We’d like to begin by asking for some clarification about Ellic Force and the Shining Ones. It’s our understanding that Ellic Force is the creation aspect of All That Is, and that it needs group energy to enter the world of form, whereas Shining Ones are those who took on human form in order to seed the earth with aspects of Source, the energy of which is now being activated by the Dragon work. You have said that some of the Guardianship were present at the seedings. Does that mean they were “Shining Ones,” and if so, who are the Shining Ones who were present at the Retreat ritual?

When I refer to the Shining Ones, I am referring to the label that has been put on a group of beings who visited the planet and are still referred to in ancient texts, including the Bible. So saying “Shining Ones” is meant to be a little memory trigger for you. Of course, it is Ellic energy that is embodied by a Shining One. The Shining Ones took form for a purpose (I’m trying to decide how much trouble I want to get myself into here)—here it comes—in some ways as Guardians have, although Guardians have taken on form for the purpose of completing Sacred Status. The ability to take on and consistently hold—and that’s the key—Shining energy, or Ellic energy—it doesn’t matter which word is used there—creates a short-term home for Shining energy to do something that needs to be done. When there is a group that contains a much higher than normal number of individuals who are capable of manifesting that energy—whether for long or short periods of time—it is more likely that Shining energy will be drawn to that group, because the energy produced can be used for a greater purpose.

At Fusion, Ellic force became able to better express itself on the planet. I have used Shining force at the rituals on New Year’s Eve and at the Retreat, and I will be using it in the Yucatán because there are enough Guardians now who are capable of handling that energy for a longer amount of time. This means that the Ellic force capable of entering form—Shining energy—can touch in and take part. Now, keep in mind that everything that I have just said is a very poor version of what’s really going on in the energy. It’s actually a very beautiful thing, a very powerful thing, but what makes it so beautiful and so powerful is not that Ellic force or Shining energy can pop in; it’s that Guardians have evolved, more or less, so that instead of individuals becoming capable of holding that energy one hundred percent of the time, Guardians have become able in certain circumstances—and I wish it was a whole lot more circumstances—to unite their energies enough so that there is, throughout the many, one and one and one capable of holding Shining energy.

Is it Ellic energy? Well, sure, in the big picture of course it is. Is it Shining energy? With the exception of it being a channeled force as opposed to a physical statement, yes.

What do you mean by “channeled force” versus “physical statement?”

Instead of becoming a body—a physical force—it uses a body—a channeled force. But the time will come, at the completion of Sacred Status, when the ability to create a short-term body will be much, much more common than it is now.

How would you define “short-term?” Are you saying an hour, a week, a year?

Any of those. I mean anything short of being born, living through a lifetime, and dying.

Would that also include creating a short-term body for a week, and then a year or two later creating what appears to be that same body for a period of time, if there was a need? I’m thinking about Shining Ones that in legend have specific personalities.

You want to remember that there’s a much different perspective—it’s a much bigger picture—when you’re not in form. Taking on form is a very difficult choice because of the stresses, the aches, the questions, the veil and not remembering, all of those things and more. It’s a very hard choice, and except at times of transition it’s not the most economic way to make use of energy to bring about change. You probably can imagine why that would be the case—your avatars get killed! But to make long-term use of a body so that one could come and go, sometimes that is a very effective way of using energy. So, yes, that’s possible, but fairly rare and not that likely.

Well, being human, I get into that “grease spot” thing where I start imagining that I’ll be sitting there one day, and all of sudden someone will appear in the chair next to me, and I’ll say, “Ah, that must be a Shining One.” Isn’t someone going to notice when Shining Ones appear in and out of form?

Actually, it isn’t likely that people will notice—they don’t now. It will depend upon what the purpose is and how aware the world is of the process.

You [Paula] are much, much more sensitive to energy than most. You are much more ready to recognize, or if not recognize at least accept, that “Well, I just had an angel pop in for a while,” or, “It must be the fairies working with us,” or “I called on the house fairies to help me find my keys,” and that kind of thing. However, most of the world, and even most Guardians, don’t have anywhere near that kind of awareness. The good news is that you’re putting that into the Grid, and making it easier for that kind of understanding to take place.

In the past when you’ve said “take on form,” I’ve always pictured a physical body, but now as you’re saying it, I’m becoming aware that you just mean something that works in this dimension, not necessarily a flesh-and-bone body.

Correct, but keep in mind that if you’re going to be working with the ants, you ought to look like an ant.

You said, “because of the evolution of the Guardianship.” Is that an evolution that was expected?

No, but it was a possibility. It’s one of those secondary and very nice—not unexpected, just undetermined—options.

Now, I should tell you: as good as it is—because it works—there’s also some problems with it, and that is that there are those in this Guardianship who justify their lack of impeccability and the constant, conscious process of functioning at their very highest energy because they know that, when push comes to shove, their energy will become united, and what they don’t have at that moment will be covered by others. I think of it as somebody who has attention deficit disorder of spirit and doesn’t keep their focus going. You would be surprised—I hope—if you looked around during rituals and saw how many people are looking back at you. That’s why I say some have a spiritual attention deficit disorder and will get distracted by something, which is different than just getting bored with it, but I suppose that sounds as if I’m giving you a pat on the back or a justification for “being distracted, checking it out” as opposed to just being bored.

Were some of the Guardianship present at the seedings?

I think it would be better to say “There are those amongst the Guardianship who have access to a function of Shining energy that was a part of seeding.” Do you see the difference?

What I understand it to mean is that because the Guardianship’s in form, there’s only a certain level that we can access, whereas those who came in for the seedings were actually higher vibrational beings.

True. Let me try to explain that a little better. You [Paula] have the ability to create a bridge for Shining energy because as a Guardian, that possibility was put into your blueprint for this time of transition, because you have functioned as a Shining One on this planet for the second and/or third seedings. You will never have the slightest awareness of that ever if you’re not toning regularly, which gives your energy quite a boost and strengthens it to the point that it can hold a higher energy, and if you had never heard of Shining energy or had the ability to take part in a working that used Shining energy, which creates a doorway of opportunity, more or less. Because of those things, the doorway you came in with, the doorway of possibility, was pushed and it opened to the possibility for more. And, of course, if you had never awakened or activated, none of the preceding would have been true either. But you are rare that way. There are not many Guardians—there aren’t many Guardians, period—but there are not many Guardians who have that kind of energy possibility, fewer still who have an awareness of the possibility of Shining energy, and then much fewer still who believe me when I say “that the most important thing you can be doing between now and Sacred Status is toning, because toning allows you [Paula] to re-create a body—mind you that in this current incarnation that’s one that can’t eat wheat, and can’t eat gluten, and can’t eat dairy—that can manage that sort of energy. Does that make sense? Do you think that will make everybody want to do more toning?

One would hope.

Ah, and then the world will get in the way yet again.

When I think about the Shining Ones, I imagine them as these great shining beings.

When they take form they are.

Right. But when they’re at a ritual . . .

You’re not going to see them.

But if you could, would they just be a composite of Shining energy, or would they be individualized?

Remember the form part of it all. That brain of yours is a huge limitation, because it’s the filter that limits what you can “get.” There is a lot of energy in this room right now that you can’t see, because even if the brain could process it all, the equipment—the eyes, the ears, the sensory organs—aren’t capable of picking that energy out. That doesn’t mean it’s not there, does it? Electricity makes lights appear to be magic—poof—but you know it’s not so. There’s a whole lot going on beyond what you see that makes a light work. Well, that’s also the case with the ritualized use of elemental and Shining energy. As long as you are living in form, it’s unlikely that you will ever see Shining energy. What you might see is the energy signature, and you might be able to feel the energy, but the energy signature will be translated differently by each one of you, because again, each individual’s filters are unique.

This may not be the best example, because the Form’s system is quite a bit different from the Guardianship’s, but [to Frank] since the New Year’s ritual, and since the Retreat, have you noticed anything out of the ordinary about her?

She seems to have more energy. She’s been less limited by her lupus than she was before.

Yes, tremendously different, because her physical body has been in the presence of Shining energy.

Now, let me ask if the two of you [Paula and David] have had different energy, remembering that with extremes, both are the same.

We’ve both been pretty tired.

One part of the extreme is resisting the energy instead of flexing and adapting to it. Fighting and flexing are ultimately the same. If you’re finding that since the Retreat—or even for weeks after New Year’s Eve—that your energy was physically affected—now I’m not saying emotionally, I’m saying physically—that’s very likely because you either have a resistance to it, or you’ve run so much energy through the body you need much more rest than usual. And, by the way, you don’t want to give in to that. Give it a month or so to adjust, but if it’s not adjusted by then, just push beyond it in either of those cases.

The other end of the spectrum is that your body has adjusted enough that you find yourself much more energized, with the result that your mind is much more active even if your physical body isn’t. Whereas, at one extreme your mental/emotional/spiritual would not be affected, at this end of the spectrum it’s the mental/emotional/spiritual that is giving your physical body energy. So, for example, you might find yourself doing crosswords all of the time. You might find yourself thinking more quickly or understanding more. Both of those scenarios are how Shining energy affects highly functioning Guardians. In the world as a whole—as you probably suspected—Shining energy creates my friend, chaos.

Would that kind of mental/emotional/spiritual energy also create frustration at slower-moving thought processes? For example, getting frustrated at having to read six or eight pages of something to find the one nugget of information I was needing. I mean frustrated because I’m mentally able to move faster than the thing I’m involved with will allow.

Frustration is an indulgence. It’s an indulgence because you get frustrated rather than angry, and anger is a lot more honest.

Frustration is the polite version of anger. “I’m not angry, I’m just frustrated.”

Yes, I like that. It’s polite anger. And what you really are is angry.

What you might be referring to in your question is that chemical process of your brain that causes you to be one step ahead in your mind, which makes it feel as if your body is one step behind, and therefore you’re always stressed, always pushing to catch up. On top of that, you have a highly functioning Guardian’s push to do more, and you’ve got your human self pushing as well. So between all of those there is a lot of reason to be frustrated.

I think I am going to add an activity to the next Guardianship Program in which you have to take on a project that isn’t going to pay off right away. I want you to invest yourself in something that isn’t going to give you immediate results, something that you must plan out, maybe without ever seeing any results, because you need to control your brain so that it doesn’t require obvious results to act on. The reason is that your brain says, “I know and I am aware of everything that is possible. I know the reasons, and I know the possibilities, and I know the outcomes,” and, of course, you don’t at all. If you can allow your brain to create a little space that says, Maybe things could be a little different than I thought, then you’re going to be able to have more opportunity to have experiences that allow you to start seeing the ways gods do—to see the much bigger picture rather than the smaller one.

After the ritual working at the Retreat, you talked about the Shining energy that was used as being an “overlay,” not an “inlay.” What is the difference?

When I function through the Form, as I am doing right now, that is an inlay. My work with the leadership [through Lea but when she is conscious] is an overlay. I know that there are a lot of people who don’t work with the leadership, so that’s not a great example for them, but those that do will understand that right away.

For Shining energy to use a physical body by affecting its functions in such a way that the Shining force is doing the thinking, doing the talking, doing the moving, that’s inlay. And that’s rarer than rare.

But to overlay, which is the kind of thing that happens in a private session when you’re trying to remember something so I take your hand and suddenly you remember; or generally when you are looking within for an answer about what to do—”What is the highest good for this situation?”—it’s as though the mist clears, and you know that you’re getting help, that’s an overlay.

You talked at one time about “stepping aside,” and it’s what I feel like sometimes when I’m writing something. I don’t know where it comes from, but it’s not me.

Precisely so. Yes.

But it’s pretty good, so I go with it. But I don’t feel any different when I’m doing it, it’s just . . .

Yes you do.

. . . well, yes, I do, but I know something else is going on besides me.

Sure. Does that mean that, when you are writing, Shining energy is overshadowing or overlaying you? Not necessarily, but I can assure you that it is an energy that is you, in one way or another, and one of those ways could well be your ability to access your function as Shining energy at sometime during the out-breath that right now is you.

I’ll tell you what picture I’m getting to explain this right now. There is a film called “Ghost”?

With Patrick Swayze.

And in this film there is a time in which there is a séance going on, and a ghost slips into the body of the medium, and then the medium is finished and it slips back out. That’s an overlay.

The meeting with Sunny at the Retreat raised some interesting questions about elemental energy.

I bet it did.

What is the nature of the relationship between the Guardianship and the elemental world?

At the Retreat, I wanted you to be able to access a higher function of yourself—a much higher function of yourself—and to be able to make that connection, because it’s a very easy one. Sunny isn’t actually an elemental, because elementals are involved with the various functions of energy in form, and have a specific job to guide and guard creation, such as fairies and the energies that work with water. However, a joy guide is a doorway, and elemental energy is not, at least for you, anyway. A joy guide is a doorway to a usually unused part of your personality’s energy.

If you were to ask at a gathering of the Phoenix family—those that you’ve come to know and love and work with and care about—ninety-five percent would say they would love to laugh more, feel free insofar as taking things lightly, not being so ground into the routine, being more able to be playful and joyful. And the thing is, that’s a really vital part of your spiritual function. It’s so easy to use you when you are en-lightened. So for most in this world as a whole, and even amongst Guardianship, there is a ready-and-waiting spiritual doorway (that your light heart would open) that gets ignored and unused. And this is an important year, a year that’s going to require a lot of decisions, a lot of opportunity, in different ways, and having a greater . . . having all of you consciously working to be happier, to laugh more, to take things less seriously, would go a long way to help you in the good things, the hard things, anything that this world is going to be shooting your way this year.

My perspective is that people do laugh a lot at Phoenix.

I work really hard to make that happen. But if you were in a love/healing circle at toning, and said, “I just want to be able to laugh more, to feel lighter,” you would have a room full of people saying “ditto.”

The next question: Are there elementals that work with humans? I have heard, for instance, that there’s an elemental for the physical body that helps the human take care of the body.

It’s not doing a very good job.

I know, I think I need to fire mine.

Higher frequencies activate lower frequencies. Your ability to connect into and make use of that which is outside of the brain, your ability to recognize and make use of that energy—even if it’s an act of faith doing it—draws that kind of energy to you. The higher a frequency you are able to work at, the more you’re going to be able to work with elemental energy. Think for a moment of weather fairies. Weather fairies are a made-up thing, but one that works with you, in a large part thanks to Katie Joyce’s work to create weather fairy workings. It’s the group’s consciousness that creates weather fairies, as opposed to their being elemental workers specifically called weather fairies. (Good work, Katie!)

The higher a frequency you can work at the more aware you become of those energies outside of you that have a purpose, a function, and you become capable of working with them. Not for them, with them. Not in charge of them, with them. The more you do to work at your highest frequency and work with—by faith or knowledge—the other kingdoms, the more you are going to be able to work with elemental energy and make use of it to push your own energy higher—a closed loop kind of thing. You do it, you get more, you do it again. As you do that, and function at even higher frequencies, you begin connecting into those energies that are elemental energy, but which religious people call angels, guardian angels, or which I call joy guides. Again, that same sort of circuit happens. You’re functioning at a higher level, you’re dealing with higher energy frequencies, and you begin connecting in to your “large-P” personality. You begin connecting into it while you are still functioning in form, until eventually you begin connecting into your Ellic self. So working with the elementals is a doorway. It’s a good doorway.