What is the significance of the return of Ellic energy insofar as the completion of Sacred Status is concerned, and how will that manifest with regard to us?

Remember that everything in this arena of form functions as a part of the pattern. Ultimately that pattern is a circle; you have a beginning and an end, and you know when you’ve reached the end because you’ve come back to the beginning. And although it will be in the form of a different manifestation, it is back to the beginning. Remem­ber that I have told you how, in many areas of your life, the pattern of a particular lesson will show up for you again, and that that’s actually a signal that you’re working on another facet of it, another level of it. For instance, I have said that financial issues show up at the beginning of awakening as well as when you’re about finished with the process of working through form. Individually, you complete a cycle of lessons and you see it pop up again—a new beginning—because another aspect of your personality is working on it. With regard to the greater cycle of human experience: You might have certain lessons that have to do with awakening and completion, and when it comes back around, you’ve got the completion. On the cosmic scale, of course, there are intermediate lessons, as well.

But ultimately you have the release of Source energy into All That Is which stimulates a creative process, which involves a dichotomy, a duality, and that duality expresses itself into the active function of Ellic energy and the inactive or “function for a different purpose.” And that process begins the function of form, which, when it is time for form to be complete, begins to work its way back up to that specific process.

How do you see that? Well, two things off-hand: One of them is, you see more Ellic energy in form. The second thing is, right now in your world you are experiencing the rediscovery of things that have been considered lost or gone, even to the point of prehistoric crea­tures that seemed to have disappeared that are showing up. You prob­ably have several species of fish, lizard-type creatures that are being recognized as here, whereas they were not before. You also have a certain amount of loss within the kingdoms of the earth; in your par­ticular case, there are a lot of humans leaving, making way for a whole new type of being coming into the world.

Simply speaking, with Ellic energy one of the things you’re going to be seeing is high frequency in all of the kingdoms, and that has a lot of different ways of showing up.

In the past, when you’ve spoken of growth, you’ve talked about a spiral. I don’t want to confuse people into thinking that you’re talking about something different. Are you talking about the same thing?

No, I’m talking about a circle. I want you to picture a circle. A spiral has the same issues, but a circle has a beginning and end; it’s a different view. The spiral is a 4:3:2 model of the blueprint for human­ity. I’m using a circle as a way of understanding that the beginning and the end are clear, but that the beginning reflects the end and the end reflects the beginning, which is to say that it circles around and comes back. And in your world, that’s a circle. I’m not changing the spiral information.

A moment ago, you said Source releases an aspect of itself, becoming that energy we call All That Is, which then moves through a creative process—creating a duality—expressing itself as active and inactive process. Can you put a name on that inactive pro­cess?

It’s actually Ellic energy, as well. Within duality you have the Ellic energy, and that Ellic energy is expressed in an active and a passive form. I have called that the Angels that Do—active—and the Angels that Be—passive. Within each one of those divisions, it is also divided into active and passive once again, and from there you start into func­tion lines. [See sidebar on page 2.1]

Under the passive connection, you have active and passive. What would the active and passive versions of passive be doing? It might be easier first to think about what the active and passive of active are doing. And it might be useful if you think that from this point begins function lines—intent, thought, word, deed (ITWD).

Well, you would have intent/thought as the passive and word/ deed as the active on both sides, so that function lines begin on both sides.

Will this analogy work? Let’s say it’s the plant kingdom, and the active is down here creating the plant kingdom, the passive is main­taining the energy of the concept of plant kingdom. So you’ve got some of the active ones going out making flowers; you’ve got part of the passive maintaining the energy of flowers. Then you’ve got some of the active ones making carnations, while some of the pas­sive ones are maintaining the image of car­nations. And so these are all passive, but each one’s a little more active, because you’ve got those maintaining plants, those maintaining flowers, those maintaining car­nations, and those maintaining the differ­ent colors of carnations.

You’re very right. That’s excellent. The active is actually the creation of the plants themselves, and then there is the passive that is maintaining the form of plant kingdoms. All of that under the active arm of Ellic en­ergy.

So, what is the inactive form? Is that where the future is formed? In other words, is the passive line all possibilities?

No, that’s not exactly right. You know how not doing something can be active? I choose not to act and that’s actively choosing? That’s the passive action. But passive as a whole, rather than as a piece of something further down the line, has to do with maintaining vibration, maintaining frequency. There is no such thing as the future—at that level. You don’t run into delineations of time, which is where the idea of future comes from, until you’re quite a bit further down the line.

Now, something for you to remember in all of this is that, in the largest picture, once you are out of the Intent of form, there is no such thing as Ellic energy. There is only Source. Once you have removed the Intent of Form, you do have All That Is anyway.

Remembering that l have said—and I had a very lovely time doing it, too, in both a workshop and a Sunday night, getting every­one to get it—that Source releases itself and becomes All That Is, and from that point form begins. Form is a function, ultimately, of All That Is, and Ellic energy is a creative function of All That Is. All That Is is a creative function of Source. So, once you have removed the Intent of form, you have no Ellic energy, but you still have All That Is.

If this is the only dimension in which you have actual form, then what is main­taining all the other dimensions that we talk about?

The first thing that you want to remem­ber when you talk about dimensions is that dimensional activity, like time, is also a func­tion of form. Now dimensional activity, inso­far as the realm of form is concerned, is much more involved than just physical matter. To say that there is form only in this dimension is taking in all of those dimensions that weave themselves through here in order to have the fully established Intent, Thought, Word and Deed active.

So, depending upon which version of the intellectual journey you are choosing to go with, there can be four dimensions, twelve dimensions, unlimited dimensions. And ac­tually none of that really matters, because ultimately there are levels of activity, and part of that activity is maintaining the frequency which makes it active and passive.

So when you say that something only happens in the dimension of form, you need to remember that you’re incorporating quite a bit into that statement.

Now having said that, I want to move back up to All That Is.

You asked what rules, what works in, what maintains all the dimensions outside of the dimension of form. And as you relate to di­mensions, there are no dimensions outside of form. However, there are manymore di­mensions within the arena of form than most people realize. There are no dimensions out­side of form because dimensions are a func­tion of form; anything that has to do with a duality is a function of form.

So if you have a planet that has reached Sacred Status, like Venus. . .

That’s within the dimensions of form.

So there is still a form, but presumably the energy itself has moved on.


But would that energy still be in the di­mension of form?

If it’s something about which you can say “It is,” then it’s in the dimension of form,

But there are other expressions of All That Is that are not form.


And those other expressions of All That Is do not have Els, because there is not the Intent of Form.

Yes, that’s correct.

So there is no requirement for Els to maintain whatever that expression is.

Let’s not say there are other expressions. Let us say the further extensions of AU That Is.

I can see that we will keep struggling, because in a lot of ways we can’t conceive of what else there could be, and so if you’re talking about the passive line, our minds don’t have a Lake of the Known to say that’s what it can be.

And I don’t have a language that conveys it, either. There are just too many limits.

Is there any practical application for this knowledge?

No, which is why I don’t go very far into it very often. However, it does tend to be connected to other things. In this particular case, the connection is with energies coming back around, so it causes the brain to say, “Let’s know more . . . ,” because on some level it is familiar.

Three words that come up in this work that sound very similar are merging, synthesis, and fusion. Could you please explain the difference?

In all three cases, what I’m giving you is an illustrated definition based on the way that I am using the word in these teachings. I would by no means say that they are necessarily accurate as a whole.

When you merge you are—here is the key—retaining your indi­viduality while accessing—and that’s the second key—the greater frequency and all it has to offer. You merge with the squirrel, and you do not become the squirrel, but you have access to a portion of squirrel consciousness. By the way, right now, in 5:3:2, what you experience in merging is much greater than what it was in 4:3:2.

Synthesis: Whereas in merging you kept the individuality, in syn­thesis you have a transformation going on. With synthesis, you have specialization, you have form with specific purpose, but it takes on the qualities, the functions, of what it is synthesized with. An example would be masculine and feminine synthesis. First, the key there is masculine and feminine. You have the feminine, which is able to function in masculine energy; you have masculine that is able to function in feminine. And in 4:3:2, the way that that has shown itself is the way that I explained to you that something manifests. It begins with the feminine creative point of intent, but until it is acted out and in the world, that creative thought is not actually functional. So the mani­festation process is an expression of both the masculine and the femi­nine; it is a synthesis, a working together for a specific function.

Fusion, on the other hand, is going to release the constructs alto­gether, so there is no longer a separate, distinct, masculine and femi­nine. Instead, you are going to have what is the purest, highest, merger or synthesis: full transformation.

One of the things that I have reminded you about is that manifes­tations occur almost immediately in 5:3:2—but the reality of it is, as I explained at the recent retreat, is that while it is immediate, you must recognize it before you can necessarily accept that it was immediate. The reason you must recognize it is that in 5:3:2 you—everybody on this planet, everything, every leaf, every dust mote—are Source, ulti­mately. So your recognition of it becomes a part of that process of creation. That’s what we’re after: the fusion of masculine and femi­nine synthesis, a very big change in manifestation.

That’s why you’re saying that thought is so important, because whatever you’re thinking, you’re actually manifesting at that mo­ment.

Is there a correlation between the fusion of masculine and feminine energy being done this summer in Bolivia and the informa­tion you’ve given us in the past regarding the creation process from Source to form, in which masculine/feminine synthesis, the Tenth Ray, and the Lords of the Rays were aspects?

With all the information I’ve given you thus far this morning, what would you say?



Well, you’ve said that the expression of energy into form fol­lows the process of the Gate to the Energy Furnace on to form— I’m describing a circle—and so now we’re back at the place where you’ve said before that humanity’s working back to Source, and so we would be reversing that process, going from Matter Into Exist­ence From the Void [9th Ray] to Masculine and Feminine Synthesis [10th Ray] on up, so it would be the circle coming back again. I see it as a reversal of the circle you’ve given in the past, as energy expresses into form. This would be form expressing back into en­ergy.

If that is so, and masculine and feminine energy is moving beyond synthesis into fusion, what would come after that?

The Energy Furnace would be after the fusion.

Okay, I will tell you that the answer is no, they are not related, and the reason for all of these now is that that’s a 4:3:2 structure, and 5:3:2 structure is different. However, it does follow the pattern, but in more or less a reversed system. The pattern is different. In the same way that—to go back to the illustration that I used at the first, regard­ing your financial issues at the beginning and financial issues at the end, are they the same financial issues there? No, not at all. And, in fact, there would be those who would say they weren’t even close. And yet they are. Because even though the label says “financial,” the issues of trust and abundance, those are the same. The recognition, as an active function, of the 4:3:2 system, or pattern, in 5:3:2 is a good thing. If you understand that you are now coming back around, so you’re moving up the process instead of coming down, and that in 5:3:2 there will be changes that cause the pattern to deviate so far that you would probably not even say it is the same thing.

You mentioned that you hope the group trip will be in Mexico in 2003. What will the group be doing next if the fusion of mascu­line and feminine energy is accomplished this year, and what if it does not happen? Will we try again?

It’s a very interesting time on your planet right now. So much is needed so quickly. The direction, however, is still up for grabs. There are those who would say that you are in danger of failing, and that the new creation is simply going to be a very infantile version of 5:3:2, and that’s all that will be accomplished. That the planet will have to go through many, many, manymore years of working toward Sacred Status—which is unacceptable, simply unacceptable. That would lead to the scenario that has been prophesied in some of the more nega­tive versions of the future.

On the other hand, all of the changes that have been going on for the last twelve years—particularly over the last five years, and most definitely over the last two years—have all been very positive leaps in consciousness, in spite of the very, very strong resistance from 4:3:2 constructs. If that continues, then the fusion of masculine and femi­nine energy will bring about a situation in which doorways will be created.

If masculine and feminine energy’s fusion establishes itself as it is meant to, one of the things that’s going to happen is that Ellic energy is going to be able to manifest in form freely, without the birth pro­cess. Now, to a certain extent, you have that already, but it’s only on a very limited basis. I use the illustration that somebody comes into your life to help you Out right at the last moment and then they’re gone, never to be seen again. Did they really exist? You often joke about that, but it’s true. It is manifestation for a specific purpose, for a specific time, to help continue the process of the Plan working out for its highest and best. But that’s a limited basis. You can have it without it being a limited basis.

Another thing that would be established through the fusion of masculine and feminine energy is massive, massive change within the Guardianships (who are both the prototypes and those who are put­ting the energy into 5:3:2 at this time). And what that change would be is an expression of a very, very large change in your function and a seeding of that changed form into mass consciousness. You under­stand that a function of Guardianship is to open a door for mass con­sciousness. Another way to see that is that the Guardianship seeds mass consciousness. As I have said to you, in regard to the working of the grid, 5:3:2 reseeds this planet, and it’s done by Guardianship.

So, if the fusion of masculine and feminine energy does not hap­pen, then it will be necessary to try again. I suppose you could go back to Lake Titicaca, and I suppose that it could be possible instead to work out some alternate steps that would allow Lake Titicaca to be useful, but most of the time, when you are doing work at this level, you’re going to use up what the earth can offer at a particular portal. And the mirror portal, the shadow portal, is on the other side of the world. It’s a part of the Himalayan chain. It’s really not a place for a group trip. It’s not realistic, certainly among those who do my work.

So if it doesn’t work, then we go back to the drawing board, don’t we?

That raises the old question of what must we be doing right now to absolutely guarantee that it works?

The Group of 12 work is designed to activate within yourself the recognition of your Source-self. So, participating in the Group of 12 work, certainly. Toning within the Group of 12 work and toning as a practice on its own has to do with extending the frequency at your highest level. So that’s exceedingly important. Another, continually more and more important, thing is that you must remember that ev­ery one of your thoughts—needless to say words, needless to say deeds—affects the grid, and you want to be putting positive function into the grid. That really does mean get over your stuff. Get over your stuff. Come to the point in your life in which you are living love with­out a thought. How realistic is that? Very. More and more, very.