As always, there are some interesting questions that have emerged from the information given at the Retreat and the last set of Lifescapes events.

Some Guardians are on an Avataric function line that uses Word and Deed to bring high-frequency energy to the planet, whereas some use Intent and Thought. Please explain the difference between these two types of Guardians.

Well, that isn’t fully accurate because Intent/Thought and Word/Deed are functions of Creator and Patterner energy. What is true is that a Creator or a Patterner working in this world would be a Guardian, but it’s not that Guardians as a whole work as Creators or Patterners.

A Guardian that is working as a Creator or a Patterner is a Guardian that has recently functioned in this world, either seen or unseen, as Ellic force. However, everybody I work with has not been Shining energy.

Does knowing which you are, a Patterner or a Creator, influence the work here?


Does it influence the work that you do?

Right now, it doesn’t, but soon it will. This interview will come out around the time of the summer solstice, and during June I’m going to be talking a little more about this at the Lifescapes events.

How do you know whether you are a Patterner or Creator? Well, the first thing that you must remember is what I just said: not every Guardian is a Creator or a Patterner, and those who are might never fulfill that role energetically. A Creator works at a particular frequency, as does a Patterner, and as I’ve said in newsletter after newsletter, people’s energy might not be at as high a frequency as they like to think it is, so they may never reach the frequency that will allow them to fulfill that part of their compact.

However, let’s pretend that this is somebody that is working at a very high frequency, who recognizes their Source self, who has become adept at merging with their whole self, who has become adept at recognizing Source function, not only in themselves but also in the world. That person is essentially going to be a “doer” or a “fixer.” That’s a simple way of saying it. A doer . . . does things.

A doer creates?


A fixer would be a fixer because they are trying to make things whole.

Exactly right. But saying a doer creates still isn’t saying much. In any group of people you have leaders and you have followers. Doers are leaders. Doers are very often idea people, but they are not always the ones who are going to be able to follow through on it. Being a Creator can be a problem that way.

They would be starters but not finishers.

Exactly, especially if they’re working alone instead of as a part of a group. They probably have all kinds of unfinished projects lying around the house. They tend to be very imaginative and creative, and they like working with their hands, they like seeing something new come about. For instance, they might work in woodcraft. They might redecorate the house quite a bit. They might feel most comfortable when they are in a creative process, because, although it is Intent/Thought, a Creator is the masculine and the feminine together, and so the creative and creativity are in that as well.

The Intent/Thought must have Word/Deed, and that’s where the Patterner comes in—holding the pattern. And, as you said, seeing that something is not whole and knowing what works to make it whole, which means they’re very often healers. It’s not that they are necessarily always followers, but they are very comfortable with that role if that’s what is needed, whereas a Creator needs to be a leader, needs to be the starter, usually because a Creator doesn’t have the skills to finish.

Patterners are often charismatic, smooth talkers, because they work with Word and Deed. They are often writers and are good at making someone else’s thoughts sound better, work better. For example, the president has a speech writer, somebody who is able to use words skillfully, and unfortunately can manipulate very well because of those words.

The Intent/Thought Creator and the Word/Deed Patterner always work together. A Creator is not a Creator without a Patterner. A Patterner is not a Patterner without a Creator. But it doesn’t have to be a married couple. In fact, it doesn’t have to be a committed couple at all, but in one way or another the two are going to find a means to work together.

Now, in my work that’s pretty simple because I’m going to make sure that I’ve got Creators and Patterners working together, so a very easy way for somebody to figure out what they are is to become a part of leadership this year, because that’s what I’m going to be talking about throughout the year in order to be ready for a very important next year.

Do you want to say more about the “important” next year?

Well, it’s not really something to get excited about. Every year is very important, but next year—”if the creek don’t rise”— you’re going to have the animal and plant kingdoms working at a more advanced level, and that’s going to tip the first domino over.

Does knowing whether we’re Patterners or Creators make a difference?

It will. Right now, it’s a natural propensity for some, but not a need within the work. But as changes continue and the frequency of the energy continues to rise, and the planet continues to raise its frequency as well, it’s going to be necessary to be able to recreate or set new boundaries or to specifically direct energy as needed at the time. And ideally, instead of this being done in the unseen realm, as it has been and is now being done, it will be done by those who are here working at the required frequencies. That will open that doorway for humanity to recognize their Source self through Guardians—and specifically high-frequency Guardians, doing that particular kind of work—being Source. Humanity can’t be Source but they can recognize that Source connection, the Source within. Once humanity is recognizing their connection with Source, then yes, that becomes the completion of the Sacred Status portion of the Plan.

You said that a Patterner will always work with a Creator. Right now, are they doing that at the level of their entities or are they actually doing it in the physical world? In other words, do we need to find that corresponding person?

I doubt that now, in May, there are people that are actually aware enough yet to do that, but after the Lifescapes event and well before the autumnal equinox, there will be at least a few Creator/Patterner pairs that are functioning.

But at what level are they functioning?

Right now the Creator/Patterner function is unseen, but eventually they will be functioning in the world, in a practical kind of way. But could they be working through their entity, at the entity level? If they’re working in another projection as an unseen, it’s possible. If they are working as seen, it wouldn’t be . . . yet. But once the change comes this summer, through time they will be functional in all projections. That ought to get some people excited and maybe bring up a few more questions.

Because our physical forms are unable to handle the Shining energy coming to the planet, breaking the seals on our DNA can make it possible for us to function in other dimensions of form using the Avataric function line of Intent and Thought in order to continue the work.

What will be the experience of those who work on the function line of Thought and Intent when breaking those seals, compared with those who function on the line of Word and Deed.

I think that the question has some misunderstandings in it. It’s inherently not a good question, and yes I’ve given the information, but not because of what was asked there.

I think the thought behind this was that Word and Deed really has to function here, whereas Intent and Thought does not have to.

That is correct. It’s the Avataric function line section that is throwing things off there. Read the question to me again.

Breaking the seals on our DNA can make it possible for us to function in other dimensions of form . . .


Using the Avataric function line of Intent and Thought . . .

Wrong. It won’t be using the Avataric function line of Intent and Thought that will allow you to shift. The Avataric function line is a superhighway to earth. An Avatar is only needed for this Plan, so why would you shift away from it?

Now, true, any dimension is a part of the Plan and is a part of form, and as such one can, theoretically, work invisibly while working visibly, as well—theoretically. And it is theoretical, because this is going to be new ground. It’s not preplanned, so to speak.

So it wasn’t in the original Plan.

There is always that option, but who knew all of the things that have happened this year would make such a difference? Guardians are not just calling for help, they are functioning as Shining force for ritual. Do you remember how amazed I was when you called Shining energy ritually and they actually came? I remember, like it was yesterday, sitting back and saying “How about that!” because I did not make it happen, and up to that point I was always the one that made it happen.

So not only are those who have functioned as Shining energy beginning to use it, but are actually living at that frequency for longer periods, in careful ritual situations. And those who do not function as Shining energy are able to raise their energy to that level for a while. But that’s why I said, “Hmm, wonder if we can do essentially that same thing with the animal and plant kingdoms?” It represents a leap in possibility, a higher frequency, a higher consciousness, and as a result of that a change in what can be done. Now, since the Plan at this point is tending to be woven more freely, these possibilities can be put to work, and are being put to work.

You’ve said that there are ten, twelve or even fifteen dimensions of form, depending on how you look at it. Why do you give various numbers? If it’s because of the definition of “dimension” being unclear, could you please provide a good definition?

A good definition of dimension is frequency. Just remember that it represents a particular spectrum of frequency, that’s all. The reason that it may seem unclear is that, as I mentioned a moment ago, the weaving within the Plan is being done sort of freely. Depending upon how you’re able to look at it, you might be capable of understanding why some would say there are fifteen dimensions and some would say there are twelve, and some would say there are forty-six or two.

You’re calling them frequencies, but you’re really talking about something very different than what physicists and cosmologists talk about.

I am calling them a spectrum or frequency. I don’t know if I am talking about something different from your physicists and cosmologists or not, because it’s one of those areas where there is enough of a pattern to it that it is measurable—therefore it’s frequency—but there is not enough stability to that measurement to fix it in place. That’s because it’s all the same, and it’s all separate. It’s all one dimension with many different aspects to it. Maybe there’s no dimension at all, but depending upon the frequency you work at, you are capable of experiencing something different from the next person. It’s all a language problem, and a perspective problem. I can see how people working with it in its simplest form would say there are twelve dimensions, usually because they are trying to relate it to chakras and things such as that. That’s workable, but if you keep looking at it, you also can see how it could go farther. So for simplicity’s sake, I try to keep the numbers down, but I do change them sometimes.

So it’s like someone saying “Oh, that’s a bear,” and another person might say “Oh, that’s a grizzly,” whereas someone else might say, “Oh that’s part of this genus, this species.”

Yes. And someone else might say, “That’s a big brown thing.”

During the retreat, there was a question about how following a vegan diet relates to breaking the frequency seals on our DNA. Your reply, and I’m paraphrasing here, was that we need to feed our “light bodies,” and that higher-frequency foods will activate a “cosmic trigger.” For example, you mentioned high-frequency plants. Please explain further what is involved in that process.

Which process? Define process for me.

You said “feed your light bodies.” Well, what’s a light body?

All right, you want to get weird here?


As I said at length during the retreat, and mentioned briefly at the last Lifescapes, you hold a crystalline formation within your brain and each cell of your body responds to the frequency it transmits. It’s not a crystal like a rock, it’s less materialized than that.

Visualize your body receiving high-frequency energy; picture standing out in the sunshine and feeling the warmth of the sun’s rays on your physical body. Of course, high-frequency energies come to you in several ways. One of them is an outpouring by way of Vesta-Helios sending energy at particular times to the planet as a whole. You are gaining what’s being given to the planet, because it moves through you, too. As we conduct this interview, the two of you, sitting across from me like this—even if you were sitting across the room—are getting drenched in high-frequency energy, because my energy frequency, even through this body, has an effect on you. Your body is designed to respond to that.

The high-frequency energy, for the most part, is a function of Vesta-Helios, and the star, meaning the solar Patterner, Vesta-Helios, and the sun as the flaming gas cloud that specifically puts out a frequency designed to activate that Source connection within all. That’s where most of the high-frequency energy comes from. Occasionally, there is energy from other arenas, but what your body is meant to attune to is Vesta-Helios and the sun.

It’s putting out a frequency that is light, but not like sunlight coming through the windows. It’s not that light. It’s like your UV light or your infrared light, a different part of the light spectrum. Not the light spectrum that you think of as light though. It’s parallel to that, but not that.

Are you talking about the etheric level?

Yes I am, but you’ve got to be careful with that word, because etheric is one of those words that means something different according to people’s background. Etheric to a scientist is different from etheric to a spiritualist; for the scientist it refers to the means through which all energy moves or is maintained. To the spiritualist, it’s a dimension of communication, spiritual frequency. So etheric isn’t my favorite word to use. Generally when I’m using what would be called etheric, I just say spiritual body.

Your light body is the equivalent of your Whole self, plus the controlling aspect of your entity working as a filter for your physical body. Your total blueprint guided by your entity is another way to say that. Your light body is you without your physical body on.

I’m picturing taking all the cells and the atomic structure and of moving it to the side and seeing the energy that moves through those things left behind.

Yes! The consciousness of the energy that moves through it left behind. It’s as if you were in a bomb blast and you lost your arms and your legs and most of your organs —everything except your head. Well, your head would make you think you had your whole body, wouldn’t it? Your brain would feel a phantom body, like it can feel a phantom limb, but really all that’s there is consciousness. Well, think of that as the spirit that works in you, but take out the “in you” part. It’s the energy of it as opposed to the pure Source connection of it. The entity guides it, so it has a Source connection, but it’s the energy. It’s the gas, not the car. That’s the light body. It’s the first stage, perhaps, of spirit right before it functions in form.

Is it what is tied into the body through the pineal?

Yes. That’s a good leap there.

This might be a poor analogy but to me it’s something like what I see with plants. I realize that when the plant grows there is a devic energy—and it’s not a fairy with wings; it’s a light energy—that is animating that process of plant to do what it needs to do to be what it’s meant to be.

And if you could see it, what you would see is the perfected plant, superimposed over the physical manifestation.

Is it like a hologram?

Ah, I did not think to use hologram. Yes, that’s an excellent way to help people who see in different ways get it.

Your light body runs, maintains, keeps your physical body, but it does much more than that. And the crystalline connection is the key to it. The inflow of spiritual energy is vital as a resource because it feeds beyond the physical, and since you are not only a physical being it’s very important that that other aspect of you also be fed. The light body is not your spirit body, it’s not your entity. It’s not your aura, but when you are looking at an aura, you are looking at a light body, because it is the greater you.

So that brings up the question of food. Food is the physical process that we work with in order to keep our physical bodies running. What does the light body have to do with food?

Well, remember that I said that the light body takes care of the physical body? But it does more than that. It feeds the brain and it feeds the cells so that they are capable of maintaining their structure in an organized and cyclical fashion. Your body runs into trouble when your cells don’t die, doesn’t it? Your body runs into trouble when too many cells die, doesn’t it? The cycles are different for different cells, so that’s what I mean by cyclical. It’s a part of keeping the pattern at its best, at its highest.

So when I eat, my digestive process is a part of that, but not the whole of it.

Absolutely. But when you eat something, your digestion breaks it down into chemicals, and those chemicals have a particular resonance, and that resonance is drawn to the cellular resonance that is like it—like attracting like. So a protein breaks down into its amino acid components. Some of those components are needed in brain cells, so they will go to the brain cells. Some of those components will be needed in the pancreatic cells, so they will go to the pancreas. It stabilizes the system. When you are eating food that is optimal, then most of what you eat is going to go to feeding that pattern as opposed to repairing the physical essence. Unfortunately, because you’re not eating the right things, most of your energy is spent repairing your body.

What makes one plant different to another plant in terms of its ability to resonate with the light body?

Remember that all plants have a purpose somewhere, but there are those that are much more helpful for humans than they are for dogs. Other things work well for dogs but not humans. It’s resonance, and it’s cycles. This frequency cycling this many times as opposed to a lower frequency cycling more or less times. You are very, very specifically tuned.

So as we raise our frequency, in order to give the light body what it needs, in order to keep things operating well, we have to consume something with a like resonance to that higher frequency.

Very good.

So if I eat steamed kale, the light body is going to be able to work with that much better than it would be if I ate a french fry.


Is that because the kale is cooked so it is close to its original form, not processed?

It’s because lightly steaming kale is not going to cause injury to you. A french fry not only doesn’t have a cellular “like” to go to, it is going to cause injury, as well. It is something your body doesn’t need.

But you’re talking about preparation more than about food types. Is the kale plant functionally different from the potato plant?

Yes, and you can still make kale bad for you. That doesn’t mean that a food that’s bad for you can be made good for you. You can’t make something light food, and you can make light food bad for you.

So preparation has an effect. But you also said that our light body needs a certain kind of energy to repair the physical.


Are you saying that the first priority is to repair and maintain the form, and then the other energy is available to the light body?

Repair and maintenance of the form takes place through the light body. However, it also feeds the light body for the repair and maintenance of that cellular light structure, that crystalline structure. However, the cells gain from the chemicals that are broken down out of food so there is a physical component to it as well.

So you’re talking about how our diet works with our spirituality.

No, I’m not.

But why encourage us then to have a vegan diet?

What I’m stopping you from putting together there is diet and spirituality. The diet isn’t so you will be more spiritual. You can’t be more spiritual, you see.

You said that the diet can put a ceiling on the frequency that we can achieve while in form.

Yes. Correct.

You can be vegan and still eat nothing but refined food, or you can have a nutrient-dense diet.

But you’ve got to be careful about nutrients. If the nutrients are essentially coming out of sugar-based foods, it’s not going to help you. Soft fruits tend to be sugar-based. That’s what I mean by “sugar-based,” as opposed to cakes and cookies. I mean a whole food—a plum. If your diet was all plums, that wouldn’t help you.

So there’s nutrient-dense, and there’s diversity.

Let me say at this point, I’m not ready to start naming foods. I hope I never have to start naming foods. This is going to be one of those areas where people will want to get it tied down to very specific boundaries, and I’m not going to do that. Like I said at the retreat, take a potato, eat it and think about how you feel. Have any of you done that yet?

I have.

What did you find out?

It didn’t go down very well. It made me feel a little bit queasy and it kind of sat in my stomach like a rock.

And the “sat in your stomach like a rock” is what I knew would happen. Now, a potato isn’t bad for you, but it isn’t good for you either. But in your diet, in order to get enough of a variety of the nutrients that you need, mixing a bit of potato into a dish might allow you to create something that you’re willing to eat, whereas without the potato it you wouldn’t be very happy with it. In that case I’d rather you eat the potato. What I don’t want you to eat there are things that your body rejects. That can lead to emotional reactions, which most people are totally unaware of, or to a physical rejection within the digestive system: a strong nausea—not just a doesn’t-feel-so-good; a strong nausea—or even a diarrhea, although some foods might create the opposite. Those are the kinds you shouldn’t have.

What happens if you eat a mushroom you shouldn’t have eaten?

It depends on the mushroom, but the reaction can be pretty violent.

But you know it pretty quickly don’t you?


So there are foods that, hopefully, you are sensitive enough to recognize quickly. I happen to know that that’s not always true, that most people aren’t that sensitive, because they have taught themselves to eat all manner of things, and to consider the way they respond to it to be normal.

When you take those things out of your diet, you know immediately when you ingest them because of how bad you feel. But unless you take them out, you don’t know.

That’s right.

You can make yourself crazy with this, and I don’t want that. Then it becomes a distraction or a way to judge, and I don’t want that either. But I do want you to change your awareness of your eating and for you to try very hard to become aware of what different kinds of food do to you.

You can eat badly with any kind of diet, so let’s take the eating badly part out of this. Try to eat lightly. The higher your frequency, the less you need to eat; that’s just how it works. That doesn’t mean you don’t enjoy eating, but you tend to eat less. Eat highly flavorful mixtures of taste and texture, plant-based, as close to its natural state as you can willingly do. Pay attention when you eat individual fruits and vegetables that you’re not getting too much of one kind or another to throw you off balance, and especially be aware of sugar-based foods, because the typical American diet is so bad the body has a hard time processing foods that turn into any kind of natural sugar—high-glycemic foods. The less sugar in it, the easier it is on your body. It’s just that simple. But you’re not going to have a diet that doesn’t have a certain amount of pleasure in it, are you? So just don’t make it all plums.

If we consciously visualize light surrounding our food before we eat it, will that help the food be of benefit to us?

No, it doesn’t do a thing to it. It does to your brain. In your mind you’re doing something, and so ritually and maybe with a bit of sympathetic magic you might be doing something, but mostly what you’re doing is making a show.

So it’s not like you putting your hand over the water glass before you drink it?

No, actually I’m doing something, but that’s me.

I think that many years ago, you said if we reincarnate our next body is built off of and based off of the energy of our body in this life.


And you’ve said now that Sacred Status will happen and we won’t be coming back. But the more you take care of your body in this life, the more that energy would be taken over into another incarnation.

If you had another incarnation, and I’d rather that you not. But some will choose to.


Yes. That’s all right. If you choose to, your body will have the advantage of this one.

I’m assuming that there’s already a number of Bodhisattvas within your work.

A few.