You’ve spoken several times of influxes of energy in 2015 that would influence the spiritual vibratory level of the planet and create opportunities for positive change. What determines the timing of such energy events? For instance, are they the result of changes taking place in life force and the planet or are they just periodic emissions that aren’t especially associated with earthly events? Do these things just happen, giving us an opportunity to make use of them, or do they come along as a result of what’s going on on earth?

These are specifically for the completion of the Plan, and particularly for the life force on this planet.

Does the life force have to reach a certain level of frequency before those energy influxes happen?

A good metaphor would be a musical scale, with energy being sent in the various tones. Somebody might be able to hear certain tones but not others, and those who are able to hear one tone are going to be able to make use of that tone. Someone who is able to hear three or four of the tones might be able to make a little song out of them. The more tones someone is able to hear, the more they are able to make use of them. That’s a very rough way of explaining it.

Some of the energy that’s coming through at this time isn’t new. It has been coming through for quite some time, but it would never have been able to affect Earth if the Grid had not been healing as it has been. So the fact that energy has been changing and the Grid has been healing means that some of the powerful energy that was meant for the planet when it reached a particular frequency has been able to reach it now. That energy has been more or less waiting for the point when it would be able to come back, and that’s because the Grid would allow it.

However—and remember that there is not time and space—as I said at the Retreat this year, the energy has been coming for eons a moment ago—the moment it was needed. At the beginning of the Plan, the option was made available so that when a particular point would come about—do not ask me when that particular point would be; you’ll be able to figure it out—energy would be made available for those who may need it.

Now, the question is, who might need it?

Guardians in Transfiguration?

Right. More than that actually, but the possibility of a Transfiguration process happening upon the planet, in any form, would require latent genetic strands to be activated. That means a need for a very high accelerating frequency, something to stimulate that latent genetic strain or strains in order to help bring about those changes. For Guardians that’s going to mean bringing about that Transfiguration in a smoother way. But it’s also having an effect upon all life force, and that’s a good thing—mostly.

So how can Guardians best deal with the impact of these energy influxes besides just not resisting them?

Yes, and “don’t resist it” is a very good answer. The biggest thing about it is that, as is the case with any kind of energy change, energy is energy: it’s neither positive nor negative. What it does is accelerate and mutate. So what you need to ask is, what is it accelerating? What’s it going to mutate?

You want to be on top of that acceleration and change. You want to be leading it. You want to look at your life, because what is going on with you is what is being accelerated. And that’s what I’m trying to help people see. If you’re in a rut, this energy is going to enhance that rut. If what’s going on with you is that you are positive, happy—doing good energy work—you’re going to have more of that; it’s going to enhance that. Start functioning in the most positive ways you can now, because all these energy waves are going to advance and accelerate what’s going on with you.

Look at the world right now. You can see what this acceleration has been doing. Look at your last year. That’s what the acceleration has been doing to you. Is that what you want to continue having in your life? That’s what you need to take a look at. It’s also about change—mutation energy—and you can use that. So look for what needs to be changed in your life and use it for that as well.

You indicated that changes in DNA could allow for changes to the physical blueprint. How would this affect us as Guardians? How about mass consciousness and the planet as a whole?

DNA and RNA are information. You are information. You’re a computer chip. That’s not a bad way to think of your genetic structure, especially when you’re thinking of the Source Field, which is also information. That’s a good way to relate to it.

The more ways that you have to access information, the better you will be able to access the Source Field, better access one another, better access the other kingdoms, better release the boundaries that you perceive between all of the above. It can change the way you understand your world because it expands the way your mind perceives.

At the Retreat I explained the difference between the brain and the mind. I used the example of reading a phrase, which is very easy to do with the newsletter because you’re reading right now. So look at the sentence that you’re reading and read it aloud inside your mind to yourself, this very sentence. Your brain is looking at those words and it’s interpreting each one of those letters, but it’s your mind that’s turning those letters into the meaning of those words. Your mind is the one that’s telling you what it means. Your brain is the organ, and every cell of your body has mind. Every bit of living matter in the universe has mind. That’s why—and I’m holding a crystal here right now—that’s why you can connect into it. And when you connect into that mind, be it a crystal, a tree, your cat or the cosmos itself, it expands you.

[Laughs] Well! When your genetic structure has expanded, your mind . . . It all sounds like the sixties; your mind has expanded, baby, but without the drugs!


Groovy, yes. And that is the gift. And that’s exactly what it does. It opens up those latent strands of unused genetic potential—the drugs, but activating those additional strands naturally through these energy activations—opening them up—is going to have an effect much like mushrooms and LSD, and some of the psychedelic experiences that open doorways in the mind that . . .

. . . break down barriers.


So the physical blueprint is information; it holds information about what will happen with the physical body. So are you saying that opening up the latent DNA is giving us more access to wider information and enabling us to change the blueprint at some point? You’ve always said that’s very difficult to do.

I’ve said it’s not possible to do, but I have also said that it is my hope that with these changes the Form [Lea] might be able to make that change. I did not mean to give the impression that everybody might be able to do that.

Does the planet have DNA, and will it be affected?

The planet has information, but not DNA.

At the May Lifescape in Lexington you said that you were seeing very ancient, non-mutated DNA coming back as a result of Transfiguration. Would you talk about the nature of this DNA and its significance?

Every human has what I call a crystalline seed within them, and that crystalline seed is within every cell of your being. It is also a part of your genetic structure, because it is a part of every cell of your being and, as such, a part of your genetic structure. The majority of that structure is inactive, but as you are slowly literally activating into more Light and becoming less dense, that crystalline part of you is activating as well. I have no better way to describe that. It’s an original part of what was breathed into Being. It’s a good thing. It’s a human thing. It’s a body thing; it’s not a Guardian thing. It’s very unique, very unique, and I cannot tell you what it’s going to mean. It has to do with your Spirit connection and it will lead to choices.

You say you cannot tell us. Because you don’t know exactly what it will do or you just don’t want to say?

Well, as long as there is free will, I don’t know.


That’s exactly my word—darn! Sometimes knowing that humanity has been given a precious gift and they don’t know it can be very scary. Especially knowing what they’ve done with them before.

Are you talking about Atlantis?

Among others. This energy right now is such a gift to you, a gift that’s never ever been given before. Atlantis did not have this, so there has never been such hope.

One reader in particular had questions about their relationship to Source and to the various energies that can be called on during rituals. He wrote, “At the Retreat you said that now and over the coming years the world would be needing the energy of sixth- and seventh-density beings. However, you were clear that we are not yet at that point, and in fact most of us are only functioning in the fourth density, though a few function in the fifth density within this world that mainly continues in a third-density illusion. What do we need to do to be able to function in higher densities and help the world as we’ve come here to do?”

I chose the word density because I think dimension isn’t a good word. I don’t like the word because it implies a mathematical version, and that is not what I am referring to at all. Einstein’s version and the quantum mechanics version of dimensions and parallel dimensions and all of that, it just gets things way off. So I’m talking about densities, and these densities are about energy and frequency. It’s all fairly equivalent to what you might think of as dimension, but if you think dimension, you’re going to also to be thinking space/time, and that’s just going to throw you off.

Dimension tends to be a mathematics, physics, quantum place; not even place really—an idea—whereas I’m talking about a spiritual construct.

You said it’s like frequency. Could you make a distinction between it and frequency so that it’s clear they are not synonymous? I’m not sure of the difference.

In what way? Because there is definitely frequency within the densities.

Frequency is a quality within density?

Yes, but it’s not a major quality within it; it’s just a part of it. I don’t want to get off on that because the densities are about energy, but it’s not energy as in quantitative mass; it’s energy as in the energy that makes up the Creation force of the Universe, as opposed to the energy that creates the Universe. The force of creation as opposed to those things that do the creating—the atoms and the bits and pieces.

Actual manifestation.

Quantum bits. They really don’t get separated. They really are all in the densities, but they are in the lower levels of those densities. They are in the first and second densities, all of those. Everything that you think of as your marvelous world of science and math is in the first, second and third densities, but they’re not the real world. They’re not really what it’s all about. But everything that people think of as the real world, all of that stuff isn’t what I’m talking about.

The densities are different than the dimensions, although those things that you think of as dimensions are found in the first three densities.

So what do we need to do to be able to function in higher densities?

Most of the world thinks that fourth density is the next big thing. And maybe, maybe, the great enlightened, incredible ones—one or two of them—might be fifth density. So how in the world are we going to have sixth- and seventh-density beings here to change this world to sixth and seventh density? And, how ever are Guardians going to be able to fulfill their compact if what the world needs is sixth- and seventh-density beings? How is that going to be possible at all?

I would say do absolutely everything you can to make absolutely the best of this year’s energy. Stop messing around. Get out of your ruts. Do everything you can to purify, release, let go of the old, change. Nothing—nothing—old is going to be working after this year. So anything that has been part of your comfortable way of doing is not going to be anymore. So you should kick it out now, before it kicks you out, because that’s the great thing the Universe does for you: it keeps pushing you along.

So Guardians, who are essentially functioning at fourth density—which, by the way, is pretty amazing in this third-density world—are going to be moving to fifth density, and maybe a few to sixth. They are going to be making some real stretches. Now, the bad news is, that is a huge leap—a huge leap.

So how is that going to happen? By working together, that’s how. The way it’s always worked. And with the big stuff, by coming together in One Mind and One Heart—the way it’s always worked.

And with the really big stuff? Reaching out and joining the world, coming together that way, which you will be doing more than ever before, because it needs to be done. You’re going to be seeing Phoenix joining in with the world more than ever before [in world-wide spiritual events], and I’m going to be encouraging it because it is going to be more needed, not so much because you need it but because they need it. Your energy needs to be out there; it’s the most important kind of social activism there is.

As you talk about higher levels of densities, I wonder if you mean the veil is thinned, that we’re more aware that this experience isn’t reality.

Third density is the evolution. At the fourth density, you’re still here, but you’re unattached. At the fifth and sixth densities, you’re still in a body. At the seventh density, you’re no longer obligated to a body. At the eighth and above, you don’t have a body.

Can who we are now call on our sixth- and seventh-density selves in ritual to help out ener­get­ically? And based on that, what is the highest energy we can call upon in ritual?

That’s a tricky question, because who you are is not a sixth- or seventh-density being, and you cannot call what you are not. The fact of it is, even outside of time and space who you are is not that. But the Entity you are is beyond that. So you would not be calling through the densities.

So what is the highest you can call? Well, without me there, call upon your Entity. If you call upon your Entity—and that would be your big-E Entity—you will be calling the greatest you can call. And, hopefully, you will surprise yourself.

One reader wrote, “Samuel, during the Retreat I understood you to stress the urgency of each of us taking responsibility to heal conflicts, be peace, and work in unity in our personal lives in order that this focused Intent, Thought, Word and Deed would ripple out into the greater world to allow the same for humanity across the planet. Now that it has been a few weeks of this focused, conscious Intent, what changes have you seen as a result of our effort?”

I’m actually already seeing great changes, a few negative, but mainly positive ones. There have been great changes in Intent, huge changes in Thought, large changes in Word and Deed, changes that have rippled out through not only those who were at the Retreat, but those who were affected by those who were at the Retreat.

Many people who were at the Retreat came back to some real hardships and have faced them with some very positive and powerful attitudes that exhibit great change of heart and strength of spirit. I’m seeing real changes in the way that people are looking at the world, and extreme changes in compassion and forgiveness going on that are making huge differences, not only in personal lives but in relationships within small groups.

[Laughing] I’m also seeing some really happy plants and animals—really. There are some cheering houseplants. Some people who had not been are really taking care of their plants now. I see some compassion that wasn’t there before. Also another kind of sweet thing that has started happening—and this is directly out of the Retreat—is a whole new respect for the mineral kingdom. That was an unexpected surprise, but a very good one, a very, very good one.

One negative thing that I am seeing is that some of the unfortunate difficulties that have been dropping on people have brought back a lot of their old fears and automatic responses—anger and negative, foul, sticky, stuff.

And I’m seeing some people just falling back into old patterns a little too quickly. And I want to remind everybody one more time: I know, I know … we laugh a lot. I’m always telling you, “This year is so important,” and it is, but this year is so important. This energy shouldn’t be wasted. If you just fall back into your rut, if you just keep doing the same things, if you don’t trust, if you don’t take that extra step, if you don’t do something [Samuel becoming very emotional] things won’t change, and what good is that? If you don’t believe you came here for a purpose, why bother with all of this? If you don’t get that you’re a Guardian and that this year is special and that you are special, and that this energy is about you, and that this is an, it’s not about guarantees and it’s not about getting to have everything you want—darn it. It’s about serving the world, not ego or praise or accolades. Darn! It’s about doing what you’re here to do. It’s why you’re here, and I can’t emphasize that enough.

It’s such an important time. It’s so vital and you are so vital. You are the key to it. Don’t waste it. Don’t waste it. You do the best you can, where you are, with what you have. That’s it. But you do it. You really do it.