Could you help us understand more about the nature and work of the transition team to which we belong? For example, in the last workshop you spoke about the team’s genetic memories being associated with different seedings of the planet.

Remember that you’re talking on an entity level here, because memory is based in form, but the genetic memory is imprinted with a small amount of everything that an entity has ever experienced through its work in this dimension, both in form and out of form.

The entity can put forth a projection for several reasons: as a means to fulfill a particular need in order to gain wisdom, or in order to do a specific work on the planet. In putting forth this projection it has several choices, one of which is to draw from a particular line that might have mastery in all the personality projections, and therefore might also have a very high-frequency incarnation available to it. So the first thing you’ve got to look at to answer that question is how far back, or how far away from Source, are you talking about, because the closer you get to earth, the fewer choices there are.

Because of the limitations of form?

Because ultimately form comes from one of two places. Big picture, everything’s connected with Source. Smaller picture, there are those energies that have chosen the earth experience; they’re primary earth energy and they’re not going anywhere else—at least not before this cycle is finished. Or they might not be primary earth energy, but entities which have completed mastery in other arenas and are here to help change things. But ultimately, because everything connects with Source, somewhere there will be a common denominator for both.

So you’re going to have those that only have earth memory—the memory of their experience, maybe past-life experience on the personality line that they’re working on, which would be the past-life experiences of small “p”, while working on a large P line. Or you’re going to have the other side, those such as yourselves who have chosen to come here to make a difference, who have available a very high frequency, and who have access within their physical selves to an instinctual self that goes back much further than simply the blood and bones that they’re currently working through—a much deeper spiritual memory. And that’s probably the easiest way to differentiate it. A physical memory and a spiritual memory. And that spiritual memory goes back to the second seeding of the planet [the time of individuation of consciousness—ed.]. Not, of course, to the first seeding, which was that of life force.

So there are two types: basic earth energies which have access to a limited amount of input, and energies that have mastery of this dimension or other dimensions who have come to help the earth’s transition?


What would be the reason that an energy would want to come here as part of a transition team? Would there be some kind of connection to earth or this dimension?

If you’re getting dressed up, and you put on your trousers, and you put on your jacket, but you forget to put on your shirt, something’s not right. It’s not the way it’s meant to be. And that “not right” is noticed everywhere you go. It’s all interconnected, ultimately, and until it’s flowing in the right manner, there will be those who feel the call to help this planet in order to bring about the ends that were designed for it.

So it’s not altruism, it’s just working to create the proper whole. It’s not “Go save the earthlings.” It’s “Make whole the weave in the fabric of everything.”

Yes. Actually, it’s “Go save yourself,” because there is no separation.

What’s the nature of the bond between the individuals of our transition team, which presumably is made up mostly of energies from other dimensions? Have they functioned together in the same capacity before?

The bond that you have is me. I do not choose to go into this answer by explaining me. I’ve spent too many years ducking that one. You have heard me say now and again, you are me. You are. You’re my line. You are my action. So, that is the bond.

Where does free will fit in to that human aspect of me which I’m saying you are? When you take on form you have the freedom to make whatever choices you wish and follow whatever code or desire you wish. But here is what separates the sheep from the goats very quickly, and makes the difference between those who are going to be an active part of the team and those who are not: Those who awaken and remember can’t function in free will. And that’s a pretty powerful sign. It’s not a good sign as a whole, because there are those in the world who are not awake and yet make very good decisions based upon an internal law of morality—as opposed to a lack of separateness. But those who are awake and are a part of me function by those standards naturally. The only thing that keeps you from not doing so is resistance. And the good news is you know that, too.

And resistance comes from fear?


One of the things you need to remember is that I do not hold you to your humanity. It’s why you find me incredibly frustrating on an administrative level—for the most part I’m willing to put up with some things, and the things I do not put up with do not seem consistent with the things I am willing to put with. I’m not concerned about your humanity, because I know you, I know what you’re not, as much as I know what you are, and for that you should be grateful. (And I know what you’re capable of. For that you should not be grateful.)

The June workshops will be dealing with the earth’s patterns. Is there anything you would like to say about that?

Have you ever had a situation in which what you planned and set up to do did not work? A good example of that might be an interview such as this. You set up all of the recording equipment and plan for the dynamics of the room and how much equipment you’re going to need, but you don’t realize that you are going to have to deal with elephants tromping in the room above you, or that the equipment is on its last legs and that the tape that you are going to use is just about ready to break. When all of those things start happening, what do you need to shift? Do you shift the equipment or the plan? You shift the plan to adapt to what is happening.

Insofar as the nature of earth is concerned, the power grid of the planet is set up on some things that are not going to vary, but how that grid is used will vary according to certain changes that come about. It’s almost a self-creating plan, within particular parameters. So, what is it best for you to know the most about, the plan or the parameters? Well, probably the parameters, because if the plan is shifting according to what’s going on and what’s available for use and what the limits are, by understanding the parameters you will understand what can be shifted and why things tend to function the way they do.

Humanity has a tendency to put knowledge into boxes. It likes things in a very specific framework so that everything that is known is based on everything that is known, which is based on everything that is known. It’s very limiting; it creates a situation in which you cannot learn anything that is totally new. One of those new paradigms is that there is no separation between the laws of spirit and the laws of matter as they function here. Everything that I have ever discussed with you, esoterically speaking, can be brought into the realms of your math and sciences. When I speak of Source, there is a design for it in your world. Your genetic structure is one version of the beautiful ultimate design. The toning work that you are doing in which you are visualizing a spiral and a pyramid, these are mathematical shapes that represent particular concepts—not numerical concepts; greater concepts.

By having a sense of those basic constructs, you have access to two things: You have access to the nature of the Plan itself—its parameters or blueprint; you also have access to what it means, what can be done with it, how it fits together—the pattern of the pattern—in order to make greater use of it. Ultimately, the June workshops are going to deal with your ability to activate and deactivate form, insofar as the work of Christ Consciousness requires it to be done, by visualizing yourself at a primary focus of blueprint energy. A spiral is just a simple version of that. Then, by your intent and thought and word and deed, you’re going to be able to add to or take from the Christ Consciousness blueprint in order to add to or take from the sins of the world. Makes sense, doesn’t it?

Quick bottom line: By understanding a secret passage within your mathematical constructs you can understand better what this building process is about. It concerns the difference between form and thought. Understanding the form, you can better use the thought.