”

Moving back to your question: There should be large changes in governmental systems and in scientific systems, and with changes in those two, ideally everything else pretty much falls into place in advancing unity and a greater acceptance of One, including very clear revelations about what you have called alien influence in your world—although I don’t like to call it that. I’d rather you’d think “family”—distant family, but family.

Star family.


Without all the fear and old associations.

Right. But again, that’s a choice.

Right now I believe that you have political figures in your world who are already saying that their governments are in contact with aliens. However, until the United States does, it’s not going to be quite so effective. So, that should be coming, after the density shift, simply because there isn’t a basis of fear running things.

You have mentioned that after the solar eclipse we will be released from some of the strict laws governing form although there will still be some laws that have to remain as long as we are in this universe. You also said this shift would change how we see, hear, and feel—it would be a sensory change as well as a spiritual one.

I have been studying other cultures and their historical figures who reach Ascension through achieving what I termed was the rainbow body.

Oh, that’s a lovely picture isn’t it?

Yes. Resurrection, and/or taking on the Light Body garment like Jesus Christ, Osiris, and other different Tibetan monks have done, to name a few. There are plenty of examples in India.

Once higher states of being were achieved, they seemed to be able to defy our physical laws, such as putting their hand or feet through stone. There was evidence that they reached that higher level of frequency— levitation, extrasensory abilities, release of dichotomy, illumination, achieving complete knowledge, healing abilities, going without food for long periods of time. And moving though dimensions or space/time at will, to name a few things. What type of laws—thinking about the list I just gave—will be released?

Well, free will will always remain within the earth dimension, but in addition to that, part of what has always been the governing rule is that form is created by way of frequency becoming more and more dense or slowing down.

I want you to think for a few moments about a law that says the manifestation of matter must come by way of frequency moving more slowly and another law saying that matter can come about even at very high frequencies, which up until now has been where you cannot not see it. That’s saying that the quantum world, as you think of it—it’s not how I think of it, but that’s all right—is going to become very alive and active. That is what happens at those higher levels that this world has been calling that point of enlightenment or Ascension, although it’s not what I refer to as Ascension.

Those activities are a whole lot like you are really good at writing or you are really good at thinking on your feet, and although everybody can write and everybody can think on their feet, some people are tremendously better at it than others.

So it is with such things as putting your hand through a wall. It’s a matter of reaching a vibrational focal point which includes the frequency of that wall, and therefore being able to simply move through the atomic structure. The same with levitating, understanding that gravity is not a wave coming down, but is actually a force moving up. All of that. Somebody who is gifted with gravitational force is going to be very, very different in what they manifest at higher levels than the person who can stick their hand through a wall.

Having said that, those things are not for this time, not for people now. They would be too dangerous now. At a time when communication was slow and cumbersome, a person could reach those higher levels of frequency and easily show to their small group what would be considered miracles—turning water into wine. But in reality, nowadays it would take maybe two days for somebody to assassinate that miracle worker, because it interrupts their vision of reality. That kind of manifestation has been off the books for a couple of hundred years or more.

And although there will always be people who have the ability to manifest such things, my usual response to it is “Why? Why put your focus there?” You are here to serve others, and if what you are doing is seeking those who are going to be amazed by phenomena, then you are constantly going to have to produce phenomena, and frankly that would be exhausting and you don’t want that.

So what did you mean when you said we would be released from some of those strict laws governing form?

Form manifests in low density. It is so far from the original release that the small entity’s projections have no memory of what they truly are. Changing densities is going to cut out the middle man, so to speak, allowing a much more direct contact into whichever group of original twelve you are in contact with. Or to say it in a more understandable way, perhaps, give you fairly direct access to your large-E Entity. That changes a lot for form because spiritual evolution becomes much faster and more fulfilling.

Physical evolution, because of the spiritual evolution, is going to be fulfilling the new needs of the spiritual rather than the spiritual constantly focusing on the needs of the physical or having to work around it or in spite of it. Moving into higher sensory function is also going to let go of a tremendous amount of the ancient survival mechanism that has ruled with ego for so long. So that’s going to have a very big change in the mental and emotional function of those who are here on this planet.

Humans are very affected by the unseen, but they have nothing to relate to what they are getting and have learned to dismiss it. When spiritual evolution picks up, physical evolution picks up to match that spiritual evolution. When they are capable—and for many it would be a dream state like it has been for you for a very long time—they will jump to that next level, and they’re going to become aware of what has formerly been unseen and how it affects them. When you can see that this person has really conflicted energy and there are holes within their energetic field, you’re going to function differently around them than you would if you were naïve or ignorant or choosing to be blind and not see. And I think that individuals can extrapolate from that.

Recently you spoke of the “Law of One” and the “Law of Love.” Please give a description of these two laws and how they differ from one another.

When one moves into fourth density there is a change in one’s understanding of unity and love. The love becomes larger, more encompassing, more unconditional. The Law of Love is service to others rather than focus on oneself and one’s own needs. It doesn’t exclude one’s needs because serving you is serving me.

And realizing that brings good energy to you. The Law of Love is that shift from service to oneself into service to others.

At the sixth density, where there is no longer physical experience, it is easy to see the Law of One in action, because you no longer have the separation that form seems to provide. The Law of One is the simple understanding that everything is a function of Source and is returning to Source in a continual cycle. The Law of

One is the simple understanding that everything is a function of Source and is returning to Source in a continual cycle. The Law of One is a highly advanced version of the Law of Love. The Law of Love assumes the Law of One. These are high-frequency understandings that when this planet starts using the Law of Love and the Law of One as its rules to play by this world will have moved beyond the Plan and into Ascension.

So the awareness that what I do to you I’m actually doing to myself, which law would you put that under?

The Law of Love. But the Law of Love is for form. The Law of One is beyond form.

You have been talking a lot lately about “the illusion.” One of those illusions is thinking that matter is real, whereas we know that everything is energy or consciousness. At the core of the universe there seems to be a fluid, geometric, vibrational energy expanding and contracting within the Source Field or plasma.

Your science is beginning to see this.

What we experience as space and time may be emanations from this fluid-based resonance, which I’m thinking is like a unified geometric pattern.


The Platonic solids would then be the underlying geometric vibration patterns that make up our holographic or fractal blueprint possibilities within the Source Field. Is this line of thinking correct? If so, this would have huge implications concerning our understanding of space and time, and our understanding of geometric structures like crystals, and unified consciousness as a whole. Have higher density beings been able to expand this knowing into things we haven’t thought of yet? If so, what are some examples?

All right, the expression of form in this dimension resonates as geometric objects in 3-D. When you move beyond 3-D, those geometric patterns become fluid. They are no longer held to the properties that time/space dimension requires.

That fluidity, if you will, is the plasma you are referring to. Now, I’m not certain I’m going to be able to get this across clearly but I’m going to try. When you are under water—and I think you have all had the opportunity at one time or another to be under water—not under water like your bathtub, but under water in a swimming pool where your feet don’t touch the ground—maybe you are in the ocean and waves have tumbled you around, so you’re not sure where is up or you’re not sure where is down. You only know “I can go left. I can go right. I can go backward. I can go forward. I can shift this way.” There are no road signs to show you where you are.

Every galaxy is a part of a cluster of galaxies, and that cluster shares an originating plasma function that delineates the nature of form in that particular galaxy cluster. It holds a pattern but there is not shape to it— no up, no down, no back, no forth—and it holds that pattern until a specific frequency has been made functional within each potential galaxy.

Any object within that plasma field is going to have functions of the structure that that plasma variation allows. So your Milky Way galaxy, for instance, has objects that function in a dodecahedron space/time. But it comes from a plasma field that, for want of a better word, is a tetric-icosododecahedral function. Remember you don’t have one on top of the other, but they are combined. If you move that into 3-D time and space, you have what your quantum science is beginning to recognize as energetic power envelopes.

These energetic power envelopes release creation force energy. The upcoming shift is going to open the doors to move out of physical science and into what you’re now calling quantum sciences. That’s going to bring about technologies that have been very, very limited up to this point. I really don’t want to make promises because of free will, but you already have these technologies. They have been given to you, but they’re not out in your world because they don’t benefit the right people and their continued manipulation of humanity by ways of the financial illusion of endless cycles of death and need, poverty and riches.

All right, I’ve avoided saying this for a very long time, but I’ll say it straight out because I don’t think it’s a big surprise any more. You are already functioning on alien technology. You are already using propulsion, anti -gravity, electromagnetic on a small scale—because you are still playing with gravity as an electromagnetic force—and harnessing energy out of the greater plasma field, which on a 3-D level you would call ether, which is an old word. There are better ones, one of which is dark energy, another of which is Source Field.

As humanity as a whole chooses to stop being sheep and forces those in power to stop hiding these technologies, they’re going to continue to change things. Guardian forces in the unseen, not the seen, have a lot to do with anything about disclosure. Too much too fast would be as damaging as not enough. Scientific change helps.

It helps me a lot seeing the connection with the potentiality of it all, which is what I was looking for.

Plasma is like unmanifest creation but within a very small field—which is a very huge field as you would see it—and plasma physics is becoming more evident in the directions your science is going. Plasma physics has been held back from you because that is what makes you interstellar.

If the Pleiades is the Starseed connection for the last Stargate in Guatemala, what is the galactic Starseed connection for the double Stargate in Arkansas?

The ancients divided your sky into twelve portions, and put labels on them according to their understanding of the stars. So here would be Virgo and there would be Sagittarius . . . all right? Virgo is the home arena of your Milky Way. Sagittarius is your future. Those are the two connections that will open up. I can’t tell you how huge that is, nor is it useful to say such things as “Well, that lets the Arcturians in,” because those are your words. But that opens up massive sectors of your universe to earth. The filter is still Sirius and will remain Sirius.

You said Arkansas is a massive Stargate within three enormous energy portals filled with vortex points. Why does this area have a massive double Stargate, and what is the function of the portals and vortexes? After the solar eclipse, will we be able to utilize the North American Stargates?

Crystalline energy is the foundation of form. The plasma we spoke about earlier is a crystalline structure, crystal beyond what you think of as crystal at this point. But within your galaxy are much greater crystalline structures. Your physical body is also a crystalline structure. Whenever you are around large masses of crystals, your body responds,

but it emits a frequency that relates beyond this dimensional earth and moves into that Source Field creation point—or plasma field—that initiates creation. So you are going to be activated in very different ways simply by being at those points.

The shift that comes from the Stargate work itself is activating the northern and the southern hemispheres’ crystalline points, and that is going to stimulate the earth’s Ascension process. Now that makes it sound like that starts the Ascension process and that’s not the case, but it shifts toward that process. The Intent has moved to Thought.

If you remember that your earth is mostly a ball in space that isn’t up and down, back and forth, you could probably see how Arkansas and Brazil hold the same energy place in their hemispheres. The reconnection of both of those is going to be very healing for the planet. It’s also going to activate two further energy fields that create the vortex points that make up Arkansas. And I’ll have to get more into those later.

The last solar eclipse to follow a similar path went from Washington State to Florida on June 8, 1918. What are the differences between this upcoming 2017 solar eclipse and the one in 1918? Was the 1918 solar eclipse also an opportunity to push spiritual evolution? I know there was several eclipses in between but they did not affect as much of the U.S.

All eclipses are a very big energy flow, particularly in the area that they pass over, but with this one you have multiple things that have moved into alignment, not even talking about your planetary, solar, galactic alignments coming about. You have individuals who are functioning at a much higher level within the Plan than ever before in this world. You have a much higher level of intelligence than you have ever had, and you have by far more Shining contact in your world than you did in 1918.

This is a culmination of the years since 2012 of great change in awakening in the U.S.—in more than just Guardians. Now put those together and an awakened U. S., which is a world power, is going to receive the energy directly of an eclipse—just that of an eclipse—but now an eclipse that is allowing energy that has not been in this world to affect the genetics of all life forms on the planet, speeding up every evolutionary process and changing the density through which the planetary genetics are set up. This has been a third density planet four different times. Now, it will be fourth density, and it will be led by the energy that comes from this country, as so much does in your world.
There are as many ifs around this as there are around anything, but I see it as a new world, and a world that you have all been needing.

I wanted to ask about how the Guardianship can help the leap into the next density.

Well, that actually is something I’ll be addressing at the solar eclipse, because the work that’s going to be done there is all about what you need to be doing and thinking and holding in your hearts and minds.