This interview was conducted by David Oldham, with the editors and Stuart Waldner sitting in and occasionally adding comments.

Last year in Nevis you said that we would be working with Star Seeds on the next trip. What are the differences between Star-seeded places, Star-seeded beings, and Star Gates?

First, I need to talk a little about what I mean when I say that something is Star-seeded. I have said several times in Lifescapes that it’s a shame that the idea of Star Gates has been taken over by television, and the idea of Star Seed has been taken over by the New Age community, but the fact of it is they are great descriptive words that mean exactly what they say.

A Star Gate is a portal into the cosmos. A Star Seed is an individual or a place that is attuned to a specific star system. And there are reasons for that. The Grid has—for all practical purposes—been put back together, or healed, as I often say. (That makes it sound as though it had some terrible rip, and that’s not the case.) Because of the healed Grid, you’re going to be receiving many more energy transmissions from specific star systems for particular purposes for life force on this planet and the planet itself. And, as a result of that, you’re going to be hearing me and many others talk much more about stars, Star Seeding, and Star Gates.

So with that in mind, now let’s go to that question.

What are the differences between Star-seeded places, Star-seeded beings, and Star Gates?

A Star-seeded place is usually a Star Gate, but either way it is an opportunity for energy to be planted, so to speak, at a particular spot that has a unique placement on the planet, allowing it to receive energy from a specific place in the cosmos.

Ideally, a fully activated Grid—meaning fully united again—will allow energy to come into a multitude of different places, but at the beginning, such as right now, certain Star Gates or Star-Seeded places need to be awakened in a particular order. That’s going to work with the Grid as well as allow greater energy flow to where those places are on the planet and what’s affected in those areas.

Star Seeds. Star Gates. What was the other?

Star-seeded beings.

Well, big picture aren’t you all? Because you are ultimately a function of Source. But a Star-Seeded being is, in my language, one who works as a Creator—and that’s capital-C Creator—in earlier manifestations of nonphysical energy.

So, with these early Star Gates, is their effect more local at first, until the Grid is fully aligned?

Yes, but local is all perspective. For instance, the central Star Gate is the central gate in a belt, so to speak, around the Earth. Take the globe, look at Guatemala and follow that latitude around. You’re going to come to some very vital, interestingly legendary as well, areas when you do that. Remember that when you look at the globe, you don’t actually look at it like this, it’s more like that.

Because of the tilt of the Earth’s axis.


The next group trip will be to Lake Atitlán, in the western highlands of Guatemala. What excites you most about this trip?

Activating the central Star Gate. That it is actually possible and time to do that is very exciting to me. That Lake Atitlán is so beautiful and there’s so much magical energy still there is gravy. All of that’s really nice, but it’s that activation of the Star Gate, that it’s time, that excites me.

What makes the Lake Atitlán area one of the most powerful places on our planet?

It’s a Star Gate.

To which star?

I don’t like to get into where. It doesn’t work that way. You’re thinking way too linearly to say it like that. It’s not like you’re from Texas or Kentucky; it’s more like you’re from the Milky Way, or you’re from this arena. When you don’t have time, you don’t have specific space, so to say the general area of the constellation you are calling Lyra would be accurate— but totally inaccurate, too.

When we activated a Dragon Seed we were essentially matching its frequency and then raising it an octave, so to speak. How does a Star Gate differ from a Dragon Seed insofar as the working to open and release it?

Everything on this planet is related to frequency, and a Star Gate is no different. It is also frequency. Unlike a Dragon Seed, however, it isn’t about those who are there doing the working being capable of matching that frequency; it’s about the planet itself doing the activation.

So all Star Gate activations are going to require not only some specific Earth work—working with the planet and the planetary energy itself, which I have to build you to—but it also has to do with your having—and oh, I will regret saying this word, I’m sure—your having an honest faith in yourself. Notice I did not say faith in what the group as a whole can do, which is true for a Dragon Seed, but you need to have faith in yourself that you are not an earthbound being; faith in your starry connection, whether or not you know “I am from Draconia and here is my star”—simply that you get that you’re a function of Source, a piece of this universe. And that may sound really obvious, but to pull that up and be able to acknowledge it rather than just kind of know it in your head, that may be tricky.

You said you have to build us up to it.


How are you going to do that?

I don’t know.

Hearing you talk reminds me more of the Heart Portal work in terms of what the groups were doing there. In Dragon Force we were matching the frequency, but in Heart Portal work we were activating the Earth’s energy.

I would agree with that. Maybe that’s a good way to say it. It’s closer to Heart Portal work than Dragon Work. Maybe Heart Portal combined with Crown Portal work.

I’ve imagined that an activated Star Gate allows energy to flow in and out of the planet. How would you describe the process and the outcome?

I’m assuming you mean of an opened Star Gate. The energy flow to an open Star Gate?

Yes. An activated Star Gate.

What are you picturing is the answer here? I’m asking for clarity, I guess.

I’ve been thinking, you activate a Star Gate and we usually think of just receiving energy, but there’s also an opportunity for two-way communication.


And I just can’t help but think that this energy activates DNA also.

So you’re asking about the effect on life force?


With a circuit of open Star-Gate energy? What that looks like?

That works.

Well, there are a couple of directions I could go there.

Why don’t you go in the more interesting one?

Truthfully, none of them are very interesting to me.

First, I’d like to go backward and answer a question you’ve not asked: Why Star Gates at this time in the Plan? Why not twenty years ago, when they first started coming up in people’s consciousness? Why not ten years in the future? (Gosh, I hope not—please don’t do that.) Why Star Gates now?

Remember that the Plan is about awakening the majority of life force, not the majority of humanity. It’s the majority of life force on the planet balanced with the life force of the planet. So far nobody has ever, in speaking with me, stopped to ask how it is possible with the multitude of flora and fauna—cockroaches alone in this world vastly outnumber humanity—that the majority of life force has not reached that peak yet so that it’s balanced with the life force of the planet, which should tell you how vast that force is. The planetary creation machine, if you will, is a miniature sun. The creation power is so vast, the life force is so strong.

Now, you have all been around people who were very, very ill. Not necessarily pre-death—sometimes they pull out of it—but you can imagine somebody who is very ill, and you see the difference in their life force. There is no strength to their being. Do you know what I’m saying?

The planet is a strong force of life, because it is a strong life force. So that planetary life force is in the process of Ascension, just as you are. But it has wounds much like, in a smaller way, your own psyches have wounds that are the result of your growth process and either dealing or not dealing with things. The planet has wounds, but its wounds are not from dealing or not dealing with things in the same way at all. Whereas for you those wounds are more psychological, for the planet they are more physical.

So, you have this massive life force with some physical wounds, but the planet is billions of years old. You would think that by now it would have figured out how to heal itself, wouldn’t you? And that’s where the Star Gates come in. The Star Gates are a two-fold, lasthope mechanism, because the Star Gates will have these two effects. The first one is an effect on the wounds of the planet itself. They are going to help speed up the healing process, because the planet has a family in the same way you have your extended beingness. Your Entity has these smaller entity projections in various dimensional realities; your planet is the same, and it needs to receive through those Star Gates healing matter from its family. Its family is the Earth equivalent in the seven sacred solar systems.

The second thing is that a Star Gate is going to have a profound effect on the wounders. The planet has been wounded, but the greatest damages have not come from only humanity, as humans would like to think, but it’s going to have an effect on those other processes that have also done the wounding. Humans are going to see it—or experience it I should say—as a change in the way that you understand life force. And that has a lot of good possibilities with it, but more than that, it’s going to have an effect on the access to power by those who are functioning at higher frequencies, particularly those who are inclined toward any version of creativity and the healing arts—because healing is an act of creativity—or those who are functioning with creating and manifesting. It’s like when the season changes from winter to spring and one day you have gray and dreary, and the next day your lawn is covered in purple and white and everywhere you go flowers are starting to appear; it’s a huge burst of combined sun, earth, and specific radiation into you for a great burst of that same sort of creation force.

Star Gates are about creation. The further we go into Star Gates—and there are not many—the more they become about your ability to connect to that particular star arena and become the filter, rather than it requiring so much access to the Grid. It will be less about having to be at Lake Atitlán; instead you can be in that particular energetic band anywhere and activate the Star Gates in that band because you have had your own Star Gates activated.

And when I say your own Star Gates activated, remember I have said Guardians are not human. You are not a part of the Earth system. You’re from other systems, so when you have that Star Gate fully activated, you’ll become the point through which that energy flows in and out.

The wounds that you were talking about, are they connected to the past earths, or are they a result of humanity now?

They are only a part of the current earth. Some of that is due to humanity, but some of it is due to cataclysms from which the planet has not recovered.

Like a volcanic eruption?

More like a meteor strike that has a tendency to suck up the life force of an area. That’s why the metals and the minerals that are out of meteors are so powerful, because all of that life force is sucked up. Tektites as well.

So on impact they absorb a lot of earth energy.

Yes. Tremendous amounts.

I always thought that that energy was just from being outside of the system. That’s really interesting.

That’s not to say the Earth is not also receiving energy, but it’s as if I gave you a very large dose of radiation; it’s not going to help you any, but it will have a certain effect, won’t it? But it’s not really what you’re built for. A meteoric impact is going to have an effect. It’s going to melt and break things—ooh, don’t you love it when I get scientific?—it’s going to leave a charge, but it’s going to take out more than it puts in. It’s going to function like a sponge.

Star Seeds seem to be all about Ascension, at least to me. Please describe the role of Star Seeds in the completion of the Plan and the subsequent process of Ascension and Absorption.

Well, I can answer that pretty quickly. My hope is that the activation of planetary Star Seeds will further the activation of personal Star Seeds, and that that would create a higher frequency both on and in the planet, thus allowing a way for greater energy to come to the planet, helping awakening and activation to progress faster.

At the Summer Solstice last year nine sites around the world, including Serpent Mound, were simultaneously activated. How would you describe the relationship between those sites and the Star Gates that we are beginning to work with?

They’re not related.

Lake Atitlán is a lake inside a collapsed volcano, a caldera. This is very different than the rivers and open bodies of water that we have been working on for Dragon work. Does it take a closed body of water to hold the energy of a Star Gate until the appropriate time?


What other types of settings do Star Gates occur in?

No, they are not associated with any particular scenery, because your scenery changed long after the Star Gates were put there.

Several Star Gates on your planet are in desert areas, but they weren’t deserts when it started out. Originally Star Gates were seeded because of the Grid and the presumed changes that the planet would have in its particular rotation and frequency expression, as opposed to what it was going to be like right there at that time. A Star Gate isn’t a laser; it’s a scatter-field, and it goes across the horizon in all directions. So the Grid has been keeping it from reaching beyond and coming into contact with any kind of energy. You open that Star Gate consciously and it’s going to move outside of the Grid and start telegraphing its presence across what you think of as space.

At the ILF [Inner Light Festival, Lexington, March 2016] you made reference to the major places on the Earth that serve as entry-point filters for Star Beings, e.g. Antarctica for Lyrans. Are these places also where Star Gates were emplaced?

Not all of them. There are fewer Star Gates than there are filters for individuals to come through.

What would be the difference between one of those entry-point filter locations and a Star Gate?

An entry-point filter is a means by which those who are a primary function of other systems are able to receive the energetic information they need to wield matter in order to create form that functions on Earth. It’s essentially a birth process. And as a little aside, many Guardians who get into past life stuff are only into it because they have a vague recollection of their true first birth, which is that star filter.

A Star Gate, on the other hand, is a machine. It is a portal through which energy is sent and energy is received, and at the creation of the circuit of sending and receiving, instead of it being point to point, it is more group to group. And its purpose is all about activating the planet and the life force around it to stabilize the wounding and activate the Awakened toward the completion of the Plan and Ascension for all.

Well, can a being from one star come through a filter portal designed for beings from a different star?

Yes and they will have a hemorrhaged life, leaking energy and instability everywhere they go. But it can be done.

I guess sometimes you just want in.

It’s more like sometimes it’s the only thing possible.

Lake Titicaca in Peru and Lake Baikal in Russia seem to be probable settings for Star Gates.

They are.

So the question is, Would we go there and can we work remotely for Star Gate work?

You could go there. I think it’s much better when you’re capable of doing the work without being there.

We could do it from Nevis.

There’s a lot you can do from Nevis.

Is there another Star Gate that might be activated because it’s in the same belt as Atitlán?

Yes. When one opens the others will open.

Like Serpent Mound in that respect. There might be another Star Gate in the same belt around the earth and it would be affected by the activation of the central one.

It is my hope that every Star Gate I will have you open is going to be a central Star Gate, the major Star Gate for that arena. There are smaller ones, but it would be sort of like Lexington versus New York City size-wise. They don’t compare. So certainly at the start you want to go to the great big, booming, on-theverge, ready-to-open, not-going-to-be-hard-work ones. And then perhaps it will be possible to go to the others.

On the other hand, if you go to that great big, booming one on the verge of being ready and you don’t open it, then maybe the easier thing to do would be two or three of the smaller ones. But larger ones are faster and better.

Do you want to take the group back to Lake Titicaca?

Oh I’d take the group back there in a minute.

You have mentioned that our planet was seeded by twelve major star systems. Are Star Seedings collaborative works between multiple star systems? Does any one star take the lead role for a particular experiment?

There is not a single star. It’s the amalgamated life force, the unified life force of an area. You think you have space and stars and planets, and you do have bodies out there, but what gives them life is not based on what you see here. What makes them important and capable of creating is the life force that they’re made up of. Life force outside of individuated consciousness is a group mind, and ultimately you are returning to a group mind. Not a group soul; a group mind. And that allows the creation.

Do Star Gates play a role in the activation of “latent” DNA/RNA?

They’re going to.

If so, does each Star Gate have a dominant contribution of energy from a particular star that in turn activates that star’s contribution to the DNA in life force on this planet?

They have a vibrational effect on your light spectrum, which has an effect on your DNA by way of mutation, which is the only way it changes. So, in that sense, yes, but in the sense of your getting blue eyes from here and white skin from there and dark skin from there, no.

What was the process used to establish the Star Gate at Lake Atitlán?

A really big space ship came in.

I knew it!

And it hovered over it.

That’s where the idea of the Starship Enterprise came from.

That’s not far from true, just not exactly like that.

As a whole humans have forgotten the power of thought. And you have heard me say your thoughts are things so many times that you don’t even think about it anymore. And when you do, the way that you think about it is all based on human consciousness, which is understandable of course. But thought is a power, and creator beings have the ability, by the force of their thoughts, to put unique energetic properties, characteristics, into an area. Another way to say that is, build a Star Gate.

A Star Gate is not like the little doorway you have that keeps the dogs from falling down the stairs, those little barriers. It’s not like a Stonehenge set of portal stones. A Star Gate isn’t visible to your eyes because it is a light object. It’s there, but it’s beyond this dimension. Star Gate work anchors it into this dimension, which activates it. And in certain kinds of light, it would be visible to you, but it’s not. It’s a thought form, and that doesn’t make it less of a form except because of the way you think about thinking.

What I was looking for is to know if there is a physical expression of the thought form. In Nevis we were using little crystals and creating our little portal and opening and closing, and I wonder if there was a similar type of a physical expression denser than thought form.

Well, what is quartz crystal? Well, I have always called it ice light; you would probably simply call it condensed light.

I like that.

Ice light, that’s what it is, and in that way a quartz crystal is a lovely expression of a Star Gate, but in that case you would want a very clear crystal.

Generally speaking, I’m not so big on clear crystals because the crystals want to talk to you, but prismatically the clear crystals become a link, and that’s what a Star Gate is.

Were Star Gates established before the first Earth?

They are part of the Earth’s blueprint, so they’ve been a part of all Earths.

In the Lifescapes about densities you mentioned a new portal for energy to come through, a triangle of stars just past Pluto. How does that portal differ from a Star Gate?

It’s a physical portal, not a light portal. Matter passes through. It’s a worm hole. And actually it’s three planets, not three stars.

How do you know which type of energy to consciously draw on, or is it an innate link?

You need to explain that.

Well, actually my whole understanding has changed in the last hour.

I’m good for that. Does it matter if you are drawing from the Earth, or drawing from a star system you feel connected to, or drawing from Vesta Helios, or drawing from the golden pyramid, or drawing from me, or drawing from Greg … is that what you’re saying?

Kind of, because the choices have gotten so much broader, and with the swift passage of time lately it’s hard to grab on to any one.

Let me stop you. First, it’s a good thing that you can’t draw from any one energy being because, based on the choices that your human brain is going to make, it will convince you you are right, but you may be drawing from an energy that’s nice for you but not going to help the work at all. So , it’s better actually to put forth your Intent, which is “I choose to be working at my highest and best energy self, and I ask those energies that work with me for my highest good to work with me as well.” And here comes that focus “And direct my energy through the filter that is best going to serve what I’m doing now.” Then it doesn’t matter what you think you’re hooking into. You know that most of your maps are ridiculously off. Greenland is not nearly as big as it looks on your map; it’s not really half the size of Africa. But you know that. It’s sort of like that. What you see in the sky has a huge lag. You’re not really seeing what you think you’re seeing. So when you direct your energy to what you think you’re seeing, if you’re not putting out first what your Intent is and what you’re really wanting so that the Watchers, for instance, can say, “Isn’t that cute? Off by a mile, but I’ll help anyway,” then you’re probably attaching to something that isn’t even there, because what you see is inconstant, and what you are actually seeing at any given moment is an echo of it reflecting a little light.

What has happened to the Shining Ones? Are they now being referred to more specifically by the stars that they came from?

What happened to the Shining Ones? They’re still here.

It’s like a lot of the Shining Ones come from this planet outside of Aldebaran. And then at the Inner Light Festival, you were talking about a lot of Guardians coming through the portal of the black hole of the Milky Way. And there just seem to be all these different places where we as a group have come from.

One of the things that you’re doing here is you are pretending that the only Guardians there are are the ones within this work, which isn’t the case. Those I work with are Guardians, but I’m using “I work with” as more than what you call Samuel. So it doesn’t seem like an odd statement at all to me. Remember that your understanding of how space works is a little limited because you want it in a progression. You want distance. You want place. And there really isn’t that. So that’s why I say “filters.” I’ve found that works better because it’s a broader kind of term.

Now, what happened to the Shining Ones? I’ll tell you what happened. The Shining Ones are becoming weary of the experiment, and it’s showing up in the projections here on Earth. It’s showing up as frustration, lack of energy, depression, because you have never been called with more strength than you are right now. But the human keeps saying no. Even the Guardian keeps saying no. And that’s creating a desire to just get it finished and just get it over with instead of the absolute joy of working with it. It’s a microcosm/macrocosm thing, which is to say that Shining Ones are not eliminated from the evolutionary process. They are not the king of the heap, or they would not be ready for the experiment to be over, because I would tell you, it’s not over until it’s over.

Are you talking about Shining Energy that’s in form?


There’s Shining Energy that’s not in form and that was part of the Return. Does that energy have the baggage that Shining Energy in form has?

They don’t. That’s true, but David was referring to those that are currently in form here on the planet, were you not?

I like the answer I got better. It reminds me of Leadership.

Truly it does. It’s an excellent example of individuals who are … humans want to say burned out, but that’s not the word. It’s not burned out. It’s a lack of personal happiness, which is very problematic because happiness is a choice.

I see it more like this: If you are on this planet, you are going to breathe oxygen and you will be fully designed to breathe in this atmosphere. If you choose not to breathe, you’re not going to be happy. You are going to suffer, and you will die. And many in Leadership are a part of the walking dead. So, having done years of teaching and prodding and pushing off the cliff and helping and consoling—and did I say teaching, giving those tools to move on?—I am now prepared to say to Leadership, “Okay, you do what you need to do. And if you don’t want to do more, then clearly no one can change that.”