We are going to start with some questions that were submitted to the newsletter. “Why is there a blueprint and a Plan for the planet?”

Why not? Everything in this world, the dimension of form, begins with Intent; Intent is the Plan, it is the blueprint. The blueprint is the means of working out the Plan in the very same way that Thought, Word and Deed are the way of working out Intent in your particular lives. So in this realm there is never action that does not have a point of origin, and that ultimate point of origin of action in this dimension is the Plan.

Now, with this question, you’re looking at a much different scale than an individual human’s life function within the Plan, because you’re looking at not only all of the life force on the planet, but the life force of the planet itself. That energy, reaching its highest possible frequency, balanced with the life force on the planet reaching its highest possible frequency, creates a new function—or a new function line—called Sacred Status—the Plan at completion.

“The Plan” sounds like it must refer to a sub-plan of a greater plan for three-dimensional reality.

That is true. That has always been true.

Which in itself is a sub-plan of an even larger plan for multidimensional reality.

And what is the easiest way to say that?

I am. Source is.

Ah, well, I like that. But I was thinking more along the lines of “The microcosm is a reflection of the macrocosm,” which is the reflection of a greater, and a greater, and a greater. It’s the whole nature of creation.

There is a follow-up question, “Isn’t it a bit difficult to limit the ‘is’ of Source by proclaiming a particular Plan?”

Well, no. You’ve got to look at what’s really going on there. In the—as it’s referred to—”is” of Source, the very nature of “is” means there is a Plan, because anything that has function is a part of this dimension.

Because it requires action?

Because it requires—any thing.

Because of the dichotomy.

Right. This is a table or it’s not. If it’s a table, then it’s going to have certain attributes. Well, Source “is” is a focus of separation. Not a separation that is unwanted or unneeded, not good or bad, but a creative part of a greater whole. That creative part, that creation focus, ultimately is a function of form as a whole. Form as a whole has Intent, Thought, Word and Deed, and having the Deed—the Plan—means you have Word and Thought and Intent, back to Source. It’s the nature of it. To have it, means you are in this world. You have any thing, any thing, because it is thing.

The ability to think about Source is an attribute of form.


If we were out of form, we would simply be.


You have told us over and over that completion doesn’t mean the end.


I think we incorrectly conceive of completion of the Plan as the end of it, rather than there being a process of functioning at one with Source, and of humanity and life force on the planet functioning with a conscious awareness of their interconnectivity with Source. The completion of the Plan is the realization of that Intent, or that process, rather than the end of life as it is.

Very true. It’s a huge leap for somebody to “get” that Source “is,” everything else does, but that “does” is a function of “is,” and that the very thought of “is” turns it into a “does.” It’s a very large leap, but it’s all about this function, it’s all about you being the center of the Universe. It’s all about the whole process of Source beyond initial function.

Now, everything holds a shadow of that pure Source function. Everything that is also is a part of that greater function. And it’s your ability to see that that raises you up beyond the simple high-frequency life force of the planet and on the planet. And that, that’s what’s new. Well, not new by this time, but new. That’s what creation was about, but the only way anything that has been created could become functional, was by seeding life force into it, and that is where you come in.

By reawakening that energy.

Yes. Well, by putting it here in the first place.

Three-dimensional reality seems like a very small part of reality.

And you’re saying three-dimensional, but you know that it’s fairly well recognized now that this is actually four.

Right. Material reality may be a better way to say it. The reality of atoms, and electrons, and quarks and all those things which are material manifestations of Source energy.

Yes, perfect.

That seems like only a small part of the total manifestations of Source energy.

Yes. You’re right. That’s why I tend to use the phrase “dimensional reality,” because it covers more.

So when you say “things” are you referring to these physical things?

Not necessarily. Of course it would seem like that because that’s what you’re surrounded with, that is as far as you can see in your current reality. When you say “anything” to me, anything, you are giving to me your word anything. And that word is made up of the Intent and the Thought and the Word and the Deed. When you said “anything”—and I’m just using the word anything as an example—you had the intent to communicate. The intent formulated a thought of what you wanted to communicate. It created the word, anything. It said it, using the body and putting it out there, making it active into the world. Anything you say does that, so when you give me that “anything,” you are giving me all of those things. But that’s not all you’re giving me, because you are also—again, we are speaking metaphorically, but it is accurate—you are also giving me, at a very human level, the smell that you have about you, the colors that you have on, the many different versions of sensory communication that are a part of “anything.” In addition to all of that, you are also giving the function-process of speaking at all (to use your larynx, you use muscles and lungs to put air out and sent it through your mouth to ultimately create sound), which creates a tension and a release. A tension and a release, of course, is exactly how form is created and maintained and moved in this world. Through saying something, anything, your physical body becomes a significant reminder of that whole process, so you’re giving me that as well. And because of that process, you are giving me sound that stimulates and activates a motor-sensory neural pathway, which in turn brings up other sorts of memory. You are giving me so many things.

What about the thought itself as a non-physical form?

Do you want to know how that one works? All right, you’re doing it right now. You are waiting and thinking, and the waiting you is watching the thinking you. That’s how that works. You have your own internal watcher. Your watcher sort of pays attention to everything. It’s a remarkable process, if you think about it. And all you have to do is think about thinking about it, and you’re doing it.

Does the watcher have a watcher?

Well, of course it does, doesn’t it?

Is that what sets us apart from animals? Do they have watchers, self-awareness?

[Laughing] I’m not so certain you’re that far apart from them. Maybe it depends on which one.

Yes, some creatures are self-aware. Some are not. Some creatures, including human ones, mistake security or the drive for survival as self-awareness. They are willing to have the survival mechanism be the only foundation of creative energy for their lives. They think they must be alive because they are always going through security issues. That’s a hard one. It’s a habit, not a reality. As always, it’s what I tried to express over and over at the Retreat, that you choose that because it’s safer; you know it and you don’t want to risk what you have, to pick something you don’t have.

The next question is, “If Guardianship energy is charged with guarding and guiding life force, wouldn’t Absorption end that life force on the planet, since it would be absorbed back into Source?”

Life force is not something like water on a table being absorbed into a sponge, being taken away. The water may be off the table, but it is in the sponge. And in that sponge, it’s still water, it’s just functioning in a different way because it’s been merged with something radically different. If you squeeze that sponge, you’d have water on the table again, wouldn’t you? But that water would be affected in some way by its journey through the sponge, wouldn’t it? And the sponge would be forever changed by its connection with that water. Just as with life on earth.

Where you trip up is in forgetting that energy doesn’t end. It changes, that’s all. And when the energy is ultimately pure Source, the only thing it’s going to change to is Source. There is no choice, there is no “it’s going to move back towards Source or nothing.” It doesn’t work that way.

It’s all Source, and when that function of Source becomes, if you will, self-aware, when the function of Source realizes that it’s water in a sponge, as opposed to on the table, that awareness allows for a great leap, but it’s still moving closer to Source. There is no backward movement.

That the Plan for this planet and all life force on it is the completion of Sacred Status and Absorption into a greater function of Source creates a higher frequency and therefore greater dimensional effect of the planet—which would show up as the absorption of the physical such as took place on Venus—does not mean that there is no more form there. You look up in the sky, you can see Venus. It’s there, but its life force is functioning at a dimensional frequency that is beyond what you are aware of. So to you there is no life. To the form that has been absorbed in what was once Venus, you don’t have life, because you’re way too slow.

To make it as basic and simple as possible, you have five radio stations on different frequencies, and depending upon how you tune in, you can receive one out of those five. Tune a little differently, you receive another. Without precise tuning, you would not think there was any wave out there at all.

I think the awareness of that flexibility is the difference between thinking that death is an end, rather than a transformation. Transformation is a lot less frightening and a lot less final.

But for those people who are thoroughly invested in this life experience, if everything they are is what they do here, if their version of themselves is what is seen through the eyes of other people so that they spend their lives trying to fit in and be accepted and noticed by others, for those people who relate good in their lives to successes on the road, who have totally bought into this reality, they cannot see death as anything good. They are going to set up a defense mechanism against it to ensure greater life.

On the other hand, to those who recognize that this is a part of a greater whole, that greater whole beckons just as strongly as this life. And that recognition creates an access because it’s tuned specifically to that greater frequency within that radio wave. It creates a life that is much more capable of tuning into many different stations, because it’s not limited by saying, “This is all there is, there is no more.”

So that leads to the next question: “If everything ultimately returns to Source anyway, why worry about anything? Granted, we’ve been told that it allows creation to return to Source as something different than when it left, but ultimately it’s still the same underneath the form, right?”

And what’s the answer to that?

The answer to the first question, as I recall you saying long ago, is that there’s no reason to worry about anything. It’s just different routes to the same place. And the way I would respond to that question is, “For the fun of it, or the joy of the process.”

And if there is fun in it and joy in it, that’s perfect, but what about those people who need to worry and not be aware that they are in the moment because they’ve got to have every piece of it closed, have everything known and snapped into place. What about them?

Well, when I say the joy or the fun, I mean on a big scale. I mean the joy, if you will, of fighting the wars, and overcoming the pestilence, and working it all through. And going through the pain.

But that requires a view outside of form. And for those who are stuck in it, they do worry, because that’s all they have, that’s all there is. But the fact of it is, worry is the product of an unfocused mind. Worry is the product of an uncommitted relationship. And if both of those results are looked at as with Source, it might explain some of that. The more trust you have in yourself and Source, the less worry you have. Worry is pretty well directed toward control.

When you can worry about something, you have some kind of handle on it.


There are people who are capable of that big perspective that I just described, yet spend their lives in worry, too. How do you get into that big perspective all the time?

There are a lot of people within this audience who know that they are Guardians, they know that they are capable of miracles now and again, they know not to be attached here, they know all of those things, and yet there’s still a lot of worry.

As you mentioned earlier, it can be a habit.


You said at the Retreat, that habits can be overcome by laying down new neural pathways for the energy in your mind to follow. And one way you said that could be done is by having five gratitudes every night to focus you on something that is not worrisome.

And remember, you don’t lay down new pathways without releasing the old ones. Changing a behavior requires not only recognizing a need to release the behavior and then releasing it, it also requires putting something in its place. So to create a neural pathway, you’ve got to create it by laying a new road of positive function to make up for that trench that you dug, to fill up that trench that was negative function—the things you worry about.

To say it more simply, to stop worrying about something in your life, the first thing that you want to ask is, “What do I need to do to bring balance to this area of my life?” You bring in the balance by looking at your life as if it is a pie chart, and you see how much of your time is being directed toward this section or that section—how much happiness or positive function you derive out of each of these sections—because that is how your brain determines what works or what doesn’t work. If there’s not a lot of pleasure in section one—remembering that in this society, no pain means no gain—it means section one must be very important. So you have focused in an unbalanced way on that negative function. So look to see what you need to do to bring about balance there. And what that’s going to cause you to do is to say, “Well, I need to bring this in instead.”

However you cannot simply say, “I’m going to stop doing this and start doing that,” or “I’m going to only begin doing this and not release that altogether.” You’ve got to make it a three-fold process. You’re going to see what either needs to be replaced or needs to be added. When you look at it as what needs to be replaced, you’re looking at those things that are throwing off the balance, creating more of a negative effect than a positive one. Once you have that information, you’re looking to see what does work, what you’re going to replace it with. Instead of looking out at your garden and seeing the huge amount of damage the storms did to the trees that had been so beautiful, and just feeling frustrated and sad, you’re going to plant a new tree. Well, you do that memory-wise too. Instead of always looking at it as “This is the destruction; this is the death; this is what is no good,” you’re looking at it as “This is my chance to plant a tree. I’m going to replace it and provide a means for new growth.”

So you look to see what you’re going to replace it with. Then you put those two in action. Where something is no longer needed, you’re consciously saying, “That’s not what I’m going to focus on.” And what is needed is where you start to put into effect that truly sympathetic-magic function of the gratitudes. In any area of your life where you are wanting to bring a more positive view in, you must pay attention to your gratitudes—you must—just as when you are sick you send healing energy to someone else because it opens you to receive healing energy, those gratitudes open you up to be able to receive and put out the positive energy of manifestation, to make that change happen, to make it work and make it real.

It’s a lot of words, but it’s a very natural process if you actually put it into effect. And for a while, that may mean that you’ve got all of those thousands of little notes that stick on your wall reminding you, “I’m grateful for this,” and “I’m grateful for this,” and “I’m grateful for that,” so that you an spread the manifesting energy all over your life regularly.

Sometimes, no matter how much I don’t like a thing and don’t want it and recognize that it’s not good, I hold on to it.

It’s your friend, and you’ve managed in spite of it. It ain’t broke so don’t fix it. But that’s only because you don’t see it as broken.

And I don’t see beyond it. I don’t see what’s down the road that’s of great benefit.

All of that’s a part of this survival mechanism that the form is putting forth in order for you to be able to keep that which is familiar. Guardians do not like to think that they have things in their lives that are holding them back but which they’re comfortable with and don’t really want to give up. It’s not a judgement against you that you think that. You make it a mark against you, but why should it be? Are you still friends with the people you hung out with when you were fourteen?


Why not? Things change. You move. You don’t feel a bit badly about that.

That suggests abundance as a container containing those things we want, and our gratitude is like a drill that we’re operating from this side, the side of lack. We’re grateful for the little bits that come out, and suddenly we open up a leak in the container.

I love that image. Of course then you’ve got the people—and here is where you want to say Stop it!—you’ve got the people who’ve gone to all that work to drill that hole, and while they’re drilling, parts of that treasure are falling on them, and they’re saying, “Is this all? It’s not worth it,” because all they can see is through that little tiny hole they’ve built and they’re not able to project beyond it to realize “Hold up here. This is filled with treasure. I’m accessing a huge amount, not just that little bit I’m seeing here.”

We also have some questions about Dragon energy. At this year’s retreat, you stated that Dragon energy is a function of elemental energy. The implications of this are profound, since elemental energy is active with every function of life force on the planet.

It’s very important that you realize that Dragon energy is not that which was seeded. What was seeded was a frequency, Source, which became what you call Dragon energy once the seeding was finished. So elemental energy, insofar as its physical-world function here, is not what was seeded.

A sunflower seed in the ground is a whole lot different from the plant that comes up out of that seed. The plant that comes up out of that seed is the elemental force of Dragon energy within the world. It’s the means through which you, as a physical being that sees with eyes and hears with ears and smells, recognize the result of that seed. It’s the link into the variable dimensionality that the elemental kingdom works with that that plant is—remembering that that plant still is attached to that seed. That seed may have nothing there to show any more, because that plant has grown out of it, but that plant is attached to that seed. So the elemental outward version of Dragon force is attached to the seeding by Ellic force. What you see and deal with is the elemental version of it, but it’s activated by the Ellic force.

The thing that’s profound to me about that whole concept is that elemental energy is involved in so much that goes on with this planet such as water, air, plants, even our own human bodies.

Yes, indeed.

If that seed then goes out into that elemental energy, what a profound effect that is going to have on everything. Will you talk about that? That’s having a huge impact.

Now, let’s trim it down to let you see that it’s a very natural process. It’s exactly like you as a Guardian in this world. Everything you touch gets a piece of you. You sit in this room and you think, and the room is forever changed by that. That’s how it works here. So of course every effect that is recognized as the activation of Dragon force is because of an awarized connection into Source.

Now that’s also just like you individually. You are Paula and you are David, but you are also something much greater than Paula and David, and that’s why anybody you are around is going to be affected by that higher level of you.

So if the Big Plan is for all of life force to resonate with, and return to, its original frequency, then the key is that original frequency. And that original frequency is what is coming now to the earth through those Guardians who are a part of Ellic force which put that frequency into the planet originally. They are activating their highest frequency, which activates that highest frequency and which puts out a whole new tune into the world.

It is totally about cloning—you. Cloning you. And the more you recognize your function as Source, the more powerful life force will be, because your cloning effects, your cloned selves, are more. It’s just another way of saying that the life force of the planet and all life force upon it need to be at balance. The Ellic force is raised to its highest frequency, and all of life force is affected by it. And if you think about it, that’s all I’ve ever been saying.

When we go to the Yangtze and we activate the Dragon energy there, does that activated energy—that cloning if you like—then go out through the elemental energy of that area, affecting everything that elemental energy guards and guides?


So it’s the means by which that energy gets dissipated out?

Have you ever been really excited about something, like a child on Christmas Eve, and you just know that you’re going to wake and you’re going to have all manner of treasure? Sometimes, as a child, when you’re that focused on what’s going to happen and it’s going to be so good, it makes you cranky, doesn’t it? And this is a sort of a silly statement, elemental function is a whole lot like that child knowing that it’s just about to have a treasure. And what I’m linking to here is the reawakening of China’s Dragon force, which the elemental force precipitated as a tsunami.

Britain. Can you think of the last two years there?

Oh, my gosh, lots and lots of flooding.

And you can pretty well figure out where Dragon force is by what area is being rapidly changed, in one way or the other. It’s also true that you can pretty well see where that rapid change has been taking effect by the huge amounts of life force leaving it, but that’s not nearly as good an indicator, because it’s a symptom of that transformation.

In both of those cases, it involved water. Is it always going to involve water?

Insofar as everything in your world revolves around water. That’s because you either function because of it or you function without it. A desert is still all about water, but it’s about the lack of it. In the greater sense, it’s always going to show up as water, but it’s not necessarily going to be a flood or a drought or a tsunami.

Water is a factor in desertification, too. Does that mean that Dragon energy plays a part in that process too?

No, it does not. It more likely means that the whole elemental system is preparing, but it’s not focused very well.

Our next question is: “You spent some time at the Retreat talking about how to activate one’s personal Dragon energy. How do you hope people will use this information?”

By you recognizing your personal dragon force, a door is opened for you to be able to work with that greater Dragon force, so it’s very worth it for you to make that connection.

However, the only Dragon force that is going to activate Dragon force is at the place of seeding. You can be as activated as you possibly can be sitting here in this room, yet not have any effect at all on China’s activation. That’s why I figure that the more there are who are already acquainted with their Dragon force, the greater the chance they will be drawn to or capable of getting to the site of seeding, allowing for there to be more energy to work from to establish the combination needed to use that frequency.

And even though you don’t end up going to China, once you have a familiarity with your personal Dragon maybe the next trip you will be ready.


It’s not something that’s only for right now, but is a larger process that we’re going through.

The whole idea of activating your personal Dragon is a very useful connection for those Guardians who are a part of the avataric function line, because, essentially, it is the key to Ellic force. It’s very handy for that.

Once our personal Dragon is activated, what would you have us always remember about it?

“Fake it until you make it.” It is specifically a work of your imagination, because it’s your brain that has to accept it. That’s why I couched it at the Retreat as “put on your child head. Imagine that you are seeing this. Put that to mind.” Because it’s your brain that has to get it. All you’re really doing is accessing a frequency, but in order to access that frequency, the brain has to say, “This is okay.” So make it up. Give your brain a chance.