Questions for this interview were submitted by Jeanean Jacobs, who joined the editors for this interview.

If there is such a thing as a “code of creation,” what might it be?

There are certain things that are in common with first, the way this universe works; second, with the way life force as a whole works; third, with the way humankind works—all as parts of a reflection of the greater whole. By looking at the patterns that can be found in the universe, as well as looking for them in the smallest aspect of humanity, you’re going to start recognizing that there is a plan there. And because everything tends to be mathematical, I would even go with that idea that it is a code—not a code that is meant to keep things secret, but a code that, unless someone is actually looking for it, is not going to be found.

So, instead of referring to a “code of creation,” I would say instead “patterns of power.”

The number three plays such an important part in most cultures around the world. It comes up in everything from religion and mythology to neurophysiology and quantum physics. For example, triunes like creator, sustainer, destroyer; the three Borromean rings; the triple goddess; as it has always been, is now, and will forever be; think it, hear it, say it. So why do these trines show up in human consciousness in various cultures around the world? And how would trine energy be associated with those patterns of power?

Three is a number of power. It’s a number of form because your first connection into a created space happens with the number three. You have a singularity which shifts to a duality, and at three you have a triangle …

Which stabilizes.

Yes, it does, for all further geometric progression. Three has more to do with the space than the boundary. Do you understand that?—because that’s an important point. This glass full of vinegar water that I’m holding here, that is important; it provides a means to be able to ingest what’s inside it. The space inside is where the power is.

You’ve got negative, positive and torsion—one, two, three. Torsion is the third. With those three aspects of energy, you have the foundation for all things created. You have the means for continuing creation. You have the access to what that creation can give insofar as its function. Three as a representation of Source is a reflection of Source thought.

Thought is not something we attribute to Source. It’s a human kind of thing. Is there a better description?

Well, of course, I’m trying to talk to humans about something that isn’t human, and so everything becomes metaphor. It’s like this and like that. Ultimately, it’s a conscious intention, which in relation to Source isn’t an actual thought, but as a human you think of intention as thought. “Release” also works, because that’s really the process, but I cannot speak of the concept of Source without using human language.

Three as a representation of the human self shows up how? Body, mind, spirit is the easiest representation. Physical, emotional, mental.

Id, ego, superego.

All of those are very workable.

I’m about to say something that is going to sound rather strange. Don’t think about it too much. Life force at its upper reaches is another version of the function of Source. Guardians, however, do not have the same triunity that humans do. A Guardian’s triune power is Ellic force, Group of Twelve, Entity—that’s capital-E Entity.

Primary Entity?

Primary Entity works. Good. As opposed to the entity that …

. . . puts out projections.

Yes. Essentially what that shows is that you have the triunity of Source, the triunity of Guardianship and the triunity of life force at the higher reaches of humanity, which creates a triune, doesn’t it? And what do you think that triune is? It’s the triunity of the sacred Plan for the planet.

Now the key to any triunity is balance, be that a triunity of Source, or a triunity of a Guardian, or a triunity of three people—Guardian or not—doing a working together. The key is balance.

Intent for a short-term function of manifestation can allow for a temporary access to greater power, but generally the key is always balance, working absolutely in balance, not seeking those energy spikes by keeping energy balanced. Depending upon what kind of end-product is being discussed, what Intent means and what manifestation means depends upon the function of that triune. The function of every triune is different, so depending on which triune is being discussed the meaning of its Intent and manifestation will be different. Source “Intent” is very different from even a Guardian’s Intent.

At what stage does the “hybrid,” which the Guardianship is transforming into, fit into the code of creation? Specifically in terms of Creator (that which is), Patterner (that which becomes), and Object (that which remains)?

Remembering that this new creation—the key word is new—is not yet fully understood, I can make some really good guesses, but they’re guesses. Having said that, ultimately, at the completion of the process, this new being is going to be a singularity. But until then it’s a triunity.

“It” being?

The new being. This fusion process of human and spirit—the process and its conclusion.

As a triunity, the human self is being taken over, and so there isn’t balance, and balance is vital in triunities. On the other hand, it’s a creation process, and every creation process involves the duality of push and pull, and making and destroying.

As a creation process of Source, what is the first release?

All That Is.

Ellic Force, which is All That Is. It is the second release, which is .. .

Intent, Thought, Word and Deed.

Got it! It is function, which shows up through Intent, Thought, Word and Deed. So you have Ellic energy with function, and then you’ve got an object for that function.

When you have a function, what is required next? To choose. You have release, function, and choice, and that is the creation of your universe. And the creation of your day.

With this new being, the new self would be which one of those three?

Well, it’s sort of all of them.

It is. And that’s what makes it so amazing, so different. It’s moving out of singularity to duality, to the triune, back to singularity—way before Ascension.

How can that happen? The release is not the new being, although the new being is obviously a release. The function is not the new being, although obviously the new being has function. The—I’m going to throw a new word in here—purpose should determine the choice, right? And as an aside, where humans get into trouble all the time is that they don’t have purpose behind their choices. So the purpose becomes perhaps the foundation that choice sits on. So those would go together.

Remember that I’ve said it’s not the boundaries that make it work, it’s the space inside, it’s what it’s filled with. So what it’s filled with becomes the ultimate object, that new being.

How does the hybrid affect the torsion wave cycle of re-creation?

Frankly, that will be seen because the hybrid—this new being—is the torsion wave. The triunity here is the human shell and the Guardian function coming together to create something new. So that new thing is that torsion. Think of the double wake of a boat, the human self—one wake—and the Guardian function—the other wake—combine to make the torsion, the energy created out of it.

So the next question should be, Why did this new being never happen before now?

I think there probably wasn’t the need, and the Guardianship could not call Shining Energy on their own. That ability to call Shining Energy is what triggered this part of the wave.

Right. You’ve got the human, you’ve got the Guardian, and you’ve got this new energy coming through being able to change things because there is, as never before, receptive energy for it—like energy, or like enough.

So here is what you have: [Samuel makes a triangle out of his index fingers and thumbs] you have the human construct, the Guardian function, and stimulation of the energy—Gamma energy is what it is—coming through. And here is the new being, and here is the torsion, what’s inside. Now they work together. Do you see that? Two rocks in the pond create a different pattern. That’s the torsion. All that torsion is, is a twist, but the fact that energy does makes the difference.

So you have energy moving in a straight line and energy that is intermittent. If that’s all there was, there would be nothing happening. It’s that the energy twists that allows it to move. Now, relate the new creation to that, because I said that the new creation is the torsion. This twist, this new pattern, is going to be the foundation of either a new species or certainly a new awakening. I definitely see a new awakening. I’m not sure about the new species; it just isn’t necessary now, but that’s how it was done before.

How does some of the Guardianship becoming “Source Creators” after this experiment fit into the code-of-creation cycle?

Source, creation, created, returns to Source to establish a creation that is then Creator. I’m trying to think if I can come up with a good metaphor. Do you remember a really nasty childhood drink called Kool-Aid? What happened if you spilled it on your shirt?

It was there forever. It never went away.

It became a part of the shirt, right? And if you were going to wear that shirt again, you either had to make the whole thing pink or purple or whatever it was to cover it up somehow, or you might just put up with it. That’s the way it is. The universe is like a drink of Kool-Aid. Source took a drink of Kool-Aid and in doing so spilled a few drops. And those drops were a mixture of both Source—when you drink it, it’s a piece of you—and the Kool-Aid. And that combination forever marks anything it touches. You cannot separate the two ever. Those Guardians that have recognized their Shining Selves and who are capable of functioning at the highest level are simply moving the process backwards—from shirt to Kool-Aid and Source. So eliminating the shirt leaves Source and Kool-Aid. Eliminating the Kool-Aid leaves what?

Source residue.

What is the nature of Source. What does Source do?


So there is no other possibility than for that reunion to result in that process starting again.

We sometimes say that Source’s out-breath created.


And when what was created returns, it’s like Source’s in-breath.

What throws people off when I have described it that way is that they’re relating it so much to their human selves that they cannot imagine how those selves, with all of their flaws, could ever possibly be Source.

[Paula] But it’s no different than the entity putting out projections and experiencing in form, and then pulling those projections back in and making a greater whole, because you have the addition of the experience in form.

Exactly. That’s much better than the Kool-Aid illustration, much better. The problem is, people aren’t thinking in terms of entity, but of “who I am right now,” and you have to move away from that or it’s not going to work. When do you stop being you?

When you’re not in form.

True. When you become a new being, this new thing. When would you stop becoming you?

When you are more spirit than human.

Yes. I believe that that new self will understand the patterns naturally, because it is the perfect amalgam, the perfect combination—not equal mind you—but the perfect combination of humanity and spirit.

Is this going to bypass mass consciousness?


So mass consciousness has nothing to do with this.

Not a thing.

This is the Guardianship accelerating the in-breath.

Exactly so. However, that will have an effect on mass consciousness. It has to. What kind of effect? I don’t know, because in the past it has been both that which brought about evolutionary revolution and that which ultimately ended in destruction. But this is coming from a very different direction. What will mass consciousness do with that? At the Retreat, what did I say they usually do with Avatars? Kill them, or worship them and still kill them.

So it’s moved out of the pattern of laying down energy that mass consciousness will follow.

Such as through the Grid. Yes. The energy coming through comes in bursts that, as far as the earth is concerned, are very far apart. The fact that humanity is where it is now, and Guardians—although not all Guardians—are where they are now allows that energy to be useful, to be received. But upon being received, the energy has started mutating its hosts. The mutation is this new being. It is a great awakening, and humanity as the microcosm will have a similar awakening. But what’s that going to look like? Kill you or keep you—always the choice.

In one of the recent Atlanta Lifescapes, you discussed how Guardians have unique clusters of activated, latent code and slightly larger pineal and amygdala glands, which put off slightly different chemicals that produce hyper-intent and hyper-focus. How do we maximize our unique gene clusters to focus our multidimensionality into usable focused intent?

You stated that very well. That’s a tough question to ask and you did that well. Well, you will also remember that in Atlanta I refused to talk further about it. But what you’re asking is not for details of that process, but what can be done to best use that.

Two things: the exercises that I have given, should be done with a positive, happy attitude, because your genetic structure responds—opens up—with positive force and closes down—stops broadcasting—with negative force. So a positive, happy, laughing, joy-filled frame of mind is going to be the most effective.

The second thing is to combine it with the 528-hertz work, because that frequency stimulates the whole process. I have not, at this point, said to use 528 hertz for each exercise, so please don’t do that now; a whole lot of people don’t have even the first three exercises particularly stable yet.

So doing the exercises with a positive frame of mind, and using the sound with the exercises is going to have an effect.

Now, unconditional love is a part of your design. Where does that unconditional love come from? Your Source connection. Unconditional love activates your soul. Remember that soul is what I refer to as the link within the body. Guess where that link is? It’s in that space—the black hole—between the pineal and pituitary. Where is the amygdala?

It’s in the old part of your brain.

In relation to the pineal and pituitary.

It forms a triangle with the pituitary and the pineal.

And is below and sort of to the side. Functioning in unconditional love empowers the genetic output, strengthening the form, but moving by far beyond form. Strengthening the form is a physical effect, but your genetic information is not limited by dimensional energy. So ideally you can open your pathway into your multidimensionality by sending your consciousness through that output. How would you do that?

By utilizing the 528 frequency as a portal when you have focused intent in unconditional love.

Yes! It actually doesn’t have to do with 528. Five-twenty eight is a form-related thing.

Could you use the fifth step?

Actually what you’d use is your Group of Twelve. And the way that you use the Group of Twelve comes at that point in which you are capable of communicating with them, whether you know what they are or who they are or not, but you have that access.

What’s the easiest way to gain access to your Group of Twelve?

The Star Weaving probably does more to create an energy that acknowledges where you are in that group than anything else you do. Star Weaving is mainly a group of “I AM” statements, and they progressively raise your frequency with each statement. If you are doing a good job with the visualization, you are amplifying it. When you combine the Star Weaving with the intent to connect with those that are a part of your Group of Twelve, you are essentially broadcasting.

Even if some of that group are not in form?

Even if some of that group are not in form, and even if that group is only partially recognized. The connection is there whether the brain gets it or not. It’s there whether you currently access it or not.

With the Star Weaving, you’ve broadcast. Now you need to determine a purpose or a place. [To Jeanean]Your Group of Twelve isn’t much in this dimension anyway. But to access your Group of Twelve, any Group of Twelve, since they’re not all here you’re having to shift time and space, or you wouldn’t have that access at all. So, focusing on your Group of Twelve during the Star Weaving process allows you to broadcast, and it clarifies the function so that you can begin shifting. Now, you’re not going to shift anywhere or do anything until you can pat your head and rub your stomach at the same time, until you can perfectly do the Star Weaving while you are focused on your Group of Twelve. That’s the ignition, and your intent is the gas to get that vehicle moving. But if you don’t have any place to go, if you don’t know anything about another dimension to work in, if you don’t have a guide, you’re not going to get anywhere.

Where would be a good place to start?

You need to get a guide, and the whole work of priests and shamans has been to be that guide. In the sixties, LSD opened a lot of those doors; right now there seems to be a big upsurge in spiritually-based tribal plant use. But better than that would be moving back to exercise one and letting your Whole Self guide you.

But wouldn’t the members of your Group of Twelve that are out of form be able to guide you?

Most of you don’t know who those are, so you need to let me take you by the hand and shift you out of here, because until you’ve experienced it you won’t be able to do it by yourself. If you will remember, in the last great ritual I called upon those who are not here. Those who call upon these invisible ones need to have at least some idea of what those invisible ones might be in order to make the correct connection. There’s a lot of energy out there. If you’re being guided by energy that doesn’t come out of Shining Function, it’s not going to be very useful for you, but if it’s out of Shining Function, you’ve got a connection there, and in that case that can work as a guide.

So you’ve got to really focus on it being your Group of Twelve, very focused on what you already know of it, very focused on what you’re doing and why you’re doing it.

It’s not something to play with. Am I saying there is danger? No. You’re not going to get taken off somewhere, you’re not going to lose your body, you’re not going to never come back—all of those things people say to try to make it scary. It’s just not going to do anything.

You’re more likely to get frustrated.


When you do shift dimensions, what is it like? You’ll need to know if you got something. You already do a certain amount of dimensional shifting; remember that you’re doing it in your dreams. Sometimes—and I’m not talking about when you’re bored and just looking around—when you are in a true daydream state, so that you’re really gone, there can also be a shift there.

When you shift, time doesn’t change here no matter how much you do there. So what you want to look for as the easiest signal that you’re shifting is something that’s much like a dream state in which you have had a whole life, a whole experience, and when you come back only a minute or two have passed. Or the reverse of that: it seems a very short experience but a couple of hours have gone by. Either of those.

Those who weren’t at the Atlanta Lifescapes might not understand what you mean by the terms “hyper-intent” and “hyper-focus.” Can you define those?

Your ability to intend is a step short of creating with that intention. The potential you have is far greater even than the typical Guardian. Your ability to focus is much, much stronger. You can get lost in something very easily: you’re focused and a long time has passed and you’ve not even realized it. So it means literally what it says. It’s a super-intent, super-focus.

So, we might not want to use the 528 hertz to access our multidimensionality.

Right, because 528 hertz has to do specifically with the form, and you’re wanting to move beyond that. There is a frequency that helps with that shift, but I’m not going to talk about that now. There is also a tone that creates a certain amount of shift. I’ll only hint about it. It’s a very deep, low tone.

Is it like the Tibetan monks use?

Yes, a low pitch, a slow frequency.

You have discussed how our forms are changing as a result of the “hybrid” genetic structure transformation. Is our consciousness changing as well?

At this point you’re still experience-based. Until you recognize a change, your consciousness won’t respond to that change. The more the new being is expressed, the less need for the old consciousness there will be.

When you are in a ritual and you are functioning as Shining Force, what is your consciousness doing?

I guess in rituals the participants nearly always have a shared consciousness that’s coupled with a focus, an Intent.

And Word and Deed as well. You are functioning with all four function lines because you’re connecting with All That Is, Ellic Force, Shining Force.

But if you are more reliant on your spirit self than on your human self, how does that affect free will?

Well, glory be, I believe that free will is eliminated—that’s why I’m so excited about this—because your consciousness, if you will, is Source consciousness. If you are functioning in form as Shining Function, then you have returned in the cycle to the beginning, which is always a powerful, powerful thing, and you’re functioning as Source in this world.

Of course, I’ve always been saying that you are here to be a function of Source in this world, but there’s a little difference there: you are Source in this world at that point. So consciousness? You don’t really have consciousness, because you are in wholeness. And wholeness doesn’t need free will. It just needs will.

During the March 2012 Lexington Lifescapes you mentioned that our human forms are becoming more spirit-based than human-based. You have discussed how the changes in our genetic structure—what you have called hybrid—are creating chaos in the world.

All right, wait. That’s not quite correct. The hybrid is not the change in your genetic structure; the hybrid is the result of the change in your genetic structure. I just want to make sure you understand the difference.

Besides doing the four exercises you gave to us last year, how can we take advantage of the energies coming into the planet right now?

The more you function at Shining frequency, the more that energy is going to be functional for you. How do you function as Shining Energy? Well, it’s not very practical to be in ritual all the time, but ritual does that so you might look at ways you can get together with three or more and create rituals that, for instance, make use of earth holidays or that are in alignment with world events of one kind or another, opportunities for group focus that are specifically called from the highest of your function. It does not have to mean you light a candle and you call, but by doing that you’re taking steps up to reach that frequency rather than standing there and trying to jump up all at once. So following a pattern helps. Beyond that, unconditional love, which is that frequency of Shining Energy, fully merged with your whole self and conscious of your oneness with Source—and that’s two different things—opens you to that.

There’s a lot to be said for when the brain is accepting, is familiar with, is agreeing that it’s possible, because when the brain isn’t resisting, you’re going to get a very different experience—different meaning, clearer, stronger, more real to you.

And generally, as I said in January and at the Retreat, know yourself so that you can start eliminating the “icky” stuff. The less you have of that, the more you have of what you truly are, and that involves living love. Sounds easy, but it really isn’t so easy.

I see a pattern emerging. We are practicing manifesting little things like pennies out in the world, and now you are talking about us getting together in little groups with a high intent. If you bring those two together and do them well, you can change the world.

That’s the plan.