Jeanean Jacobs was invited to bring her questions to this interview with Samuel. Participating in the discussion are Stuart Waldner and Paula Thomson.

I am fascinated with the Source Field which you talked about at the Retreat this year, and have based the majority of the questions on that concept.

You said that any point of change is a point of power. Contained within the Source Field is high-frequency energy continuously creating friction, and as it finds its way to itself that frequency fluctuates. When we are able to recognize this fluctuation in the Source Field, we are able to use these “change points” to manifest. This idea is so exciting to me. How does Guardian or creator function magnetize or change those fluctuations?

Well, only a Guardian can make use of creator function.

Just a little background: At the release of All That Is in creation mode, four functions of energy now called Intent, Thought, Word and Deed were expressed. So when I speak of Intent, I don’t mean “Hmm, here is what I want to do.” I mean Intent in a much more high-frequency way. I’m talking about Source Intent in the closest way.

The Intent to create can only be manifested in those who are of the Primary Twelve related to Intent.

It’s sort of like bloodlines: you will have blue eyes because your bloodline way up the line has blue eyes. Or, you will be capable of this function—Intent or Thought or Word or Deed—without difficulty once you reach a particular frequency. Creation force primarily is about Intent, and out of Intent comes Thought, Word and Deed. So the Guardians who are a function of Intent—guess which Ray that is.

Will To Be, the First Ray.

Right. So those Guardians that are capable of functioning with Intent unconsciously create those fluctuations when they are consciously taking action, consciously doing, consciously living. If somebody is on the other function lines, they must consciously create those fluctuations. And when they are consciously living, it provides access.

So conscious living is the key either way. Being a part of that original Intent line makes it easier.

How do we maximize our creatorship to fully take advantage of change points?

Based on what I just said, what do you think the answer is?

I think it has to do with con­scious living.


That puts the magnetism in there.

Exactly. When you are functioning consciously, the higher a frequency you work at—and at this time that frequency is pretty regularly changing—the higher frequency you work at, the more aware you are of change points and the more capable you are of creating change points. And an individual working on the Intent function line is more easily capable of creating change points. Really, it’s that simple.

Our bodies have stunningly complex systems at a cellular level, which are both beautiful and amazing. There is a huge amount of information being communicated within complex interactions in biological systems. How do we use our Intent to change the energetic messages sent within those systems?

All right, more background: One way that I have described the Source Field is as sort of a big blanket on the sand. You’re out at the beach; you throw a blanket down, and there’s an odd lump underneath. Oh, well, that’s your telephone; you forgot to pull it out. And maybe your shoes are under there, too. But there are lumps, and each one of those lumps has something important under it. So the Source Field or the plasma function covers everything, and that “telephone” might be a galaxy or a planet or a cell. It’s all information that does not have form or purpose until Intent forms it.

Is “information” another word for energy?

Yes. But that energy becomes information when creation energy is applied to it.

Now, let me try a metaphor. It is like little bits of iron dust, little iron particles that have no purpose until you put a magnet to them, and then all of a sudden you realize “Oh, this is iron!” Well, that’s the information. And this is a very important thing to realize: it’s the foundation—although I’m not certain that it’s been recognized yet—of the whole leap your science is making now: that the information is—and I’m using these words on purpose—”without form and void”—sound familiar?—until the “breath of God,” or Intent, creates a need for it.

Now, every bit of information has a twin. That twin might be a cell in your body, and that cell responds to that unformed piece of energy. If you remember back in physics, the whole question early in your last century was, Does thought make it real? And the answer was, It seems to be so, that the observing of a thing makes the thing happen. Like Schrödinger’s cat, which really had nothing to do with cats and everything to do with energy as a macrocosm. Your whole body, filled with cells, is a microcosm of the universe itself. Your skin, this bag of skin that holds the bones and the blood and the organs and all of that together, is like that blanket, that Source Field. And into that body all information is conveyed through electromagnetic force and a crystalline core—which is what Transfiguration is all about, by the way. In the case of the whole body, in this example the twin self is the universe itself; moving that down to the single cell, it is a piece of information.

Depending upon what that cell needs, it creates an information exchange. There’s no better way to describe how that information goes from one to another except to use the word “wormhole.” It’s just too good a word and how your science has described it, because it is effectually a tunnel that is based on the communication that comes from one to the other. And energy always flows in a direct line, so each of your cells has access to whatever is needed if its Intent is to fulfill its need.

What would cause a cell to have an Intent other than fulfilling its need? What would cause a cell to not be dedicated to fulfilling its purpose?

If it was invaded by a virus.

So what needs to be done in that case? Well, in this society right now what is done is to focus on the invader and try to get rid of it, rather than bringing that cell to its perfect health, which would result in changing the nature of the invader. What is needed to bring the cell to perfect health,? A new Intent. A creation point.

So how do you create the Intent for a whole and perfect cell? One of two ways: you connect into the Source Field with the like information, which could be pretty hard to do, or you start with what you do know, which is the cell—or cells, or body parts or whatever—and you create the Intent out of conscious living to establish what it should be. A really easy way to do that is to find, probably on the Internet, what a perfectly whole cell would look like.

There are two things you need to be particularly aware of. First is that the mitochondria hold the crystalline core. It is the function of communication. Do you know what the Planck constant is? It is the smallest bit known at this point. These bits of information are so small that your will can overcome it. This kind of will doesn’t require screwing up your face and holding your breath and thinking really hard. Not at all. It is a brief thought. Guardians don’t like that, you know, because you like to feel like you’ve really done something hard and it takes a lot of effort.

So one of the best things to do is simply to put a picture of a healthy cell, a healthy brain, healthy neuronal activity here and there around your house so that you can glance at it and that information is put out there. It’s that simple.

So you are effectively being a magnet and pulling the correct “iron shavings” into yourself.

Exactly so. It is an electric universe, and electricity is electromagnetic when it is in action. You are electromagnetic. Your brain functions through that. Your cells function through that. You are electromagnetic because you are crystalline. And, by the way, the more crystalline you become, the less capable you become of working with technology.

Do you mean the less you respond to technology?

No, I mean the more you break it.

On a cellular level how do we amplify our ability to be stronger magnetic matches for a desired material or biological change without it triggering resistances and expectations?

What you are doing is mixing up a physical process with an emotional one, and they are two different things.

Emotions are a symptom. As long as you’re human, you’re going to deal with them. So, in the very same way that I teach you you’ve got to learn to meditate in a crowd, you’ve got to be able to use your creation Intent in the midst of resistance, in the midst of beliefs that say “I cannot,” in the midst of not believing.

So would you be able to draw from a time that you were in that space, and literally pull that back to you and amplify the effect through that?

That’s why in the manifestation process I tell you to look at your past successes; same thing. Look at those times you have experienced pure trust, those times you have truly known. Fill yourself up with that and go forward in spite of the chatter of the human self.

You said the Source Field is Intent, Intent which became Thought, which showed up as Word and became Deed. I usually think of my thoughts as originating in my mind. However, this concept makes me wonder if our crystalline structure, such as the pineal gland, is like a radio system we use to communicate with the Source Field (Intent), which is not limited by our mind. Does this mean that Thought would be the connecting factor for all form or matter, Word would be the response, and Deed would be the torsion, creation or result? Am I thinking about this correctly?


Explain how the Source Field interfaces with our thoughts.

Based on what I’ve said already, you know that the Source Field is based on information that is unformed until Intent forms it. You know that it is entangled: it is a twin of every piece of information held. And that information, which is also energy, has a frequency. And that frequency is what draws its twin to it.

Now, frequency is the magnetic aspect of electromagnetic. Electrical force, which is really a combination of two forces (but again, that’s ahead of your science right now), when electrical force is in fluctuation—think lightning bolt—creates a magnetic field. So what you are doing when you are using Creation energy is seeking a like form of electricity, or force, and turning it into Thought, which gives it form. The exact moment it has form, it has Word. It’s meeting its like as Deed. But it’s effectually instantaneous. The instant—moment is too long a word—that the Intent is put out, the Deed is enacted. It’s that fast.

The moment those things come together, it’s not creating torsion?

The Intent is put out, and there is a point between Intent and Thought, and another point between Thought and Word; the torsion is the in-between space, you see? Torsion is about what is not—what doesn’t really exist—being put into action. Now that’s going to be tricky to write down because I’m saying torsion is about “that which is not.” And putting “that which is not” into action as opposed to that which is “not being put into action.”

But that which is not still has potential.

That’s exactly what it is, potential.

So what happens with undisciplined thought, when there’s no Intent behind it?

There’s no such thing. There is undisciplined thought, but there is always Intent behind it. The problem is that it’s not the Intent you want.

You said at the Retreat that we manifest by fulfilling our Intent. You also said that when we are manifesting we are sending out structure. It is an energy pattern that is filled with our will, knowledge, trust and Intent (like a chemistry equation). How do we become the receptacle of this fulfillment of that Intent? Does that make sense?

Yes, but I’ve pretty much answered that. Do you see how?


So answer that question for me.

If it is already there.


. . . and with focus and right Intent . . .


. . . we magnetize the fulfillment of that cycle.

Beautiful. She’s got it!

Science is using the concept of “mirror neurons” to explain how physio­logical stress can be transferred from one person to another just by observing it.

So if you are really, really stressed and Paula is watching, she is going to get really stressed?

Yes, and physiologically she can even take on some of the symptoms of stress. Her heartbeat might go up. It would affect her physiologically and emotionally. So people don’t only learn through watching another person; they also take on every bit of the experience.

I definitely agree with that. I’m just surprised that your science does too.

Yes. And there are two parts to this question. How does the mirror neurons concept relate to the Source Field? But the other part is, for years now you’ve been saying that the brain does not know the difference between our visualizing and actually doing a thing, and this seems to indicate that it cannot tell the difference between seeing and doing it either. So how can a high-frequency, transfiguring Guardian intentionally strengthen their communication and their mirroring to be and give what’s needed for the highest good?

Without breaking down from dealing with sick, depressed people.

Yes. Right. The first part was about how the mirror neurons relate to the Source Field.

It’s relating to information, as we discussed earlier. The neuron puts out a signal that develops the like bit of information. We’ve already discussed how that works within the Source Field. But remember that as soon as it has been developed, it becomes magnetic, and that means that that magnet over the top of that iron dust not only picks up this one piece of dust, but it picks up surrounding ones as well. Which is to say that other energy will also be attracted to that primary point, that magnet.

Say you are a mother with a four-year-old who is having a tantrum. That child is putting out a certain neuronal draw that you also relate to. And so there is a part of you that is drawn to that same thing. And that is what causes that empathic connection. If you were from Mars and you plopped down and saw that four-year-old having that tantrum, your response might be to have no empathy at all because your experience contains nothing that relates to it. To you that just appears to be how communication works on Earth. And so when you, as that Martian, try to contact somebody you stomp your feet and scream, which isn’t going to accomplish anything at all.

If you have fully healed your connections to your personal experiences of emotional disability, then you’re not going to be affected. Unfortunately, most people relate. The tiniest piece of them even says “Well, I understand why you’re angry about this,” and so your body reads that as “I’m angry about this too.” How do you heal an emotional connection? Well, I’ve spent twenty or thirty years talking about that very thing. And once again it’s going to come back to conscious living.

With the idea of dark matter being the fuel for the creation engine, how do we access and utilize it to create or restore balance? We’ve pretty much been talking about this.

Exactly. Dark matter is one of those other words for energy or Source Field. Dark matter has been seen sort of like junk DNA; you only had twelve major genetic structures and the rest is just there in case you damage one and need to replace it—it’s junk. But of course it’s not. Very soon it’s going to be recognized that dark matter is a potential for all things, and it’s not an unknown quantity. So I will ask you, how do you access, establish, create and use—that was Intent, Thought, Word and Deed—that dark matter?

Probably Intent.


And the recognition of its potential maybe.

I will tell you. Labels.

So if it’s those raw ingredients then you help it have function.

That’s right. [Samuel picks up a coaster.] You say “coaster” as opposed to “round disk to eat your food off of” because a disk to eat your food off of is called a plate. And if disk is the Source Field/energy/dark matter, if this is the playing field, “disk to eat food off of” establishes the Intent as opposed to “disk to put glass down on,” because one is called plate and one is called coaster.

I read an article where the cosmologist described dark matter as a cosmic web . . .

Yes. Absolutely.

. . . which guided the formation of the galaxies, and they were even inclined in some ways to say that dark matter not only was not there, but could be a part of a whole different dimension that we’re interfacing without even knowing. If that is true on the large, universal scale, it’s also true in our reality, in our forms, in our dimension.

That’s right.

So we are interfacing with dark matter all the time.

By way of tunnels, wormholes that allow you to connect with like Intent that has created potential into the protons and quarks and that make form. Correct. The only thing I would disagree with in there—and only for illustration purposes anyway—is that it’s not a plane, or dimension, in that way, until it is needed as a plane in that way.

They said that.

These have to be rogue scientists, because this is not what they are teaching in school yet.

It was a couple of different scientists, and they know they are on the fringe with their theories about it.

That’s great, really. And that should tell you all about the kinds of changes that are coming up. Right now Guardians are opening doors and activating seeds without being present with that seed. That is all about the process used to access the Source Field.

What do they say that gravity is, then? Everyone thinks of gravity as a big magnet inside Earth that holds you on to the planet, but really it is a force pushing you that keeps you in place. What creates that force? It is the combining of two forces; there’s no easier way to say it: it’s a torsion response. That’s what gravity is. This is fun!

How is Star Weaving an example of how energy works in the Source Field? And how do the spirals moving up and down the weave create change points within the Source Field?

Do you mean the weave of Star Weaving or do you mean the plasma field fluctuations?

I meant the weave of the Source Field. I was trying to come up with a practical example of how Guardians were interfacing with the Source Field.

And Star Weaving is an example. The Source Field fluctuations create torsion energy, and I’ve discussed that enough that everyone can picture it and understand that—that torsion creates the force that is unseen and unknown and unlabeled until there is Intent attached to it, meaning the result of torsion releases a separate frequency that in this dimension is expressed in a geometric progression. Imagine a star tetrahedron where each plane or face on that tetrahedron is holding information. That information is going to be formed as the torsion meets its twin self. The tetrahedron is the basis for information generation in your crystalline self and in the Source Field for this dimension. So your Intent—”I’m going to function at my best”—stimulates the Source Field. That creates a torsion that activates a plane on the double tetrahedron of created information that involves doing your best. So the Intent here and the geometric creation there puts out that like frequency and finds itself. The point where it finds itself is like putting two fingers together; right there at that point [where they are meeting], is a portal.

“I AM one with Source.” First of all, all of the words aren’t human words. All of the weaving is spirit work. I AM is a numerical statement that says the same thing as OM. It is a sound frequency. I AM triggers the field, so I AM is Intent. “One with Source, One with Divine Creation, One with Divine Wisdom”—the first triune. You start at the heart—”I AM one with Source”—and you weave up, with each weave being the equivalent of the Intent used to find the dimension, the crystalline shape, the geometry and the frequency. Source, Divine Creation, Divine Wisdom. This is a very involved teaching and I will condense it here, but you see how you can literally take each section. And then the last, “I Am a manifestation of Christ Consciousness in the world,” is one statement unique to itself, and it represents, of course, completion.

Each section gives you the access to the Source Field—the creation and the form of it. So, to answer your question, it’s a manifestation process for going home, and its purpose is to keep you at your highest frequency. I AM One with Source, I AM One with Divine Creation, I AM One with Divine Wisdom are the three most important knowings that no human can have. Only spirit—your spirit—can say that. We move from spirit into divine form and from divine form you move into completion. It’s the story of Transfiguration.

You have said light fills and sound builds structure. What are the possible ways to use thought and light to direct our crystalline structure to affect our genetic structure?

Our discussion of the Source Field incorporates that. How do you use it for healing? You have a healing Intent and that’s everything. Now, mechanically speaking there are sounds that affect your physical experience in the same way light affects your spiritual experience. If you count the next octave, how many notes are there in an octave? Thirteen?


You would say twelve perhaps, but thirteen because that starts the next one from C to C. That twelve, which is actually thirteen, is important. It is the sound of resolution into a dimension. It is the sound of the twelve, your circle of twelve. It is the sound of your energy system—twelve chakras. The thirteen is the beginning of the next level, so what is the thirteen?

The in-between space, the dark matter.

It’s the result of torsion. It’s next level, not fully formed yet. Sound, bottom line, creates portals of torsion energy and when you learn to use the right sound you’re creating the wormhole that takes you to the creation of it.

Got it.